Where to Get Ember Prime Parts

Where to Get Ember Prime Parts: A Guide for Warframe Players

Warframe, the popular free-to-play online action game, offers a vast array of warframes for players to choose from. One such frame is Ember Prime, an enhanced version of the fiery Ember warframe. Acquiring Ember Prime parts can be a challenging task, but with the right knowledge and dedication, you can add this powerful warframe to your collection. In this article, we will explore various ways to obtain Ember Prime parts and answer some common questions related to the topic.

1. Void Relics: Ember Prime parts can be obtained by opening specific Void Relics. These relics can be acquired from various missions, such as endless and spy missions, and are rewarded upon completion. Make sure to equip the correct relic that contains Ember Prime parts before running a Void Fissure mission to increase your chances of obtaining the desired parts.

2. Void Fissure Missions: Void Fissure missions are special missions that grant players Void traces, a resource used to refine relics. By refining relics, you increase the chances of obtaining rare items like Ember Prime parts. Keep an eye out for these missions and participate in them regularly to gather Void traces and refine your relics.

3. Trading: If you are unable to acquire the Ember Prime parts through the aforementioned methods, you can consider trading with other players. Visit the in-game trading chat or the official Warframe trading websites to find players who are willing to trade their Ember Prime parts. Be prepared to offer valuable items or platinum, the game’s premium currency, in exchange for the desired parts.

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4. Void Trader: The Void Trader, also known as Baro Ki’Teer, periodically visits the game’s relays, bringing with him a collection of exclusive items, including Ember Prime parts. Keep an eye on the official Warframe website or in-game announcements to know when and where the Void Trader will appear. Save up your ducats, a currency obtained by selling prime parts to the Void Trader, to purchase Ember Prime parts directly from him.

5. Syndicate Offerings: Joining syndicates and ranking up within them can provide an alternative way to obtain Ember Prime parts. Some syndicates offer Ember Prime parts as rewards for reaching certain ranks or as offerings in their syndicate stores. Focus on completing syndicate missions and earning standing to unlock these exclusive offerings.

6. Relic Packs: If you are looking to obtain a variety of relics quickly, consider purchasing relic packs from the in-game market. These packs contain a random assortment of relics, increasing your chances of acquiring Ember Prime parts.

7. Invasions: Participating in invasions can also yield Ember Prime parts. Keep an eye on the game’s invasion missions and complete them to earn rewards, which may include Ember Prime parts or the relics containing them.

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Now, let’s move on to some common questions related to obtaining Ember Prime parts:

Q1. Are Ember Prime parts available only from specific relics?
A1. Yes, Ember Prime parts are available from specific relics, such as Axi E1, Neo E1, Lith C2, and Meso E1.

Q2. Can Ember Prime parts be obtained from regular missions?
A2. No, Ember Prime parts can only be obtained from Void Relics, Void Fissure missions, or trading with other players.

Q3. How do I refine my relics?
A3. You can refine your relics using Void traces, which can be obtained by completing Void Fissure missions.

Q4. Can I obtain Ember Prime parts by opening other types of relics?
A4. No, Ember Prime parts can only be obtained from the relics specifically mentioned earlier.

Q5. Is trading the only way to acquire Ember Prime parts if I am unlucky with relic openings?
A5. No, you can also try purchasing Ember Prime parts directly from the Void Trader when he visits the relays.

Q6. Are Ember Prime parts tradable?
A6. Yes, Ember Prime parts are tradable, allowing players to exchange them with other players.

Q7. Can I farm Ember Prime parts without spending real money?
A7. Yes, all the methods mentioned above can be done without spending real money. Warframe is a free-to-play game that allows players to earn premium currency through gameplay.

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Q8. How often does the Void Trader appear?
A8. The Void Trader appears every two weeks, usually staying for a duration of 48 hours.

Q9. Can I obtain Ember Prime parts from the Void Trader without trading?
A9. Yes, you can purchase Ember Prime parts directly from the Void Trader using ducats, a currency acquired by selling prime parts to the Void Trader.

Q10. Can I acquire Ember Prime parts from any syndicate?
A10. No, Ember Prime parts are specific to certain syndicates. Check the offerings of each syndicate to find out which ones provide Ember Prime parts.

Q11. Are there any other warframes with similar acquisition methods to Ember Prime?
A11. Yes, several warframes have similar acquisition methods, such as Frost Prime, Rhino Prime, and Nova Prime.

Q12. Can I acquire Ember Prime parts through in-game events?
A12. No, Ember Prime parts are not available through in-game events. They can only be obtained through the methods mentioned earlier.

In conclusion, acquiring Ember Prime parts requires patience, dedication, and a bit of luck. Whether you choose to open Void Relics, trade with other players, or wait for the Void Trader, the journey towards obtaining Ember Prime is an exciting one. Keep exploring the vast world of Warframe and enjoy the hunt for this powerful warframe.