What Shall I Say Unto the Lord Lyrics

“What Shall I Say Unto the Lord” is a powerful hymn that has been sung and cherished by believers for many years. The lyrics of this hymn beautifully express our gratitude and awe towards God, prompting us to reflect on what we should say to Him in response to His love and mercy. Let us delve deeper into the meaning behind these lyrics and explore some common questions that may arise.

The hymn begins with the question, “What shall I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is thanks?” This line sets the tone for the entire song, emphasizing the importance of expressing our gratitude to God. It reminds us that even though words may fail to fully convey our appreciation, offering thanks is a meaningful and necessary response.

As we continue to sing, the lyrics further explore the magnitude of God’s blessings and the ways in which He has rescued us from trouble and despair. They remind us that God is not only a powerful and mighty God but also a loving and compassionate Father who watches over us. The refrain, “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” is an exclamation of joy and adoration for all that God has done.

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Now, let’s address some common questions that may arise when contemplating the lyrics of “What Shall I Say Unto the Lord.”

1. Why is expressing gratitude important in our relationship with God?
Expressing gratitude is vital because it helps us acknowledge the blessings we receive and deepens our relationship with God. It demonstrates humility, recognizing that all good things come from Him.

2. What does it mean to say “all I have to say is thanks”?
This phrase conveys the idea that words alone cannot fully express our gratitude towards God. It implies that the best way to respond is through sincere thanksgiving and a heart filled with gratitude.

3. How does this hymn remind us of God’s love and compassion?
The lyrics highlight God’s deliverance from trouble and His faithfulness in our lives. They remind us that God’s love and compassion are constant, even in times of difficulty.

4. What is the significance of the refrain “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”?
The refrain serves as a joyful expression of praise and adoration for all that God has done. It invites us to join in the worship and acknowledge the greatness of our God.

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5. Can we only express gratitude through words?
No, gratitude can be expressed in various ways. While words are one way to express thankfulness, our actions, attitudes, and even silent prayers can also reflect gratitude towards God.

6. Why is it important to remember God’s blessings and deliverance?
Remembering God’s blessings and deliverance helps us cultivate a heart of gratitude. It strengthens our faith and trust in Him, knowing that He has been faithful in the past and will continue to be so in the future.

7. How can we cultivate an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives?
We can cultivate an attitude of gratitude by intentionally focusing on the blessings we have received, keeping a gratitude journal, and regularly offering prayers of thanksgiving.

8. Can we praise God even in difficult circumstances?
Yes, praising God in difficult circumstances is an act of faith and trust. It demonstrates our belief that God is in control and that He is working all things together for our good.

9. How can we express our gratitude to God beyond words?
We can express our gratitude to God beyond words by serving others, being generous, and using our talents and resources to bring glory to His name.

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10. Can this hymn be sung in a corporate worship setting?
Absolutely! “What Shall I Say Unto the Lord” is a perfect hymn for corporate worship. Its catchy tune and powerful lyrics make it an ideal song for congregational singing.

11. Who wrote the hymn “What Shall I Say Unto the Lord”?
The hymn was written by the renowned gospel singer and songwriter Andraé Crouch. He penned this hymn with the intention of inspiring believers to express their gratitude towards God.

12. Are there any biblical references that inspired the lyrics of this hymn?
Though the hymn does not directly reference specific Bible verses, the themes of gratitude, deliverance, and God’s faithfulness align with several passages, such as Psalm 136 and Psalm 107.

In conclusion, “What Shall I Say Unto the Lord” is a hymn that stirs our hearts to express gratitude and praise to God. Its lyrics remind us of His love, compassion, and faithfulness. Whether sung individually or in a corporate worship setting, this hymn serves as a beautiful reminder to continually offer thanks to our Heavenly Father.