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  • Beer available at the gate :)
    Beer available at the gate :)
    by travelfrosch
  • A Newark Airport Express Bus
    A Newark Airport Express Bus
    by travelfrosch
  • Newark Liberty International
    by Ewingjr98
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    New York's Third Airport (Newark Liberty)

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 6, 2014

    providing a cheaper alternative to JFK and La Guardia since it has cheaper Landing Rights than both so that many local and International Airlines and budget carriers land here instead of the 2 other airports. The only problem here is that Newark Liberty International Airport is located furthest from Manhattan (15 miles from midtown manhattan) and they is no NY Subway Stop here, Only New Jersey Train Lines that connect to New York, but there are also other ground tranportation options you can take from the airport to any Points to the Tri State via Public Bus, Taxis, Shared Van Service, Airport Shuttle Service and Limousine Taxis. They Airport has 3 terminals of which only Terminal B is the International Terminal and Terminal A is the domestic Terminal for all domestic airlines except United Airlines and United Express, which exclusively use Terminal C.

    address: 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States

    the airport to the airport view from freeway airplane arriving at newark delta plane
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    Newark Airport

    by travelfrosch Updated Mar 31, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Newark Liberty International Airport (IATA Code: EWR), is located approximately 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan, just south of the city of Newark, New Jersey. A hub for United Airlines (since the airline completed its merger with Continental Airlines in 2011), Newark also hosts 26 other airlines from Air Canada to WestJet. International flights from all over the world arrive here, including direct flights from multiple airports in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

    There are several public transportation options to choose from. For those who like to like to ride the rails, AirTrain Newark is an option to whisk you from the airport terminals to the Newark Airport rail station, where you can connect to Amtrak and NJ Transit commuter trains to New York's Penn Station (Connections to the 1,2,3,A,C, and E Trains, as well as the Long Island Railroad). One-way fare between the airport and New York-Penn Station is $12.50 with NJ Transit. Amtrak fare can vary -- it can be as low as $25, but can cost up to $68 if you don't reserve well ahead of time (translation: you're usually better off taking the NJ Transit commuter train to New York City). You can purchase train tickets at the gates which will include the AirTrain fare. If you only need to pay for the AirTrain (e.g., if you have a NJ Transit commuter pass), fare is $5.50.

    There are four NJ Transit buses that stop at the airport. Buses 37, 40, 62, and 67 all serve Newark Airport, but you will need to make at least one change to get to New York City. If you're not familiar with the area, you're probably best off not using this option.

    A more convenient bus option is the Newark Airport Express. Buses depart every 20 minutes (every 30 minutes late nights) from the airport terminals, stopping at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (Connections to the A, C, and E Trains), Bryant Park (42nd Street and 5th Avenue; connections to the B,D,F,M, and 7 Trains), and just south of Grand Central Station (on 41st Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue; connections to the 4,5,6, and 7 Trains, the Times Square Shuttle ("S Train"), NYC Airporter buses to LaGuardia or JFK Airport, and the Metro North Railroad). Fare is $16 each way. You can purchase your tickets on the bus or in advance online.

    Plentiful Taxis are available from all airport terminals. Fares vary depending on traffic, but a trip to midtown Manhattan normally will range between $50 and $60, plus tolls and tip. Fare to JFK or La Guardia Airport will typically run between $85 and $100, plus tolls and tip.

    Several car rental companies offer services at Newark Airport. Take AirTrain Newark (free within the airport) to either station P2 or P3, depending on which company you are renting from. Note that Enterprise is located off-site, and you will need to wait for a shuttle van to take you to their lot. The airport is located just off Interstate 95 (New Jersey Turnpike); take the highway north to your bridge or tunnel of choice to get to New York.

    A Newark Airport Express Bus The Newark Airport Express Bus stop At the gate Beer available at the gate :)
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  • Limited Time in NYC

    by NelleYak Written Dec 16, 2011

    Contrary to what most might advise, with such a short period of time in NYC, you might want to consider one of the tour busses. The tours are varied in length, places visited and price. You can see a lot of the city in a short period of time and the guides are very good. You can get on/off when and where you please. We have enjoyed them on several occasions and do not mind waiting for traffic lights, that gives a chance to take things in while stopped for a short time. As far as transportation to/from the airport, we have had good, dependable service from Carmel Car. They have always been on time for us. Last summer, 2010, it cost us $45 for two people from LaGuardia to the Upper West Side, one way, and was the same the year before from Newark to Times Square. It has been worth the expense of the car to not waste time on dropping off and picking up other passengers on the way to the destination as shuttles do. Shuttles can be a nightmare and make you late and really don't cost any less than a car service.
    If you arrive around 10pm, you could go to a mid-town hotel, get up early the next day and see some sights. If you use a car service, they can advise you on the best time to leave again for your flight. The time of year makes a huge difference in the traffic and travel time.
    Enjoy your trip, NYC is amazing.

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  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo

    Newark (NJ) Liberty International Airport

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Aug 24, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    16 miles from Manhattan sits the Newark Airport, one of three major international airports serving NYC. Newark has to be one of the worst airports I have used for numerous reasons. One, it is so congested with air traffic delays are inevitable--about 20% of all flights are late (most of these due to weather). Two, it is built in the middle of a mess of major highways, so automobile traffic is insane when getting in or out... and good luck returning your rental car in this mess! Three, it is a major hub of Continental Airlines, one of my least favorite air carriers in the world.

    According to, Newark is the worst airport in the nation for most delayed arrivals and second worst for most delayed departures.
    - Percentage of total flights that are delayed arriving into Newark for December 2005 41.8%
    - Percentage of total flights that are delayed departing from Newark for December 2005 31.8%

    Afternoons and evenings are the worst with peak delays from 7:00 - 7:59 PM when 62.7% of flights have delayed arrivals.

    As an alternative, I have flown to Philadelphia and driven to the northern NJ area on occasion.

    Newark Airport from the NJ Turnpike Grab a crab cake at Phillips
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  • toonsarah's Profile Photo

    Flying to Newark

    by toonsarah Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Because we were to spend the second week of our trip south of the city in New Jersey, we decided it would make sense to fly to Newark rather than JFK or La Guardia, and it proved to be a good choice. We went with Continental from London Gatwick (although slightly oddly, and conveniently for us, returned to Heathrow). Both flights went smoothly, arriving ahead of schedule on both occasions (something Continental apparently pride themselves on). The service was pleasant, the meals instantly forgettable and the planes modern and reasonably comfortable – and travelling economy we’ve learned not to expect anything more than this!

    Newark seemed to be a well-organised airport, apart from rather lengthy queues when we checked in for our return flight – the baggage conveyor had broken down which is some excuse for that. A free monorail, the Airtrain, links the three terminals with the station, car rental companies and parking lots, running every four minutes during the day. We found that a very efficient way to get to wherever we needed to be, both on arrival and departure and when we passed through the airport to pick up our hire car at the end of our week in New York.

    Although the airport is in New Jersey, travel arrangements into the centre of New York City are similar to those from JFK as are the costs. The options include bus, train, shuttle service (see my next tip), or of course taxi. For more on all of these see the airport’s comprehensive website.

    Virgin plane at Gatwick - waiting to board

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    Yay for the Newark Liberty Express

    by gilabrand Updated Jun 29, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A frequently asked question: Should I fly into Newark or JFK? Well, Newark Airport is in New Jersey, but it's only 15 miles from New York City. It is a small, quiet airport. JFK is a crazy zoo by comparison.

    On my last trip to New York, I had to get to Manhattan. I took the Newark Liberty Airport Express bus that stops right outside the airport. It costs $15 and has three stops in Manhattan: Grand Central Station (41st Street between Park & Lexington Avenues); Bryant Park (42nd Street & 5th Avenue) and Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues).

    I bought a ticket at the airport counter after exiting with my baggage, crossed the street - and the stop was right there. Buses leave every 15 minutes. Suitcases are loaded into a compartment at the side of the bus. It was a very easy ride and I was in Manhattan in about half an hour. I barely had time to make a phone call. Definitely recommended as a cheap, hassle-free way to get into NYC.

    Getting into NYC - not such a tall order
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  • marielexoteria's Profile Photo

    From Newark to Manhattan, the local way

    by marielexoteria Updated Jan 22, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I recommend this way to going to Manhattan only if you have time to kill and are traveling light, just the same way the airport workers and locals do.

    To do this, go to the first floor at the Arrivals hall and look for bus stops 7 and 8, where you can take NJ Transit bus #62. Take the bus towards Newark Penn Station and get off at the end of the journey. This first leg takes about 20 minutes and the bus runs every 10 or 15 minutes and stops at all 3 terminals. The bus ticket costs 1.35US and you either have the exact fare or you won't get any change, as you deposit the money in a safe box of the sorts that the driver can't open. All coins, except for pennies, are accepted and you're allowed to have up to 2 pieces per person.

    In Newark Penn, go up the stairs to the PATH train ticket machine and get a ticket to WTC. Read on the screen which platform the train departs from (in my case it arrived at and departed from track #1). This train trip takes 22 minutes and you can either get off at Journal Square and take another PATH train that will take you to other destinations in Manhattan or get off at WTC and take the subway/bus to your final destination. The single PATH train ticket costs 1.75US and the machine will give you up to 7 dollars in change, but you can also pay with credit card.

    If you have a Metrocard, you can use it to pay for the fare of the PATH train =)

    Going to the city this way gave me the opportunity of seeing some of the buildings and structures I saw while landing at the airport, and there's some murals on Newark Penn that I liked.

    For other ways of transferring to Manhattan or to the other airports see the link below. The timetable for bus 62 can be found here and for the PATH train, here.

    Note: the pictures in this tip were taken with my cell phone so they don't have the quality I wish they had.

    PATH train at WTC station PATH train logo Mural #1 at Newark Penn Mural #2 at Newark Penn (part 1) Mural #2 at Newark Penn (part 2)
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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    EWR to JFK transfer

    by cochinjew Written Nov 24, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    you can call a toll free number and pe reserve and pay by credit card or prefer to pay cash to the driver.
    best place to board.. Terminal A, it is less crowded, and since the shuttle begins there, easy to get a good seat and also place for your luggage. The van accomodates about 10 people so it is good idea to reserve
    Fare is 30 usd one way which is really a good price considering the alternatives. I gave the colombian driver from Medellin a tip of 3usd so the total is 33 usd
    Time of Departure 1200
    arrival of the van 12 15
    by the time we left the terminals it was 12 45
    the drive between EWR and JFK is truly enjoyable, one gets a good cultural view of the superficial life here, houses, yards and cars etc
    New Jersey-Port Elizabeth-cross the bridge to Staten Island-cross the lovely verazzano narrows bridge into brooklyn-drive along the bay , enter Queens.. JFK turn off no 20
    the actual driving time today was only 30 minutes
    I was flying AF so it was the first stop, other members of the Skyteam also fly out of this terminal
    Summary: Excellent

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  • Only $3.10 from Manhattan to Newark Airport (EWR)

    by alohagunnar Updated May 20, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can go from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) to Manhattan for only $3.10 in less than an hour.

    It will take just a little longer and sometimes can be faster than taking the $15 direct bus or $15 Air Train/New Jersey Transit Train and you will save more than $10 each way and it runs 24 hours/7 days!

    Take the New Jersey Transit public bus #62 which arrives every 10 minutes at terminals A, B, and C for $1.35(pay the machine on the bus - cash only - single dollar bills and coins accepted - no pennies - no change given back) to Newark Penn Station(20 minutes) then walk upstairs to the PATH train platform which departs every 10 minutes and buy your ticket at the machine for $1.75(credit cards and cash accepted - change provided) to Manhattan - World Trade Center (22 minutes) where you can catch a New York City Subway/Bus to anywhere in New York City for an additional $2 or you can get off the PATH train at Journal Square station and switch to another PATH train that will take you all the way up to 33rd Street in midtown Manhattan right next to Macy's Store and the Empire State Building with stops along the way in Soho and Chelsea.

    There is no need to take a Taxi or the AirTrain and you will probably be the only tourist(clever you) on the #62 bus along with all the airport workers.

    Luggage is allowed on public transport and they even provided a luggage rack on the #62 bus.

    Both the bus #62 and PATH train run 24 hours/ 7 days but less frequently after midnight.

    The PATH to the World Trade Center will give you an up close look (no other way to get this view)of the former World Trade Towers sight and the new construction going on.

    Newark Penn Station is a nice art deco train station worth checking out.


    Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)

    PATH(The Port Authority Trans-Hudson) Train

    New Jersey Transit Public Bus #62 Schedule

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    From Newark Airport to Penn Station by train!

    by Jenniflower Written Aug 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It took us 3 hours to get from Newark Liberty International Airport to our hotel, which was on 56th Avenue, close to the New Year Celebrations.

    We went on the train from Newark Station to Penn Station.. thankfully we got a seat near the door with a little extra room, so our big suitcases fit.

    The train was relatively fast, clean and hassle free.

    I would travel on this in future with no problems, this particular night things were really crazy with loads more people going into the city than usual, and it still coped OK with the crowds.

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  • Jenniflower's Profile Photo

    Flight from London to New York

    by Jenniflower Updated Aug 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We flew from Heathrow to Newark on Virgin Airlines.

    We usually fly with them on international flights and can get decent discounts sometimes.

    The flight was not too long, about half of that to South Africa. The crew were friendly and did not run out of food (as had happened to us previously!).

    There was one downside to the flight, and this was due to the irritating people sitting in front of us.

    A family of 4 from Germany were demanding of the crew, got up and down all the time, had their seats down at all times, and were generally painful. They complained about their seats and ended up getting better seats, so that the 2 left in front of us could lie down!

    Besides them the flight was good though. Crew were friendly and personable.

    I know a few people who literally go from London to New York for the weekend to go shopping, and I personally think this is a bit much, but they are happy to do it.

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  • jbpolk4's Profile Photo

    Airports to NYC at Night

    by jbpolk4 Written Jun 26, 2008

    I am not sure what Airport that you are talking about, and just how "safe" you need to be, but you shouldn't really have a problem. I am at this time sitting two blocks from NY City Hall a point exactly between all of he major metropolitan Air Ports in the NYC area. I would tell you like I would my daughter is to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. Even where you are right now. Now from Kennedy to NYC there is round the clock public transportation to both Madison Sq. Garden/Penn Center Station 34Th. & 7Th. Ave. pretty much safe, and cabs are readily available at both terminals. Coming in from Newark (EWR) there is not only train, bus, and car service but is easily available from EWR to NYC 24Hr./day. I have my out of state visitors come in via EWR since it is not only cheaper than Kennedy,but transit is easily obtained. Incidentally I pass through Newark Airport Terminal almost exactly 10-10:30 p.m. every evening and State Troopers or Homeland Security Officers are almost everywhere both there and at Penn Center Station 34Th. & 7Th. Ave. Essentialy you should be fine, and enjoy your trip

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  • TXgal's Profile Photo

    Train from airport to NYC

    by TXgal Written Apr 25, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is no cost for the Air Train that will take you from the airport terminal to the airport train station and you can buy your ticket at the train station. The ticket from the airport train station into New York Penn Station is $15

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  • leplaya's Profile Photo

    Newark airport to Manhattan on shuttle buses.

    by leplaya Written May 10, 2007

    You have a lot of options to get to Manhattan, including taxis, shuttles, and trains. If you’re not in a rush and have a lot of bags, the shuttles (i.e., Supershuttle) are probably the best way to go. For about $15-20 you are taken to the doorsteps of your hotel (or wherever you are staying). The only problem is that the shuttle makes about 5 stops to drop other people off. You could get lucky and be the first one off, or it could take you over 1 ½ to be dropped off. The train and subway might be faster, but most likely you’ll have to make a couple of transfers and with luggage, it is not very convenient.

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  • northeast80's Profile Photo

    Olympia Airport Express

    by northeast80 Updated Mar 23, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From Bryant Park, Port Authority Bus Terminal and Grand Central Station to Newark Airport.
    Single $14, return $23.00.
    It was very handy for us, you just pay as you get there, busses leave from around 04.50 and run every 15 mintues until 01.15.
    It takes about 45 minutes to get to the airport (Terminal A).

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