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    Stepping out: Lights kaleidoscope

    by solopes Updated Nov 1, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You don't need an objective.

    You don't need a reason. The strip, at night, is a lively show, with, lights, sounds, and lots of people, just wandering around, looking like looking for something to look at.

    Confused? No, the kaleidoscopes have those confusing repetitions...

    The strip is a giant vacuum cleaner, with music, shows and touts sucking you inside... anything!

    Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA
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    THE STRIP: Treasure Island

    by solopes Updated Oct 2, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Las Vegas is a town that "sleeps" in the heat of the day, by the pools or in the cool gambling rooms, and comes out at night, with the streets crowded of people, seeing the lights and enjoying the less warm breeze of the night. Each hotel, each corner, each club try to grab visitors, by all means, the most attractive of all being the outdoor live show.

    The best of all is the battle at Treasure Island.

    Difficult to see properly, because there is always a crowd around it (it's free!...) it's funny, well conceived, mixing technology, music, dance, special effects, and... imagination. Easy to locate (Treasure Island hotel), you may check locally the scheduling of the performances.

    Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA Las Vegas - USA
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    THE STRIP: Assorted Nightclubs, Bars, Beach Clubs and Lounges

    by machomikemd Updated Oct 1, 2011

    there are literally tons and tons of assorted Bars, Night Clubs, Lounges, Beach Clubs and Risque Shows all around the Las Vegas area and every Establishments have their own multitude of the assorted nitespots for every type of budget and every type of activity. The sky is the limit. Most bars have no cover charges, however the lounges and the beach clubs charge a premium for the entrance and the averages will be between $ 25 to 50, depending on the location. Some lounges offer free entrance if you would dine in their accompanying restaurants like in TAO or LAVO. Night Clubs also have cover charges for the live bands and for the music spun by the resident Dj's but the most expensive will be at the beach clubs where besides the entrance fees, you can rent cabanas by the hour or private sunken pool tables with chairs that averages between $ 250 to $ 500 a night or $100 per hour. Just Be sure to bring an ID as many of the nitespots only allow 21 year old and below.

    Dress Code: smart casual for the Bars, Business casual for the lounges, Swim Party attire for the beach clubs and again smart casual for the Night Clubs

    beach club bars lounge night clubs lounge
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  • Odinnthor's Profile Photo

    THE STRIP: Night Club access in Las Vegas

    by Odinnthor Updated Nov 5, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is difficult to go wrong when it comes to hotels on the "Strip". I am partial to the Paris Hotel, but also like the Hard Rock Hotel and Planet Hollywood. If you want to go to the nightclubs in one of the big hotels, - some of them hosted by the likes of Paris Hilton or some other "hot" pop culture celebrity, I advise that you research those nightclubs, - consider staying in a hotel that has one, as they can get difficult to get into. Best would be, - after you do the research is to book online, and include a "access pass" to the club. Same goes for the pool areas, - the exclusive ones. Some hotel like Ceasars, now have topless pool areas, and a little forethough might get you in.

    Dress Code: Dresscode is distinctively casual in the Casinos, however, if you are going clubbing, particularly at the high end nightclubs, dress to impress.

    Las Vegas at night
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  • Yaqui's Profile Photo

    THE STRIP: Trader Vic's

    by Yaqui Written Jun 4, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Trader Vic's is one of those chain restaurants that is famous for good food, trendy decor and awesome Mai Tai's. Here in Vegas you can either eat or just sit out on patio and have a beer or two and people watch. Wonderful view. Inside is really nice decor and kind of a trendy place for the young to hang out. So it can be a little noisy, but is is nice here.

    During summer the lovely water fall in front is beautiful at night anytime of the year, but during summer, my boys love to play in it:)

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  • THE STRIP: Get into Vegas Clubs for Free

    by Pure666 Written Jul 14, 2008

    I have to send a shout out to Chris at

    They hooked me up on the guestlist to a couple clubs, Blush and Tryst at the Wynn. At both clubs I met a host who walked me past the line and straight into the club for free.

    I really recommend both clubs, and Chris if your listening - You rock!

    I hope you guys find this helpful, if you have any questions please ask, I've been going to Vegas for years.

    Dress Code: Chris told me collored shirt and dark shoes, seems some people were getting away with T-Shirts and sneakers, but I'd think you should err on the dressy side.

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  • JeffreyLangBoyd's Profile Photo

    THE STRIP: Seeing lights

    by JeffreyLangBoyd Written Mar 29, 2008

    Walking isn't dangerous in Las Vegas and the only problem I had the last time I was there (probably seven years ago) was that there were occasionally people on the street pushing information on escort services into your hands. I wouldn't appreciate that if I were with my children but walking is the best way.

    If it is a physical limitation I would suggest getting a cab or better yet a limousine as you won't need the stress of driving in an unfamiliar town.

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  • Herkbert's Profile Photo

    THE STRIP: Take a walk at night

    by Herkbert Written Jun 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are so many great sights to see after the sun goes down in Las Vegas. The fountains at Bellagio, the Volcano at the Mirage, the lights up and down the strip. Walk the strip and do a little people watching while you're at it.

    Mirage Volcano Bellagio Fountains Paris across lake Bellagio Lake in front of Bellagio
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  • dawsvegas's Profile Photo

    Freemont Street Experience: Avoid this area

    by dawsvegas Written Jun 29, 2005

    The lights down here are cool to look at...but thats it....been to a couple restaurants, bars and casinos down here and did not like any of them. Stay on the strip or close to it, but there is no reason to go down here. The last time I was here the place was lame, drunken bums walking around asking for money, and at 2am got a parking ticket because the parking meter had run 2am they were checking meters! Can you believe it!! We are down there spending a lot of money and it is like a slap in the face..At least at the casinos you can park free. I will never go downtown again.

    Dress Code: hah!

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  • THE STRIP: A walk down the strip

    by fotobug33 Updated Feb 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's a lot more to do than "just" gamble in Las Vegas. Here is a link of an article of the top 10 things to do that you might find helpful

    My son with the strip behind him.

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  • THE STRIP: The Freaks Come out at Night

    by su_jen Updated Jun 8, 2004

    Well, we're all freaks when we're in Vegas, maybe more to zombies... Anyways, you don't sleep at night when you're in Vegas, that's when the city comes to live! All the lights flashing, it's just spectacular. My favorite spot is by the musical fountainsi at the Bellagio. You'll see crowds gathering at the walkway waiting patiently for the next fountain show. Just beautiful.

    Dress Code: Vegas = Desert, less clothing, the better hehe Nah, just wear light clothing, Vegas sizzles! I had a blouse and shorts with slippers on me all the time, and it was still too hot

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  • ErinInMD's Profile Photo

    Seven: Seven times the fun

    by ErinInMD Updated Apr 10, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had the club experience in Las Vegas at the Seven club. We got there early and were able to snag one of the very hip looking booths near the dance floor.

    The dance floor was pumping and the DJ played a mix of house/hip-hop and popular dance songs.

    There were smaller, separate rooms off the main room complete with comfy seating.

    What attracted us to Seven was the open-air patio overlooking the Strip. It has it's own little place with couches and bar.

    Dress Code: Usual club wear for the women and dressier clothes for the guys.

    Me, Beebs, Fran on the Strip near Seven
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  • janika's Profile Photo

    Outdoor Circus: Just walk down Las vegas Boulvard

    by janika Written Sep 14, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Even if you never set foot in any of the hotel / casino complexes, you will see plenty of nice and amazing things just by walking down the main street. Las Vegas Boulevard is full of outdoor entertainment. many of them belong to certain hotel / casino complexes but free to see them from the street or just by walking closer to them. Vegas is the most beautiful at night. That is when the city comes alive for real. You see limos, luxury sports cars and nicely dressed people everywhere. Vegas is also a popular place to get married.

    As you walk down the street you might recognize some of the World's most most famous buildings or monuments, like the Empire state building from New York. You can also see Pyramids from Egypt or the Eiffel Tower from Paris, France. For the list of Vegas night clubs and bars, please visit the URL below.

    Dress Code: Dress comfortable.

    Empire State building (replica)
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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    Plenty!!!! clubs, bars, and of...

    by littlebush Updated Jul 30, 2003

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Plenty!!!! clubs, bars, and of course casinos!!!!
    The Times Square bar at the new york new york is a piano bar with a bit of class. Clubs include :
    The beach, Studio 54, Drink and one of the most exclusive clubs is RA at the Luxor but there are plenty more.
    You can take beers on the street here which is good, You can walk the strip for a night popping into casinos and bars here and there as you please!

    playing the slots

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  • excitableone's Profile Photo

    everywhere: the only time to come out is night time

    by excitableone Written Jan 21, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this town is so alive at night, and not 8 more like 12 till 8am!! all the action goes down at night..that's why it's so hard for us las vegans to adapt anywhere else in the world..i love seeing the strip at night, the whole plave just screams fun!!!!!!!

    volcano at the mirage casino

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