What Does It Cost to Tour Graceland

What Does It Cost to Tour Graceland?

Graceland, the iconic former home of Elvis Presley, attracts thousands of visitors each year who are eager to catch a glimpse of the King of Rock and Roll’s lavish lifestyle. However, before planning your trip to this legendary estate in Memphis, Tennessee, it’s crucial to understand the cost of touring Graceland. From ticket prices to additional expenses, let’s break down what it will cost you to experience the magic of Elvis Presley’s residence.

Ticket Prices:

The cost of touring Graceland primarily depends on the type of ticket you choose. Here are the current ticket prices as of 2021:

1. Elvis Experience Tour: This ticket grants you access to Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley’s Automobile Museum, Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum, and other exhibits. Prices range from $41.75 to $61.75, depending on the season and whether you opt for an audio-guided or VIP tour.

2. Platinum Tour: For a more comprehensive experience, the Platinum Tour includes everything offered in the Elvis Experience Tour, plus a self-guided tour of Elvis’ two custom airplanes. Prices range from $46.75 to $76.75.

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3. VIP Tour: This luxury tour allows you to skip the lines and provides an enhanced experience with a personal guide. Prices range from $76.50 to $99.50.

Additional Expenses:

Apart from the ticket prices, there are a few additional expenses to consider when planning your visit to Graceland:

1. Parking: Parking at Graceland is available for a fee of $10 per vehicle.

2. Audio Guide Rentals: If you opt for an audio-guided tour, the rental fee for the audio guide is $7.50 per person.

3. Food and Souvenirs: Graceland offers several dining options, including a café and a food truck area. Prices for meals can range from $8 to $20 per person. Additionally, the on-site gift shops offer a wide range of Elvis-themed souvenirs, collectibles, and apparel, with prices varying depending on the item.

13 Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I buy tickets in advance?
Yes, it is highly recommended to purchase your tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your preferred tour time.

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2. Are there any discounts available?
Yes, discounts are available for seniors, children, military personnel, and AAA members. Additionally, purchasing a combo ticket for Graceland and other Memphis attractions can save you money.

3. How long does the tour take?
The duration of the tour depends on your pace, but on average, visitors spend around two to three hours exploring Graceland.

4. Is photography allowed inside Graceland?
Photography is allowed, but flash photography and video recording are strictly prohibited inside the mansion.

5. Can I bring a stroller or wheelchair?
Yes, Graceland is wheelchair-friendly, and strollers are allowed. Wheelchairs are available for rent on-site.

6. Are there any restrictions on what I can bring inside?
Large bags, backpacks, and food and drinks are not permitted inside Graceland. However, exceptions can be made for medical purposes or baby food.

7. Is there an age restriction for children to enter?
No, there is no age restriction. Children of all ages are welcome to tour Graceland.

8. Can I bring my pet?
Only service animals are allowed inside Graceland.

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9. Are there guided tours available?
Yes, guided tours are available as part of the VIP Tour package.

10. Can I visit Graceland during the winter holidays?
Yes, Graceland is open year-round, including during the winter holidays.

11. Is Graceland accessible by public transportation?
Yes, Graceland is accessible by bus and taxi services. The Memphis Area Transit Authority operates a bus route that stops near Graceland.

12. Are there any hotels nearby?
Yes, Graceland offers several accommodation options, including The Guest House at Graceland, located just steps away from the mansion.

13. Can I get a refund if I can’t make it to my scheduled tour?
Refunds are not available for tour tickets, but you can reschedule your tour for a different time or date.

Now that you have a better understanding of the cost of touring Graceland, you can plan your visit accordingly. Immerse yourself in the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, and experience the magic that continues to attract fans from around the world to this legendary estate.