Sweden Nightlife

  • Vasastan
    by snapey
  • Nightlife
    by Dizzyhead
  • Nightlife
    by Dizzyhead

Sweden Nightlife

  • Södermalm, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Hello, Debaser Slussen has 18 years limit Sun-Thu, and have really good events and a busy dance floor. Music interested, indie/rock people. You find Debaser concert halls both at Slussen and Medborgarplatsen. I'd opt for the Slussen Debaser, just like it better. Good bar/lounge outdoors and nice concerts/clubs indoors. Be there early. Looooong...

  • Avenyn, Göteborg


    Göteborg Nightlife

    All the "umbrella drinks" you would expect but in the skybar on the top of the Gothia Tower hotel which means a great city view too. Actually, you could afford staying at the hotel too these days since they often have city break special rates and aren't more expensive than the other "biggies" in town. Not too casual.

  • Möllevången, Malmö


    Malmö Nightlife

    Kulturbolaget, or KB for short, is known all over Sweden and is THE place for major gigs not held in huge concert halls but still intimate. Everyone from Emmilou Harris to Morrisey seems to have played here and when stars get too big for this 700 or so club, KB still arranges their gigs in Malmö's bigger arenas. This is the place to go for a bit of...

  • General Pubs and Clubs, Stockholm

    General Pubs and Clubs

    Stockholm Nightlife

    The Bishops arms is one of those pubs by Stockholm's central that is always "on". There's usually people (locals and tourists) coming and going and they have affordable beers. The decor looks like an old English library/work room, with books and old train pictures and some spitting pots (!) hanging on the roof. Come as you are.

  • Downtown, Göteborg


    Göteborg Nightlife

    The Dubliner belongs to a chain of Irish Pubs in Sweden and Denmark. The branch in Goteborg has a big bar and a restaurant with various sorts of pub food. Apart from that it is directly connected with a steakhouse called The Cattleman. The Dubliner has most major sporting events live on big TV screens.

  • Lilla Torg, Malmö

    Lilla Torg

    Malmö Nightlife

    We had drinks in here on a couple of nights and the atmosphere was never the same twice. Lots of groups sit outside on the patio area due to the smoking ban in Sweden. Premiership football is shown and the bar staff were very helpful in pointing us towards a late opening bar when we asked. Casual

  • Stureplan, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    The square in the center of Stockholm hosts many different places to go at night. You may see lines in front of clubs(not all of them), many stylish people also. Well I can't say it is cheap..For a detailed dress code in Stockholm try this: http://www.askyourtravel.com/Answers.aspx?qid=66&city=Stockholm very helpful site....

  • Vasastaden & Grönsakstorget, Göteborg

    Vasastaden & Grönsakstorget

    Göteborg Nightlife

    An institution in the city's nightlight, "Nef" has jazz of all sorts so you have to read the billboards/local paper or ask if you loath a particular type. I have to say that there is generally a great atmosphere here and even if it wasn't my type of jazz one evening I have still enjoyed it as so many people come here. These days, there is as much...

  • Irish Pubs, Stockholm

    Irish Pubs

    Stockholm Nightlife

    Irish Pubs are perfect places to enjoy a pint of beer and to meet other travellers or nice VT members in a cosy atmosphere. The Dubliner is one of the biggest Irish Pubs in Stockholm and offers both a bar and a restaurant with pub food. Most major sporting events are shown live on big TV screens. Directions: The Dubliner is located at two places...

  • Linnégatan & Järntorget, Göteborg

    Linnégatan & Järntorget

    Göteborg Nightlife

    Atalante is a scene for a lot of things: contemporary dance, theatre, music, debates, clubs etc. It is not very big and a very relaxed place with a small café/bar. Quite often they also have club evenings etc. If you like contemporary culture and like to meet people in this field in Göteborgs, this is a good place. Their homepage is only in...

  • Patricia, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Not being gay myself, I cannot give you much insight into the gay scene in Stockholm but I thought I'd make a tip since there are frequent questions on VT. Had it been Gothenburg, at least I'd have grown up with gay friends and therefore known more. However, there are lots of well-known places such as the boat in this picture, Patricia. Moored just...

  • Western parts, Göteborg

    Western parts

    Göteborg Nightlife

    Andra Långgatan is a street that runs from Järntorget to Masthuggstorget. It's a great street filled with pubs, restaurants, small shops and porn. Well it is, so I might as well write it. It has som good pubs where the prices are low and the beer flows free. You'll find the following pubs worth a visit: Rover A favourite with expats. Pretty lively...

  • Spy Bar, Stockholm

    Spy Bar

    Stockholm Nightlife

    It is listed as one of the top places to go in Stockholm but as with all top clubs, they try to fleece you. We got in very early and paid 120sek + a bit more for our coats. It was very busy and the music was good. Personally though, I despise paying large amounts just to go into a building to buy over priced drinks. I'd prefer to stay in a pub...

  • Riverside, Göteborg


    Göteborg Nightlife

    A bit off the beaten path (but excellent if you stay in the Stigberget hostel), this pub and club has a relaxed atmosphere and a mix of people. Facing the river is a terrace with great views. The restaurant section inside has parts of its interior from the old Swedish America Line ships. Attached to it all is the relaxed Rippers pub with pool...

  • Gamla Stan (The Old Town), Stockholm

    Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

    Stockholm Nightlife

    Before I start with the 'real' nightlife tips, let me tell you first what evening or night means in Stockholm. It really depends on what time of the year you go here, summer of winter, there is a huge difference how many daylight hours you'll have. In the winter you only have 6 hours of daylight and the sun will go down already at 3 in the...

  • Suburbs, Göteborg


    Göteborg Nightlife

    A sleepy suburb until a few years ago, Kortedala now has become the hottest place in Göteborg. Forget about Avenyn or Grönsakstorget, this is now clearly the place to go, and the place to be seen! The streets around Kortedala Torg are lined with trendy bars and clubs which are packed every weekend. A venue not to be missed is 'NÄSAN', a large club...

  • Vasastan, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Never have I seen such an array of drinks, and I've been to a lot of bars. The Bishop's Arms in Vasagaten has over 100 beers to choose between, from every country you could imagine. The whisky menu starts with standard scotches and ranges through every whisky producing country up to the prize in their collection which costs around £160 for 10ml,...

  • Mosebacke, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Södra bar och veranda by Mosebacke square is one of my favorite hangouts. Its a great bar and later in the evenings there usually is dancing. No snobbery, everybody dances around and have a good time. I always find Sodran bar great and welcoming. If nothing else, it is located beautifully in an old (functioning) theatre building and has a great...

  • Norrmalm, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Going out in Stockholm can get quite expensive. Clubbing in Stockholm is out-of-this-universe expensive & I'm not sure if I ever heard someone's actually been out. Prices of a beer in regular bars in Norrmalm & Södermalm climb up to 50 SEK, although you can find cheaper [and at the same time decent] places. The best way to have a good time is...

  • Kvarnen, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Kvarnen is a very casual (as all bars on Södermalm are) bar/nightclub. Three bars, where the downstairs bar turns into a disco around 11pm. People are very friendly and it's easy to stike up a conversation with a stranger. Perfect for a night with your friends or for making new friends. Good beers and drinks. It's free of charge to enter. Very...

  • Theatre, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    I suppose it all boils down to your interests. Bars and pubs are not difficult to find anywhere but Swedish ballet or opera, that's a different story. In the Royal Opera house you can see opera, classical ballet, modern ballet, as well as listen to concerts in some of the side halls. The interior of the opera is beautiful, with marble staircases...

  • Bröderna Olsson, Stockholm

    Bröderna Olsson

    Stockholm Nightlife

    The club is in the basement & the restaurant is upstairs. The club is really fun. They have good music on the stereo & lots of neat stuff on the walls. Apparently they have garlic shots, but we didn't get a chance to try any. I think they might have live bands on occasion Casual

  • Walks, Stockholm


    Stockholm Nightlife

    Stockholm is a town surrounded by water, and even if gives a beautify scenery during day time, it becomes even more beautiful at night time. So why don't take a walk at the waterside, I sure you will get a good a peaceful moment. Warm clothes are never wrong during late Stockholm nights.

  • Concert and entertainment, Sweden

    Concert and entertainment

    Parksnäckan is an open-air theater and concert hall located inside Stadsträdgården (City Park) on the west bank of Fyris River. The entertainment at Parksnäckan is usually held during the summer months between May and September each year. It is one of the most popular night spots in the city of Uppsala. Entertainments are not held every night at...

  • Autumn Serenade in Uppsala, Sweden

    Autumn Serenade in Uppsala

    If you visit Uppsala in the middle of September, there is a chance that you may witness the hosting of the Cultural Nite (Kulturnatten in Swedish) in the city of Uppsala. The night promises to be a colourful cultural activity with lots of songs and dances. You may even visit most of the museums in Uppsala free-of-charge on this particular night. It...

  • An amusement park, Sweden

    An amusement park

    Gröna Lund Tivoli is located on the island of Djurgården in Central Stockholm. It is the oldest amusement park in Sweden. Gröna Lund was founded in the late 19th century. It is quite a small amusement park compared to those of the other amusement parks in the region such as the Tivoli in Copenhagen or the Liseberg in Göteborg.Nevertheless Gröna...

  • Amusement park, Sweden

    Amusement park

    Liseberg is an amusement park located right in the heart of Gothenburg. It is one of the largest amusement parks in Scandinavian countries. It is also one of the most visited amusement parks in Sweden attracting some three million visitors each year. It was officially opened to the public in 1923. It covers a total area of approximately 260...

  • Casino visit, Sweden

    Casino visit

    Casino Cosmopol is the largest casino in Stockholm. In fact it is a chain of four casinos (by far the largest) in Sweden. It has several classic table games for the pleasure of the gamblers beside the numerous slot machines which are very popular to the local and foreign tourists. They are spread over three floors. A bar cum restaurant is located...

  • Gay Sweden, Sweden

    Gay Sweden

    Questions on gay venues in Sweden are quite common on VT so despite not being gay myself, here is an attempt at a tip. The main cities obviously have most things going on, but even smaller towns might surprise you. Have a look at the link below for the dates of your visit.

  • Seaside summer hubs, Sweden

    Seaside summer hubs

    Sweden undergoes a transformation summertime when people get into full party swing after the long winter. Little pretty coastal towns are often the scenes for all the fun: Pretty Båstad is a town in the south west, known for its Swedish Open tennis in July. This means nightlife here is full of Stockholmers and prices are therefore higher than many...

  • The big three, Sweden

    The big three

    Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Malmö all have great nightlife all year round and cater for all tastes as do most cities of decent size or with a university (Lund, Uppsala, Umeå, Sundsvall...). See my respective pages for more detailed info.

  • The bar is cool, Sweden

    The bar is cool

    Its a groovy groovy place. Drink vodka through a block of ice. Drink vodka out of a block of ice. Drink vodka while inside a block of ice. Something thermal.

  • The midnight sun, Sweden

    The midnight sun

    The midnight sun, something I would love to see. Maybe some day I will, but this is the closest I have gotten so far.Because Sweden is so far north, the sun stays up for a long long time in the summer. A strange experience when you are not used to that. The days are extremely long, and I got confused when I just arrived in Sweden, if I was looking...

  • It's partey time baby, Sweden

    It's partey time baby

    Like other Scandinavians (to add to your prejudice) Swedes do know how to party. I mean, we know how to drink a lot of booze. Yep, if you are from a country where alcohol is consumed in modesty or not at all, you will get a different perspective here. You have a choice of spots if you want to go out partying. There are pubs, bars, discos and clubs....

  • Livin La Vida Loca - Goteborg ROCKS!!!, Sweden

    Livin La Vida Loca - Goteborg ROCKS!!!

    The best place that we went clubbing was a club/bar called Ninas and this place was banging. It was such a laugh wuth very friendly people and we really were Livin La Vida, there!! The dress code that we found in Goteborg was smart casual with no trainers, no sports wear and for male, trousers and shoes, for females, generally smart dress.Be...

  • Friendly beers, Sweden

    Friendly beers

    Typical irish pub divided in two parts : one for lunch and dinner, the other for drinks, closer to the bar. One other room downstairs.Possible to drink outside in a terraceLive music everynightvery kind and welcoming servicelively place where it seems to be easy to meet people and discuss nothing special

  • Hiking in the late evening, Sweden

    Hiking in the late evening

    Hiking in the late evening and watching/ listening the natural nightlife. In Scandinavia the sun is shining between 19 - 24 hours/day in the summer, except it is mostly cloudy. This photo was taken after 10pm.

  • Blue Moon, Sweden

    Blue Moon

    Blue Moon is the best club in Stockholm by a long way. You can eat beforehand whilst listening to the live band. Then the place turns into a club with three dance floors all with different music. Good mix of friendly people.To get easy entry into this place or any other club it is advisable to get the reception at the hotel you are staying at to...

  • night life in Sweden, Sweden

    night life in Sweden

    just sit near the water side and enjoy the wonderful colours of the sky in the evening (or early in the morning).Enjoy the silence and peace around the wonderful lakes. Hopefully summer clothes. And it's not a bad idea, to keep the musquito milk right next to you...

  • Vie Nocturne ???, Sweden

    Vie Nocturne ???

    .Français: Vie Nocturne ??? En Juin il n'y a pas trop de longues nuits, la pénombre peut-être et les merveilleux couchers & levers de soleil sur le Lac Vänern, tout ça en un court moment...English: Nightlife ???In June no long nights anymore but sunsets & sunrises on the Lake Vänern, all this in a short moment...Dutch: Nachtleven ???In juni zijn de...

  • An Exciting and Fun night in Stochholm, Sweden

    An Exciting and Fun night in Stochholm

    Cafe Opera is quite famous in Stochholm, where there are some celebrities would go. Entrence fee defers on days which ranges approximately from 5-10 Euro. It's a quite decent place to be, there are casinos, restaurants, bars, dancing floors with cool-looking transvestites dancers, good music and food. You can see gorgeous Swedish people yet somehow...

  • NEVER DRINK-DRIVE...., Sweden


    The spot is our tent, once orange now bleached to warm yellow......Driving all day late evening and night are the time to have a drink.....we are open all night, everyone is welcome only mosquitoes are not welcome...... casual camping dress, no ties, no high heels, no make-up......allowed perfume: DEET anti-insect......a little gift for me? bring...

  • Quite Quiet, Sweden

    Quite Quiet

    The name discribes it the best - like a country club:) The night we got there, there was sort of a rock-disco-mixture activity. At the end (after a 6-7 tequilas) I felt fine:) One minus: lack of cute-guys:( As it is a club in a ski-resort, to classy and hip looks won't do. In there you'd better look naturally confident and simply nice:)

  • The most popular activity is..., Sweden

    The most popular activity is...

    The most popular activity is the 'Orsayran' which is a music festival that occurs every wednesday in July on the streets of Orsa.Musicians - both amateurs and pros - gather on the streets with their instruments and perform and entertain all the night. Just bring your instrument or voice and participate! Everything goes: jacket, jeans, skinnbracka...

  • Sturecompagniet, Sweden


    Probably the most fun Stockholm nightclub. Three dancefloors (which play surprisingly similar music). Music is not the typical Euro-trash, but a little bit more complicated house/funky tunes. Interesting mix of people, great atmosphere. Unlike many other places in Stockholm, people actually seem to be enjoying themselves here. Its also one of the...


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