What Drinks Are Free on Princess Cruises

What Drinks Are Free on Princess Cruises

When it comes to enjoying a relaxing and luxurious vacation on a cruise ship, having access to a wide variety of beverages is an important aspect. Princess Cruises understands this and offers a range of complimentary drinks to ensure that guests have a memorable experience onboard. Here, we will explore what drinks are free on Princess Cruises, along with some common questions and their answers.

1. Water: On Princess Cruises, tap water is always complimentary. You can request it at any time from the bars or restaurants.

2. Iced Tea and Lemonade: These refreshing beverages are available throughout the ship and are included in the cruise fare.

3. Coffee and Tea: Princess Cruises offers a selection of regular and decaffeinated coffee and tea, which can be enjoyed at various locations onboard.

4. Milk: For those who prefer a glass of milk, it is provided for free, making it an ideal choice for children and adults alike.

5. Hot Chocolate: Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, which is available at no additional cost.

6. Fruit Juices: A variety of fruit juices such as orange, apple, and cranberry are complimentary during meal times and at the buffet.

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7. Soft Drinks: Soda lovers will be pleased to know that Princess Cruises offers free soft drinks. These can be found at the self-service beverage stations and are also served by the glass in dining rooms.

8. Mocktails: Non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails are available free of charge. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing drink without the alcohol content.

9. Specialty Coffee: While regular coffee is complimentary, specialty coffees like cappuccinos and lattes may incur an additional charge.

10. Welcome Aboard Champagne: As a welcome gesture, Princess Cruises offers a complimentary glass of champagne to all guests on embarkation day.

11. Captain’s Circle Celebration: During this event, held for past guests of the cruise line, complimentary champagne or sparkling wine is served.

12. Mimosas at Breakfast: Enjoy a delightful breakfast experience with a complimentary glass of mimosa, available in select dining venues.

13. Culinary Demonstrations and Tastings: Princess Cruises often hosts culinary events where guests can enjoy complimentary wine and spirit tastings, as well as learn about food and beverage pairing.

Common Questions and Answers:

Q1. Are alcoholic beverages included for free on Princess Cruises?
A1. No, alcoholic beverages are not included in the cruise fare. However, a variety of beverage packages are available for purchase.

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Q2. Can I bring my own drinks onboard?
A2. Princess Cruises does not allow guests to bring their own alcohol onboard. However, you can bring a limited amount of non-alcoholic beverages.

Q3. Is there a limit on the number of free soft drinks I can have?
A3. No, there is no limit on the number of free soft drinks you can have. You can enjoy them at any time during your cruise.

Q4. Are specialty teas included for free?
A4. Yes, a selection of specialty teas is available for free throughout the ship.

Q5. Can I get a free drink delivered to my stateroom?
A5. While room service is available for food, beverages delivered to your stateroom may incur an additional charge, depending on the drink.

Q6. Are there any restrictions on the free drinks at the buffet?
A6. No, you can enjoy the free drinks at the buffet without any restrictions.

Q7. Are the free drinks available 24/7?
A7. Some beverage stations may have limited hours, but overall, the complimentary drinks are readily available throughout the day.

Q8. Can I get a refund for unused beverage packages?
A8. Yes, refunds are available for unused beverage packages. However, terms and conditions may apply.

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Q9. Are there any age restrictions for free non-alcoholic drinks?
A9. No, the complimentary non-alcoholic drinks are available to guests of all ages.

Q10. Can I get a refill of my complimentary drink at the bars?
A10. Yes, the bars onboard are more than happy to refill your complimentary drinks.

Q11. Are energy drinks included for free?
A11. No, energy drinks are not included in the complimentary offerings and will be charged separately.

Q12. Can I get a free drink at the specialty restaurants?
A12. No, drinks at specialty restaurants generally incur an additional charge, unless specified otherwise.

Q13. Are the free drinks available during shore excursions?
A13. Complimentary drinks are typically available only onboard and may not be extended to shore excursions.

In conclusion, Princess Cruises offers a range of complimentary beverages, including water, iced tea, coffee, tea, fruit juices, soft drinks, and more. While alcoholic beverages are not included, there are plenty of options for non-alcoholic drinks to suit every taste. It’s important to note that some specialty drinks and venues may incur additional charges. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite free drinks while cruising with Princess Cruises.