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  • couldn't take photos inside...
    couldn't take photos inside...
    by sue_stone
  • Sistine Chapel
    by Tamrundle
  • Sistine Chapel - good deal

    by EdB67 Written Jun 23, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Those complaining about paying 12 Euros to see some of the world's greatest and most important pieces have no business being in Rome.

    12 Euros is scrapping the barrel, it's about as inexpensive as you can get for anything.

    Those screaming 'tourist trap' - please - the Chapel's location is where it is for historical reasons. It's not a Disney thing.

    There is *one* tiny spot you can buy a trinket - otherwise, it's spectacular.

    There will be way too many people in the room, sadly, this is the 'price' of having something open to millions who want to see it.

    Sistine Chapel is something you should see, it's perfunctory. The Vatican Museum is one of the best deals going, 12 Euros ...

    It's sad and pathetic to see how many lamenting 'Jesus for sale', the Museum is pretty good.

    If you have problem with a tiny fee which probably doesn't even cover maintenance - stay home.

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  • Nothing serene about the sistine...

    by MeaghanC2 Written Oct 7, 2013

    Basically the sistine chapel and it's amazingness is so sold out it hurts. The vatican was amazing in the sense of the history etc but first of all it was 16euro to enter per person which is high way robbery not very church like and the second you get in there you can't wait to get the eff out. It was so over crowded with no regulations on the amount of people let in to view. We almost got into a fight with some *** tour guide and as soon as you got into the chapel all you couldn't take pics or really enjoy it shoulder to shoulder with sweaty strangers and your neck in a messed up position. Although the most entertaining part was when they came on the speaker and said " Silence, silence, shhhhhh" joke. I'm glad I got to see it, but I will never have the urge to want to go back into that hell hole

    Unique Suggestions: Look at the pictures in a book

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  • Beware of the crooks!!

    by sabzoo_80 Written Jul 1, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We (3 of us) had a nasty experience on our way to visit the Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel. As we walked down the street from St. Peter's Basillica towards the Vatican museum to book our tickets, we were sweet talked by an American girl by name "Kandice" into a discounted guided tour to visit the museum & chapel. The tour agency that runs this is called "TOURINROME" and is managed by a woman named "Rosa".

    The deal was that we pay 40 euros per person instead of 45 euros which they normally charge. We were told by Kandice that the entry tickets to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel cost 18 euros respectively, which worked out to 36 euros (per person) in total and they were charging us a mere 4 euros extra (per person) for a guided tour. We thought it was definitely a super deal and worth the amount considering Rome to be so expensive.

    During the tour we learnt that there was just a single entrance of 14 euros for the museum as well as the chapel!! This left us shocked and disappointed. It was an ordeal for us as we had to make 2 trips again to meet up Rosa and get a refund. Kandice had lied to us blatantly about the entry fees.

    The apologies were naturally dramatised by Rosa, Kandice and the others involved and they made it seem like the entry fees keep changing on a daily basis (utter crap). We had paid a total of 120 euros for the guided tour which lasted 1.5 hours and were lucky to get 78 euros back. They charged us only the basic entry fee of 14 euros. As a bonus they gave us passes for the Papal blessing.... That is what I call a miracle!! (Thank you St. Peter)

    Fun Alternatives: Please be aware of such people and always check the entry fees yourself. We could understand if an Italian had done the same and never expected an American girl (who herself was an outsider) to be doing this.

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  • Tamrundle's Profile Photo

    Cistine Chapel - Rome

    by Tamrundle Written Sep 11, 2005

    Michaelangelo's piece de resistance

    Unique Suggestions: Go there on your own so that you can take as long as you like and come to your own conclusions. The more you look the more you see and the more you see you either fall head over heals or go off it a bit.

    Fun Alternatives: Think you should see it at least once in your life

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  • Gooooogirl's Profile Photo

    Vatican Lines

    by Gooooogirl Written May 31, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The line in to the Vatican is unorganized and people are body-to-body trying to get through the metal detectors to get into to stand in another line to buy tickets.

    Unique Suggestions: Females be aware of your personal space in the crowd!

    Fun Alternatives: Go to the Sistine Chapel!

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  • rephluxx's Profile Photo

    Jesus for a price - The Vatican Museum

    by rephluxx Updated Feb 2, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Please don't kill me people, but I found most of the Vatican Museum to be one giant tourist trap. The entry price of twelve euros was very steep. Once inside the museum, it was hard to concentrate on all the beautiful art when literally in every other room there was a shop set up with a cash register whirring and clinging. Once you've seen the Sistene Chapel and you're dying to get out of this financial trap, you have to pass through at least five more gift shops to get out. It really detracted from the beauty of the rooms and art and made me wonder what the REAL point of the Church was.

    Unique Suggestions: Try your best to block the gift shops from your sight and pretend they aren't in every other room cluttering up the old art with modern tourist crap. Try not to cringe at the twelve euro entry fee which is the highest fee I paid to get in anywhere in Italy by far.

    Fun Alternatives: There really is no alternative if you want to see Raphael's famous frescoes and the Sistene Chapel.

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  • Sistine Chapel

    by CDNgirl Written Jan 5, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Its really interesting what a difference timing makes in ones impression of things. I first saw the Sistine Chapel in September 97, it was hot, and way too many people, with a super long queue. I was actually disappointed a bit with all the build up to it. Fast forward to December 2004. I went back to Rome for my birthday with my mom and cousin, and so of course we did all the appropriate tourist things. I could not believe the difference in my experience with the SIstine Chapel. It wasn't hot, it was a bit busy, but not disagreeable, and I really got a good look at the marvelous work that it is. The time and extraordinary effort that went into the painting, just of the ceiling is just amazing.

    Unique Suggestions: - go off season, I cannot stress this enough
    -take your time, you gotta get through most of the Vatican museum first before you even get close to the chapel
    -buy the postcard, not just because you can't take photos inside it, but you will never be about to capture the magnitude of it, never.

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  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    The Sistine Chapel.....

    by sue_stone Written Nov 7, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ok, ok, yes the Sistine Chapel is amazing, and really belongs in the Must See category....but I must admit that I was personally disappointed when I visited it.

    I am not much into art, but I was really really excited to be going to see the famous frescoes painted by Michelangelo.

    Maybe it was because I was already tired from weeks of site seeing....but to get to the "famous" frescoes we had to walk for about half an hour through the museum, yes there was some impressive stuff, but I wasn't really into it.

    Then we finally made it to the Chapel. It was really crowded and everyone was standing necks craned looking at the ceiling. I really wanted to take a photo....but no photography allowed. Yes, it was spectacular, but I kind of felt it was an anti-climax....I mean the museum corridors we had just walked through had equally impressive frescoes on their ceilings.

    I'm sure most of you will disagree, but this is just one girls experience.

    Unique Suggestions: You should go anyway. Just be prepared to trawl through the museum first.

    couldn't take photos inside...
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