Where Can I Purchase a Pikepass

Where Can I Purchase a Pikepass?

If you frequently find yourself driving on Oklahoma’s turnpikes, you may be wondering where you can purchase a Pikepass. A Pikepass is an electronic toll collection system that allows drivers to pass through toll gates without stopping to pay with cash or card. It offers convenience and saves time, making it a popular choice for many commuters and travelers. In this article, we will discuss where you can purchase a Pikepass and answer some commonly asked questions about the process.

Where can I purchase a Pikepass?

There are several options available for purchasing a Pikepass:

1. Online: The easiest and most convenient way to purchase a Pikepass is through the official Pikepass website. Visit pikepass.com, create an account, and follow the instructions to order your pass.

2. By phone: You can also call the Pikepass Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 to purchase a Pikepass over the phone. A customer service representative will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

3. In person: Pikepass customer service centers are located in numerous cities across Oklahoma. You can visit any of these locations to purchase a Pikepass in person. Some of the cities with customer service centers include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton.

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12 Common Questions and Answers about Pikepass:

1. How much does a Pikepass cost?
The cost of a Pikepass is $25 for the initial purchase, which includes $10 for the transponder and $15 for prepaid tolls. Additional prepaid tolls can be added as needed.

2. Can I use my Pikepass on all Oklahoma turnpikes?
Yes, a Pikepass can be used on all Oklahoma turnpikes, as well as the Cimarron Turnpike in Kansas.

3. Can I use my Pikepass in other states?
No, Pikepass is only valid on Oklahoma turnpikes and the Cimarron Turnpike in Kansas. However, Oklahoma is part of the Kansas-Oklahoma Reciprocal Agreement, which allows Kansas K-TAG users to use their transponders on Oklahoma turnpikes and vice versa.

4. How long does it take to receive a Pikepass after ordering?
It typically takes 7-10 business days to receive your Pikepass after ordering online or by phone. If you purchase in person at a customer service center, you will receive it immediately.

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5. Can I transfer my Pikepass to another vehicle?
Yes, you can transfer your Pikepass between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class (e.g., passenger vehicle to passenger vehicle).

6. Can I use my Pikepass with a rental car?
Yes, you can use your Pikepass with a rental car. Be sure to inform the rental car company and follow their instructions on how to link your Pikepass to the rental vehicle.

7. How do I add funds to my Pikepass account?
You can add funds to your Pikepass account online, by phone, or in person at a customer service center. Online and phone payments require a credit or debit card.

8. Can I use my Pikepass if I have a rental transponder from another state?
No, Pikepass is not compatible with transponders from other states. You will need to use the appropriate transponder for the state you are in.

9. Can I use my Pikepass in a carpool lane?
No, Pikepass is not valid for carpool lanes or any other special lanes. It is only used for automatic toll payments.

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10. Can I use my Pikepass on a motorcycle?
Yes, Pikepass is compatible with motorcycles. Special adhesive strips are provided to attach the transponder to the motorcycle.

11. What should I do if my Pikepass is lost or stolen?
Contact the Pikepass Customer Service Center immediately at 1-800-745-3727 to report a lost or stolen Pikepass. They will assist you in deactivating the old transponder and issuing a replacement.

12. Can I use my Pikepass on toll roads outside of turnpikes?
Yes, Pikepass can be used on selected toll roads outside of turnpikes, such as the Gilcrease Expressway in Tulsa.

In conclusion, purchasing a Pikepass is a straightforward process that offers a convenient and efficient way to pay tolls on Oklahoma turnpikes. Whether you choose to purchase online, by phone, or in person, the Pikepass customer service team is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Remember to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of use to ensure a seamless experience on the turnpikes. Safe travels!