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  • The view of Gaeta from this church of San Francesc
    The view of Gaeta from this church of...
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  • Piazza Navona
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  • Piazza Venezia - Vittoriano, Rome

    Piazza Venezia - Vittoriano

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Rome Things to Do

    This is a large square in Rome at one of the sides of Via del Corso(the other one is Piazza del Popolo). The name of the square comes from the name of the palace nearby: Palazzo Venezia, that has that name because it was the venetian embassy. Of all the roman popular squares this is the one I like less. It is the celebration of national pride, war...

  • Hotel Santa Maria Rome

    Hotel Santa Maria Rome

    Rome Hotels

    My husband and I stayed at the Hotel Santa Maria for three nights at the end of a three week trip...

  • L'Archetto, Rome


    4 out of 5 stars

    Rome Restaurants

    This was our first trip to Rome and while there Hubby and I would be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary. So we wanted to a nice place to eat for our special day. We aren’t the types to dress up fancy (heels just don’t work on the streets of Rome!), but we wanted a place that we could be assured of a good meal, rather than take our chances....



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  • Villa D'Este, Tivoli

    Villa D'Este

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Tivoli Things to Do

    The three story castle belonging to the Cardinal d'Este is decorated with Manneriist frescos painted by Livio Agresti and the brothers Zuccari. From the balconies there are fine views over the countryside and the fountains.

  • Idria Hotel

    Idria Hotel

    Tivoli Hotels

    Via Giovanni Pascoli 26, Tivoli, 00019, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Proper dress in churches, Tivoli

    Proper dress in churches

    Tivoli Local Customs

    As in most of Italy, you must cover your knees and shoulders before entering a church. So if you want to visit a church in Tivoli, be sure to bring something to cover up (shirt, sweater, wrap, longer skirt or pants, etc) or they might not let you in.



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  • Great food and nice host, Gaeta

    Great food and nice host

    Gaeta Restaurants

    On a very hot evening ,walking in Gaeta we heard south American music coming out of this restaurant, we stopped by and were at first surprised as the staff (nice and friendly!) explained to us the menu' in English! So we had our meal there, raw fish starter (razor clams were alive!) a mix platter of grilled fish and pasta gnocchi with swordfish and...

  • Grand Hotel Le Rocce

    Grand Hotel Le Rocce

    Gaeta Hotels

    GRAND HOTEL LE ROCCE $47.00 to $95.00 USD Panoramic beach view Beach, Near the Sea, Bar,...

  • The beautiful Castle of Gaeta from..., Gaeta

    The beautiful Castle of Gaeta from...

    Gaeta Off The Beaten Path

    To photograph the castles from this angle you need to go to the second level from the top of Mount Orlando ............walk around until you come to a sign on a rock referring to the birds (I have a photo of it I will find and put here too)....... you then have to find your way down a path through the bushes heading towards the edge of the...



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  • No more "Sailor & Nurse" sculpture, Civitavecchia

    No more "Sailor & Nurse" sculpture

    Civitavecchia Things to Do

    When I was in Civitavecchia in 2012 there was a giant sculpture of the "Sailor & Nurse" scene, that was taken out of a photo made at the end of WW II and had been published in the LIFE-magazine, see an article about it, when you click on the link below!When I was there again in 2015 the sculpture was gone and I have no idea why.

  • photo-s/04/0b/2f/8e/hotel-traghetto.jpg

    Hotel Traghetto

    Civitavecchia Hotels

    Via Braccianese Claudia, 4, Civitavecchia, 00053, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • the city-beach of Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia

    the city-beach of Civitavecchia

    Civitavecchia Favorites

    There is a small beach close to the Michelangelo-castle, a beach with some gravel instead of a sandy beach, some places to take a bath but no sun-beds to be rented. I was there on a sunny and extremely hot morning in August 2015, but did not see anybody sunbathing or taking a bath in the sea there. Ands there is also some cafe on that beach. There...



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  • A Market Not To Be Missed !!!, Sperlonga

    A Market Not To Be Missed !!!

    Sperlonga Shopping

    Superb market at FONDI every Sunday morning. Huge range of stalls and bargains to be found: fashionable clothes, handbags and leather goods, jewellery, shoes, textiles, to name just a few !!!The market is now situated near to Fondi Market, and there is parking round the back.We go nearly every Sunday morning.More about...

  • Hotel Ganimede

    Hotel Ganimede

    Sperlonga Hotels

    Via Cardi, Sperlonga, 04029, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Beware of the gremlins who get in front..., Sperlonga

    Beware of the gremlins who get in front...

    Sperlonga Warnings and Dangers

    put an obstacle in your path so that you fall flat on your face like I did. I then had cause to sit and reflect here, while watching my knee swell to twice its normal size and I generally felt sorry for myself.


Castel Gandolfo

  • Parish Church, Castel Gandolfo

    Parish Church

    Castel Gandolfo Things to Do

    Is something you can't missed is the only church in this square. The church is a simple white yet beautifully designed structure with Lutheran round tower. We haven't seen the interior of the church, the bunch of groups are just getting inside when we arrive.

  • Hotel Castel Gandolfo

    Hotel Castel Gandolfo

    Castel Gandolfo Hotels

    Via de Zecchini 27, Castel Gandolfo, 00040, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • The Apostolic Palace, Castel Gandolfo

    The Apostolic Palace

    Castel Gandolfo Things to Do

    They called it papal summer residence because it was to be comfortable to live, hot in Rome during the summer, many popes traveled at that time to higher places. Always, they were staying over as a guest in castles and palaces of cardinals or other nobles. However Urbanus longed for a private summer residence. He chose Castel Gandolfo because he...


Ostia Antica

See all 74 Ostia Antica Tips
  • Site Information, Ostia Antica

    Site Information

    Ostia Antica Things to Do

    This isn't meant to be *the* guided tour of Ostia Antica. It's an introduction to this impressive, authentic place, close to Rome and yet often ignored by visitors to the Eternal City. Ostia Antica is close to Rome, easy to reach by any means, and a site to be remembered forever. I got a Visitor's Book to Ostia Antica from my hotel in Ostia town...

  • Ostia Antica Park

    Ostia Antica Park

    Ostia Antica Hotels

    Good room in a modern hotel just at the outskirts of Ostia Borgo (town), one minute drive from town,...

  • Train from Rome, Ostia Antica

    Train from Rome

    Ostia Antica Transportation

    The easiest way to get to Ostia Antica is by using the Roma>Lido commuter railway line which serves Ostia Scavi (scavi = excavations). The station is less than 5 minutes' walk from the site entrance. Roma-Lido trains run frequently: at least every 15 minutes throughout the day. You can find timetables on the ATAC site below. All Rome transport...



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  • WEATHER, Fiuggi


    Fiuggi Warnings and Dangers

    I think the person who complained of the cold must have been unlucky. I stayed in the 'new' town last week and it was 30 degrees centigrade at midnight one night!. There seem to be two clearly defined areas in Fiuggi, the 'new' section around the marvellous Boniface Spa & the beautiful historic area sited higher up in the hills.You really need some...

  • photo-s/06/43/57/e4/ingresso.jpg

    Hotel Imperiale

    Fiuggi Hotels

    After reading some of the reviews we were pleasantly surprised with the hotel in Fiuggi chosen by...



    Fiuggi Favorites

    Ideally situated as a base for touring holiday. Many historic towns in the region plus lush countryside. Places such as Rome, Pompeii & Amalfi Coast (i.e. Naples, Sorrento & Capri) all within a few hours driving.



See all 19 Formia Tips
  • Best pizza ever!, Formia

    Best pizza ever!

    Formia Restaurants

    A lovely family run restuarant that a friend seggested to us. We actually ate there every evening of our holiday as the food was so good. The pizza was really light and cooked in a wood fired oven. The seafood was amazing, we had a local fish called pezzogna. Considering we ate there for 6 nights we never got bored as they also had several...

  • Kora Park

    Kora Park

    Formia Hotels

    Formia, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • The Pathway to Formia from Rome is well..., Formia

    The Pathway to Formia from Rome is well...

    Formia Off The Beaten Path

    but the southern route is not so busy. Just out of town on the main road towards Scauri - Minturno and then Campania, you will see this structure, and probably wonder about it like me. Mind you the photo was taken out of a moving bus and therefore may not be as clear as if I had been standing there. None-the-less, you can definitely see that it is...


Isola di Ponza

See all 22 Isola di Ponza Tips
  • sunset at Chiaia di Luna, Isola di Ponza

    sunset at Chiaia di Luna

    Isola di Ponza Things to Do

    If you are in Ponza Porto in the evening, go to see the Sunset at Chiaia di Luna, it's fantastic.To go there, just walk to the tunnel under the mountain and you'll be there in few minutes. Bring with you a light-source, the tunnel is very dark, you'll need it to go back after the sunset.There is a small bar on the beach, have there an aperitive or...

  • Grand Hotel Chiaia Di Luna

    Grand Hotel Chiaia Di Luna

    Isola di Ponza Hotels

    It is possible to rent small appartements with a nice for view for a small amount of money! Compared...

  • not really night-time, pre-dinner I'd..., Isola di Ponza

    not really night-time, pre-dinner I'd...

    Isola di Ponza Nightlife

    During summertime (usually July and August) at Frontone, a beach not far from the port, disco dancing and aperitives take place from before sunset to dinnertime. Come as you are style,(swimsuit and tshirt are well accepted) music and cocktails won't stop until dinner time. If you are young and are in Ponza, need to go there. no requirements but to...



See all 15 Terracina Tips
  • Feast Days, Terracina

    Feast Days

    Terracina Favorites

    The Festival of the Sea, the 3rd Saturday in July A statue of the Virgin Mary "Madonna" is placed in a fishing boat, and followed out to sea by a flotilla of boats, decorated with shells, flowers and lights. The procession sails from Terracina port to Circeo. On their return, fireworks are set off from the boats. San Cesareo is the Patron Saint of...

  • Grand Hotel L'Approdo

    Grand Hotel L'Approdo

    Terracina Hotels

    Lungomare Circe, Terracina, 04019, Italy

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Local Bus Services, Terracina

    Local Bus Services

    Terracina Transportation

    The main bus station is in Piazza 25 Aprile, below the old town. From here, Cotral services run to other towns in the Province of Latina. Website: Smaller orange town buses run from Piazza 25 Aprile and Piazzale Marconi.



See all 18 Cassino Tips
  • Visit the museum, Cassino

    Visit the museum

    Cassino Things to Do

    It is inside the monastery, with many paintings and religious artifacts, it is nice and the entrey is not expensive at all. Inside the museum you will enjoy great views over the countryside.

  • Hotel La Pace

    Hotel La Pace

    Cassino Hotels

    Via Abbruzzi 16, Cassino, LA 03043

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Montecassino Monastery - a working..., Cassino

    Montecassino Monastery - a working...

    Cassino Favorites

    Today, Montecassino is a working monastery and continues to be a pilgrimage site by virtue of the suriviving relics of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. It is also a popular tourist destination for its historical importance and its attractive buildings.


Lago di Bracciano


See all 16 Viterbo Tips
  • Don't miss the place, Viterbo

    Don't miss the place

    Viterbo Restaurants

    The restaurant is in a farm. The owner is very nice and very helpful. They grow Chianina cattle there, vegetables, fruit and make olive oil. The restaurant is located in the middle of a huge farm, beautiful place and view. They have there rooms for rent too, with a wonderful pool. The food was great. We ate hand made spaghetti with lemon and a meat...

  • B&B Torre Di Vico

    B&B Torre Di Vico

    Viterbo Hotels

    I spent 3 wonderful days in Viterbo, a wonderful medieval town not far from Rome and Tuscany. I...

  • San Pellegrino, Viterbo

    San Pellegrino

    Viterbo Things to Do

    The old San Pellegrino quarter of Viterbo is one of Europe's best-preserved medieval districts. Here, one feels transported back in time about six centuries. It has some small shops, cafes, and ancient Romanesque churches all crammed together along narrow streets. This is a place to just stroll about and take it all in.



See all 48 Bagnoregio Tips
  • There is only one way to..., Bagnoregio

    There is only one way to...

    Bagnoregio Transportation

    There's no other way in but this narrow bridge,actually only a walkway.There is a car park at the beginning (around 50 places... i won't bet in a place in high season: you can also walk from the center of Bagnoregio (not long, but up and down) or park along the way, if you arrive by car.In theory you have to pay for the parking (buy a ticket from...

  • A living restaurant in a beautiful dying..., Bagnoregio

    A living restaurant in a beautiful dying...

    Bagnoregio Restaurants

    "Antico Forno" is a small restaurant and B&B in the Civita Bagnoregio. Franco, the owner is also the cook and he's taking care of every single client in a very warm a friendly way, making you feel at home immediately. The city is very silent and relaxing giving the impression that the time just stopped. Thing are different about Franco: he could be...

  • Stunning views from the town, Bagnoregio

    Stunning views from the town

    Bagnoregio Things to Do

    When living the village of Civita to come back to the parking lot or the town of Bagnoregio, this is the view you have from under the village gate...


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