Anchorage Warnings and Dangers

  • Mudflats
    by chrisrandonneur
  • Community Service Patrol picking up a drunk guy
    Community Service Patrol picking up a...
    by Tableaux1
  • A bear that was struck by a vehicle in midtown!
    A bear that was struck by a vehicle in...
    by Tableaux1

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Anchorage

  • Mudflats, Anchorage

    1. Mudflats

    Sometimes you might encounter Moose, I heard a story of some kids throwing rocks at the Moose, then an innocent person came along later and the Moose was annoyed and killed this person. They can be...

  • Construction, Anchorage
  • Anchorage, Alaska insight: driving/time, Anchorage

    3. Anchorage, Alaska insight: driving/time

    Expect to see a lot of homeless people wandering our streets and be careful when driving. In addition to terrible street maintenance on heavily traveled streets...

  • Urban Bears!!!, Anchorage

    4. Urban Bears!!!

    I'm lucky to never have seen a bear within the city limits of Anchorage. For the past two summers the bears seem to be venturing in to the city constantly. This...

  • weather, Anchorage

    5. weather

    Anchorage is not known for its spectacular weather. Perhaps not as rainy as southeast Alaska or as snowy as other places along the southcentral coast, but we do...

  • traffic congestion, Anchorage

    6. traffic congestion

    While some roads in the Anchorage area are classified as interstates, there is no real fast way through or around the city. Alaska 1 is an interstate before and...

  • Panhandlers, Anchorage

    7. Panhandlers

    Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone but why in the world would you be homeless here?? Maybe you don’t have a choice, but it just so happens every one of our...

  • Bears and Moose still an issue, Anchorage

    8. Bears and Moose still an issue

    We might joke about "Los Anchorage" but they do still have resident bears. You won't see Brown or Black bears downtown but you can run into them anywhere on the...

  • Drug Dealers, Anchorage

    9. Drug Dealers

    There are several sketchy looking gentlemen in the downtown area that deal the hard stuff. They can be a bit belligerent at times, especially when one of their...

  • Ugly American, Anchorage

    10. Ugly American

    Please do not be an ugly American. I have lived and traveled the world the one thing I can not stand is the Ugly American.. They are too loud and to arrogant...

  • Moose warnings for drivers, Anchorage

    11. Moose warnings for drivers

    You have propably heard that mooses are all around in Alaska, but it is good to remember that they are in Anchorage too! Mooses of Alaska are bigger and more...

  • Freak Lightening Storm, Anchorage

    12. Freak Lightening Storm

    Well, lightening storms are not too common in Anchorage, but this year has been unconditionally warmer then any year in history, we had record breaking...

  • City of Moose, Anchorage

    13. City of Moose

    Many locals tell stories about moose wandering onto streets and into the yards of residents. I was told that its not entirely uncommon to see moose in downtown...

  • Don't Waddle On The Ice, Anchorage

    14. Don't Waddle On The Ice

    I took this picture when it was about twenty degrees below, so there wasn't a danger of ducks crossing the road and falling through thin ice. In the summer...

  • Moose & Cars Don't Mix, Anchorage

    15. Moose & Cars Don't Mix

    Moose are known to run out into the middle of the road. Though moose are typically the loser in the confrontation, over the years a lot of people have been...

  • Moose on the Loose, Anchorage

    16. Moose on the Loose

    "Moose on the Loose" is more than a saying around Anchorage, it's a warning. Urban Alaskans have created lots of prime moose munchies with all landscaped yards...

  • Bears, Anchorage

    17. Bears

    I never have seen one during my visits.. but they're out there.If you where a 'Bear Bell", they'll likely hear you coming and avoid you. The worst attacks occur...

  • Moose, Anchorage

    18. Moose

    They are nice to look at, but every year several people in the Anchorage area get mauled by adult moose.If you see one with it's ears lowered, it means that it...

  • Gaining access to the military bases, Anchorage

    19. Gaining access to the military bases

    There are two military bases in Anchorage, Ft. Richardson and Ft. Elmendorf. To gain acess to the bases you must have one of the sets of the following items:1....

  • Anchorage Drivers are Discourteous, Anchorage

    20. Anchorage Drivers are Discourteous

    If you plan on driving in Anchorage, expect to be tailgated, honked at, cut-off and shouted at. People here are in such a hurry to get on with their "Important...

  • WINTER: Roads after a new fallen snow, Anchorage

    21. WINTER: Roads after a new fallen snow

    It snows often in Anchorage in the winter months. Due to this natural occurance, the city is very slow about getting snow off the roads. Even after 24 hours...

  • You must not carry drink..., Anchorage

    22. You must not carry drink...

    You must not carry drink except in a brown bag. Okay any bag will do but it can't be seen. So don't try to drink it. They may ask your date of birth when trying...

  • Leave your guns at the door., Anchorage

    23. Leave your guns at the door.

    Much of Alaska is wilderness, and people hunt and fish. But we don't take our guns with us when we go to fancy eating places, or to the opry with the missus. So...

  • The wildlife in Alaska is wild..., Anchorage

    24. The wildlife in Alaska is wild...

    The wildlife in Alaska is wild as the word suggests and sometimes you can see wild animals roaming in the suburbs of Anchorage. Do be careful and never provoke...

  • Support the natives by buying crafts, Anchorage

    25. Support the natives by buying crafts

    Do not give money to the pan-handlers! This is a big problem in Anchorage. Some of these moochers are just trying to get drinking money. Support the natives of...

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