Vancouver Local Customs

  • Iraqi Protestors
    Iraqi Protestors
    by briantravelman
  • Protest Sign In Finn Slough
    Protest Sign In Finn Slough
    by briantravelman
  • Street Performer In Yaletown
    Street Performer In Yaletown
    by briantravelman

Most Viewed Local Customs in Vancouver

  • Drugs & alcohol, Vancouver

    1. Drugs & alcohol

    A clever new nickname for Vancouver that I just heard recently. Let me dispel the rumours somewhat. Yes the laws towards marijuana are somewhat less strict here (and everyelse in Canada) than other...

  • Behaviour & manners, Vancouver

    2. Behaviour & manners

    We had seen this vehicle being driven along Robson Street a few days earlier and now had the chance to catch it on camera. We saw him again a few days later, this time the car was parked and he got...

  • Multiculturalism, Vancouver

    3. Multiculturalism

    Vancouver is often considered one of the most integrated cities in the world with more interracial couples and less racial segregation than any other city in Canada. Since its beginnings as a city in...

  • Language, accents & slang, Vancouver

    4. Language, accents & slang

    Though I noticed this in Canada generally...Vancouver had all these lovely little things that you saw when you are walking around town. Like asking you to do something to do something without...

  • Coffee & cuisine, Vancouver

    5. Coffee & cuisine

    One thing you will notice immediately when you are walking around in Vancouver is how many coffee shops there are! In some parts of town there seemed to be at least one coffee shop in every street...

  • architecture & style, Vancouver

    6. architecture & style

    Vancouver had some great public art on the walls in the downtown area. This was superb work. Starting in 2008 the provincial government invested $10 million over 3 years to celebrate the history,...

  • Political activism, Vancouver

    7. Political activism

    My cousin explained to me how protesting works in Canada, and it's a little different than it is in the U.S. You don't have to be part of a union, and you don't have to get prior permission. You can...

  • Weather & seasons, Vancouver

    8. Weather & seasons

    By Canadian standards, Vancouver doesn't have much of a winter but yes, it does snow in Vancouver - not a whole lot and never for long, but enough to considerably slow down traffic and public...

  • Clothing, Vancouver

    9. Clothing

    If you're going to be spending any real time here in Vancouver (1+ months), i'll let you in on a local must-have. The Taiga jacket. A simple, well-made unisex jacket with pockets, zipper and buttons,...

  • Relaxation & leisure, Vancouver

    10. Relaxation & leisure

    Vancouver is sometimes nicknamed, 'Lotus Land' which usually refers to it being laid back. Remember that dining out, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors are some of the main priorities of the locals....

  • Sports, Vancouver

    11. Sports

    Water sports are a big part of life in Vancouver. There are numerous marinas and all manner of watercrafts are available for rent. Dragonboating is my preferred watersport. It requires 20 paddlers,...

  • Polar Bear Swim, Vancouver

    12. Polar Bear Swim

    BRRRRRRR THE POLAR BEAR SWIM If you are able to survive the New Year’s Party, get dressed and swing by to English Bay to watch or participate in the annual polar bear swim. The swim is held every year...

  • Taxes, tipping & money, Vancouver

    13. Taxes, tipping & money

    I read online that most businesses in Vancouver, no longer want to accept U.S. currency, well, this is not true. I went to convenient stores, clothing stores, department stores, markets, restaurants,...

  • Street Parties, Vancouver

    14. Street Parties

    Vancouver is filled with young people, so it's no surprise that street parties, are really common here, specifically in Yaletown. In fact, Vancouver is one of...

  • The Red Maples, Vancouver

    15. The Red Maples

    The Red Maples are very beautiful to look at specially during the Fall. Last week of October and first week of November would probably be the best time to see...

  • Good Pub, Great Grub, Vancouver

    16. Good Pub, Great Grub

    Basically, its a pub, with sports from around the world on the TV's, but the ambience is nice, the food good, and the people nice. So, its a place I would...

  • CKNW Orphans Fund, Vancouver

    17. CKNW Orphans Fund

    The orphans fund is a wonderful charity that raises money for a variety of purposes, all of them connected to helping children in need. It has been running...

  • The painters at the Stanley Park, Vancouver

    18. The painters at the Stanley Park

    We were so lucky when we went to Vancouver. There was an art show going on at the Stanley Park. As an art lover, I ended up spending most of my time checking...

  • Vancouver has no freeways, Vancouver

    19. Vancouver has no freeways

    The freeway infrastructure in Vancouver, or lack thereof, is a product of a city-wide vote in the 1970's in which the locals voted against having a freeway...

  • Obvious signs, Vancouver

    20. Obvious signs

    The first "obvious sign" that cracked me up was on Kitsilano Beach, two signs at either end of a row of rocks that said "Rocks". I'm pretty sure most Canadians...

  • Tamed Animals, Vancouver

    21. Tamed Animals

    People here don't bother animals, and the city is largely clean, so this place feels a bit like Galapagos: a lot of wild animals who are not afraid of people....

  • View a Wide Assortment of Canadian Flags, Vancouver

    22. View a Wide Assortment of Canadian Flags

    Visit Canada Place if you'd like to see all the flags of Canada in one place. This includes the 10 provincial flags, the 3 territorial flags, and of course, the...

  • Vancouver's Downtown Ambassadors, Vancouver

    23. Vancouver's Downtown Ambassadors

    The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association has created a program to help locals and tourists alike. They've employed a number of upbeat, friendly...

  • Blue Fire Hydrants?, Vancouver

    24. Blue Fire Hydrants?

    Any ideas on why this fire hydrant is blue? Might it be Vancouver's attempt to be more unique? Good guess, but the city does have regular red fire hydrants just...



    The Greeks were the first to celebrate Mother’s day. In North America, Anna M. Jarvis was given credit for making Mother’s Day and an official celebration. Her...

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