When Is Ariana Grande Going on Tour 2022

Title: When Is Ariana Grande Going on Tour in 2022?


Ariana Grande, the Grammy-winning pop sensation, has captivated millions of fans worldwide with her powerful vocals, catchy tunes, and electrifying performances. After a brief hiatus from touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of her upcoming tour dates for 2022. In this article, we will explore the much-anticipated question: When is Ariana Grande going on tour in 2022? Additionally, we will address 13 common questions related to her tour plans.

When is Ariana Grande Going on Tour in 2022?

As of now, Ariana Grande has not announced an official tour for 2022. However, given her immense popularity and track record of successful tours, it is highly likely that she will embark on a tour in the near future. Fans can expect an announcement regarding her tour dates and locations soon.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Has Ariana Grande ever been on tour before?
Yes, Ariana Grande has embarked on several successful tours throughout her career, including “The Honeymoon Tour,” “Dangerous Woman Tour,” “Sweetener World Tour,” and “The Honeymoon Diaries.”

2. Will Ariana’s tour include international dates?
It is highly probable that Ariana Grande’s tour will include international dates, as she has a massive global fanbase. However, the exact locations and dates are yet to be announced.

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3. How can I stay updated on Ariana Grande’s tour announcements?
To stay updated on Ariana Grande’s tour announcements, it is best to follow her official social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, signing up for her newsletter or joining her official fan club can also provide timely updates.

4. Will Ariana perform songs from her latest album on the tour?
It is highly likely that Ariana Grande will perform songs from her latest album, as artists often showcase their new material during tours. However, she is also expected to perform fan-favorites from her previous albums.

5. How can I purchase tickets for Ariana Grande’s tour?
Once the tour dates are announced, tickets will most likely be available for purchase through various platforms, including official ticketing websites, authorized resellers, and Ariana Grande’s official website.

6. Can I expect any special guests to join Ariana on tour?
While there are no official announcements regarding special guests, Ariana Grande is known for surprising her fans with exciting collaborations during her tours. It is possible that she may invite fellow artists to join her on selected tour dates.

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7. Will there be VIP packages available for Ariana Grande’s tour?
VIP packages, including meet and greet opportunities, exclusive merchandise, and premium seating, are often offered during Ariana Grande’s tours. Details about VIP packages will be available once the tour dates are announced.

8. How long are Ariana Grande’s concerts?
Ariana Grande’s concerts typically last around two hours, including an opening act and an intermission.

9. Are there age restrictions for attending Ariana Grande’s concerts?
Ariana Grande’s concerts are generally open to all ages. However, some venues might have specific age restrictions or guidelines, so it is advisable to check the ticketing information for each individual concert.

10. Will there be any live streams of Ariana’s tour for fans who cannot attend?
While live streaming cannot be confirmed until the tour is officially announced, it is possible that Ariana Grande’s tour may be live-streamed or recorded for fans who cannot attend in person.

11. What should I wear to an Ariana Grande concert?
Fans often emulate Ariana Grande’s iconic style by wearing comfortable yet fashionable outfits. It is common to see fans wearing oversized sweaters, thigh-high boots, and ponytails, paying homage to her signature look.

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12. Can I bring a camera or record the concert?
Camera and recording policies vary depending on the venue and tour. It is recommended to check the specific rules and regulations of the venue before attending the concert.

13. Will there be any COVID-19 safety measures in place during the tour?
Given the ongoing pandemic, it is highly likely that Ariana Grande’s tour will incorporate COVID-19 safety measures, such as mask mandates, vaccination requirements, or rapid testing. Specific safety protocols will be communicated closer to the tour dates.


While the exact dates of Ariana Grande’s tour in 2022 have yet to be announced, fans can rest assured that the pop sensation will soon be hitting the stage once again. With her incredible talent and captivating performances, an Ariana Grande concert is an experience not to be missed. Stay tuned for updates on her tour dates and locations, and get ready to indulge in an unforgettable musical journey.