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  • Performers in the theatre
    Performers in the theatre
    by mikey_e
  • The lower entrance to the North Theatre
    The lower entrance to the North Theatre
    by mikey_e
  • North Tetrapylon
    North Tetrapylon
    by mikey_e

Amman Things to Do

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  • Citadel, Amman


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Given that Amman spreads itself over so many hills (19 now, 7 for centuries before that) it's not really obvious why this particular one should have been chosen as the location for the city[s most ancient structures. It isn't any higher than the hills immediately surrounding it and, as far as I could see, there nothing particularly special about...

  • Daytrip - Dead Sea, Amman

    Daytrip - Dead Sea

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Dead Sea is Divided into the Jordanian Side and the Israel (West Bank) Side. This Tip will be on The Dead Sea Part of Jordan is located at the eastern shore and the Northern Part of the Jordanian Dead Sea lies in the Madaba Governate of which Madaba City is the Capital. There are a number of Resorts at the Dead Sea like the Mariott Hotel,...

  • Roman Theatre, Amman

    Roman Theatre

    What is now Amman was once the Roman city of Philadelphia, a name was given to the settlement by an earlier Macedonian Greek ruler. The Romans took control of the area around 106 AD/CE. Philadelphia became one of 10 cities at the eastern border of the Roman Empire which were and are known as the 'Decapolis'. The Decapolis cities lie in Jordan,...


Amman Hotels

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Amman Restaurants

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  • Hashem, Amman


    5 out of 5 stars

    Is suppose to be very cheap one The food looks very fresh, flavoursome and extremely cheap: you will have to spend no more than 3-4 dinars per person for a whole meal, drinks included. The place is most of the time packed with locals as well as expats and tourists, it opens late during the night and it famously counts the Royal Family amongst its...

  • Starbucks, Amman


    we all know that Starbucks is the largest coffee house company in the world, do we need a thorough Introduction for it? Although Arabian Coffee is popular among the locals of Jordan, tourists and young jordanians continue to flock to this Iconic Brand and other local Middle Eastern Coffe Chains like the Coffee Shop Company. their branches in amman...

  • Jafra, Amman


    Jafra is a traditional old style cafe in Downtown Amman. Its interior takes you on a time journey to experience the cafes at the early days of Amman. Nice restaurant that serves food with reasonable prices. Location Down Town - Opposite The Post Office, Amman, Jordan Parking Street Valet General Manager Mustafa Al Mashyak Services Takes...


Amman Nightlife

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  • Polynesian Inspired Bar and Restaurant, Amman

    Polynesian Inspired Bar and Restaurant

    Trader Vic's is an international chain of polynesian inspired restaurant and bars thart started in emryville california. Trader Vic's is more popular around the middle east as it has 8 outlets across the region,including one here in amman (which is located at the basement of the Regency Palace Hotel here at Queen Alia Street in Jabal Amman) and...

  • Main Lounge and Bar of Grand Palace..., Amman

    Main Lounge and Bar of Grand Palace...

    The Grand Palace Hotel has only one bar cum lounge and that is the Lobby Lounge, and like many areas in Jordan, you can smoke right inside the lounge itself as the middle east is a bastion of smoking. The lobby Lounge is open 24/7 as it is just beside the front desk of the hotel. you can order an assortment of local and international beers here...

  • Happy hour bar Le calle, Amman

    Happy hour bar Le calle

    Opening Hours 12:00-01:00.Daily Happy Hour 18:00-20:00.First Tuesday of each month Happy Hour All Night Long.Kitchen's opening hours12:00-23:30.Free WIFI Connection.The local beer is Pholadelphia and is cheaper than Amstel..Ongoing Offers:-Beer:*Special Pitcher offer for which u get a free chicken wings with each order.*Special Offer on...


Amman Transportation

  • Buses, Amman


    If you are flying Royal Jordanian (or not), you can get to the airport or from the airport which is about 30 minutes away for JD 3 one way. Buses leave every half hour from about 5 in the morning to 10 at night - every half hour from city terminal (Royal Jordanian office) near 7th circle to the airport. They drop you at the departure level (Level...

  • Taxi, Amman


    As we found out that Jordan had a lot to offer for a visitor and we did not have that long time, we decided to hire a private driver for 4 days. Looking around some trave forum I git reccomended this Mr. Joe and so I contacted him (and a few more). Our trip was: day 1 Madaba Mount Nebo and Bethany. Day two Amman to Petra Day 3 Petra to wadi Rum and...

  • Queen Alia International Airport, Amman

    Queen Alia International Airport

    Queen Alia airport is about 20 miles away from Amman itself. Although there are good, fast roads leading to it do allow plenty of time to get there. Amman traffic is extremely heavy and congestion is always possible, and normal at commuter times. Rain or snow (both of which occur in the winter months) will obviously slow the journey down even more,...


Amman Shopping

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  • Souvenir Shops in Amman, Amman

    Souvenir Shops in Amman

    being one of the popular destinations in the middle east due to it's cosmopolitan atmosphere and a large expatriate population, Amman has many souvenir shops for tourists visiting the various attractions in Amman and areas nearby. these souvenir stalls sells everything from local crafts, fridge magnets, mosaic products, keychains, fridge magnets,...

  • Jordanian Dead Sea Products, Amman

    Jordanian Dead Sea Products

    many shops and supermarkets and even the duty free stores in Amman sell Dead Sea Products made by jordanian dead sea companies like Rivage, Dolmen, Re Life, Kawar and more. As the Dead Sea is world famous for it's high mineral content which is good for the skin and for other medical ailments.Again, the Dead Sea is famous for it's high mineral and...

  • Queen Aliah International Airport Duty..., Amman

    Queen Aliah International Airport Duty...

    Both the International Departure and Arrival Areas of the Queen Alia International Airport have duty free shops which are owned by the Jordanian Duty Free Company (JDF) and they sell all kinds of Duty free products, ranging from perfumes, spirits and liqours, chocolates, local jordanian delicacies, leather products, food stuffs and more. tourists...


Amman Local Customs

  • Starbucks Amman and Jordan Coffee Mugs, Amman

    Starbucks Amman and Jordan Coffee Mugs

    although my favorite collectible items of my travels remains the fridge magnets and shot glasses and the occasional t-shirts and keychains, I sometimes buy Starbucks Coffee Mugs from the areas I travelled if I'm in the mood to do so, so here in Amman, I was in the mood to buy and hence I bought these kitschy souvenir item as part of my collection...

  • Keffiyeh, Amman


    you can buy the Iconic Keffiyeh headgear of the middle east here in Jordan from the souvenir shops, at the souks. Then can be paired with the Black double cord head gear, called the AGAL. One good thing about the keffiyeh is that it can be used by both men and women as a head gear or a scarf and is a good daily use item, cheaper than the pashmina...

  • Amman Shot Glasses, Amman

    Amman Shot Glasses

    this pictures will be on the Amman shot glassesBeing an avid collector of Fridge magnets and shot glasses of my travels, buying these items while in Amman Jordan (which is the capital city) is a must, you can buy these souvenirs everywhere, at souvenir shops, markets, stores in madaba city and even vendors and hawkers offer these products and a lot...


Amman Warnings and Dangers



    Don' t expect all sunshine, Amman is quite high and this snowstorm occurred when i was there, so be prepared

  • Ripped off at petrol station, Amman

    Ripped off at petrol station

    Be careful when filling petrol on your rental in Amman. The attendant filled the tank and before we could pay , they signaled us to move away from the pump and charged us over what we saw the total was, when we walked to the pump to see the price it was already gone. It was JD 4 over, and we just payed it so we could get on our way.We did not have...

  • Safety, Amman


    I never felt unsafe in Amman. The streets of Downtown Amman are very crowded and busy, but I never had any problems. The people of Amman are very friendly and helpful.If you go to the Dead Sea, Mt Nebo and the Baptism Site, carry your passport with you as there are a few check-points.


Amman Tourist Traps

  • Only in Jordan -, Amman

    Only in Jordan -

    The worst Travel Company ever. I sent my wife and Daughter and another family friends on one of Titanic trips to Istanbul, where they were promised that there is 1) Hotel shuttle to and from downtown, 2) hotel staff that speak both Arabic and English. 3) a guide that will check on them to ease their trip. Here's what they got 1) their friends room...

  • Real price from airport to the city, Amman

    Real price from airport to the city

    The taxi drivr in Jordan always want more and more,the price from the airport to the city centre is 15 Dinar,Taxi drivers may ask 20 to 25.I will advice to agree on fixed price before gettin in the taxi. fixed price ask more than one taxi driver .. fixed price,ask more than one taxi driver..

  • Taxi drivers, Amman

    Taxi drivers

    When you take taxi drivers make sure the meter is ON or have fixed price,I took a taxi at after mid-night and the driver claimed that at night the meters are not used.and the price he asked for was very high.I told a local about this he said If in any case you feel that the taxi driver is cheating you or giving you hard time just ask for the police...


Amman What to Pack

  • Bring Large Memory & Powerful Optical..., Amman

    Bring Large Memory & Powerful Optical...

    If you are the intrepid shooter of lots of films and videos on your travels, then you must have a powerful optical zoom camera like a canon sx50 (which has a 50x optical zoom) or a nikon coolpix 510 (42x optical zoom). They are less bulky than the DSLR cameras and the zoom capacity lets you view and shoot objects and pretty girls from far away....

  • Rough Guide to Jordan, Amman

    Rough Guide to Jordan

    In addition to the advice you get from VT, I recommend purchasing the Rough Guide to Jordan by Matthew Teller It is full of informative advice and extremely helpful.Megypt

  • Anit-UV, Amman


    In summer, Amman isn't so hot but short sleeves is better for visting. Shorts are also welcome, but most Jordanians wear long pants in the city.Sun glasses is also required if you don't want your eyes to be uncomfortable. Sun tan lotion is required. The sun there is very sunny. It's not only for your beautiness, it's also for your health. It's...


Amman Off The Beaten Path

  • Mount Nebo, Amman

    Mount Nebo

    According to the Bible the mount Nebo is the place where the prophet Mosè was shown the promised land that God had chosen for its people.Actually the view is amazing, though it weather was not perfect, you could see untill Gericho. The ticket is 2JD. And a day trip from Amman to here and Madaba or Baptism site can cost about 50 JD with a private...

  • Baptism site, Amman

    Baptism site

    Bethany is the place where Christians believe Jesus received Baptism. It is a bout 1 hour drive from Amman and it is a military area as the Jordan river is the border betwen Jordan and Israel. Drivers will stop their car at the parkiing where you can buy the ticket 12JD and then wait for a bus that take visitors to the site. Do you remember all the...

  • Attend Christian Mass in Amman, Amman

    Attend Christian Mass in Amman

    we all know that Jordan is a predominantly Islamic Country, but the country is also known for it's tolerance and acceptance of it's religous minorities and christians of all denominations composes around 8 to 9% of the population and Jordan has lots of Sites that are special of Christians on a Holyland Pilgrimage and one of the major tourist...


Amman Sports & Outdoors

  • TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo

    Join the Hash

    by TheWanderingCamel Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hashemite Hash House Harriers runs every Monday at 6.30pm. Visitors are welcome to get in touch and join the regulars for a planned Hare and Hounds run followed by a social gathering (involving lots of beer, some food and some chat).
    Walkers can also welcome - the run/walk is organised so the two groups finish at the same time and place.
    There's a small charge to cover costs.
    Contact the organisers for more information, meeting place, etc.

    This is a great way to meet people who are actually living in Jordan, not just passing through.


    After the run
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Amman Favorites

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  • amman general info, Amman

    amman general info

    ever went to a restaurant and find out that there service is not as good as you thought! or the food was not that good now you can see real Reviews from real people about Amman top restaurant @

  • downtown, Amman


    Walking in downtown Amman can also be another highlights in Jordan. Why?! It was my personal experience: "Welcome,welcome to Amman" "Thank you..."( taking a photo of Amman Library ) "Do you speak Arbic?!" "No, sorry..." "Ah...welcome, your first trip here?!" "Yes...Shukran (Thank you in Arabic)" "Where you from?!" "Taiwan" "Thailand?!" "No no no,...

  • Mosques, Amman


    Islam is the state religion of Jordan but there is freedom of worship here as 10 percent of the population are christians of all denominations and a sprinkling of jews, druze and alawites. There are lots of Mosques around amman with different designs and architectural styles, mirroring the different periods of occupation of Jordan. The largest of...


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