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  • Magic Lollypop
    Magic Lollypop
    by leanne_pearc
  • Coffee shops
    by 29KW
  • relaxing inside the greenhouse
    relaxing inside the greenhouse
    by TONY786
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    cannabis in Amsterdam

    by TONY786 Written May 7, 2007

    Favorite thing: its all over the place.dont go inthe first one avoid bulldog as they are for tourits look at the ones with plenty locals in stoned they are the best. i found the greenhouse to be the one, bubblegum is very popular smoke. nice babes behind the bar selling coka cola and coffee and the dealer in the corner expext to pay 8 euros for a good size bag eneough to last a few joints, attached are pics of the greenhouse and other shops and plants growing, take it easy though it is a lot stronger than the u.k and you see uk folk walking about zombied

    cannabis advice centre it grows all over the place the greenhouse coffee shop relaxing inside the greenhouse plenty shops selling drug smoking stuff,expensive

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  • Not your average cup of joe

    by bamadiver Written Apr 4, 2007

    Favorite thing: working overseas I have met people from all over the world, and this is a good place to have a large group of different nationalities togehter. Went to Amsterdam for a wedding of one of our friends. He chickened out She got over it though by sleeping with his brother. My favorite part of Amsterdam trip, was watching a friend munching on space cakes, and then realizing what was in them. Laughed until I cried. This is an older friend who stayed clean cut through the 70's and waits until he is turning 45 to catch his first trip. I watched him tear up widow maker like he smokes a marlboro. And this is a chain smoker. The 12 of us had to literally take turns carrying this man back to his room, we then shaved his eyebrows and one of the girls put makeup on him, they then stripped him naked and called for room service. We left the room and was glad to go see a museum and then it was to a techno club, we ate at a bar that had rooms over it, and since it started flooding that night we just grabbed all the empty rooms and drank and partied. Followed the next day by remembering the older man was needing to fly that afternoon. We got to his room, woke him up, he answers the door still naked, with one of the hotel staff in his bed. Seems the girl had a thing for older guys(even stoned ones). He wasnt even pissed about the eyebrows. They got married 6 months later. The reception party was even better.

    Fondest memory: Good times, nice people, great time with great friends, seeing things I never thought I would. Hard Rock Cafe' aint nothing to go out of your way for either. If you've seen one, you got the idea the first time.

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    COFFEESHOPS ! "Stay on the grass".......

    by La_Holandesa Updated Dec 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Coffeeshops in Holland are joints licensed to sell weed. These coffeeshops can sell weed but not alcoholic drinks.
    Warning!! Dutch coffee shops are licenced to sell small quantities of cannabis to adults over 18 ! In case of doubt you will be asked for your ID to check it.
    It is funny to see guys puffing away on their joints while sipping cocacola/fanta :o)

    The myth that drugs are legal in the Netherlands is just that, myth. Soft drugs are tolerated, and that's all. This means you can buy weed or hash without risking arrest, that you can carry a small amount of soft drugs with you, that you can grow a small number of plants at your place for personal use, that you are free to roll one and enjoy it inside a coffeeshop or at your place, but this does not mean you can behave like a teenager on his first booze run and behave like a jerk.
    Smoking dope in public places is not ok, and even some nightlife locales will discourage you from rolling and lighting up a phat one. Smoking on the street is also not regarded in a good way by the honest hardworking folks, so do not do it unless you are alone. If you think you won't bother anyone with your joint, then smoke it, otherwise find a suitable place for the recreational break. This is sane advice, it's meant to help you avoid trouble with your neighbours or with the police. Also, some hotels are not too fond of smoking guests, so better ask beforehand in case there are no ashtrays in your room.

    Here more about the COFFEESHOPS! The Netherlands Coffeeshop Guide, the home for Coffeeshops information on the Net.


    Herengracht 133
    It's not well known to tourists, but the friendly staff and cozy interior, along with a full bar, make this coffeeshop with the unforgettable name one of the local favourites.

    Greenhouse Effect
    Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191
    One of three sister shops, the others are located at Tolstraat 91, and the Waterlooplein 345. They grow their own here, in their own greenhouse, and the hybrids and mutations that they develop rank consistently high in various categories in the yearly Cannabis Cup.

    De Tweede Kamer
    Heisteeg 6
    A small and friendly coffeeshop just around the corner from Cafe Luxembourg, off the Spui.

    De Rokerij II
    Singel 8
    Now this is a cool place, probably one of our favourite places in Amsterdam. The music, mainly chill-out sounds, is tasteful.

    Two sister coffeeshops, one on the Amstel close to Rembrandtsplein and the other off Leidseplein.

    Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14, off Nieuwe Zijds Voorburgwal
    A small, nice, conveniently located place.

    Bloemdwarsstraat 1e

    Dutch Flowers
    Singel 387
    Simple small interior, no bar, excellent coffee.

    Brouwersgracht 11
    Around the corner from the Doors, Bulldog and Rokerij II,

    Oudebrugsteed 16
    Just off the Damrak, a short stroll away from Centraal Station and the RLD.Another is located on the Spui, near Hotel Cok City.

    Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90
    They claim this is the original coffeeshop of Amsterdam, dating back to the 70s. Like Amsterdam's Hard Rock Cafe.

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  • Melodee50's Profile Photo

    Coffeeshop Hopping

    by Melodee50 Updated Dec 6, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Amsterdam is small and easy to get around in; walking is a pleasure so its easy to see lots of it in a small amount of time. Its easy to get to know Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Coffeeshops are so plentiful that going from one coffeeshop to another throughout the day allows you to keep an nice, even high while enjoying the shops, architecture, etc. Just as you feel your buzz begin to subside you can duck into the nearest coffeeshop, order a cup of something refreshing and take a few puffs of you favorite pot or hash.

    Abraxas, Homegrown Fantasy, El Guapo are very nice. Some of the best hash I've ever smoked, and that's saying something, was at a coffeeshop you never see on any website. Its just outside the Leidseplein, around the corner from the Bull Dog with a big, squiggly arrow pointing down. That's the place. Walk down the stairs and you will find alcohol, pot, hash, pool tables and people to talk to. Love it.

    Fondest memory: The thing I love about Amsterdam is that you meet people from all over the world, who are all in a friendly state of mind. Sitting in almost any coffeeshop you will meet someone from another country, or state if you're from the US, and be able to strike up a very interesting conversation.

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  • LolaSanFrancisco's Profile Photo

    Are Drugs legal? Yes and no....

    by LolaSanFrancisco Written Jun 13, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The drug policy of the Netherlands is based on two principles:

    Drug use is a public health issue, not a criminal matter A distinction between hard drugs and soft drugs exists It is a pragmatic policy. Most policymakers in the Netherlands believe that if a problem has proved to be unstoppable, it is better to try and control it instead of continuing to enforce laws that have shown to be unable to stop the problem.

    Hard drugs/soft drugs
    A distinction is drawn between hard drugs (which bear "unacceptable" risks; e.g. cocaine, heroin and Ecstasy) and soft drugs such as the cannabis products hashish and marijuana (as defined in the Dutch Opium Act). The decision is based on whether the substance is only psychologically addictive or also physically addictive. One of the main aims of this policy is to separate the markets for soft and hard drugs so that soft drug users are less likely to come into contact with hard drugs. This policy also aims to take the soft drug market out of the hands of the criminals, thus reducing crime.

    So-called coffee shops are allowed to sell soft drugs openly, and to keep supplies greater than the amounts allowed by law for personal use, though they are only allowed to sell individual customers the amount allowed for personal use. The coffeeshops' wholesale suppliers, however, are still criminalized. In practice the limit of the "for personal use" clause is 5 cannabis plants per person for growing, or possession of 5 grams of hashish or marijuana per person. Example of sentence in 2004 for possession of 360 grams: confiscation and a fine of €750. Coffeeshops pay taxes just like any other business, though there are some special exemptions for them, mostly because they cannot show receipts for their supply of marijuana.

    Fondest memory: Non-enforcement
    Cannabis remains a controlled substance in the Netherlands and both possession and production for personal use are still misdemeanors, punishable by fine. Coffee shops are also illegal according to the statutes. However, a policy of non-enforcement has led to a situation where reliance upon non-enforcement has become common, and because of this the courts have ruled against the government when individual cases were prosecuted. This is because the Dutch Ministry of Justice applies a gedoogbeleid (policy of tolerance) with regard to soft drugs: an official set of guidelines telling public prosecutors under which circumstances offenders should not be prosecuted. This is a more official version of the common practice in other countries, in which law enforcement sets priorities as to which offenses are important enough to spend limited resources on.

    Proponents of gedoogbeleid argue that such a policy offers more consistency in legal protection in practice, than without it. Opponents of the Dutch drug policy either call for full legalization, or argue that laws should penalize morally wrong or decadent behavior, whether this is enforceable or not.

    In the Dutch courts, however, it has long been determined that the institutionalized non-enforcement of statutes with well-defined limits constitutes de facto decriminalization. The statutes are kept on the books mainly due to international pressure.

    Drug law enforcement
    Despite the high priority given by the Dutch government to fighting narcotics trafficking, the Netherlands continue to be an important transit point for drugs entering Europe, a major producer and exporter of amphetamines and other synthetic drugs, and an important consumer of illicit drugs. The export of the synthetic drug ecstasy to the U.S. during 1999 reached epidemic proportions. The Netherlands' special synthetic drug unit, set up in 1997 to coordinate the fight against designer drugs, appears to be successful.

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  • jo3201's Profile Photo

    Losing time in Amsterdam

    by jo3201 Updated Jan 19, 2005

    Favorite thing: Of course, visiting a 'coffee shop' is a must for most people visiting Amsterdam. There are some fairly decent places, but please be careful. Lots of the cannabis sold is very strong, so u need to not smoke too much. Mix very litlle with tobacco, and see how it feels. Also, make sure that you don't smoke on an empty stomach, as cannabis causes hypoglycaemia ( your blood sugar falls very low quite quickly) and this often makes people faint. It'll help if you sip on Coke, orange juice while smoking.

    Also, be warned that people have spent days in confusional fugues as a result of smoking too much. Be careful, get a good buzz and enjoy this really pretty city.

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    by Blatherwick Updated Dec 31, 2004

    Favorite thing: The Dutch are well known for their tolerance and everybody knows that you can buy wacky tabacky in the coffeeshops. Marijuana is not officially legal, but you are able to buy grass, hash, loose joints, and smoking paraphernalia. Magic mushrooms are also available. It's not cool to light up on the street or a non-smoking establishment.

    Even though I don't recommend them, there's no shortage of hard drugs around. In fact, there are what I call the walking menus near the red light district but the penalties are as severe as in other European countries as you can become a danger to yourself and others.

    The Bulldog

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  • Bastardino's Profile Photo

    When in Rome....

    by Bastardino Written Aug 5, 2004

    Favorite thing: As the saying goes, when in Rome... well you know the rest. Everyone knows that the Dutch tolerate soft drugs, hence if anyone has any desire to try them this is the place to do so. But please do not become like so many stoned out American tourists who come to othis rich, historic city with one purpose in mind. It is sad and very unattractive to see people day in and night out in the same stinky shops. Moderation is key to enjoying a healthy life.

    Fondest memory: I visited a shop called Dolphin which was very cozy.

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  • feelthevibe's Profile Photo

    Top bud

    by feelthevibe Written Jun 15, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Amsterdam is so laid back on recreational use of marijuana (while not entirely legal) it is so nice to just sit and chill watching the world go by. Try to avoid the bulldog chain of coffe shops and get around to the more out of the way shops for example my favourites, Greenhouse(near the red light district) and Dampkring on handboogstraat just past Dam square. Both of these coffee shops have some quality buds and have won many awards for their troubles.

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  • taryn_treloar's Profile Photo

    Coffee Shops?

    by taryn_treloar Written Dec 21, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: As most people are aware, Amsterdam offers an unusual delectable on their coffee shop menus: anything from bubblegum weed to mushroom tea. I was rather satisfied after coming out of a coffee shop in Amsterdam!

    I was a bit apprehensive at first to walk into a coffee shop and ask for weed but it's a normal thing to do there so don't be shy, ask for a menu!

    Fondest memory: The food and the Smoke Palace - Refer to the 'dangers' page

    An Idea of an Average Coffee Shop Menu

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    Any Day

    by BlueBerry_7 Written Jul 20, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Not a very big place but the dealers here are so nice and helpful, especially Igor, who is also very cute and nice to look at:)) They have one table outside and I believe and upstairs but I never ventured that far and didnt see anyone else do so either so I am not sure, it may only be the toilets up there!

    Fondest memory: This place had the best stuff I smoked this trip, that being the Stella Blue bud, WOW is all I can say. This is some real kick @$$ stuff without a doubt the strongest this trip and I smoked a lot of different strains. Top Notch Killer Weed, a must try for any connoiseur!

    Any Day Coffeeshop

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  • BlueBerry_7's Profile Photo


    by BlueBerry_7 Updated Jul 20, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Nice roomy place with three long couches lining the walls, a great vibe, and friendly atmosphere. I really like this place and I plan to return on my next visit to mecca:))

    Fondest memory: Awesome deal on hash, I got 5 grams of excellent quality Honey Maroc for only 30 euros.


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  • Marionbcn's Profile Photo


    by Marionbcn Written Mar 26, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Drink something when in a coffee shop and have some good time. It's not just a smoke trade place.

    To have a smoking-day :) in Amsterdam can be very pleasant, but even a nightmare if you abuse with smoke or spacecakes. At coffeeshop Homegrown Fantasy they have some skunk-based cakes that starts gaming with your mind after an hour or even 2 hours depending on what have you eaten before.
    Beware, if the effect is too strong for you than is better to sit down somewhere and drink or eat something sweet.
    Cakes (not spacecakes. :) are good for recovering yourself but don't eat too much. If you're really in trouble than is much better to stay inside.

    Getting around with some smoke in your pocket is not a big problem here. If you don't do stupid things everything will be o.k. (and if you are not too stoned ;). Take it easy :)

    Beware at the passing bikes and trams(everything moves so fast and you are very very slow when stoned, so take care..).

    Refuel your car before entering the Netherlands is a good idea. The price of the gasoline is about 1.4usd/liter. In Amsterdam's center there are some car parking houses, but they cost about 2.5usd/hour. If you are thinking about parking out of the center is a good idea to use the AmsterdamArena car parking (under the Arena stadium, the symbol of this parking is the "P+R" signboard) and it cost about 6usd/day (with a tram ticket).

    The centruum is full of restaurants, but they are so expensive, like the hotels.
    To save some money check the camping sites out of the city (nice bungalows available).

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  • BlueBerry_7's Profile Photo

    Siberie Coffeeshop

    by BlueBerry_7 Updated Mar 12, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Nice laid back atmosphere with friendly staff. There is a cool pinball machine and they have internet access.

    The shop offers a large selection of marijuana and hash at low prices. The stuff is weighed in front of you, so any amount is available. The pick-your-own-buds plan when buying bigger amounts is extra cool.

    Fondest memory: The Siberien Tiger

    Brouwersgracht 11, 623-5909.
    Open Sun.-Thur 11 AM-11 PM; Fri.-Sat 11 AM-midnight

    Web site:

    Some interesting information from the Website:

    The founding members of Siberie have their roots in one of Amsterdam's first Coffeeshops, Rusland which dates from the early 1970's. Coffeeshop Siberie was established on the beautiful Brouwersgracht in 1984. Compared to the year 2002, in the early 80's there were very few coffeeshops in Amsterdam. But since then however the Siberie has grown and continued to flourish. From its genesis, the coffeeshop has catered both to local people and tourists alike to provide a welcoming atmosphere.

    Siberie has always had a policy of supplying a varied menu of hash and marijuana at very reasonable prices. Many customers, both local and foreign, have continued to return to Coffeshop Siberie for the past 18 years because of the reliably high quality of a connoisseurs product. Siberie has also participated for many years in the Cannabis Cup, winning one gold cup and two bronze medals. All of this is why Coffeeshop Siberie has earned a worldwide reputation as one the coolest coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

    The coffeeshop is open 365 days per year,and providing helpful and friendly service


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  • BlueBerry_7's Profile Photo

    De Kuil Coffeeshop

    by BlueBerry_7 Updated Mar 7, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: One of my favorite places to hang out - De Kuil has a full bar and it is a nice place to hang out, has good local feel to it. Also, it is very clean- even the toilets! And the staff are very freindly and helpful. There is a pool table and they have board games you can use. They have killer vaporizor available to use that will kick your ass!

    Fondest memory: Their Shiva bud rocks, absolutely killer stuff!

    The BEST place to use the vaporizor is the De Kuil coffeeshop. It is near Central Station, heading down Damrak and take a right at Oude Burgsteeg or Pizza M Slice and it is couple of doors down on the right with a green 4:20 sign above the door. It is a great
    place to chill and smokeout:))

    De Kuil

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