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See all 9848 Barcelona Tips
  • Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    Sagrada Familia

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Barcelona Things to Do

    I`ve never liked modern cathedrals, but this one is absolutely stunning! It is really like a forest. but full of colourful lights, giant trees-columns and thousands of beautiful little decorative details, which catch your eye everywhere. And regardless the crowd, which is always there, you would want to sit and enjoy the solemn and peaceful vibe.

  • Casa Camper

    Casa Camper

    Barcelona Hotels

    This is a funky 25 room hotel in Barcelona. It's produced and run by the Spanish shoewear giants...

  • Cerveseria Catalana, Barcelona

    Cerveseria Catalana

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Barcelona Restaurants

    For about the last 10 years, we only have one favorite tapa bar/restaurant, we take our friends, relatives and specially for ourselves. It is called CERVESERIA CATALANA. THE COMPLETE ADDRESS IS: CALLE MALLORCA NUMBERO 235 CORNER RAMBLA CATALUNYA. If you were to take the metro. Take the GREEN LINE / or Linea 3 and get off on DIAGONAL. WALK 3...



See all 5491 Madrid Tips
  • Retiro Park, Madrid

    Retiro Park

    Madrid Things to Do

    Retiro Park is one of the top places I visited when in Madrid. With around 125 hectares of grounds to explore and numerous routes and walkways around the park, you will not get bored here. Many of the roads around the park are named after Latin American countries. I visited one Monday evening and spent around 2 hours walking around the park in a...

  • Hotel Atlantico

    Hotel Atlantico

    Madrid Hotels

    With most four-star hotels in Madrid (and throughout Western Europe) charging US$400 or more, the...

  • Museo del Jamon, Madrid

    Museo del Jamon

    4 out of 5 stars

    Madrid Restaurants

    This is a chain of restaurants -cafes where you can buy some very good bread with ham, salami or with other fillings in various sizes. Museo del Jamon is also a restaurant. I cannot recommend it at the moment because I only went there once. Bocadillos (these are bread with fillings).



See all 2292 Sevilla Tips
  • Alcazar, Sevilla


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Sevilla Things to Do

    The Alcázar was built between 913-914 by the first Andalusian caliph Abd al-Rahman III who, for its construction, took advantage of a ancient Roman settlement. In the following centuries, the caliphs preceding added different palaces and gardens to the initial construction. Is the Palace with continued use as the world's oldest royal residence....

  • Alfonso XIII Hotel Seville

    Alfonso XIII Hotel Seville

    Sevilla Hotels

    No, we didn't stay there, but the classic beauty of the building and its perfect location make it,...

  • Fargo Restaurante, Sevilla

    Fargo Restaurante

    5 out of 5 stars

    Sevilla Restaurants

    We came across that gem completely by chance, looking for a organic restaurant in Sevilla ( not easy ...) . Farm to table concept, really nice wine list (and Spirits !!!). Vegan options, Gluten free as well. We had the ovened Camembert, the vegan paté, the chicken Pastela ( must try ). Really good raw vegan ice-cream, too !


Palma de Mallorca

  • Le Seu Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca

    Le Seu Cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Palma de Mallorca Things to Do

    Though its construction continued over several centuries, the Cathedral of Mallorca has retained a largely Gothic-style interior. A few details do deviate from Gothic - other than the obvious Saint Peter's Chapel (see separate tip) - such as the elaborately decorated Renaissance style portals and pulpit. The Cathedral's proportions are majestic:...

  • Port Adriano Marina Golf And Spa

    Port Adriano Marina Golf And Spa

    Palma de Mallorca Hotels

    This is a perfect five-star hotel in which to relax and unwind. The majority of its spacious...

  • Ca'n Pedro, Palma de Mallorca

    Ca'n Pedro

    5 out of 5 stars

    Palma de Mallorca Restaurants

    A family run institution which has two big, buzzing restaurants in the small town of Genova, a short taxi ride from the centre of Palma. This is a must visit restaurant. Rustic ambience where you can enjoy well-cooked local dishes. Renowned for their 'Pa amb oli', (toasted bread which you rub with cloves of garlic and small, viine tomatoes and...



See all 2061 Granada Tips
  • Alhambra, Granada


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Granada Things to Do

    It really, really is worthwhile buying these tickets online in advance. At least you will be absolutely certain you can visit on the day you choose, and can get a slot for the Nasrid Palaces (visiting the Alhambra without seeing them would not be in any way the same). Of course there are lots of online agencies which offer tickets but I always...

  • Suites Gran Via 44

    Suites Gran Via 44

    Granada Hotels

    The aparthotel in Granada Suites Gran Vía 44 was an excellent choice. The suite was designed for a...

  • TAPAS, Granada


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Granada Restaurants

    I ducked into this place when I was soaked, chilly, desperate for something to get my blood sugar up and somewhere to get warm and dry out a bit. It was a bit of a find, and I am pleased I came across it. La Bella y La Bestia 1 is a tiny bar around halfway along Carrero Darro, the narrow street which runs alongside the river Darro towards...



See all 749 Ibiza Tips
  • Sunsets, Ibiza


    Ibiza Things to Do

    To tell the truth - i was a kind of dissappointed: in my imagination it looked completely different - BUT there is no beach, only some stony rocks, the surrounding is by far not nice, the drinks are expensive... but what makes this spot so unique os the people, peacefully sitting there, drinking something, looking at the sun and listening to the...

  • Hotel Fiesta Palmyra

    Hotel Fiesta Palmyra

    Ibiza Hotels

    The first time I visited the Palmyra was about 8 years ago. I have since been to other hotels,...

  • Shanti Shakti, Ibiza

    Shanti Shakti

    5 out of 5 stars

    Ibiza Restaurants

    When Shanti Shakti first opened it`s doors in 2001, there were four hand written menus and not many more dishes to choose from, now, in 2006, things are looking even better. The menu isn`t the biggest in the world, many other restaurants will try to offer the full array of Indian dishes and this usually means a lot of corner cutting, but here the...


Majorca Island

See all 651 Majorca Island Tips


See all 940 Málaga Tips
  • Alcazaba, Málaga


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Málaga Things to Do

    In my first visit I went to the Alcazaba, almost forty years ago, and was not impressed; This time I decided to appreciate it from below, and found the image much more impressive. trying to read something about it, I found some pictures that don't match the poor idea of my first visit (hard restoration? closed sections in the old days?who knows?)....

  • Room Mate Larios Malaga

    Room Mate Larios Malaga

    Málaga Hotels

    Hostel is very simple but you get what you pay for. This is very cheap in a great central location...

  • La Posada de Antonio, Málaga

    La Posada de Antonio

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Málaga Restaurants

    This restaurant is owned by the famous actor Antonio Banderas who originates from Málaga. Here you can eat typical dishes from Málaga for a decent price. Especially the grilled meat is recommendable. They also serve tapas. Parrillada de carne



See all 447 Benidorm Tips
  • Benidorm, Benidorm


    Benidorm Things to Do

    On my four visits to Benidorm I have seen very little crime. In fact, my most recent visit was the first time I had seen or experienced anything untoward. I was on Avenida Ibiza at 3am and as I passed three women leaning against the wall they asked me if I wanted sexual relations. My response was emphatically negative. One of them walked in front...

  • Don Pancho Hotel

    Don Pancho Hotel

    Benidorm Hotels

    We stayed in the Don Pancho in mid july and I have to say I was really shocked at how run down this...

  • Warning for single men, Benidorm

    Warning for single men

    Benidorm Things to Do

    On my four visits to Benidorm I have seen very little crime. In fact, my most recent visit was the first time I had seen or experienced anything untoward.I was on Avenida Ibiza at 3am and as I passed three women leaning against the wall they asked me if I wanted sexual relations. My response was emphatically negative.One of them walked in front of...



See all 608 Cadiz Tips
  • Cadiz Province: towns and villages, Cadiz

    Cadiz Province: towns and villages

    Cadiz Things to Do

    Very close to the waterfront, we soon encountered Castillo de San Marcos - one of the city's main tourist attractions. I stopped for a photo as we approached for a closer look (2nd photo) and four of the locals who were sitting there beside the walls gave me a wave when they realized they would be part of the scene. This relic actually began life...

  • photo-s/0a/67/9e/78/zona-de-lectura-ordenadores.jpg

    Parador de Cadiz

    Cadiz Hotels

    This is a modern building - disguuised as you approach by the lush gradens at the front - even in...

  • El Faro, Cadiz

    El Faro

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Cadiz Restaurants

    We got ripped off at this prestigious restaurant. Planned a special dinner days ago, visiting their webpage and studying the elaborate "tasting menus". When we got to the restaurant and gleefully ordered menu number 2, we were informed that the tasting menus are only for groups of fifteen or more, even though the web makes no mention of this. The...



See all 850 Bilbao Tips
  • Guggenheim Museum & Puppy, Bilbao

    Guggenheim Museum & Puppy

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Bilbao Things to Do

    After visiting the museum, we took the steps down and continue walk at the backyard from the museum, you'll have another view underneath the Salve Bridge and to this giant spider sculpture. The subtle highlight is surely the spider Maman. An ode to her mother who was a weaver and spun yarns. The sculpture is crawling around 9 m high. Maman is a...

  • Sheraton Bilbao Hotel

    Sheraton Bilbao Hotel

    Bilbao Hotels

    This hotel is one of my favourite parts of this vacation. The rooms were amazing, like most...

  • Airport, Bilbao


    Bilbao Transportation

    The green airport bus departs from outside the airport arrivals area going into Bilbao every 30 minutes. It has four stops. Many hotels are located near the stops. It is a small enough city to walk, if you do your homework before you leave, you could save money and time waiting for other forms of transport. It stops: Alameda Rekalde (closest to...



See all 762 Toledo Tips
  • Alcazar, Toledo


    Toledo Things to Do

    Alcazar castle has very long and old history. Romans built military camp on the highest hill of Toledo. Roman palace was built there later, then Visigothic Castle. During the Moorish rule Alcazar appeared. Then city was liberated by Castilians in 1085 castle again became Christian. Castle was reconstructed during the rule of King Carlos I (Holy...

  • Parador de Oropesa

    Parador de Oropesa

    Toledo Hotels

    The Parador de Toledo is a unique experience. A converted Manor House owned and run by the Spanish...

  • Tapas at Gambrinus bar, Toledo

    Tapas at Gambrinus bar

    Toledo Favorites

    This is a friendly bar in town. It is called Gambrinus. Tapas and beer very good./ Behind the bar whole hams are hanging., with there trotters still on.



See all 582 Marbella Tips
  • Old Town (Casco Antiguo), Marbella

    Old Town (Casco Antiguo)

    Marbella Things to Do

    Marbella is a new big city totally devoted to tourism, however, it keeps a small "island" of tradition, where the image of Andalucia was well preserved and maintained. Though at small scale, than what we may see in Seville, Granada, or any other traditional city of the province, strolling in the shaded narrow streets of the old quarter is a real...

  • Don Carlos Hotel Marbella

    Don Carlos Hotel Marbella

    Marbella Hotels

    The hotel is quiet good but it lacks good restaurants and the room service is dreadfull (they like...

  • Casa Eladio, Marbella

    Casa Eladio

    4 out of 5 stars

    Marbella Restaurants

    it was last minute deciusion to do the Friday dinner there at one of my favorite spots of Marbella, Corner fo the virgin. Eladio gave us an interesting menu, and also founded interesting to be in one of the oldest restaurants in Marbella. Eladio´s father opened a bar in 1961 and in 1965 opened the 3rd restaurant in Marbella, still open till...



See all 455 Torremolinos Tips
  • Beaches, Torremolinos


    Torremolinos Things to Do

    The centre of Torremolinos has two good beaches - La Carihuela and Bajondillo. The only visible difference is... location, side by side. The first time we stayed in Bajondillo, and, by commodity or by the first good impression, it was my natural preference in the second visit. It is wide, safe, and the restaurants in the sand a good place to eat.

  • Melia Costa Del Sol

    Melia Costa Del Sol

    Torremolinos Hotels

    A huge hotel dated back to the 70's or 80's with all those usual flaws but very well maintained. Our...

  • TAXIS, Torremolinos


    Torremolinos Transportation

    Since Hans and I did our own arrangements this time and did not go through a tour company, getting to our Bajondillo Apartment in Torremolinos was our own responsibility. So after getting our baggage at Malaga Airport, we just went outside, headed for ground transportation - taxi area and took the first cab in line. It's only a short distance to...



See all 511 Alicante Tips
  • Beaches, Alicante


    Alicante Things to Do

    The basic sight of Alicante certainly is the sea. The beach is sandy. To bathe in April is still early. Therefore I have only admired an evening view at the sea. Lights of hotels and restaurants were romantically reflected in waves... You can watch my 4 min 26 sec Video Alicante part 2 out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

  • Melia Alicante

    Melia Alicante

    Alicante Hotels

    Hotel Meliá is a good place to stay when you come to Alicante. It seems new as they really take care...

  • Outdoor drinks on Plaza Portal de Elche, Alicante

    Outdoor drinks on Plaza Portal de Elche

    Alicante Restaurants

    There are 3 Soho cafes in Alicante; Soho Mar (overlooking the city's marina), Soho Plaza (located on Plaza del Ayuntamiento near the Town Hall) and Soho Parc (located in the pleasant square of Plaza Portal de Elche, just off the Rambla).We visited Soho Parc one evening during our stay in the city in January 2015.Unlike the other two cafes, Soho...


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    Jul 10, 2014 at 5:57 AM

    RENFE trains strike ok from July 31 at 01.00 to August 1st 23h

  • Aug 7, 2013 at 6:35 AM

    Do you want to WALK around Spain? These are some recommendations:
    1.- The most famous: The way of St James (from France to Santiago de Compostela)
    2.- The outstanding: Ruta del Cares (León & Asturias Provinces)
    3.- The most beautiful: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Biscay Province)
    4.- The shortest: Desfiladero de la Yecla (Burgos Province)
    5.- The most dangerous: El caminito del Rey (Málaga Province)
    6.- The mistery one: Selva de Irati (Navarre)
    7.- The Spanish Rocky Mountains: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

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    Jun 17, 2013 at 5:25 AM

    New AVE train service between Alicante and Madrid in about 2h20 mins, prices from 19,45€ average of 65€,started today.

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    Mar 31, 2013 at 7:54 AM

    I want to travel from Alicanti to sette in France. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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