What Is Included in Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises

What Is Included in Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises

When it comes to luxury cruising, Celebrity Cruises is known for its exceptional service and attention to detail. One of the premium offerings on Celebrity Cruises is the Concierge Class, which provides passengers with a higher level of comfort and personalized service throughout their voyage. In this article, we will explore what is included in Concierge Class and answer some common questions about this exclusive experience.

Concierge Class cabins offer a variety of extra perks and amenities that go beyond what is typically provided in a standard stateroom. Here are some of the main inclusions of Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises:

1. Priority check-in and embarkation: Concierge Class passengers get to skip the regular lines and enjoy a swift and hassle-free boarding process.

2. Exclusive embarkation day lunch: Upon boarding the ship, Concierge Class guests are welcomed with a special lunch in the main dining room, allowing them to start their cruise with a delicious meal.

3. Exclusive room amenities: Each Concierge Class stateroom comes with luxurious amenities including a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, fresh fruit, a daily delivery of afternoon savories, and a pillow menu for a customized sleeping experience.

4. Enhanced room service menu: Concierge Class passengers have access to an expanded room service menu, featuring a wider range of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Exclusive access to the Concierge Class pre-departure lounge: Before setting sail, passengers can relax in the private Concierge Class lounge, enjoying complimentary beverages and snacks while awaiting their embarkation.

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6. Priority luggage delivery: Concierge Class guests can expect their luggage to be delivered to their staterooms promptly upon boarding, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to their cruise.

7. Welcome aboard lunch and daily breakfast: Throughout the voyage, Concierge Class passengers have the option to dine in an exclusive restaurant, offering a delicious welcome lunch and daily breakfast with a dedicated waitstaff.

8. Exclusive embarkation day debarkation lounge: On the last day of the cruise, Concierge Class guests can enjoy a private lounge to relax in while they wait for their disembarkation process to begin.

9. Complimentary shoeshine service: Concierge Class passengers can take advantage of a complimentary shoeshine service, ensuring they always look their best while onboard.

10. Enhanced bathroom amenities: Alongside the standard bathroom amenities, Concierge Class guests receive a selection of upgraded bath products, including a soothing pillow spray and plush bathrobes.

11. Daily delivery of afternoon canapés: A delightful treat awaits Concierge Class passengers each day, as a selection of savory canapés is delivered to their staterooms in the afternoon.

12. Access to exclusive events: Concierge Class guests have the opportunity to attend exclusive events and receptions, providing them with an enhanced social experience during their cruise.

13. Personalized concierge service: One of the key highlights of Concierge Class is the dedicated concierge service available to guests throughout their voyage. Whether it’s arranging specialty dining reservations, booking shore excursions, or assisting with any other requests, the concierge is there to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q1: How much does Concierge Class cost?
A1: The cost of Concierge Class varies depending on the ship, itinerary, and time of booking. It is generally priced higher than standard staterooms but offers added value and amenities.

Q2: Can I choose my preferred pillow from the pillow menu?
A2: Yes, the pillow menu allows you to select your preferred pillow type for a personalized sleeping experience.

Q3: Is room service included in Concierge Class?
A3: Yes, Concierge Class passengers have access to an expanded room service menu, which is included in their package.

Q4: Can I bring my own wine onboard?
A4: Celebrity Cruises allows passengers to bring two bottles of wine per stateroom onboard, regardless of the class.

Q5: Can I invite guests to my Concierge Class stateroom?
A5: The maximum occupancy of a Concierge Class stateroom is generally two guests. However, some ships offer options for connecting staterooms to accommodate larger groups.

Q6: Do I have access to a private pool or sundeck as a Concierge Class passenger?
A6: While Concierge Class does not provide access to a private pool or sundeck, passengers have access to all the public areas and amenities available on the ship.

Q7: Can I make specialty dining reservations in advance?
A7: Yes, Concierge Class guests can make specialty dining reservations in advance, ensuring they secure their preferred dining options.

Q8: Is there a dedicated concierge for each stateroom?
A8: There is a dedicated concierge available to assist all Concierge Class guests, rather than one per stateroom.

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Q9: Can I order breakfast to my stateroom every day?
A9: Yes, Concierge Class passengers can order breakfast through room service each day, providing a convenient and relaxing start to their mornings.

Q10: Are there any exclusive activities for Concierge Class passengers?
A10: Yes, Concierge Class passengers have the opportunity to attend exclusive events and receptions, providing them with an enhanced social experience during their cruise.

Q11: Can I request a specific location for my Concierge Class stateroom?
A11: While it is not guaranteed, you can make a request for a specific location when booking your Concierge Class stateroom, and the cruise line will do their best to accommodate it.

Q12: Are there any age restrictions for Concierge Class?
A12: There are no age restrictions to book a Concierge Class stateroom. However, guests must meet the minimum age requirement set by Celebrity Cruises to sail.

Q13: Can I upgrade to Concierge Class after booking my cruise?
A13: It is possible to upgrade to Concierge Class after booking, but it is subject to availability. It is recommended to inquire about upgrades as early as possible to secure your desired accommodations.

In conclusion, Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises offers a luxurious and personalized experience for passengers. With exclusive amenities, priority services, and dedicated concierge assistance, it promises an elevated level of comfort and convenience throughout the voyage. Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, Concierge Class is sure to enhance your cruise experience with Celebrity Cruises.