What Is Not Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise

What Is Not Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise

Viking Ocean Cruises is renowned for its elegant ships, immersive itineraries, and exceptional service. While their all-inclusive packages provide incredible value, it is important to note that certain items and activities are not included in the base fare. This article aims to shed light on what is not included on a Viking Ocean Cruise, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your voyage.

1. Airfare: Viking Ocean Cruises does not include airfare in their base fare. However, they offer various airfare packages and can assist you in making flight arrangements.

2. Off-ship meals: While meals on board are included, dining experiences onshore are not. However, Viking offers a selection of included and optional culinary excursions at each port of call.

3. Alcoholic beverages: Although non-alcoholic beverages such as water, coffee, and tea are complimentary, alcoholic beverages are not included. Viking offers beverage packages for those who enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine during their cruise.

4. Spa treatments: Spa treatments and services are an additional expense. However, the Viking Spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments that can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

5. Shore excursions: While Viking provides a complimentary shore excursion in each port, additional excursions and activities are not included. These can be booked in advance or onboard the ship.

6. Wi-Fi: Although Viking Ocean Cruises provides complimentary Wi-Fi, there are limitations on usage. If you require high-speed internet or extended access, additional packages are available for purchase.

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7. Laundry services: While laundry facilities are available onboard, they are not included in the base fare. Viking offers laundry packages for those who prefer to have their laundry done by the ship’s staff.

8. Gratuities: While many cruise lines include gratuities in their package, Viking Ocean Cruises does not. Gratuities for the onboard staff and crew are at the discretion of the passengers.

9. Specialty dining: While the main dining venues are included, specialty restaurants may incur an additional charge. These restaurants offer unique culinary experiences and are well worth the extra cost.

10. Casino and onboard shopping: Expenses at the onboard casino and shops are not included. If you wish to try your luck or indulge in some retail therapy, be prepared to spend extra.

11. Medical services: If you require medical attention during your voyage, it will be an additional expense. Viking Ocean Cruises has a medical center onboard, staffed with qualified medical professionals.

12. Transfers to and from the ship: While Viking provides complimentary transfers to and from the airport on embarkation and disembarkation days, transfers outside of these times may incur an additional charge.

13. Travel insurance: While not directly related to the cruise itself, travel insurance is strongly recommended. It is not included in the base fare but can be purchased separately for peace of mind.

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Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I bring my own alcohol on board?
– Viking Ocean Cruises has a policy against bringing your own alcohol onboard.

2. Are there any age restrictions on Viking Ocean Cruises?
– Viking Ocean Cruises caters primarily to adult travelers, and therefore, there are no facilities or activities specifically designed for children.

3. Can I bring my pet on a Viking Ocean Cruise?
– Unfortunately, pets are not allowed onboard Viking Ocean Cruises, with the exception of service animals.

4. Are there any non-smoking areas on the ship?
– Viking Ocean Cruises has designated non-smoking areas onboard, ensuring a pleasant environment for all passengers.

5. Can I book my own shore excursions?
– Yes, you are welcome to book your own shore excursions. However, it is recommended to explore the options provided by Viking, as they have carefully curated a selection of enriching experiences.

6. Can I use my mobile phone on the ship?
– Yes, you can use your mobile phone on the ship. However, be aware that roaming charges may apply, so it is advisable to check with your service provider beforehand.

7. Are there vegetarian/vegan options available?
– Viking Ocean Cruises offers a variety of dietary options, including vegetarian and vegan meals. They are committed to accommodating passengers’ dietary needs.

8. Can I make special requests for my stateroom?
– Yes, you can make special requests for your stateroom, such as additional pillows or specific bedding preferences. Viking will do their best to accommodate your requests.

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9. Is the ship accessible for passengers with mobility issues?
– Viking Ocean Cruises strives to provide a comfortable experience for all passengers. They have accessible staterooms and facilities for passengers with mobility issues.

10. Can I cancel or change my booking?
– Viking Ocean Cruises has a cancellation policy, and changes to bookings may incur fees. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions before making any changes.

11. Can I bring my own snacks and beverages onboard?
– Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought onboard, with the exception of a reasonable amount of bottled water.

12. Is there a dress code for dining venues?
– Viking Ocean Cruises has a casual dress code for most dining venues. However, some specialty restaurants may require more formal attire.

13. Are there any onboard activities for entertainment?
– Viking Ocean Cruises offers a wide range of onboard activities, including lectures, live music, and cultural performances, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, while Viking Ocean Cruises provides an exceptional all-inclusive experience, it is important to be aware of what is not included in the base fare. By understanding these exclusions and planning accordingly, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable voyage on the high seas.