Where to Farm Loki Prime

Where to Farm Loki Prime: A Comprehensive Guide

Loki Prime is a highly sought-after Warframe due to his unique abilities and versatility in various missions. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newbie, obtaining Loki Prime can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the best places to farm Loki Prime parts and provide answers to some common questions related to the process.

1. What are the parts required to build Loki Prime?
To construct Loki Prime, you will need the following parts: Loki Prime Blueprint, Loki Prime Neuroptics, Loki Prime Chassis, and Loki Prime Systems.

2. Is Loki Prime available in the in-game market?
No, Loki Prime is a vaulted Warframe, meaning he is no longer available for direct purchase from the in-game market. The only way to obtain him is through relic cracking and trading.

3. Which relics contain Loki Prime parts?
Loki Prime Blueprint can be found in Axi L1 relics. Loki Prime Neuroptics can be found in Lith B2 relics. Loki Prime Chassis can be found in Meso T3 relics. Lastly, Loki Prime Systems can be found in Neo N11 relics.

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4. What missions are recommended for farming Axi L1 relics?
Missions like Xini (Eris), Hieracon (Pluto), and Mithra (Void) are popular choices for farming Axi L1 relics. These missions have a higher drop chance for Axi relics.

5. Where can I efficiently farm Lith B2 relics?
Missions like Hepit (Void), Ukko (Void), and Lith excavation missions (Earth) are great choices for farming Lith B2 relics due to their higher drop rates.

6. Are there specific missions for farming Meso T3 relics?
Missions such as Io (Jupiter), Xini (Eris), and Helene (Saturn) are excellent for Meso T3 relic farming. These missions offer a higher chance of obtaining Meso relics.

7. Which missions should I run for Neo N11 relic farming?
Missions like Xini (Eris), Berehynia (Sedna), and Hydron (Sedna) are recommended for Neo N11 relic farming. These missions have a higher drop rate for Neo relics.

8. How can I increase my chances of obtaining Loki Prime parts from relics?
To increase your chances, consider using Relic Boosters, which can be acquired through daily login rewards or purchased from the in-game market. Additionally, playing in a full squad with four different relics equipped can increase your chances of obtaining the desired parts.

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9. Can I trade for Loki Prime parts instead of farming them?
Yes, trading is a viable option for acquiring Loki Prime parts. You can use the in-game trade chat or visit the Warframe market website to find other players willing to trade their Loki Prime parts for platinum or other items.

10. What is the average price of Loki Prime parts?
The prices of Loki Prime parts can vary depending on the platform and market conditions. As of writing, the average price for Loki Prime Blueprint is around 50-60 platinum, Loki Prime Neuroptics is around 20-30 platinum, Loki Prime Chassis is around 10-15 platinum, and Loki Prime Systems is around 70-80 platinum.

11. Are there any alternative ways to acquire Loki Prime?
If you are not keen on farming or trading, you can occasionally find Loki Prime parts as rewards from various in-game events or special promotions. Keep an eye out for such opportunities.

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12. Is Loki Prime worth the effort?
Loki Prime is considered one of the best stealth frames in Warframe. His abilities allow for easy completion of spy missions, solo play, and efficient crowd control. If you enjoy a playstyle focused on stealth, tactical gameplay, and trickery, Loki Prime is definitely worth the effort.

In conclusion, farming Loki Prime parts requires cracking specific relics in various missions. By targeting the right relics and missions, and potentially using boosters, you can increase your chances of obtaining Loki Prime parts. Remember that trading is an alternative option if farming does not suit your playstyle. Loki Prime’s unique abilities make him a valuable addition to any Warframe arsenal, so get out there and start farming!