Who Did Elvis Tour With First

Title: Elvis Presley’s First Tour: Who Did He Tour With?


Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, is renowned for his electrifying live performances that captivated audiences around the world. But who did Elvis tour with for his first-ever tour? In this article, we will delve into the early years of Elvis’s career and explore the musicians and artists who shared the stage with him. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and discover the beginnings of Elvis’s legendary touring career.

Elvis’s Early Years:

In the early 1950s, Elvis Presley began his musical journey in Memphis, Tennessee. His unique blend of rockabilly, blues, and country music quickly gained popularity, leading him to sign a record deal with Sun Records in 1954. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Elvis’s rise to stardom and paved the way for his first-ever tour.

Elvis’s First Tour:

Elvis’s first official tour took place in 1955 when he was still relatively unknown outside of the Southern United States. The tour, known as the “Hank Snow Jamboree,” featured various artists and musicians, including Hank Snow, the headliner and influential country music artist of the time. Elvis, along with his band, Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on bass, served as one of the opening acts for the tour.

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Despite being relatively new to the music scene, Elvis’s energetic performances and unique style garnered significant attention from the audience. His charismatic stage presence and undeniable talent soon began to overshadow the other acts on the tour, setting the stage for his future success.

Common Questions:

1. Who was Hank Snow?
Hank Snow was a Canadian-American country music artist who had a successful career in the 1950s and ’60s. He was known for his distinctive voice and hits like “I’m Moving On” and “The Golden Rocket.”

2. How did Elvis join the Hank Snow Jamboree?
Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, negotiated a deal for Elvis to join the Hank Snow Jamboree tour as an opening act. This opportunity helped expose Elvis to a wider audience and played a crucial role in launching his career.

3. Did Elvis perform his own songs during the tour?
At the time of the tour, Elvis had not yet released any of his own songs. His performances mainly consisted of covers of popular songs, including those by country and blues artists.

4. How did the audience respond to Elvis’s performances?
Elvis’s performances received mixed reactions from the audience. While some were captivated by his unique style and charisma, others were taken aback by his provocative dance moves and electrifying stage presence.

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5. Were there any conflicts between Elvis and the other artists on the tour?
There were no documented conflicts between Elvis and the other artists on the tour. However, his rising popularity often led to comparisons and competition among his peers.

6. How many shows did Elvis perform during the Hank Snow Jamboree tour?
Elvis performed in approximately 15 shows during the tour, which covered various cities in the Southern United States.

7. Did Elvis’s performances overshadow the headlining act, Hank Snow?
While Elvis’s performances gained considerable attention, it did not overshadow Hank Snow’s headlining act. Hank Snow continued to be a prominent figure in the country music scene.

8. Did Elvis receive any recognition or accolades during the tour?
Elvis’s performances on the Hank Snow Jamboree tour did not lead to immediate accolades or awards. However, it significantly contributed to his growing fan base and the subsequent success he would achieve in the coming years.

9. Did Elvis continue touring with Hank Snow after the Jamboree tour ended?
No, Elvis did not continue touring with Hank Snow after the Jamboree tour concluded. He began focusing on his solo career and securing his own headlining tours.

10. What impact did Elvis’s first tour have on his career?
Elvis’s first tour helped establish his reputation as a dynamic performer and increased his visibility to a wider audience. It played a crucial role in propelling his career forward and solidifying his status as a rock and roll icon.

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11. Did Elvis’s band members, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, continue touring with him after the Jamboree tour?
Yes, Scotty Moore and Bill Black remained a part of Elvis’s band, The Blue Moon Boys, and continued to accompany him on subsequent tours.

12. Did Elvis tour internationally after the Hank Snow Jamboree tour?
Elvis did not tour internationally immediately after the Hank Snow Jamboree tour. It took a few more years for his fame to reach a global scale.

13. What were some of the songs Elvis performed during the tour?
Elvis performed a mix of country, blues, and rockabilly covers during the tour, including songs like “That’s All Right,” “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” and “Good Rockin’ Tonight.”


Elvis Presley’s first tour alongside Hank Snow marked the beginning of a remarkable career that would forever change the music industry. Although he started as an opening act, Elvis’s raw talent and magnetic stage presence quickly propelled him to the forefront. The Hank Snow Jamboree tour set the stage for Elvis’s future success and solidified his position as the King of Rock and Roll.