Rome Warnings and Dangers

  • This young thief has a pained expression!!
    This young thief has a pained...
    by EdMorgan
  • Temperature in Rome on October 14, 2014
    Temperature in Rome on October 14, 2014
    by Jefie
  • Scarfs anf selfie sellers near a piazza
    Scarfs anf selfie sellers near a piazza
    by Jefie

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Rome

  • Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers, Rome

    1. Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers

    On 7th August 2015 we ( a group of 4 adults and 4 kids) got onto the Metro at Barberini. It was probably around 6.30 pm or so. My husband was the last one to get in. As he got in we saw that 3 people...

  • Beggars and Cons, Rome

    2. Beggars and Cons

    A man or woman approaches you, asking questions about the schedule in broken English. You move away from your baggage, by only a few meager feet, to look at the schedule on the wall he's pointing to....

  • Train Stations, Rome

    3. Train Stations

    8.a.m on the June 13-2014: I arrived at Roma Tiburtina station. got onto the Florence-bound Italo train and put my bag on the rack of coach number 6. When the train was still standing at the platform,...

  • Proper Clothing, Rome

    4. Proper Clothing

    There is a dress code if you are to visit St. Peter's Basilica. Shorts are not allowed for men or women, Tank tops, bare shoulders or short skirts are not permitted. Dress appropriately or they will...

  • Traffic, Rome

    5. Traffic

    We are taught to walk on the sidewalk and not cross except at the striped pedestrian crossings. In fact, here in the States legal protection is related to using pedestrian crosswalks. Pedestrians do...

  • Police Behavior, Rome

    6. Police Behavior

    If you get pickpocketed the police will not help you. I was pickpocketed on the metro and decided the best thing to do was to fill out a police report. I went to the Roma Termini Police Station and...

  • Handicaps, Rome

    7. Handicaps

    IT'S VERY DIFFICULT getting around with a wheelchair. Most of the streets are very narrow in Rome, and made of cobble stone. When you go to the Colisseum and areas in the vicinity, it's not only...

  • Gypsies, Rome

    8. Gypsies

    Types you'd least expect to rob you blind will in the Rome train station - and the cops now it well, so beware - nobody official cares. There's a con where a seemingly nice young man offers to help...

  • Taxis, Rome

    9. Taxis

    On March 10, 2014 I took the airport bus (ticket cost 5 euro) to Rome's Central Station- this transport is made easy for your luggage goes into bins, below the seats, outside the bus, which are...

  • Fakes, Rome

    10. Fakes

    Like all the others we were very cautious when in Rome and alert for pickpockets and rose sellers. But One day when we went to visit the Terme de Caracalla, we took the wrong way, missed the entrance...

  • Tourist Menu, Rome

    11. Tourist Menu

    When I posted some of my initial comments about Rome on "that other major social network" a number of my friends were really surprised by the fact that my wife and I weren't big fans of Rome. There...

  • It's hot in Rome!, Rome

    12. It's hot in Rome!

    One of the reasons why we ended up Rome was because we had two weeks off in October and we were looking for a destination where the climate would be nice and...

  • Riots in Rome, Rome

    13. Riots in Rome

    Rome is a capital city in a major country in Europe. It is also the home to a large number of political demonstrations that sometimes get out of hand. See a...

  • Please Pick Up Your Garbage, Rome

    14. Please Pick Up Your Garbage

    Based on a forum discussion this morning I wrote this tip this should be a reminder to all who travel or visit anywhere.Please be considerate of others and pick...

  • Avoiding the pitfalls, Rome

    15. Avoiding the pitfalls

    Because I'm covering multiple corners of Italy, and because certain things to be aware of apply to virtually all of them, I've grouped those under my 'An...

  • TEMPO BRUTO in Rome !, Rome

    16. TEMPO BRUTO in Rome !

    Rome is certainly located in the south of Europe close to the Mediterranean Sea but that does not mean that the temperature is all the year above 20°C and that...

  • pavements..., Rome

    17. pavements...

    Walking with the stroller is not quite easy for mom and dad as pavements are full of motorbikes ,also my dad sometimes parks his own on the soon...

  • Ferragosto Closures, Rome

    18. Ferragosto Closures

    August is the month when most Europeans tend to take their summer holiday and so it is the peak of the tourist season for the more popular destinations. Such...



    Although I do think the warning signs are a bit more scary than they need to be, use some caution around the doors on Metro Trains. They don’t stay in the...



    Pasta DietITALIAN PASTA DIET IT REALLY WORKS !! - However -- consider this comment:Ciao Carol, I enjoyed your pasta diet but I think if I followed the diet, I...

  • Rental Car return at Fiumicino, Rome

    21. Rental Car return at Fiumicino

    I've never thought of myself as directionally challenged (by which I mean both that I can usually navigate well, and I can read), but the rental car return at...

  • Price for Seating and Standing in Bar, Rome

    22. Price for Seating and Standing in Bar

    Everything was nice except that I had to pay 5Euro for each hot chocolate with additional 15% service charge. The so-called Ristorante, Pizzeria and Bar Bella...

  • Should I rent a scooter to see Rome?, Rome

    23. Should I rent a scooter to see Rome?

    NO - NO - NO !!Scooter (motorino) rules are simple in Rome - NO RULES! For people who live here – and who have been ”taught” this system – this can be a great...

  • Water especially for drinking, Rome

    24. Water especially for drinking

    The sale of bottled water is a thriving business in Rome. Generally, we do not drink the tap water, even though it is, of course, treated. The problem is with...

  • The free ride game, Rome

    25. The free ride game

    Italians in every city I have lived - but more particularly in Rome - love to play the free ride game and NEVER buy a ticket to ride the local bus. Well, as...

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