Where Is the Awoken Warrior in the Shattered Throne

Where Is the Awoken Warrior in the Shattered Throne?

The Shattered Throne is a challenging dungeon activity in Destiny 2 that offers powerful rewards for those who can overcome its trials. One of the main objectives in the Shattered Throne is to find and defeat the Awoken Warrior, a formidable boss that stands in the way of your progress. However, locating this boss can be a bit tricky, as the dungeon is filled with intricate pathways and hidden secrets. In this article, we will guide you through the Shattered Throne and help you find the Awoken Warrior.

To locate the Awoken Warrior, you need to progress through the dungeon until you reach the boss encounter. The dungeon consists of three main sections: the Vorgeth encounter, the maze, and the final boss encounter. Once you have completed the Vorgeth encounter and navigated through the maze, you will find yourself in a large circular room, which is the location of the Awoken Warrior.

To get to the Awoken Warrior, follow these steps:

1. Defeat Vorgeth: Before you can reach the Awoken Warrior, you must defeat Vorgeth, a challenging boss encounter that requires coordination and teamwork. Once Vorgeth is defeated, a portal will open, allowing you to progress further into the dungeon.

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2. Navigate through the maze: After defeating Vorgeth, you will enter a maze-like section of the dungeon called the “throne realm.” The maze can be confusing, but by following the glowing orbs and staying on the lookout for hidden platforms, you can make your way through it. Keep in mind that there are enemies lurking in the maze, so be prepared for combat.

3. Reach the circular room: After successfully navigating the maze, you will finally arrive in a large circular room. This room is the location of the Awoken Warrior. Be cautious, as there will be enemies waiting for you in this room, so eliminate them before engaging the boss.

4. Face the Awoken Warrior: Once the room is clear, the Awoken Warrior will appear. Prepare for a tough fight, as the boss has a variety of devastating attacks and can be quite challenging to defeat. Coordinate with your fireteam, utilize your abilities, and focus on dealing damage to bring down the Awoken Warrior.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Is the Shattered Throne a solo activity?
No, the Shattered Throne is a challenging activity designed for a fireteam of three players.

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2. Can I attempt the Shattered Throne multiple times in a week?
Yes, the Shattered Throne can be attempted as many times as you want during the weekly reset.

3. Are there any specific requirements to access the Shattered Throne?
You need to own the Forsaken expansion and have completed the Forsaken campaign to access the Shattered Throne.

4. How long does it take to complete the Shattered Throne?
The completion time for the Shattered Throne varies depending on your skill level and familiarity with the dungeon. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

5. Can I access the Awoken Warrior encounter without completing the rest of the dungeon?
No, you need to progress through the entire dungeon, including defeating Vorgeth and navigating through the maze, to reach the Awoken Warrior.

6. What are the recommended power levels for the Shattered Throne?
The recommended power level for the Shattered Throne is 570, but having a higher power level will make the activity easier.

7. Can I get powerful rewards from completing the Shattered Throne?
Yes, completing the Shattered Throne offers powerful rewards, including high-level gear and weapons.

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8. Can I use matchmaking to find a fireteam for the Shattered Throne?
No, the Shattered Throne does not have matchmaking, so you will need to form a fireteam manually.

9. Can I attempt the Shattered Throne solo?
While it is technically possible to attempt the Shattered Throne solo, it is an extremely challenging task and requires exceptional skill and knowledge of the dungeon mechanics.

10. Is the Awoken Warrior encounter timed?
No, there is no time limit for the Awoken Warrior encounter. However, staying alive and dealing damage efficiently is crucial to defeating the boss.

11. Are there any specific strategies or loadouts recommended for the Awoken Warrior encounter?
It is advisable to have a well-balanced fireteam with a mix of damage-dealing and support abilities. Weapons that deal high burst damage, such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers, can be effective against the Awoken Warrior.

12. Do I need to defeat the Awoken Warrior to complete the Shattered Throne?
Yes, defeating the Awoken Warrior is essential to complete the Shattered Throne and receive the associated rewards.