North America Warnings and Dangers

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    D makes me eat my words or at least a...
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North America Warnings and Dangers

  • Harlem - Uptown, New York City

    Harlem - Uptown

    New York City Warnings and Dangers

    For the curious tourists that wonder about the "ghetto" areas in NYC, I would name several: East New York, Brooklyn (bounded by the New Lots Ave and the City Line/ Ozone Park) has changed alot because there was a time it was really bad! I am talking crackheads, serious drug dealing, high murder rates and robberies) But currently, the neighborhood...

  • Places to Avoid, Las Vegas

    Places to Avoid

    Las Vegas Warnings and Dangers

    I was there in February on business and I'm not a fan of Vegas, don't get me wrong its great if that's your thing, but I wanted something more lowkey so I went to Downtown and had a great time. There is a new hipster vibe there now. There is a really cool coffee shop with great wifi, a couple of restaurants and a the best brunch I've had in a long...

  • Bad Neighborhoods, New Orleans

    Bad Neighborhoods

    New Orleans Warnings and Dangers

    Okay it is true that there are bad areas to visit in New Orleans. However, after traveling all over Europe and most states in America, I find New Orleans no different from any of them. The media as usual, plays a large part in the scare tactics but if you just glace over the years and see that people still come here to enjoy themselves and once...

  • Areas to Avoid, San Francisco

    Areas to Avoid

    San Francisco Warnings and Dangers

    When we returned to our car after spending 1/2 hr taking pictures in the park, our windows were smashed and our belongings stolen. This is a bad neighborhood and is run down. There were homeless people all around. Stay away from this area! Trust your instincts!

  • Common Sense Advice / Sketchy..., Chicago

    Common Sense Advice / Sketchy...

    Chicago Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in Chicago for most of my life and know the city well. Down town area is fairly safe but watch out for groups of teenagers as they have been jumping and mugging people the last few years. Put your IPhone away in transit stops. If someone comes up to you and starts to talk to you at a bus stop etc watch around you for others. Do not go...

  • Unsafe Areas, Los Angeles

    Unsafe Areas

    Los Angeles Warnings and Dangers

    @TravellerfromAus: I have to doubt the veracity of your post. What kind of person goes cruising through skid row? Not a very smart one, I'm afraid. Perhaps you should read "The Six Blind Men and the Elephant" before making sweeping generalizations about LA. Skid Row is about a square mile east of downtown civic center, which is where your pictures...

  • Downtown Eastside, Vancouver

    Downtown Eastside

    Vancouver Warnings and Dangers

    It's good to go to these places to experience what they're like. You can't close your eyes to the east side of Vancouver because it would leave you ignorant and inexperienced in your knowledge about the city. Don't look for altercation and you won't find it. In my opinion it's a must see when visiting this beautiful city.

  • Party Hearty, Key West

    Party Hearty

    Key West Warnings and Dangers

    fellow seniors, be careful in jimmy buffet Margaretville, because if you are too noisy they will ask you to leave. that what happen to me. let me tell you the whole story. you can agree or not, this is what happen to me. I am on here because I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I went on another travel site which say the are advising...

  • Crime / After Dark, Boston

    Crime / After Dark

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    So, after adding tips about pickpockets to my Paris and Madrid pages, I'm now adding one about my home city! While browsing the racks at Marshalls in the Downtown Crossing area recently, I felt a hand along my hip. I turned to find a hand right inside my bag! I yelled "HEY!" really loudly and the thief sauntered away. In hindsight I suppose it...

  • Safety or not, Montreal

    Safety or not

    Montreal Warnings and Dangers

    Hi! I live in Montreal and I must say that it is such a great place to live. It's also very safe. I give food out to the homeless people sometimes and barely ever feel uncomfortable doing it, keep in mind I do this in Downtown, on St.-Catherine and the dark side streets! In winter it's dark early and I give out the food when it's dark and I've...

  • Crime Related, Orlando

    Crime Related

    Orlando Warnings and Dangers

    A robbery happens in Florida every 3 minutes. To protect your future, invest in a Del-Air security system. Previous Del-Air customers are eligible for 3 months free and insured homeowners will get a discount on premium. Medical pendants are also available for senior citizens or people with medical issues (included in monthly premium). Standard rate...

  • Drinking Water, Cancún

    Drinking Water

    Cancún Warnings and Dangers

    I've been to Cancun 30-40 times and I don't believe I've ever gotten sick from bad water in the hotel zone, but there are a few things some of you need to know: 1. Chichen Itza is NOT in the Cancun Hotel Zone. It's two hours away and there are many places where the tap water isn't purified. 2. If you are in a place where the water isn't pure, it...

  • Beggars / Panhandlers / Homeless, Seattle

    Beggars / Panhandlers / Homeless

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    We live in Denver and the homeless/vagrant/bum/mentally ill/drug addict population is completely out of control there too. I go to Seattle this week for the first time. I will give you a report which city I think takes the prize.

  • Safety, Quebec


    Quebec Warnings and Dangers

    Hello everyone, I live in Quebec City and I can assure you that this city is 100% safe, absolutely everywhere and at anytime, day or night. Of course, there is certain areas that are not as pleasant to look at as the Old City, but even there it's 100% safe. Keep in mind that the crime rate in Quebec City is among the lowest in Canada, handguns are...

  • Beware of..., San Diego

    Beware of...

    San Diego Warnings and Dangers

    East Village (Petco Park etc.) is fine, just try to stay out of there after dark. Same with the gaslamp quarter. Do NOT go north of the 5 freeway up to the 8 except for Hillcrest, Mission Valley etc. Although you will probably not venture into these areas, try tobstay out of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Barrio Logan, Normal Heights, City Heights,...

  • Health/Safety, Puerto Vallarta


    Puerto Vallarta Warnings and Dangers

    Make sure that when you bring children, they are always with an adult. The swimming pools at the hotels here don't have life guards on them! Also, the beaches have strong currents and not actually great for swimming especially in Puerto Vallarta!

  • North Philadelphia, Philadelphia

    North Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Warnings and Dangers

    After reading all the comments about N.philly.....I d like to make a few.I was born AND RAISED IN THE STREETS OF N.P.,a long time ago ceicl b. moore was called columbia ave....i lived between oxford and columbia on 3RD st....The area was tough..... most of the teens hung-out at 2nd and columbia sts. a conor store called HAPPS, most of us we re...

  • Police / Tijuana Jail, Tijuana

    Police / Tijuana Jail

    Tijuana Warnings and Dangers

    Come on guys. I have read some rediculous things on this board. I have been coming to TJ and living in TJ since I was 14 years old. Im 46 years old now. These people paying cops are part of the problem. I have never heard of anything like what I am reading here. "I hear they dont pay the police in tijuana" where did you hear that? The cop took $300...

  • Personal Safety, Niagara Falls

    Personal Safety

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    i live in niagara falls but actually in a good neighborhood. 1/5 nieghboorhoods are good in the falls. but i know all about highland and hyde park and downtown and lasalle its not as bad during the day but i dont recomend being those parts around after 12 and your a tourist, bad stuff might happen.

  • Swimming, Cabo San Lucas


    Cabo San Lucas Warnings and Dangers

    Even though the resorts in Los Cabos are located on the Pacific Ocean you can NOT swim there. The riptides are much to strong and dangerous. There are some resorts on the bay that you can swim in as well as a town beach. We drove up to Todos Santos and did some surfing up there. You need to ask locals for directions to the surfing beaches. They are...

  • Theft, Honolulu


    Honolulu Warnings and Dangers

    Its completely out-of-control. Vagrants from the mainland and unemployed locals make their living feeding off of anything of value in a parked car. Anything electronic to clothing. Heaven forbid they get your keys, they'll take the whole car. They'll part it out, sell your things at flea markets and on Ebay to support their pot and heroin habits....

  • Not So Safe Areas, Atlanta

    Not So Safe Areas

    Atlanta Warnings and Dangers

    Hi everyone, I've been reading through the post but would like to hear a more current point of view like the last two. I am planning on relocating to Atlanta to be close to family. I would like to purchase a home. From what I'm hearing Kirkwood and East Atlanta are gentrifying and have become good places to live. Obviously, you are going to have...

  • Driving, Sedona


    Sedona Warnings and Dangers

    Wow! I should have listened to some of the other posters. My first drive into Sedona, AZ from Ohio, being overwhelmed by the beauty, I missed an unusual drop (speed trap?) in the speed limit. I was immediately pulled over and given a ticket. My town would give an out-of-towner a warning...not here. This was my first ticket ever, in over 30 years of...

  • Safety in Ottawa, Ottawa

    Safety in Ottawa

    Ottawa Warnings and Dangers

    Ottawa is generally a fairly safe city; the federal presence within the capital makes the city heavily policed and patroled. However, it's always best to be on the look out--just in case. The areas around the Rideau Centre along Rideau St. at night are sometimes filled with bored teens and wannabe drug dealers. Homeless people also are found along...

  • General Warning Info, Mexico City

    General Warning Info

    Mexico City Warnings and Dangers

    Was there in 83. Stuck there a week as med student b/c of student Visa BS. LOTS of Rats!! Cabbies tried to rip people off go to cheap hotel in rathole hoods. Charge too much for fare. Use sitios ONLY! I almost got kidnapped by two teen thugs b/c I was out clubbing too late. Go with lots of friends and do not stay out too late.

  • Safety, Halifax


    Halifax Warnings and Dangers

    Halifax is a very safe city overall. Areas to stay clear of include Gottingen (only at night...during day is not horrible at all and there is a major police detachment right there), Uniacke Square (off of Gottingen), and some streets slightly outside the city around Dutch Village has been experiencing more crime. On the Dartmouth side, the...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime, Dallas

    Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Dallas Warnings and Dangers

    I've heard visitors, from other cities, comment on how many meth motels we have along the highways. For this reason, it's probably best to stay away from the "cheap" motels you see, no matter how decent they might look during the day. I'm not sure it's as much dangerous as it is unpleasant. This even applies to some of the cheap motels in the...

  • Street Smarts, Victoria

    Street Smarts

    Victoria Warnings and Dangers

    Many of Victoria's street intersections are at strange angles, rather than being 90 degrees intersections between strict east-west and north-south streets. Instead, most of the streets fit with the shape of the peninsulas on which Victoria is built. I found that this makes it very easy to make wrong turns in almost all locations. Free maps of...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime, Houston

    Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Houston Warnings and Dangers

    I and my family are moving to Houston Texas this summer and I would like honestly to know what areas as African American people we should avoid? I am from Indiana and while it is a diverse state and people are pretty open minded, there are some definite areas to avoid for African Americans due to racism and such. I'm certain Texas is the same and...

  • Bad Neighbourhoods, Richmond

    Bad Neighbourhoods

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    Don't let crime stats fool you; most violent crimes in Richmond happen in certain neighborhoods, to certain people, engaged in certain activities.... If you visit, you can walk ALMOST anywhere in the city. The exceptions are any area of projects, some sections of Church Hill, any section of south side (Richmond City), and much of North Side. But...

  • Animal Dangers, Yosemite National Park

    Animal Dangers

    Yosemite National Park Warnings and Dangers

    During my hike of the Valley loop trail we came across a black bear. It was about 2pm just off the trail between us and the South Side drive. The bear didn't seem to notice us or at least paid us no mind. Although the bear is brown, it was considered a black bear. So be alert and if/when you encounter a bear, and it is off the trail, just mind you...

  • Driving!, Miami


    Miami Warnings and Dangers

    Miami has a very easy to understand road system. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to find your way around. Streets go east west. Avenues go north south. There are four sectors - northeast, northwest, southwest and southeast. The dividing line between north and south is Flagler Street. The east-west dividing line is Miami...

  • Traffic/Driving, San Antonio


    San Antonio Warnings and Dangers

    Avoid San Antonio on Spring Break. Not only was the traffic terrible, the parking is more expensive and the hours for entertainment are the same. I would like to think that businesses would extend hours to accomodate for the time it takes to get there. Very disappointing not to get to see more of this interesting city.

  • The Beach, Fort Lauderdale

    The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Warnings and Dangers

    dont swim out too deep, otherwise sharky might get you. I did not have any experience of that kind, however I always heard warnings. So I only swam out to where I could stand. It's a temptation to swim out at that beautiful warm water, but just don't do it.

  • Rough Neighborhoods, Tampa

    Rough Neighborhoods

    Tampa Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in the Tampa Bay area (Temple Terrace, St. Pete, Westchase) for about 4 years. I'm a young professional who moved from Michigan. Temple Terrace was, bar none, the sketchiest area in which I lived. Someone attempted to pop a window of my then boyfriend's car to steal a crappy GPS while parked at our apartment complex. St. Pete was...

  • Crime, Baltimore


    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    I won't be taking any trips to EVER! I live in Winston Salem, NC, and we don't even have to lock our doors. I never worry. What gets me are the comments from some stating that Yes, Baltimore is the second most dangerous large city in the US, but it's really not that bad. LMFAO

  • Walking, Memphis


    Memphis Warnings and Dangers

    I took this trip with two of my college track teammates...three younger girls. We went out every night, walked back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning, and drove through the run-down part of town to get to Graceland. And had no problems AT ALL. Were nervous for maybe the first five minutes we were there. Just have some sense about it....

  • Traffic/transportation, Nashville


    Nashville Warnings and Dangers

    Tennessee has a "Move-Over Law", the gist of which is: if you see a moving emergency vehicle, you are to move to the far right lane and stay there when possible and safe to do so. This is the case in most states. However, it further states that, if you should see a STATIONARY emergency or recovery vehicle, you should also remove yourself one lane...

  • Boating Hazards, Saint Augustine

    Boating Hazards

    Saint Augustine Warnings and Dangers

    St. Augustine does not have a class A inlet. If one wants to avoid Matanzas with frequent shoaling, it is adviseable to go out the St. John's River and not try to go out St. Augustine. This picture shows the inlet entrance from the ICW when there was an onshore wind. There is surf all across the inlet, which is not a nice situation to be in with a...

  • Crime, Tucson


    Tucson Warnings and Dangers

    As long as you stay in the TUCSON city limits you should be fine. Do not go to South Tucson which is a city of its own. It is a working class area with gangs and lots of car theft reports. To be on the safe side, just stay north of downtown. Its definitely not one of the most dangerous cities around, but like every other large city, there can be...

  • Wildlife, Yellowstone National Park


    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    I love wildlife is lovely but you have to remember they can cause injury and it could be fatal. Naturally during mating seasons and when they have young ones .. they are the most dangerous. So if you see a baby animal ... might want to be very concerned with where the momma is. I like photography but invest in zoom lens and take pics from a far.

  • Flora / Fauna, Monterey

    Flora / Fauna

    Monterey Warnings and Dangers

    Nature is beautiful and fun, but be careful among some of the birds in Monterey. The area around the bay is home to more Seagulls than you can begin to count. They tend to be loud and can be aggressive if provoked (don’t tease them). Don’t be surprised if you find your car has become their latrine. Keep an eye out overhead for shells they may drop...

  • Safety, Albuquerque


    Albuquerque Warnings and Dangers

    Like any large city, Albuquerque has crime, but several of the reviews here are too old. Over the past decade the city has worked hard at making Central Avenue from Nob Hill through Downtown much safer. Adding in the tremendous economic growth and increased prosperity of the city over that time, these areas are more vibrant than ever. Yes, East of...

  • Beware off and respect Wildlife., Banff National Park

    Beware off and respect Wildlife.

    Banff National Park Warnings and Dangers

    They may be cute and thy may look friendly but DO NOT feed the animals. This little guy has obviously been acclimitized to human contact which is not a good thing. These are wild animals. Sooner or later this the chipmunk will bite somebody or become so reliant on handouts that he won't be able to fend for himself. Let wild animals stay wild....

  • Car Care, Death Valley National Park

    Car Care

    Death Valley National Park Warnings and Dangers

    ... when you're driving through Death Valley there isn't many places to stop off. So when you are driving through make sure that you have enoguh petrol, and your car is up to check. There are a few signs on the way round telling you to turn your air con off to help save your car from working harder than normal and cutting out, blowing your...


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