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Kaunas Things to Do

  • Ramybė parkas, Kaunas

    Ramybė parkas

    This park lies between the railway station (and bus station) and the eastern end of Naujomiestis.It was created from two cemeteries - one Tartar and the other Lithuanian. The Soviets cleared them in the 60s. It contains a statue to the Unknown Soldier commemorating those who died in 1918-20 during the fight for independence.It also contains the...

  • Santakos parkas, Kaunas

    Santakos parkas

    This park occupies the open area where the Neris and Nemunis meet, right at the westernmost end of the Sienamestis. You can walk right down to the water’s edge onto a little beach where the rivers join. Well, you can in June. Maybe not when the rivers are high.The castle adjoins the park. So does Rotušės aikštė (Town Hall Square). You can...

  • Kauno pilis, Kaunas

    Kauno pilis

    The castle has been the site of fortifications for at least 1,000 years. The current structure was abandoned by Imperial Russia in the 19th century and has recently been restored or preserved (depends how you see theses things). It was closed the day I was there - a Sunday in June.Well, next time. Nice views, mind you.


Kaunas Hotels

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  • Park Inn Kaunas

    Park Inn Kaunas

    New modern hotel. Now name Reval hotel Neris. I work in Reval hotel so i know how everything is...

  • Kaunas Hotel

    Kaunas Hotel

    I stayed at Kaunas hotel for 6 nights. Im very satisfied with the service, food, and my...

  • Metropolis


    I really fell in love into this category of hotels and try to book one, if I am travelling through...


Kaunas Restaurants

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  • Wonderful, Kaunas


    Sunday lunchtime in Kaunas.A guide book which is 7 years old. Time to take a chance. I landed on my feet. This place dates back to 1965. If it survived the USSR and all that has happened, it must be doing something right.A great menu, excellent service and very good value. €14 for 2 courses plus a cider.I had beetroot and venison salad as starter....

  • Guilty greasy pleasure....... SPURGINE, Kaunas

    Guilty greasy pleasure....... SPURGINE

    First of all .....W A R N I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are vegan or healthy food maniac or live from diet to diet- don't even come close- this is not a place for you....well, unless you want to see original interior of Soviet er in 1980ties.......Yeah...the place itself is not significant at all- yellow curtains and false flowers hide the inside...



    Newly opened grill restaurant in Kaunas Old Town, which is always very comfortable environment quality food and pleasant service . Held business dinners and business meetings . There is also a banquet hall can accommodate up to 30 people . During the summer, the outdoor terrace you can enjoy a cup of coffee or even a T bone steak All Beef meals


Kaunas Nightlife

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  • Excluysive night club, Kaunas

    Excluysive night club

    My Cave Party Bar - naktrinis club, whose interior takes visitors to the Stone Age. Nevertheless, you always get a nice service and good music. Casual

  • Amerika Pirtyje, Kaunas

    Amerika Pirtyje

    We're having quite nice parties there sometimes. had one and few days ago :). It's a club with disco, programmes and on Thursdays even men's strip ;) . during the big games of basketball they also have big screen for watching. Great place for fun. There's also a place for pool, and a calmer place "hall of hunters" , love it, with a fireplace and...

  • Good night and sweet dreams :-), Kaunas

    Good night and sweet dreams :-)

    After a few Lithuanian beers or a glass of wine and night walk sleeping is always great. Do enjoy and... don't forget to get up on time. Well, I was on holiday but Kaunas offered a lot of attractions for us next day :-). Do dream and sleep well. For a hotel bed? Depends on your preferences :-). Do you know the whole list? OK, just top 3:1....


Kaunas Transportation

  • By plane, Kaunas

    By plane

    You can reach Kaunas with direct Ryanair flights from several destination in Europe. Check the Ryanair website for flight schedules and destinations. Another option is to fly to Vilnius and take a regional train to Kaunas.

  • Trains, Kaunas


    I took the train to & from Kaunas from Vilnius.It was quick, comfortable and good value. The express services take 65 minutes - check in advance to avoid the slower services.It was €6.37 each way. They don't seem to do return or discounted tickets (but you pay a bit extra if you buy your ticket on the train).The station has been renovated and...

  • Urban buses, Kaunas

    Urban buses

    The bus system in Kaunas is not so efficient as in Vilnius, since the city is pretty small.What I found more difficult was getting the ticket from the bus driver. As an adult, I would have needed a normal ticket for two litai, but the driver thought I was a student and was trying to tell me that the ticket fare for students is one litas...


Kaunas Shopping

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  • Impressive Shopping Mall, Kaunas

    Impressive Shopping Mall

    One of the most interesting shopping malls I've visited in Europe, mostly for its architecture and layout. From the outside it looks like just another big, modern mall. Inside you'll see that they've paid great respects to the local landscape. Like Melbourne's Central Shopping Centre, where they built it around the shot tower, in Kaunas they have...

  • Foreign languages bookshop, Kaunas

    Foreign languages bookshop

    It's a little shop based in a basement almost in the heart of Kaunas. They have a lot of books in English compared to other bookshops, also dictionaries and Excercise books to learn various languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. ) It's absolutely nothing special there about Kaunas, but if you need a general book in English (a novel, etc.)...

  • Art and postcards, Kaunas

    Art and postcards

    It was a picture gallery. There were a few rooms with many pictures of various styles displayed. Well, they sold various drawings depicting old architecture of Kaunas as well. Some of them in size of postcards or similar. Postcards-drawings in pencil (sepia, black and white or colour). Small drawings costed approx. 3.50 - 5.00 Lt.


Kaunas Local Customs

  • Lithuanian Currency: Litas, Kaunas

    Lithuanian Currency: Litas

    Lithuania joined the European Union (EU) on the 1st of May 2004 and on the 1st of January 2015 Lithuania even became a member of the Eurozone. This means that nowadays the Euro is the official currency in the country.When I visited Klaipeda in 2006, Lithuania still had the Litas as official currency. The Litas was subdivided into 100 Centai.The...

  • Cutter race, Kaunas

    Cutter race

    It was quite "wow" and nice to see cutter race championship of Baltic countries in Kaunas. It happened on the water of Kaunas sea near Pazaislis monastery. As I remember the participants were from countries, that touch Baltic sea - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, so on. We got to know one participant from Lithuanian, he was one of prize-man in...

  • Hanseatic League commemoration, Kaunas

    Hanseatic League commemoration

    A tree on the City Hall square was decorated with coats of arms of Hansa cities, maybe for a commemoration. Some of those coats of arms were really beautiful!


Kaunas Warnings and Dangers

  • Babies in Kaunas, Kaunas

    Babies in Kaunas

    There are a number of underpasses in Kaunas, and no lifts that I could see. There's even one as you enter the old town. It's not easy to get through them with a pram. The pavements range from perfectly smooth, along Laisves avenue, to the almost unnavigable cobbled streets around the old town, to the pot hole minefields on some of the main streets...

  • Beware of FORTUNA RENT A CAR in Kaunas, Kaunas

    Beware of FORTUNA RENT A CAR in Kaunas

    Seems they do the same trick on customers, draining your credit card account after returning the car. In my case they charged me 590 LT for damage to the bumper that I didn't cause.I returned the car Friday afternoon, September 20. Nobody was present at the office. I had to return the keys to the reception of a nearby hotel. A month later I saw...

  • Not really a Crime Capital, Kaunas

    Not really a Crime Capital

    Everywhere you will read that Kaunas is the crime capital of Lithuania. I think this is a rumour put about by local rivals living in nearby Vilnius. Certainly it seems based on some truth: After the fall of the USSR the city seems to have become a hotbed of mafia crime. If that is still the case today, that kind of crime doesn't appear to impact...


Kaunas Tourist Traps

  • Driving with bike around Kaunas, Kaunas

    Driving with bike around Kaunas

    sometimes i driving around kaunas. in this picture my bike sleeping in Kulautuva, 25km from centrum from kaunas driving in Raudondvaris and later Kulautuva come back in landway - no asphalt, no bench. only pit and dust

  • Few direction signs, Kaunas

    Few direction signs

    There were very few direction signs for drivers in Kaunas centre (it worked better outside) even along main streets. They were often not well seen, so that it was easy to get lost. Stop and buy a map. They were available in petrol stations, bookstores and kiosks. Buy at least a leaflet Kaunas/Klaipeda from series In your pocket for 8.00 Lt which...

  • Pictures and flash, Kaunas

    Pictures and flash

    It was very difficult to take good pictures of... devils displayed in the Museum of Devils. They were put in glass cases and not always well lighted. I had to take pictures through windowpanes and to use built in flash of my camera. My common mistakes and solutions:1. with camera flash put in front and exactly or almost perpendicularly to a...


Kaunas What to Pack

  • Free brochure "Exploring Kaunas", Kaunas

    Free brochure "Exploring Kaunas"

    I picked up the free brochure "Exploring Kaunas" at our hotel and found it extremly helpful. It not only includes town and local transportation maps, but also lists tips about sights, restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Apart from that it provides some basic information about Lithuania and its local customs.Exploring Kaunas: ...

  • Lonely Planet Guide: Estonia, Latvia &..., Kaunas

    Lonely Planet Guide: Estonia, Latvia &...

    The Baltic States are rapidly developing countries, therefore an up to date guidebook is very helpful. I used the Lonely Planet Guide "Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania" which offers information for all budgets on what to see and do, and tips on dining and accomodation.

  • In Your Pocket Guide, Kaunas

    In Your Pocket Guide

    On my travels to East and Central Europe I always try to get myself the latest edition of the "In Your Pocket" guide. These guides are very up to date, provide useful maps and offer all sorts of practical information for independent travels. Most of the tips can also be found on their webpage.Lithuania is the cradle of "In Your Pocket" as the the...


Kaunas Off The Beaten Path

  • Restored and Unrestored, Kaunas

    Restored and Unrestored

    This is typical of buildings in Kaunas. The first picture is of a restored old warehouse. The restorer actually had to heat the building for 1 complete year to dry it out properly before he could start work on it. The 2nd picture is of an identical warehouse, right opposite the first one.

  • Birštonas, Kaunas


    Birštonas is a famous spa town located 30 kms located on the right bank of the Nemunas River.My hosts took me there because the guy wanted to attend a music concert held there at night - which unfortunately got me a cold...Anyway, Birštonas is a pleasant town to stroll around and breathe some clean air.

  • Pažaislis Monastery, Kaunas

    Pažaislis Monastery

    Pažaislis monastery and church is a great example of Lithuanian baroque and it is also the largest monastery complex in the country: to get there you’ll need a car, as it is located quite far from the city, on a peninsula in the Kaunas Reservoir near the Kaunas Yacht Club.It was founded in 1662 by the Grand Duchy of Lithania Great Chancellor K.Z....


Kaunas Sports & Outdoors

  • Saturday bicycling, Kaunas

    Saturday bicycling

    Almost every saturday starting from March until October fans of bicycles gathers for a trip through beautiful places of Kaunas district. Everyone may join and will be accepted warmly. Trip length 50-70km, and takes approx 6 hours. If you need we can help rent bicycle

  • Sveicarija at Opening Ceremony of SELL..., Kaunas

    Sveicarija at Opening Ceremony of SELL...

    The SELL student games are held since 1998 (Tartu, Estonia) every year and are organized by the baltic states estonia, lithuania and latvia as well as finland (tampere 2004). there are always several disciplines of sports in which you can participate, like swimming, athletics, basketball, floorball, volleyball, tennis, orienteering, judo,...

  • Basketball in Lithuania, Kaunas

    Basketball in Lithuania

    Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania. Interesting enough is the fact that Lithuania is ranked 5th in the FIBA world ranking. Among the biggest successes are 3 European Championships and 3 bronze medals in Summer Olympics.On Laisves aleja (Freedom Square) we saw a sort of basketball basket which was obviously officially in use as a sort...


Kaunas Favorites

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  • Medieval Vandalism, Kaunas

    Medieval Vandalism

    I found this wall painting amid graffiti near the castle, on A. Jaksto Gatve I think...... some things are just visual and don't require a lot of text to explain them... perhaps the minimum character count should be lower when pictures are attached to the text......

  • Urinal Drink, Kaunas

    Urinal Drink

    A tasty Lithuanian beverage I discovered in a shop in Kaunas.lots of tiny text to create 200+ characters and not spoil the visual joke with unnecessary explanations..............................

  • Kaunas in 1968, Kaunas

    Kaunas in 1968

    I was fortunate to visit Kaunas in July of 1968 when we had a tour around Soviet Pribaltica (Lithuania, Kaliningradskaya oblast', Latvia and Estonia) by our car.Among my fondest memory (because of the photo which has been kept since that time) is St. Michael the Archangel's Church on the main pedestrian street. It was built between 1891 and 1895...


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