Where to Get Howling Wraiths

Where to Get Howling Wraiths: Unleash the Power of the Howling Wraiths Spell

The Howling Wraiths spell is a powerful and devastating ability in the popular video game Hollow Knight. This dark and macabre spell unleashes a barrage of ghostly projectiles that can decimate enemies and provide a much-needed edge in challenging battles. If you are wondering where to obtain this formidable ability, read on to discover the locations and requirements for acquiring Howling Wraiths.

1. What is Howling Wraiths?

Howling Wraiths is a spell in Hollow Knight that allows the player to unleash a cone-shaped attack of ghostly projectiles, damaging enemies within its range.

2. Where can I find Howling Wraiths?

To obtain Howling Wraiths, you need to navigate to the Ancient Basin area in Hollow Knight.

3. How do I reach the Ancient Basin?

The Ancient Basin can be accessed through the City of Tears by descending through the tram station or by unlocking the elevator at the bottom of the Kingdom’s Edge.

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4. What abilities do I need to reach the Ancient Basin?

To reach the Ancient Basin, you will need the Desolate Dive ability (acquired after defeating the False Knight) and the Monarch Wings (acquired after defeating Hornet in the Kingdom’s Edge).

5. Once in the Ancient Basin, where do I go?

Navigate through the Ancient Basin until you reach a large chamber with a cavernous opening. Descend further into the Abyss and explore until you encounter a large statue called the Teacher’s Archives.

6. How do I obtain Howling Wraiths?

To obtain Howling Wraiths, you must defeat the Broken Vessel boss, which is found within the Teacher’s Archives. Once defeated, you will acquire the Desolate Dive upgrade, which will automatically be upgraded to the Howling Wraiths spell.

7. Can I use Howling Wraiths immediately after obtaining it?

Yes, once you acquire Howling Wraiths, you can equip and use the spell immediately.

8. How much Soul does Howling Wraiths consume?

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Howling Wraiths consumes 33 Soul per use, making it a powerful but costly spell.

9. Can I upgrade Howling Wraiths?

No, Howling Wraiths cannot be upgraded further in the game.

10. Are there any other benefits to obtaining Howling Wraiths?

Aside from its devastating offensive capabilities, Howling Wraiths can also be used to break through certain walls and obstacles throughout Hallownest.

11. Can I obtain Howling Wraiths in any other way?

No, Howling Wraiths can only be obtained by defeating the Broken Vessel boss within the Teacher’s Archives.

12. What other spells are available in Hollow Knight?

In addition to Howling Wraiths, there are several other spells available in Hollow Knight, including Vengeful Spirit, Shade Soul, and Abyss Shriek, each with its own unique abilities and effects.

In conclusion, Howling Wraiths is a fearsome spell that can turn the tide of battles in Hollow Knight. By venturing to the Ancient Basin and defeating the Broken Vessel boss, players can unlock this powerful ability and unleash its devastating power upon their foes. So, gear up, explore the depths of Hallownest, and acquire the Howling Wraiths spell to enhance your Hollow Knight experience.

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