Amsterdam Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by leics
  • Local Customs
    by leics
  • Feather boas
    Feather boas
    by leics

Most Viewed Local Customs in Amsterdam

  • Urinating, Amsterdam

    1. Urinating

    There clearly is (or has been) a problem with men and their bladders in Amsterdam. Whether this is linked to inebriated gentlemen falling into canals whilst obeying a call of nature I cannot...

  • Coffee Shops, Amsterdam

    2. Coffee Shops

    Although cannabis is not and has never been of interest to me, I did admire the tolerance and openness towards it in Amsterdam. It looks as though legalising it has been a successful experiment (and...

  • Architecture, Amsterdam

    3. Architecture

    If I wrote somewhere enthusiast reviews about architecture in France, Italy, Spain, England, I don't feel motivated by the architecture of Amsterdam. Certainly very typical but nothing monumental as...

  • Tipping, Amsterdam

    4. Tipping

    I learned to look both ways twice before crossing a bike path, tram track or road. Cyclists are riding very fast, so I tended to let them go by first before crossing. Dutch people tend to cross...

  • Language, Amsterdam

    5. Language

    Does anybody speak Dutch in Amsterdam? No they speak English (at least in the touristic centre of the city). I went in a restaurant, near the Leidse Plein, ordered in Dutch and the waitress asked...

  • Red Light District, Amsterdam

    6. Red Light District

    What can I say about this? I love how the Netherlands promotes this on the tourist board web...

  • ATM - Credit Cards, Amsterdam

    7. ATM - Credit Cards

    Netherlands was the first country (of 33) I have visited, that we had lots of problems with ATM:s. Outside Amsterdam most of them didn´t exept foreign cards! In AMsterdam there was also some witch...

  • La Canna Coffee Shop, Amsterdam

    8. La Canna Coffee Shop

    The weed and hash menu is displayed openly for people to see. Look and decide what you want to purchase, or not. It is a CHOICE. Even though they are not really known for their weed, I have heard...

  • French Fries - Frites, Amsterdam

    9. French Fries - Frites

    Shall I repeat once again that there are NO French Fries in the EU! Not in France - did you ever read Frites françaises on a menu in France - NOT in Belgium of course and NOT in Holland. The Dutch, a...

  • Street Performers, Amsterdam

    10. Street Performers

    In the early part of twentieth century the Netherlands became world famous for its street organs. Love it or hate it, or just putting a smile on your face, even today the sound of street organs...

  • Greetings - Kissing, Amsterdam

    11. Greetings - Kissing

    Kissing ¡V Three kisses starting on the right cheek & ending on the right cheek I always get my right & my left confused ¡K.. No not on purpose :-) If you are in a bakery, postoffice, deli etc make...

  • Bicycle - Cycling, Amsterdam

    12. Bicycle - Cycling

    Bicycles are part of the fabric of Amsterdam. Although many global cities are adopting cycling as a means of transport, Amsterdam has always been at the forefront, and at times it seems everyone in...

  • Beer & Breweries, Amsterdam

    13. Beer & Breweries

    Jenever: is the straight Dutch gin. Bols and Heineken: are the two main distillers of jenever in Holland. Bols was founded by Lucas Bols in 1575. Heineken is famous for the best selling jenever of...

  • Smart Shops, Amsterdam

    14. Smart Shops

    This was new to me. Smart shops sell harder drugs and its all legal or tolerated. They dont sell weed or hash here. Smart shops sell mushrooms and ecstasy (an herbal ecstasy) and even marijuana seeds....

  • Houseboats, Amsterdam

    15. Houseboats

    On the canals of Amsterdam there are some 2400 families on houseboats living there, about 750 live within the 17th century canal system of downtown Amsterdam. You will find some stretches with lots of...

  • Books - Tourist guides, Amsterdam

    16. Books - Tourist guides

    This is one of the spots that can be truly hidden for someone in a rush or for somebody only visiting the main spots in Amsterdam. It’s a spot you easily walk by but it’s actually one you should stop...

  • King's Day - Koningsdag, Amsterdam

    17. King's Day - Koningsdag

    Queens Birthday has a long history and it's not a day on current Queen, she's born on November, but she decided to change the day, at least the weather is better at the end of April. There are many...

  • Wooden Shoes, Amsterdam

    18. Wooden Shoes

    The wooden shoe has been worn since the Dark Ages throughout Europe (news to me, I only thought the Dutch wore them!). People still wear wooden shoes in Holland because of the swampy ground, and also...

  • Stamppot, Amsterdam

    19. Stamppot

    Dinner in Holland starts at about 6 o'clock in the evening. The old-fashioned Dutch dinner consists of one simple course: beans or potatoes, meat and vegetables. Traditionally potatoes with a large...

  • Canals & Boat Tours, Amsterdam

    20. Canals & Boat Tours

    The canals of course are one of the major attractions of the 'Venice of the North'. By daytime already very charming, by night they become even more enchanting because a lot of the canal houses and...

  • Dam Square, Amsterdam

    21. Dam Square

    The pigeons on the Dam square are loved and hated at the same time. The birds are simply rude from all the food they get and the fact that they are in masses and you stand alone. There are various...

  • Photography, Amsterdam

    22. Photography

    Are you taking a picture of me.... or am I taking a picture of you? Hahaha, a camera battle was on the go! We've been chasing each other around almost all day to get some fun pictures. And now it...

  • Haring, Amsterdam

    23. Haring

    For food on the hoof forget about MacDonald's (boo hiss!). Instead net a bit of raw fish from one of the many stalls around the city. Spankingly (once again for want of a better word!) fresh herring...

  • Bitterballen, Amsterdam

    24. Bitterballen

    My Dutch companions looked somewhat askance when I ordered bitterballen.....I don't quite know why, and I didn't like to ask. Basically, bitterballen are a minced beef stew mixed with flour and...

  • The Bulldog, Amsterdam

    25. The Bulldog

    One of the tourists' popular targets: a Coffeeshop, one from among much. Standing in front of Centraal Station there are about 40 coffeeshops within a 10-minute walk. You can get coffee at these...

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    Queensday and Sinterklaas are typical Dutch events that locals celebrated and you are invited to join. A local Amsterdam event is the Gay Parade. And we ride bicycles, eat herring and speak Dutch...

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