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  • Performers in the theatre
    Performers in the theatre
    by mikey_e
  • The lower entrance to the North Theatre
    The lower entrance to the North Theatre
    by mikey_e
  • North Tetrapylon
    North Tetrapylon
    by mikey_e

Most Viewed Things to Do in Amman

  • Citadel, Amman

    1. Citadel

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Given that Amman spreads itself over so many hills (19 now, 7 for centuries before that) it's not really obvious why this particular one should have been chosen as the location for the city[s most...

  • Daytrip - Dead Sea, Amman

    2. Daytrip - Dead Sea

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Dead Sea is Divided into the Jordanian Side and the Israel (West Bank) Side. This Tip will be on The Dead Sea Part of Jordan is located at the eastern shore and the Northern Part of the Jordanian...

  • Roman Theatre, Amman

    3. Roman Theatre

    What is now Amman was once the Roman city of Philadelphia, a name was given to the settlement by an earlier Macedonian Greek ruler. The Romans took control of the area around 106 AD/CE. Philadelphia...

  • Souks, Amman

    4. Souks

    Every Arab city with a souq also has a gold souq. This is undoubtedly a throw-back to the time when gold was the primary currency used throughout the Middle East, but it also points to the fact that...

  • Daytrip - Jerash, Amman

    5. Daytrip - Jerash

    Its well worth the journey to go and see the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa at Jarash Go to my Jarash page It's a fabulous place to go see, the views are spectacular, the ruins even more so. Go, you...

  • Archeological Museum, Amman

    6. Archeological Museum

    4 out of 5 stars

    The small Jordanian Archaeological Museum on the Citadel is unmissable for at least one of its displays: the stunning, and truly ancient, humanoid 'statues' discovered in 1983 in Ain Ghazal. The...

  • King Hussein Mosque - Al Husseini, Amman

    7. King Hussein Mosque - Al Husseini

    Most Middle Eastern countries have a law that requires the presence of a mosque every x number of meters, so it should not be a surprise that there are (1) lots of mosques in Muslim cities; and (2)...

  • Citadel - Temple of Hercules, Amman

    8. Citadel - Temple of Hercules

    The Roman Temple of Hercules is likely to be you see as you enter Amman's 'Citadel': you'll see its columns in the distance.. Set high atop Jabla al Qal'a hill, it is certain that this temple must...

  • Citadel - Umayyad Palace, Amman

    9. Citadel - Umayyad Palace

    The most extensive site on the Citadel hilltop is that of the huge Umayyad palace and the Umayyad mosque which lies just outside it. Both can be found in the northerly corner of the hilltop plateau,...

  • King Abdullah Mosque, Amman

    10. King Abdullah Mosque

    4 out of 5 stars

    The King Abdullah I Mosque is a massive complex that is located next to the Jordanian Parliament. It is said to be able to house 3000 worshipers, and the grounds contain numerous small areas and...

  • Daytrip - Mount Nebo, Amman

    11. Daytrip - Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo is most certainly not in Amman itself. It lies on the way to the Dead Sea, just over 6 miles from Madaba (also well worth a visit for its many superb ancient mosaics) and more than 30 miles...

  • Roman Nymphaeum, Amman

    12. Roman Nymphaeum

    This is the roman public fountain, the ruins of which can be viewed in central Amman It's an easy walk form the centre of Amman, and well worth it. The sights here are fabulous and not to be...

  • Churches, Amman

    13. Churches

    In the 1930s, Jordan was about 30% Christian. Today, the country that is home to a number of important Christian sites, counts less than 10% of its population as Christians. Nevertheless, the fact...

  • Walking, Amman

    14. Walking

    Like Rome, Amman was built on seven hills. A hill in Arabic is "jebel", which translates to "mount" or "hill". The seven are: Jebel Amman, Jebel al-Qala'a, Jebel Ashrafiyeh, Jebel Weibdeh, Jebel...

  • Folklore Museum - Museum of Popular Traditions, Amman

    15. Folklore Museum - Museum of Popular Traditions

    The Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions acts as a sort of National Ethnographical Museum for Jordan. It includes a number of different displays on the artisanship and traditional industries that...

  • Shopping, Amman

    16. Shopping

    Souk Al Jum'a or Friday market is a local open market that takes place during the summer every Friday. It has been a long exisiting market, that tends to attract all types of locals. Especially those...

  • Day Trips, Amman

    17. Day Trips

    Escape Room is a new concept of entertainment which does not easily fall into any established category. It is something between an interactive show, a real-life video game and a team-building...

  • Daytrip - Bethany, Amman

    18. Daytrip - Bethany

    At the end of your visit to Bethany you arrive to the Jordan River. It this place you are just 5 metres from the border with Israel. It is very nice to see the flags of Israel and Jordan near the...

  • Abdoun, Amman

    19. Abdoun

    Abdoun District is one of the many district of Amman and is among the wealthiest neighborhoods and is a favorite of western expatriates. In this area, you will see lots of restaurants and...

  • Citadel - Byzantine Church, Amman

    20. Citadel - Byzantine Church

    Amman's 'Citadel' is a complex and confusing site of many past settlements, as I explain in more detail on my Amman intro page What we call the Byzantine Empire followed on from what we call the...

  • Downtown, Amman

    21. Downtown

    Al-Balad, or the The Town, is the older part of Amman to makes up the core of the city. “Older part” should not be taken to mean mediaeval or Ottoman. This is a thoroughly modern section of the town,...

  • Rainbow Street, Amman

    22. Rainbow Street

    4 out of 5 stars

    Rainbow Street, so called after the Cinema situated on this Street, is pleasantly different from Downtown Amman. It seems that the Rainbow Cinema is not in use anymore. There are many Antique...

  • Daytrip - Madaba, Amman

    23. Daytrip - Madaba

    Madaba City is the Capital of Madaba Governorate and is just 30 kilometers south of Amman along the King's Highway. The city host a number of attractions and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Best...

  • Local Food, Amman

    24. Local Food

    Is very common to drink tea coffee public places,Jordan is not like Europe you can just call your friends and say lets meet for a pint..when you visit a local you will offered coffee or tea. people...

  • Daytrip - Petra, Amman

    25. Daytrip - Petra

    5 out of 5 stars

    Although Petra is a long 3 1/2 hour drive along the Desert Highway or a 5 hour drive via the historical King's Highway (and is 235 kilometers south of Amman), this site is easily the most famous...

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