Where Does American Cruise Lines Go

Where Does American Cruise Lines Go?

American Cruise Lines is a renowned cruise company that offers a wide range of cruise itineraries across various regions in the United States. From the East Coast to the West Coast, American Cruise Lines allows passengers to explore the country’s most captivating destinations while enjoying the comforts of a luxury cruise ship. Let’s delve into the different regions and ports of call that American Cruise Lines visits.

1. East Coast and New England:
American Cruise Lines offers cruises along the picturesque East Coast, allowing passengers to discover charming coastal towns, historic landmarks, and breathtaking scenery. Guests can embark on a journey from Baltimore to Charleston, exploring destinations like Annapolis, Norfolk, and Savannah. Another popular itinerary is the New England Islands cruise, which takes passengers to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and other idyllic islands.

2. Southeast Coast:
Cruising the Southeast Coast with American Cruise Lines offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant cities and charming coastal towns of this region. Passengers can enjoy cruises from Charleston to Jacksonville, visiting destinations like Hilton Head Island, Savannah, and Amelia Island. This itinerary combines the rich history of the Southeast with stunning natural beauty.

3. Mississippi River:
American Cruise Lines is well-known for its Mississippi River cruises, providing an authentic experience of the heartland of America. Passengers can choose from various itineraries that cover different sections of the river, such as the Lower Mississippi, Upper Mississippi, and Ohio River. These cruises offer a glimpse into the country’s history, culture, and picturesque landscapes.

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4. Pacific Northwest:
For those seeking an adventure in the Pacific Northwest, American Cruise Lines offers cruises along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. This region is renowned for its stunning scenery, including the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood. Passengers can explore destinations like Astoria, Portland, and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park.

5. Alaska:
American Cruise Lines also provides unforgettable cruises to Alaska, allowing passengers to witness the state’s awe-inspiring glaciers, wildlife, and natural wonders. Cruises typically depart from Juneau or Sitka and navigate through the Inside Passage, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Glacier Bay National Park and other pristine locations.

6. Southeast Alaska:
Cruising Southeast Alaska with American Cruise Lines offers a more intimate experience, as the ships are smaller and can access ports that larger vessels cannot. Passengers can explore the remote wilderness areas of Alaska, including Misty Fjords National Monument and the Tongass National Forest.

7. Great Rivers of Florida:
For a unique and lesser-known cruise experience, American Cruise Lines offers a Great Rivers of Florida itinerary. This cruise takes passengers along Florida’s St. Johns River, exploring its diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and historic towns.

8. Historic South and Golden Isles:
The Historic South and Golden Isles cruise is another popular itinerary offered by American Cruise Lines. This journey takes passengers along the southeastern coast, visiting historic cities like Charleston, Beaufort, and Savannah, as well as the beautiful barrier islands of Georgia’s Golden Isles.

9. Chesapeake Bay:
American Cruise Lines also offers cruises along the Chesapeake Bay, allowing passengers to explore this iconic body of water and its charming waterfront towns. This itinerary typically includes stops in Annapolis, St. Michaels, and Tangier Island.

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10. Hudson River:
Cruising the Hudson River with American Cruise Lines offers a unique perspective on the majestic landscapes of upstate New York. Passengers can enjoy the beauty of the Hudson Valley, visit historic sites like West Point, and explore the vibrant city of New York.

11. American Revolution Cruise:
For history enthusiasts, the American Revolution Cruise is an ideal choice. This itinerary follows the path of the Revolutionary War, visiting important sites such as Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown.

12. Holiday Cruises:
During the holiday season, American Cruise Lines offers special cruises that provide a festive experience. Passengers can enjoy Christmas markets, holiday-themed events, and beautiful decorations on board the ships.

13. Theme Cruises:
American Cruise Lines also offers various theme cruises throughout the year, including culinary cruises, music cruises, and wine cruises. These specialized itineraries cater to specific interests, providing a unique and immersive experience for passengers.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How long are American Cruise Lines cruises?
Cruise lengths vary depending on the itinerary, ranging from 5 to 21 days.

2. Are American Cruise Lines cruises all-inclusive?
Yes, American Cruise Lines cruises include meals, onboard entertainment, and daily shore excursions.

3. What is the average passenger capacity of American Cruise Lines ships?
The ships of American Cruise Lines typically accommodate between 100 and 200 passengers.

4. What is the best time of year to cruise with American Cruise Lines?
The best time to cruise depends on the region being visited. It is recommended to check with the cruise line for specific details.

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5. Can I bring children on an American Cruise Lines cruise?
While American Cruise Lines primarily caters to adults, children over the age of 12 are welcome on most cruises.

6. Is there Wi-Fi available on American Cruise Lines ships?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available on all American Cruise Lines ships.

7. Are there fitness facilities on board?
Yes, American Cruise Lines ships feature fitness centers with a variety of exercise equipment.

8. Can I bring my pet on an American Cruise Lines cruise?
Pets are not allowed on American Cruise Lines ships, with the exception of service animals.

9. Are there laundry facilities on board?
Yes, laundry facilities are available on all American Cruise Lines ships.

10. Is gratuity included in the cruise fare?
Gratuities are not included in the cruise fare. However, guests have the option to prepay gratuities or provide them at their discretion.

11. Are there elevators on American Cruise Lines ships?
Yes, all American Cruise Lines ships are equipped with elevators for passenger convenience.

12. Can I book shore excursions in advance?
Yes, passengers can book shore excursions in advance through American Cruise Lines’ website or with the assistance of onboard staff.

13. What is the dress code on American Cruise Lines cruises?
The dress code is generally casual, with a few formal or semi-formal nights on longer cruises.