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    A nice winter in Ankara
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Ankara Things to Do

  • AnitKabir - The Ataturk Mausoleum, Ankara

    AnitKabir - The Ataturk Mausoleum

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Ataturk is the "father" of modern Turkey, which tried to immortalize him in Ankara. His memorial is a big and austere ensemble, dominating the city. The tribute to the modernity he introduced in the country is respected in the modern lines and conception of the monument, somewhat cold and empty for my taste.

  • Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara

    Museum of Anatolian Civilisations

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    In a rather modern town, and after visiting the Ataturk Memorial, we were taken to the Civilizations Museum. I thought it was just another museum, to fulfill a couple of hours in a common city, with no many attractions, and I entered without any enthusiasm. The strike came absolutely by surprise. My God. There, lined in the long corridors,...

  • Citadel, Ankara


    The old town of Ankara and its citadel are located on a hill just east of Ulus. This is the oldest part, with old Ottoman houses on narrow, quiet, twisting streets. Some of the old houses are dilapidated and others are nicely restored and in great shape, some housing restaurants or hotels. The area also provides some nice cafes and eateries, and...


Ankara Hotels

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Ankara Restaurants

  • Sevilla Restaurant Cafe & Bar, Ankara

    Sevilla Restaurant Cafe & Bar

    Sevilla is at Cankaya under the tower called Atakule. Its terrasse have a beautiful panaroma to the Botanic Park and Ankara. You can eat local and international. The prices are not expenciveBeer: 5.5 YTL, Pizza: 8.-YTL, other spesialities: 13.5 to 16 YTLIt is a cool place for the hot July August Beer & pizzaTHE RESTAURANT IS...

  • Go for sarma and manti!, Ankara

    Go for sarma and manti!

    I am proud to say that whoever came to Ankara to see me from abroad had the pleasure to eat at this restaurant. It used to be a small place when we were at uni but the business got bigger throughout the years and now they have a big restaurant with a garden. It's also a special place for me as my thesis supervisor had taken me there for lunch just...

  • Matrak, Ankara


    Although we were excited with the district of Hamamonu we were disappointed with the place we choose for eating. Matrak (which means precious!) seems great with a balcony on the first floor where you we had great view over the street (pics 1-2). The service was fast and the waitress beautiful and very helpful.But we didn’t enjoy the food that much,...


Ankara Nightlife

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  • Good corner bar with atmosphere, Ankara

    Good corner bar with atmosphere

    Papsi Bar is a great little corner bar with a friendly atmosphere. Everything is constructed out of wood (unusual for Turkey) which makes it cozy and warm. It has a very international crowd, all languages are spoken here, especially that of good music and cold beer! For me, this was a home away from home. Anything goes but no slobs.



    Quality rock music, different groups every night of the week and special concerts of well known groups nothing special, comfortable things

  • Blues Nite, Ankara

    Blues Nite

    Live Blues Session in Golge Bar on 26.08.2005 at 24:00 Happy Hour Friday NiteGölge Blues Pub' da 26 Aðustos 2005 Cuma günü saat : 24.00' den itibaren The Roscoes Gurubu sahne almaya baþlýyor... (Ankara / Kýzýlay SSK Ýþhaný 2.Kat)Vokal, iki gitar, harmonica, bas ve davul olmak üzere altý kiþiden oluþan gurubun müzikal yapýsýný Blues ve türevleri...


Ankara Transportation

  • Ankara (Teleferic) ropeways, Ankara

    Ankara (Teleferic) ropeways

    1.The kecioren or Keçiören district is an interesting town in Ankara there is a very nice artificial waterfall and a castle where you can have a good tasty dinner .The teleferic line is also located here in a park and you can travel in this over the houses and can reach to tha castle easily.2. Sentepe ropeway; This is a new line which is connected...

  • Ankara by railway, Ankara

    Ankara by railway

    TCDD ANKARA GAR 19 Mayis Caddesi Ankara Tel: +90(312) 309 05 15Ankara is connected to most parts of Turkey by train, including fast train lines to Istanbul,Konya and Eskisehir towns.Fast train sign: YHT

  • how to move around, Ankara

    how to move around

    carAnkara is big and chaotic, the traffic is endless and the drivers not the best in the world. I think it would be a good idea not to drive much there :)WalkYou can walk in some parts but this isn’t a compact city, although we walked around the castle, or near the lakes at the south but a taxi will help you cover the distances between the sites....


Ankara Shopping

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  • Cheap Charlie’s, Ankara

    Cheap Charlie’s

    This is a store with cheap souvenirs, not only from Ankara but from all the popular regions or cities, that’s why you can see tshirts from Istanbul, plates from Capadokia, mugs from Bodrum, handmade tile from Kutahya but also ceramics, glass ware, bone boxes, silver jewelry, pillows, pashminas, evil eyes, etc And numerous cats from Ankara of course...

  • shopping outside the the castle, Ankara

    shopping outside the the castle

    Before visiting the castle we noticed next to the entrance a row of stalls where you can find numerous dry fruits, nuts etc. It’s so picturesque that is really worth to stop for a while. And it was a great chance to try again some of our favorite dry fruits (which a great snack as you tour the city).In many of the side streets we saw a lot of...

  • shopping inside the castle, Ankara

    shopping inside the castle

    A lot of women were selling cheap souvenirs like necklace, bags etc in ridiculy low prices so we bought some things because even if you don’t like the items you may help them (the area is very poor so it wont cost you anything to spend 1-2 euro or dollars). The problem started when we bought some bags and another lady came (holding similar bags, we...


Ankara Local Customs

  • Shopping is another pleasure..., Ankara

    Shopping is another pleasure...

    Shopping is another pleasure of any vacation or even business trip. In Turkey you are able to buy special handicrafts which vary from one region to another. Authentic bazaars, rug(carpet) and kilim workshops besides other traditional handicraft centers are offering pleasant shopping. The most well-known shopping center is Kapalicarsi, The Grand...



    CULTURE, ART AND ENTERTAINMENT Ankara is not only the political capital of the country but the cultural and art capital as well. Residents of the capital city take advantage of the opportunities afforded them by the State Theater, private and amateur theaters, the State Opera and Ballet, the Presidential Symphonic Orchestra, the State Painting and...

  • When you arrives inside..., Ankara

    When you arrives inside...

    When you arrives inside Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Mausoleum you NEVER have to give the tumb the cold shoulder. This is not allowed. So take your picture as me! Have you seen the soldier? Don't move nothing! Is like an statue... Wow!


Ankara Warnings and Dangers

  • Ankara.The places extremely not safe, Ankara

    Ankara.The places extremely not safe

    I am from Istanbul a native born,43.I know Ankara very well since ý was 8 year old where my grandma used to live and as nature of my business often travel here.Anyway after immigration wave like any other big cities had in Turkey in last 10 years,Ankara also faced this thing and still living up to it.This is ironic because Ankara is capital and...

  • Gay?, Ankara


    okay, so, i have never been to ankara, but i have a question to pose to everyone else. how dangerous is it to be gay in ankara? what should i look out for? any (probably underground) gay clubs/organizations i can join?

  • No deodorant, Ankara

    No deodorant

    It's almost impossible to find deodorant - supermarkets and other shops selling shampoo etc do not sell it. This is probably due to cultural reasons - personal smell does not play a big part in Ankara society (except in a negative way). I finally found some in a specialist chemist, locked in a special cabinet, and they looked at me a bit strange...


Ankara Tourist Traps

  • a_manisa's Profile Photo

    Taxis at the Ankara Intercity Bus...

    by a_manisa Updated Nov 15, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The taxis at the ASTI bus stop are famous for bad behaving and decieving customers...

    Unique Suggestions: Check the taximeter.. it should write "GÜNDÜZ" in daytime 06am to 12 pm... if you see "SEHIR DISI" Then the driver is fooling you by opening "OUTSIDE CITY BORDERS TARIFF".. remind him...

    Fun Alternatives: If you would like to ride a taxi after a long intercity trip by bus and reaching ASTI- Ankara main bus station... just walk towards metro station and continue past the metro climb the stairs and there you can find a taxi stop... These guys will not fool you and will not charge more then normal fee......

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Ankara What to Pack

  • good place to fill in luggages..., Ankara

    good place to fill in luggages...

    If you have not a strict schedule for business needs, allow enough time for shopping. Ankara offers you many alternatives and good price/quality ratio. So keep your luggage light as soon as possible while leaving your home. pay attenion to its hinterland or step climate. winters are cold and snowy, summers are hot and dry. arrange you cothes...

  • Packing List, Ankara

    Packing List

    Woollen clothes / Suits Camera/Moviecam One of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey is a visit to the hamam. Like the harem, this Roman and Byzantine tradition was adopted and then perfected by the Selcuk Turks, for whom the public bath took on an important role. It was not merely a place where believers could fulfill the...

  • Packing List, Ankara

    Packing List

    Woollen clothes Camera / Moviecam This picture is of:-The oldest settlement in Turkey which was first settled 7.000 BC. It is also called the first city on earth. Remains of civilian buildings, with entrances on the roofs are interesting


Ankara Off The Beaten Path

  • Golbasi, Ankara, TR, Ankara

    Golbasi, Ankara, TR

    Perfect place to get rid of the noise of the big city and enjoy the nature for long walks and listen to the sound of the silence ... :)Ankara Golbasi district is a town and district of the Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, 20 km south of the city of Ankara. According to a 2010 census, the population of the district is...

  • Eymir lake, Ankara

    Eymir lake

    People that live in Ankara use Eymir lake as a great escape from the noise of their city. It’s located 11km south of the city center and it belongs to the ODTU(Middle East Technical University). It’s 10meters depth and covers an area of 1sq kilometer. The name probably came from a local tribe named Eymur!It’s a lively lake where people can walk...

  • Oran Mahala and southern lakes!, Ankara

    Oran Mahala and southern lakes!

    Visiting the lakes at the south of Ankara is not usually on tourists’ list but stopping at a park with no name just to see them first from above is obviously really rare!We parked our car at the side street of Turan Güneş Bv (Oran caddesi for the locals). Keep your eyes open for a green door for ODTU(Middle East Technical University) EYMiR...


Ankara Sports & Outdoors

  • Dirim's Profile Photo

    Ankara Gençlerbirligi SK

    by Dirim Written May 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gençlerbirliði (Union of Juveniles) is a sports club from Turkey. But Gençlerbirliði is best known with its football team playing for the top positions in Turkish Super (Premier) League. The name of the team comes from the “myth” of the foundation. Gençlerbirliði was established by high school students and teachers in Ankara on 14 March 1923 just before the establishment of Republic of Turkey. The colours of our team are red and black. The fans of Gençlerbirliði are calling themselves “alkaralar”, “kýzýl-kara” (synonyms for “red-blacks”), “alkara keçileri” (Alkara is the synonym of red-black sounds like “Ankara” and keçi is the Turkish equivalent of “goat”, as Angora type of goats are famous all over the world originating from Ankara), or “Þimþekler” (Lightnings).

    When Ilhan Cavcav became the chairman of the club in the late 70s, Gençlerbirliði followed a strategy on giving importance on infrastructure, by investing on young players and scoutship to find out “cheap” players from foreign countries, especially from Africa. The club gained enough financial support from the transfer of those players to other teams, which enabled Gençlerbirliði to have one of the most developed infrastructure, not only among the other Anatolian clubs, but also among the 3 oligarchic clubs of Istanbul; namely Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beþiktaþ.

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Ankara Favorites

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  • Ankara's history, Ankara

    Ankara's history

    Ankara's names were: ANKYRA-ANCYRE-ENGURiYE-ANGARA-ANGORA-ANKARAThe history of Ankara stretches back to the (Hitites)Hatti civilisation of the Bronze Age. 2000 years before the time of Jesus, the Hittites become the dominant power of the region, and were then followed by the Phyrgians, Lydians and Persians. In the 3rd Century BC, a Celtic race...

  • Turkish Wines, Ankara

    Turkish Wines

    For the ones who want to taste Turkish wine I will recommend the brand and grape varieties. Kavaklidere, Doluca, Sevilen, Pamukkale are some of the big wine producers of Turkey. You can select a wine from these, the quality will not fall below average. Kalecik karasi, Okuzgozu, Bogazkere are major red grapes; Emir, Narince are major white grapes...

  • Modern Ankara Background, Ankara

    Modern Ankara Background

    As it is well known Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city after Ýstanbul. The city has a mean elevation of 850 m and as of 2007 the city had a population of 4 million people.Following the Ottoman defeat at World War I, the Ottoman capital Istanbul and much of Anatolia were occupied by the Allies, who planned to share...


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