Where Is Toland Destiny 2

Where Is Toland Destiny 2: The Mysterious Guide in the Dreaming City

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer game developed by Bungie, takes players on a thrilling journey through various worlds and dimensions. In the Dreaming City, an expansive and mystical location, players encounter a peculiar character named Toland. Toland, the Shattered, is a former Guardian who has become a wandering guide, providing cryptic insights and enigmatic advice to those who seek his knowledge. In this article, we will delve into the whereabouts of Toland in Destiny 2 and answer some common questions about this intriguing character.

1. Who is Toland in Destiny 2?
Toland is a character in Destiny 2 who was once a Guardian but is now a wandering guide in the Dreaming City. He offers cryptic knowledge and insights to players who encounter him.

2. Where can I find Toland in the Dreaming City?
Toland can be found in various locations throughout the Dreaming City. He appears as a floating orb, emitting an eerie green light.

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3. What does Toland offer to players?
Toland provides players with unique dialogue and hints about the Dreaming City’s secrets and lore. He often speaks in riddles and requires players to decipher his messages.

4. How can I interact with Toland?
To interact with Toland, players must approach his floating orb and press the interact button. This will trigger his dialogue and prompt him to share his cryptic knowledge.

5. What is the purpose of Toland’s knowledge?
Toland’s knowledge serves to guide players through the complex story and mysteries of the Dreaming City. His insights often lead players to hidden areas and valuable loot.

6. Does Toland offer any quests or missions?
Toland does not offer specific quests or missions. However, his guidance can indirectly lead players to undertake certain activities or pursue specific objectives.

7. How often does Toland appear in the Dreaming City?
Toland’s appearances in the Dreaming City are random, and his location changes periodically. Players may need to explore the area extensively to find him.

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8. Can I interact with Toland outside of the Dreaming City?
No, Toland can only be encountered and interacted with in the Dreaming City. He does not appear in any other location within Destiny 2.

9. Are there any rewards for interacting with Toland?
While Toland himself does not offer direct rewards, his guidance can lead players to hidden chests or secret areas with valuable loot.

10. How does Toland contribute to the lore of Destiny 2?
Toland’s cryptic knowledge and insights shed light on the deep lore and backstory of the Dreaming City. His dialogue helps players understand the history and significance of this mystical location.

11. Can Toland be found in any other Destiny 2 expansions or activities?
As of now, Toland is exclusively found in the Dreaming City. He is not present in any other expansions or activities within Destiny 2.

12. Does Toland play a significant role in any specific quests or storylines?
Toland’s role is not central to any specific quests or storylines. However, his guidance often assists players in uncovering hidden secrets and progressing through various activities in the Dreaming City.

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In conclusion, Toland in Destiny 2 is a mysterious character found in the Dreaming City. His cryptic knowledge and guidance provide players with valuable insights into the lore and secrets of this mystical location. While encountering Toland may require some effort and exploration, the rewards and knowledge gained are well worth the search. So, venture into the Dreaming City and unravel its mysteries with the guidance of Toland, the enigmatic guide.