Where to Find Pay Pigs

Title: Where to Find Pay Pigs: A Comprehensive Guide


In the realm of alternative relationships, the concept of financial domination has gained popularity over the years. Those who engage in this niche fetish, often referred to as “pay pigs” or “money slaves,” derive pleasure from submitting financially to a dominant partner. If you are intrigued by this lifestyle and wish to explore it further, this article will guide you on where to find pay pigs and answer 12 common questions to help you navigate this unique realm.

1. What is a pay pig?
A pay pig refers to an individual who willingly provides financial support to a dominant partner in exchange for emotional satisfaction or arousal.

2. How can I find pay pigs?
The internet is the best place to connect with potential pay pigs. Numerous online platforms cater to financial domination, such as specialized websites, social media platforms, and chat forums.

3. Are there specific websites dedicated to financial domination?
Yes, there are several websites designed to connect pay pigs and financial dominants. Some popular platforms include Findom.com, FetLife, and Collarspace.

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4. How can I attract pay pigs on social media?
To attract pay pigs on social media, create an engaging profile that highlights your dominant personality and interests. Use relevant hashtags and interact with individuals who express an interest in financial domination.

5. Are there specific communities or forums where I can find pay pigs?
Yes, there are online communities and forums dedicated to financial domination. Websites like The Money Shed, Findom Advice, and Findom Slave Community offer spaces to connect, learn, and find potential pay pigs.

6. What precautions should I take when engaging with pay pigs online?
When interacting with potential pay pigs online, prioritize your safety. Maintain anonymity until you establish trust, set clear boundaries, and avoid sharing personal information or financial details.

7. How can I establish trust with a pay pig?
Building trust with a pay pig requires effective communication, consistency, and transparency. Clearly define your expectations, limits, and financial arrangements to ensure both parties are on the same page.

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8. Is financial domination legal?
Financial domination itself is legal, as it involves consensual agreements between adults. However, it is essential to adhere to legal boundaries and avoid engaging in illegal activities such as blackmail or fraud.

9. What are some red flags to watch out for when dealing with pay pigs?
Be cautious of pay pigs who demand immediate financial transactions without establishing trust or those who show signs of being financially unstable. Additionally, be wary of individuals who exhibit controlling or abusive behaviors.

10. Can I engage in financial domination without physical contact?
Yes, financial domination can be practiced without any physical contact. Many pay pigs seek emotional satisfaction and arousal through online interactions and financial tributes alone.

11. How can I set financial goals and expectations with pay pigs?
Before engaging with pay pigs, establish clear financial goals and expectations. Determine the frequency and amount of financial tributes, while considering the financial capabilities and desires of the pay pig.

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12. Is it necessary to have a contract or agreement with pay pigs?
While not mandatory, having a contract or agreement in place can provide clarity and protect both parties involved. It outlines the terms, expectations, and boundaries of the financial arrangement.


Finding pay pigs requires exploring online platforms, engaging in specialized communities, and utilizing social media effectively. Remember to prioritize your safety and establish trust with potential pay pigs before engaging in financial domination. By following these guidelines and considering the 12 common questions and answers provided, you can embark on your financial domination journey with confidence.