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  • Current Amsterdam enforcement uniform.
    Current Amsterdam enforcement uniform.
    by danny1981
  • Dutch Police
    Dutch Police
    by Robin922
  • Amsterdam enforcement officer uniform in 2016
    Amsterdam enforcement officer uniform in...
    by danny1981
  • There are also Municipal Enforcement Officers

    by danny1981 Written Aug 23, 2015

    Apart from the regular police presence provided by the National Police the city of Amsterdam also has Enforcement Officers called "Handhaving" these officers enforce some local laws like the municipal code and have limited police powers like power of detaining persons, make arrests, handing out fine's and use force when arresting someone, these officers are wearing police like uniforms with grey trousers, white shirts with black square patches with the three city crosses and the word "handhaving" the wear black or yellow jackets and peaked uniform hats and handcuffs and batons on their duty belt. From 2016 they will switched to the national enforcement blue modern uniform.

    Current Amsterdam enforcement uniform. Amsterdam enforcement officer uniform in 2016

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  • FAKE POLICE with a group of bandits

    by hotjockxxx Written May 28, 2015

    I was on the bridge near victoria hotel and right in front of central station with my map on my hand and looking at the map to get a direction, first day in amsterdam. A man was approaching me with a map on his hand and said he get lost in the city out of his tourist group. I told him I am a tourist myself and it s my first time in amsterdam so no need to ask me anything. He kept insisting me to help him to look at his map. Suddenly, there is another man coming to us and identified himself as a police. He showed his ID and closed it in one second. I couldnt see it well. The fake police asked us to show our passport. The fake tourist showed him his passport then I followed. Then the fake police asked us to show our wallet because he said there are too many drugs here. The fake tourist showed his wallet then I followed it in the same way but the money in my wallet was indonesian and singapore money and not many. He wasnt interested in. He looked at my small bag and I got a stack of US dollar. His hand grabbed that US dollar from my small bag and smelled it to pretend searching for drugs. Holy Spirit inside me told me there was something not right here. I grabbed my US dollar and we both pulling each other my dollar. He released the money and I put it back into my small bag and I screamed very loud: HELP, POLICE!! many times so anybody could hear us. He was running away and I chased him. He ran to the small alley where not many people there and I saw 2 bandits who look like him, with a hat and dark jackets coming toward me. I let him go before I got hurt.

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  • dila's Profile Photo

    fake police

    by dila Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    people who say they are from the police
    they say that they think you have false money or drugs
    the want to see your wallet and then the steel your money.
    special tourists from asia beware.
    most of the fake cops are from east europe.
    real police see pictures on the website.
    emergency 112
    non emergncy 0900-8844

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  • Cops! Run! (just kidding)

    by drewopolis Written Jul 10, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From my visits to Amsterdam, especially being an American, the police in the Netherlands were not what I expected. With the relative carefree living experience in Amsterdam, the police were always very friendly and helpful. New Years Eve in '06 i was so drunk I couldn't even read street signs, and at about 7AM my friend and I were hopelessly lost. A policeman offered to help us, and after I managed to find my hotel receipt in my pocket, he drove us there right away.

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  • DarkFeather's Profile Photo

    "Helpful Policemen"

    by DarkFeather Written Nov 4, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I first went to Amsterdam I was with 4 friends of mine. We needed to know where a certain street was, as we wanted to reach the Pompadour shop (it sells various kinds of chocolate!!).
    We asked 2 policemen for information and they spent about 15 mins MAKING FUN OF US because we didn't know where the place was!
    I'm not saying all policemen are like these, but don't get mad if it happens! :)

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  • Robin922's Profile Photo

    What a policeman looks like

    by Robin922 Written May 21, 2005

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    While you never plan to have a problem.

    I have never experienced it, however some people have reported scams about people pretending to be policemen to con you out of your euros.

    I figure it never hurts to know what a real policeman/woman looks like. Their cars, vans and motorcycles are hard to miss…white with blue and orange. Trust me you can’t miss them!

    One other thing I found unique and very visitor friendly, is they have one police department. Unlike at home where you may have several different types, all looking different (local police, county police, state police, etc). No matter where you go in the country the all look the same here.

    Also I have found them to be very polite and helpful.

    Dutch Police
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  • inger.'s Profile Photo

    there was a warning for...

    by inger. Written Aug 24, 2002

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    there was a warning for everyone visiting Amsterdam: the police was warning all tourists coming to Amsterdam for 'the cookie monster', sounds funny but it isnt. There was a person in Amsterdam who liked to talk/assist tourists and while talking to them he offered them a cookie, the cookies were drugged with something that makes you sleepy at first and then you pass out. The guy followed the victims and after passing out stole all their valuable belongings.Thankfully they have found the man and arrested him.(he got 2,5 yrs in prison, his trial was yesterday 16-may-01) Others have done this trick before with cookies, but also with cans of soda!! so watch it, do not accept anything on the street.

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