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  • Polo Towers Timeshares on the Strip
    Polo Towers Timeshares on the Strip
    by RavensWing
  • Grandview Timeshares
    Grandview Timeshares
    by RavensWing
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    Excuse Me ~ Would you Like Free Tickets To.....

    by RavensWing Updated Jan 8, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are people all over the place offering you free tickets to shows BUT you have to go view this new property, it won't take long (so they tell you). They are in the casino's and on the streets.

    Should I or shoudn't i?

    Well really it depends on how much time you have and even more so how much will power you have. I have gone to them because when they say '....free tickets to Thunder from Down Under and you only have to watch a 30 minute presentation' --- I think --- wow that's pretty easy for free tickets.

    The problem is even though they say it will only take an hour out of your day - it's a lie. One I went to they said it would be an hour - it took 6 hours. The next one I went to, again it will only take an hour - ok this one was better it was only an hour and a half. The third one I went to, again will only be an hour or two out of your day -- Lies again this took 5 hours.

    Sometimes the free tickets aren't worth it. Sometimes they are.

    Polo Towers Timeshares on the Strip Grandview Timeshares
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    Time Share sales - Avoid or not to Avoid

    by cdw0218 Updated Aug 24, 2009

    Ok, here is the deal, throughout all of your major casinos you have time share sales people, what should you do? Well that depends on your schedule and your will power. If you have day you can spend 3 hours and you are looking for a time share or want to learn about them or you can say not if you are not interested, then go for it.

    The Tip here is don't act interested, but don't discourage the sales from offering you more. What I mean is be impartial but leaning towards not interested, but listen to them. You can get dinners, buffest and shows out of them. The more you hold out the better the shows and dinners will be and more you will get. If you want a top rated show you can get the tickets for a real cheap rate but not free, so ask them once you get to finding out what you get for going.

    The second tip, don't go first thing in the morning, the on-site sales people are up and ready to go them and don't be the last group, the are desperate. Go in the middle of the day and don't show to much interest, in fact very little.

    Finally, to get out of there, "You have no down payment". Don't tell them it is monthly issue, or don't travel the much, etc. No money in the bank, they have to have that to get you started!!!!

    So go get some free stuff and hear them out, oh and you may find one you like and will work for you. After years of taking advantage of those and seeing them, I did find one I liked, reasonably price and worked for me so I bought it. I love it. Problem is I travel to Vegas to much. LOL

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  • Time Share tips

    by TheCrow58 Updated Mar 21, 2009

    As mentioned, you will have no trouble finding a time share representative, if you are interested in attending a presentation.
    My wife and I recently went to one during our stay in Vegas. We got $75.00 in coupons for dinner or the casino, and 2 tickets to a show for $50.00. Ok, now, here are the two hot tips that you will really thank me for.

    Super tip #1. Get a copy of your contract you sign stating your presentation will take no longer than 3 hours. (not including travel time or eat time. This is only fair)
    Don't worry if your time goes over 3 hours, because what you do (let it go to about 4 hours) is, when you arrive back at the casino to the place you got on the shuttle, (where you signed the contract) go file a written complaint that your presentation went longer than you were promised. (act really offended for being lied to) Tell them you want some compensation for your valuable time they wasted that you did not agree to. They will have record of the time you were there. Make sure and tell them you did not ask a bunch of questions.
    I got an extra $50.00 in chips to use in the casino by using this method.

    Super tip #2. When they give you a choice between coupons for dinner, or coupons for Blackjack, take the coupons for Blackjack. You will then get some house chips (that you can't cash in, but can play with). Play Blackjack using the house chips. Everytime you win a hand, they will give you chips that you can cash in. Keep these "good" chips to the side and only play the "bad" chips. Eventually, you will run out of house chips, but should have and equal amount of the "good" chips (since you will win about 50 percent of the time on Blackjack). Then go cash those babies in and do some shopping on them! :)

    This is what I did and it worked like a champ.

    Bonus tip #3. OK, so I'm feeling generous and will give you a special bonus tip (Today only! ha ha). You are going to find that after your presentation has gone for four hours, you need to get out of there. The presentation seems to be set up in what is called a "Three stage program." This means that after your host does not sell you a condo, they will bring in another guy. You might be under the false impression that this guy will give you your tickets, but nope. He's there to do some more selling. And even after this guy, there is one more who will offer you an even better deal. So the skinny is, if you really do want one of these things, wait for the last guy who will offer you the best deal. But if you are ready to go, then when they bring in the second guy, you start telling him, "No." The key is, every time he says anything, you just keeping saying it over and over, "no, no, no, no!" They will have you outta there in about 20 seconds. Make sure and get louder and louder because you will be in with a group of other people. Then when they bring you into the third guy, he will ask you to sit down. Don't sit down. Tell him you are not interested and are ready to go. Give him the "no" treatment if he starts in on the sales pitch. Finally, you will make it to your destination!

    Good luck and enjoy yourself. I really had a good time, the food was great, the show was wonderful, and remember, don't let them make you feel guilty for "being rude."

    -the Crow

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  • Understanding What You Are buying.

    by HallFam510 Written Aug 27, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I took my wife the weekend of August 24-26th 2007, to Las Vegas for her birthday. We were approached and asked to come to look at a time share. They offered us $150.00 in gaming money, a cruise to the Bahamas and buffet discounts. We went in saying yeah we will get the gifts and leave, but then we really understood what was presented to us.

    We did make a purchase of a time share, but what makes this one so different from others was we hold Deed and Title to a physical property. The property value goes up as it does on other property and we purchased the condo under market value. But what you must understand is when you buy a timeshare most companies will not let you trade to other states or countries, unless you have desired property such as Las Vegas. We purchased a 5 star gold crown condo, which means we can stay where ever we want when ever we want. Further more in seven years I will own my real property out right and is transferable to my children in the future. This was great for us because we like to travel as a family and stay in clean places, now we have eliminated Hotel expenses worldwide, and made an investment to our portfolio. The loan these companies provide to you have a high interest rate from 15% to 18 %, but you can refinance the loan through your bank. Further more when closing assure you do not have a pre payment penalty, thus this can cause you financial headache and a longer duration of the loan.

    And yes we did receive our gaming money, and a trip to the Bahamas that we are scheduling for 2008.

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  • Time Shares

    by caelle Written Jul 3, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Throughout our stay, we are being approached by a lots of time shares personnel around the casinos, shopping malls area... asking us how long we would be in Vegas, FREE show tickets and dinner are available for us, if we could just participate in their tour etc.... so, watch out unless you don't mind spending a few hours at the orientation and have can handle the persuasive sales personnel :)

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  • PARADIZE's Profile Photo

    Time Shares

    by PARADIZE Written Nov 3, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were walking in the lobby of the Tropicana Hotel and a man stopped us asking us if we would like free tickets for shows and a free dinner... We said yeah! But it ended up that to get those freebies we had to assist to a 3 hours time shares presentation!!! It was really a under pressure thing... We didn't buy anything and left with our free tickets to go see Les Folies Bergeres and for the Tropicana Buffet.. If you accept to do the meeting for the show be aware that you might loose 2-3 hours of your time to assist to the meeting... We actually liked to see those big condominiums, but even if we would want one we would never buy it that way, too much pressure... If you do it, just do it for the freebies and don't be shy to ask for the sign out.

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  • ridermirv's Profile Photo

    Time Shares are a Scam!

    by ridermirv Written Jun 18, 2005

    Avoid these con artist at all cost. Time shares are never a good deal. If they were, they wouldn't have to use the sleazy methods of luring people in to listen to their pitch that they do. These scammers will out right lie to you to get you in. They will make offers of free hotel stays that they will deny making once they get you to the sales pitch. They will request personal info such as credit card#'s and household income to see if you have the means to be fleeced.

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  • Polo Towers (cont.)

    by roobah Updated May 18, 2004

    In the end, except for the extended time involved and crappy hotel (Imperial Palace dump) it was probably worth it-- 3 days/4 nights & Tropicana magic show for 3.5 hours of torture and abuse and a few more hours legwork to get my money back. If I wasn't already making plans to go to Vegas when offered the trip, it could have been a real nightmare. DOUBLE or TRIPLE the time promised when scheduling your vacation around a timeshare speech. Like Polo Towers? Rent a week online instead of buying, or buy a used timeshare for 1/6 to 1/8 the cost of what they try to sell you!!!
    The link is a great site to join for free. They'll email you timeshare rental info for free to any location you want. They offer member discounts and "reasonable" non-member prices.

    Hope this story helped with your decision about this time share!

    Trip time: Apx June 29-July 2 2002. Planned to attend The Who concert at Hard Rock Hotel and DRIVE to LA too, but the show was canceled due to John Entwistle's untimely death. (This ended up being 4 days with nothing to do but listen to a timeshare!!!)
    OMG--NEVER go to Vegas in July, it was 109 degrees F most of the time and quite windy!!!


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  • A lot of time, fight to get back your deposit

    by roobah Written May 18, 2004

    Polo Towers timeshare:
    I have to admit, as far as timeshares go, it's a really nice place in one of the most central locations of Vegas. However, before "submitting" to a timeshare speech, consider my experiences and judge for yourself:

    I was called at home for a 3-night 4-day free hotel stay (in the Tropicana or Imperial Palace -- since I'd stayed in Tropicana before, I selected Imperial Palace THAT was my first mistake. Tropicana is SO much nicer!!!). I suppose I qualified, and since I was at that VERY MOMENT planning a trip to Vegas, it couldn't have come at a better time. I PAID the $189 UP FRONT fee (refundable) for the 3-day room, and agreed to a timeshare "speech" and scheduled it as a part of my vacation. I'm actually a SINGLE parent, and they knew that up front. FINE, as long as I'm a female. For the trip, I brought along the EX, and my son. I PLANNED to attend the "speech" with the EX, but when I arrived, I was told he was NOT invited and neither was my son. Therefore I went alone to what was expected to be a 2-hour presentation, while the others waited for me back at the hotel. continued...

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  • Polo Towers (cont.)

    by roobah Written May 18, 2004

    Since I arrived "alone" I was treated like dirt from the moment I walked through the door. (Obviously I looked like a no-sale.) Too bad for them, I was probably more interested than most. I was mistreated by the staff (not my salesman, who was very nice) but everyone else I came into contact with treated me like I was a leper or something. TOO BAD FOR THEM, I was probably their best prospect, but I was never treated that way. Anyway, I was left until last to be "talked to" and give to by a rookie salesman in training. By the time I was finished putting up all my defenses because I was so pissed off at the way I was treated, I was turned loose to sign papers verifying my presense in order to get my refund processed. I was also supposed to get free tickets to one of 2 shows, one for adults, one family friendly. I picked the family one, because I intended to take my son (Great SHOW!). HOwever, I had to BEG for the tickets and was told they couldn't issue family show tickets they only had the adult show tickets. After a hassle of a few minutes--- they had a lot of time to spare, remember, I was kept until last, everyone else was gone, they came across some tickets for the show. I got out of there 3.5 hours after arrival. The moral of that story is, yeah, go to the timeshare speech if you like, but plan for PLENTY OF TIME-- just like the Simpson's show where no one ever got to do the vacation because of the time wasted!!! I was upset that the time spent was almost twice the time promised and no one seemed to care or think they put me out in any way. Last bad experience: I had to work with my bank (credit card) to get my refund back. They never gave it to me. Fortunately, I kept all paperwork in neat order and had clear paperwork promising a complete refund with signed paperwork from the Polo Towers people. (continued)

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  • rckenney's Profile Photo

    Timeshare Hustlers

    by rckenney Written Mar 31, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I don't recall these hawkers being this bad before, it seems every 2 feet someone is stopping you about a timeshare. Finally I had my friend walk a few feet ahead of me and the interruptions stopped. So if you are a couple, just act like you're not together and they should leave you alone.

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  • Christlike's Profile Photo

    Time Shares

    by Christlike Updated May 14, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This can be a good thing or a bad thing. My wife and I went to one of these timeshares and all we got were 2 free buffet meals at the Riviera and 2 free tickets to some cheap low budget show. We threw the tickets away, but the buffet was the best one we had ever been to. The down side to this trip was that we had to wait for a mini-bus to pick us up, and then we were hauled miles away to a vacation property where we were shown around the complex, and then pushed and pushed to buy a time share that we would never need or use for that matter. I was thinking the whole time, “Just give me my free tickets.” After about 2 hours, we were released and got back 20 minutes later. To be honest, this time share wasn’t worth our “time,” but I know that there are other timeshares out there which offer a lot better deals (like free hotel stay). If you do decide to go to one of these timeshares, just be willing to spend several hours in the whole process. And if by some chance you want to buy a time share, tell them know! Accept the offer when you are going to pick up your tickets. How do you find these timeshares? You don't have to, they will find you. Just walk the strip and you will be presented with at least a dozen offers from individuals begging you to come in their little office so that you will be rewarded with lots of free gifts, but just make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Most of these “little” offices are located around the Boardwalk. There was a time share booth for the Polo Towers at the Stratosphere, which you can find next to the elevator which takes you up to the top of the tower.

    F.Y.I.: most timeshare offers require that you give them a $20 refundable deposit when you book a departure time (usually that day or the next day). When you show up on your scheduled time, they will hand you back your $20 bill. If you have been on a time share presentation, please let me know how your visit went and what types of gift(s) you received.

    ~ Ephesians 5:16

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  • slabeaume's Profile Photo

    You will probably be...

    by slabeaume Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You will probably be approached by several people trying to get you to listen to a time share deal in exchange for free tickets to a show or dinner. Some people find that a real nuisance. We've learned how to use the presentations for our benefit. All 3 of our trips were given to us from time share presentations at home, so there was no time share you have to waste your time at once there. We did finally go to one while there on our 3rd trip. It took about an hour and we got 2 buffet, 2 trips up the Stratosphere tower, and 2 show tickets at the Stratosphere just for going to the timeshare presentation. We really enjoyed the free stuff!

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  • mtwohig's Profile Photo

    If you walk in to Harrah's,...

    by mtwohig Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you walk in to Harrah's, you will NOT be approached by a Harrah's employee welcoming you to Las Vegas. However, seemingly friendly people wearing FAIRFIELD nametags will. They would like you to think you're about to hit the jackpot, with a free
    Las Vegas show, a free buffet and free accommodations - and you haven't even entered the casino yet!
    **************************Keep moving.*************
    They are soliciting sales of timeshare intersts. There seems to be 3 or 4 of these salespeople at every door asking for a few hours of your (vacation) time. They first ask you where you're from, only because there offer is not valid for residents of HI,ID, MT, ND, RI, SD & VT.

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