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  • traffic even off the strip
    traffic even off the strip
    by machomikemd
  • long stop signs
    long stop signs
    by machomikemd
  • long detours
    long detours
    by machomikemd
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    Driving in Vegas

    by machomikemd Written Sep 27, 2011

    driving in las vegas particluarly in the strip can be of a hassle since the area is so pedestrian frielndly that it takes forever for the stop lights to go green and then a few seconds later, turn red again and there are many one way streets and there is no U turn slots at the strip so that you would have to endure long detours just to get to other areas. There are also lots of freeways and highways that you tend to get lost if you are a visitor on a rental car so be sure that your car should have gps installed or just bring your portable gps with you in going to las vegas and have a lot of patience since the stop lights are a drag even in off the strip areas.

    traffic even off the strip at a freeway long stop signs long detours traffic
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  • darlindarla2's Profile Photo

    Save money then u can shop more

    by darlindarla2 Written Jun 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There isn't any need to take a taxi in Las Vegs if you are on the Strip. The buses run 24/7 and they are usually 10 min apart and only a couple of bucks. Plus you get to meet the locals this way.
    Think about it -the taxis are in the same traffic jams as the buses so why spend 10 x's more.
    The monorail may be fast but i find too much walking involved when i reach my destination as the rail is at the back of the casinos & some are huge & by the time u get there, it would have been faster by bus not to mention your weary legs. Check map first.
    Also if u want to go to a giant Factory Outlet, the MGM has about 4 daily trips to Primm, Nevada.
    It costs $15 but free if stay at the MGM. It is on the border of Nevada & California- i have a picture of one foot in Nevada & one in California. The prices are much more reasonable than on the Strip.
    Also, u should go to Fremont Street your first nite to buy all of your gifts & souvenirs-lowest prices in Vegas. Then what u can't get there, you can purchase elsewhere- you'll be mad when u see all the stuff later that you could have bought there cheap. While there, admire the 3 block $70 million lite & laser show in the sky while shopping- from 7pm til 12M. Bus driver will tell u where to transfer around the Stratosphere to get to Freemont.

    Giant jean jacket Primm Primm storefront
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  • Rent a car if you stay downtown

    by thejoker124 Written May 15, 2010

    Ok, for those who are first timers to vegas, here's a quick tip if you stay downtown. I have been 3 times and stayed downtown everytime, which I love. However, if your flying in, I would strongly suggest renting a car. It cost anywhere from $30-$40 for a cab ride from the airport to downtown ( keep in mind its about $75 total to and from.) Also its about another $20 to get from downtown to the strip one way. Now, you can buy an all day bus pass on the cheap, but its a bit of a long ride and sometimes you encounter some questionable folks on the 'duece'. Renting a car will save you some time and maybe a little money, but at least you are free to come and go and you have already paid in advance, which means less spending cash out of your pocket, which means more for shopping. shirts, gambling etc... I just hate paying all that money for taxis.

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  • clueless83's Profile Photo

    Around the strip

    by clueless83 Written Mar 14, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to enjoy the sights of the strip is by foot. The strip is designed to be pretty pedestrian friendly with bridges going between certain hotels (such as between New York and MGM, as pictured) because the roads are so big and dangerous. Some parts of the strip even have outdoor escalators! If you're ambling about then do it by foot but if you are aiming to be somewhere then take the monorail because things on the strip appear to be alot closer than they are and you'll tire yourself out! We hopped off The Deuce on our way back from Fremont St with the intention of seeing The Sirens at T.I. we thought we were a minute or two away from T.I. but turns out we were ALOT further away than we expected!!

    The strip
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  • oldguy472003's Profile Photo

    Around the vegas strip and Freemont Experience.

    by oldguy472003 Written Jun 11, 2008

    I just returned from my weekend in Vegas, last night. The monorail is definately the most comfortable way to move around the strip, we always had a seat, you have to plan your trips because there are not as many stops as you'd like and they tend to be back off the strip. I did find that for a trip from the south end of the strip to Freemont one should take a taxi there and back. As long as the taxi takes the freeway there and back the service will be much faster. it took over an hour to get from freemont to the Tropicana on Saturday night once we did get on the bus. The bus is fine during the day.
    If you haven't been there for awhile I don't recommend taking the monorail all the way to the Sahara as there is so much construction between there and Wynn or Circus Circus that you will be walking forever past empty construction sites. The Circus Circus was definatly not my choice of places to be, overfull and restraunts all closed at 10:00.
    Loved the tropicana, pool & slots, would definately stay again.

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  • St_Vincent's Profile Photo

    Airport Transfer for first time visitor

    by St_Vincent Updated Jun 30, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As you come out of the arrivals building into the heat outside you will feel for the first time that you have truly arrived. The airport is located at the end of the Strip but there is not much that can be seen at first. The fleet of stretch limos parked outside will however give you an insight into what you might expect. We even saw a stretch range rover that looked more like an army assault vehicle. And then we saw something that would be familiar to any Londoner…. could it be, surely not here, yes it is, we’ve flown half way round the world and one of the first things we see is a bloke in a Manchester Utd football shirt!!

    A good tip for the first time visitor, unless you are in a hurry, is not to get a taxi from the airport to your hotel but take one of the shuttle buses that ply their trade outside the arrivals area. As well as being cheaper, you get a free tour, especially if you are staying downtown and get dropped off last. Depending on where you are staying this is likely to take some time but you will get some great views and it will give you an idea of the geography of the Strip.

    First view of the Strip from the airport shuttle
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  • Rental Cars

    by ydouask Written May 22, 2007

    Unless its absolutely necessary, DO NOT rent a car in Vegas. There are plenty of other ways to get around and the traffic on the strip is bumper to bumper any hour of the day. Keep in mind, its open 24 hours. Besides, walking gives you some exercise to burn off those calories from the buffets and cheap food. Not to mention exposure to the wonderful world of pron and escort services handed out by the people on the streets. Or if you to drunk to walk around, take a cab, moving walkway, or tram to avoid the driving hassles.

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  • HotRodEtte's Profile Photo

    Easy to get around

    by HotRodEtte Updated Oct 17, 2006

    There's no complicated way to get around Vegas. If you're on the strip, wear comfortable shoes, as walking is the best way to take it all in.
    If you're in a hurry, the monorail is a good suggestion. You can get between the hotels on the strip without all the walking in between. The southernmost point to pick up the monorail is at the MGM Grand, and the northernmost stop is the Sahara. If your destination is a little off the strip from your monorail stop, shuttles and city buses will take you there for next to nothing. There is a tram on the other side of the strip that goes between Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. There was also a tram between Bellagio and Monte Carlo but this has been disabled due to construction on high rise condos in between the resorts.
    Also, taxi cabs run 24 hours so you will never be without a ride if you need to get to an off strip location. All hotels have designated waiting areas for cabs, but there are so many, that you're never waiting long!

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  • SRobeson's Profile Photo

    Taxi's vs. Monorail

    by SRobeson Written May 19, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take the taxis in Vegas. Even if you go to two or three different places a day, it will cost you only about $20 including the tip since it's all so close. The monorail goes to most of the hotels and the stratosphere and it can cost about $10 for unlimited use per person per day or $3 per person per ride. I just found the taxis more convenient if you're in groups of 2-4.

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  • VickiJ's Profile Photo

    Don't Walk!

    by VickiJ Written Feb 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The mistake that we made was to walk everywhere, forgetting how big the Strip was! So - in order to make the most of your time at Las Vegas, i would suggest using the public transport, whether it be the monorails or the buses or by taxi!!!!!

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  • Gage17's Profile Photo

    McCarran: Point of Arrival

    by Gage17 Updated Oct 3, 2005

    For visitors to Las Vegas, you'll find it's a fairly straight forward place to get around. All flights arrive at McCarran International Airport which is just south of the Strip. The airport handles the masses quite well, and you can take a cab to the Strip. (The casinos do not run shuttle.). Vegas is a 24/7 town, so no matter what time you arrive, you should have an easy transition to your hotel.

    The nonstop ebb and flow of people at McCarran Air

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  • Birsen's Profile Photo

    Hotel Mandalay Bay's Lobby....

    by Birsen Updated Apr 15, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hotel Mandalay Bay's Lobby. Most peaceful hotel in Vegas Next time we are planing to stay there.Hah! A good tips for transportation: Rent a car! All the hotels have free self parking . Everything looks close to each other in the map but when you walk it's not like that! We rent a car from and it was a great deal . Other alternative is most of the hotels have free shuttle bus service to the airport and to the Strip.

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  • Fen's Profile Photo

    Hey you make your own way

    by Fen Updated Dec 11, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hey you make your own way, I don't need to tell you how to get there...! (haha)
    There are lots of taxi's around the strip if you need to get around. Some hotels will offer a bus service to and from the strip.

    The Strip

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  • AkiSan's Profile Photo

    Getting Around Las Vegas - My POV

    by AkiSan Written Aug 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've never been ripped off by a cab driver in Vegas, but like in any city, you should know the approximate distances between places like your hotel and the airport if you plan to travel by taxi. Because traffic on the Strip is so heavy, taxi drivers will oftentimes take you around the back ways and even down alleys. Don't feel bad about speaking up or asking the driver where (s)he is taking you if it looks like you're going the wrong way.

    It's a good idea to check with your hotel to see if they have an airport shuttle. Some hotels (the Station Casinos and the Arizona Charlie Casinos) have both airport and local shuttles to sister properties.

    Usually we catch a Bell Trans or Gray Line shuttles from the airport to our hotel if out hotel doesn't have a shuttle or if we arrive outside of hotel shuttle operating hours. Prices range from about $10-$20 RT depending on where you're going.

    If you need to get out to Henderson or Lake Mead, it'll be tough to find a shuttle and taxis are expensive - about $40 in a direct line on the freeway with traffic to Sunset Station from McCarran Airport. The best thing to do is rent a limo for $35 and up (you can bargain sometimes) for an hour and get to your destination in style. If it looks like you have extra time, stop by a grocery store and stock up on snacks or drinks.

    Vegas has a great public transit bus system, but we only catch it in the winter, because it's just hot in the summer :) You can go anywhere you want for $1.25 each way generally.

    The Strip monorail just opened up this summer. We rode it a few times when it was free and in its development stages - they used to use old Disney monorails. I think it's a gimmick - a good one - to get people in the casinos - yeah, you avoid the street crowds, but you have to walk through a good deal of hotel property to get to the boarding station at most sites.

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  • jhane27's Profile Photo

    Bus Shuttle Taxi & Walking

    by jhane27 Written Aug 6, 2004

    The 301 bus goes up and down the strip 24 hrs a day. Beware of taxi drivers that like to take the long way around. But to go anywhere on the strip by taxi is usually between $9-12 bucks one way. So buses are cheaper with a $5 24 hour pass for 1 person.

    When you arrive its cheaper to catch a shuttle its $4.75 per person. From the airport to your hotel. Some hotels have free shuttles so make sure you check first, before your charged by a greedy shuttle driver.

    Beware the way Vegas folks drive out there. Its fast and dangerous. Make you buckle up at all times!!!. I saw 5 accidents in one nights going to and from the night club. Be careful!!

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