Amsterdam Warnings and Dangers

  • 7pm April 2013
    7pm April 2013
    by leics
  • 7pm April 2013
    7pm April 2013
    by leics
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    Coffee Corner
    by iaint

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Amsterdam

  • Red Light District, Amsterdam

    1. Red Light District

    Photographing Amsterdam during the day or night can get a tourist carried away capturing this vibrant city. However, there are sections of the city that photographs are not wise during the evening...

  • Drug Dealers, Amsterdam

    2. Drug Dealers

    I saw tips that you should not buy drugs at all (except the coffeeshops and smartshops) and that it's illegal. That's true. But that's not the mentality of giving tips and information as we are used...

  • Pickpockets, Amsterdam

    3. Pickpockets

    In the time it took my beloved Proserpina to raise her chipcard and swipe it while exiting the 2 tram, a pickpocket accessed her zipped and momentarilly not tightly clutched pocketbook and made off...

  • Walking Alone, Amsterdam

    4. Walking Alone

    I am from Amsterdam and you have nothing to fear as long as you don't fear, a bit of a cliche i know. Don't walk around as a typical tourist, especially at night, conduct yourself with confidence and...

  • Coffee Shops, Amsterdam

    5. Coffee Shops

    I Don't Smoke at all. In Amsterdam there are coffee shops that sell soft drugs - marijuana and Hashish. You can smoke inside the coffee shop but not outside. Although you will find people that smoke...

  • Cycling, Amsterdam

    6. Cycling

    Most of the smaller interconnecting streets are dedicated to bicycles! Please walk on the sidewalks. One more warning: Nowadays cyclist will sometimes be (very) busy with their cell-phones, texting,...

  • Crossing the Street - Trams, Amsterdam

    7. Crossing the Street - Trams

    It is perfectly understandable to be distracted by the splendour of Amsterdams architecture, but please do not get overrun by cyclists.The claim right of way everywhere, there are plenty of them, and...

  • Beggars & Scams, Amsterdam

    8. Beggars & Scams

    You cant buy public transport tickets on the street. You can only buy them at the public transport itself or some offices like at Tickets and Info at Central station, Station Zuid (South) Also...

  • Driving & Parking, Amsterdam

    9. Driving & Parking

    I came to Amsterdam last week and since we stayed in an airbnb close to westerpark, we planned to park at the P+R Bos en Lommer. Once we arrived there we didnt manage to enter the parking as there was...

  • Dam Square, Amsterdam

    10. Dam Square

    Hello, My sister and I, both in our 40's, spent two weeks in Amsterdam and surrounding countries last summer. We did not intend to be out late but always found ourselves out after the trams closed...

  • Urinating, Amsterdam

    11. Urinating

    If you have to find a toilet and you don't find... Try harder and don't urinate on the streets ! The citizens don't like it , the police can give you 50 euros penalty. There is a problem finding a...

  • Fake Police, Amsterdam

    12. Fake Police

    Apart from the regular police presence provided by the National Police the city of Amsterdam also has Enforcement Officers called "Handhaving" these officers enforce some local laws like the municipal...

  • Mushrooms, Amsterdam

    13. Mushrooms

    If you are going to buy mushrooms make sure you dont get really expensive/good ones if you dont eat shrooms regularly... a friend i met traveling who said he had done them before ate about half a...

  • Taxis, Amsterdam

    14. Taxis

    The average price for an airport transfer with a taxi from Amsterdam is €50,- If you book ahead of time with Tinker, prices fro Schiphol - Amsterdam center start at just €9,95 For one person, it's...

  • Central Station & Trains, Amsterdam

    15. Central Station & Trains

    After taking several trains in Europe, the trains in Holland were the least punctual. Warning: if you buy a ticket to a location, the trains will often change tracks so make sure you are constantly...

  • Steep Stairways, Amsterdam

    16. Steep Stairways

    Everything in Amsterdam is small. The houses are small. The streets are small. The restaurants are small. The bathrooms are really small. This lack of personal space is not only due to the huge...

  • Maps, Amsterdam

    17. Maps

    Just a little story here which didn't happen to me but I kind of wittnessed the despair and anger... Sitting in a cafe I watched a couple walking by, speaking my language, so I overheared they were...

  • Hotel Reservations, Amsterdam

    18. Hotel Reservations

    Twenty % of the hotels of Amsterdam have bedbugs. This information originates from Rentokil, a company active in the destruction of vermin, and was reported in the Dutch newspapers Het Parool and De...

  • Weather, Amsterdam

    19. Weather

    This was my first time in Europe. I had read alot and I knew that it was going to be cold, that it might rain, and be ready for some cold weather with the right gear. As we were walking from Centraal...

  • Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

    20. Schipol Airport

    Schipol is a lovely airport, no doubt of that. But it has some oddities of organisation which may well cause you problems. Gates H are where some budget airlines from the UK arrive and depart. I...

  • Dog Poop, Amsterdam

    21. Dog Poop

    It's actually gotten better in recent years but be on the look-out for dog poop on the street. It blends right in with the cobblestones. Should you happen to stomp one of these stinky sidewalk toads...

  • Long Lines - Queues, Amsterdam

    22. Long Lines - Queues

    You may have heard that queues can be very long indeed. It is absolutely true. This is a very major 'attraction' indeed, a must-see for most people who visit Amsterdam and an absolute certainty for...

  • Credit cards, Amsterdam

    23. Credit cards

    I got a shock one morning. I went into a bakery to buy 2 croissants and they would only accept credit cards. No cash! A €2.60 purchase! How much will my (British) credit card charge me for...

  • Language, Amsterdam

    24. Language

    This is not a warning ! Dutch can be very difficult to pronounce and understand but the Dutchmen speak English well. Almost everyone i talked to was with great English and polite so don't be afraid to...

  • New Year's Eve, Amsterdam

    25. New Year's Eve

    It's New Year's Eve so you and your friends are planning on making a night of it in A-dam, right? Think again. As my friends and I experienced it, Amsterdam on New Year's (and perhaps other days of...

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    Amsterdam Warnings and Dangers

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    When you use common street sense, you'll be fine at Amsterdam. Go your own way and don't be the tourist, that only will attract pick pockets. The first thing you will learn is NOT to walk on the...

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