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  • Sign you'll find at the entrance of every church
    Sign you'll find at the entrance of...
    by Jefie
  • Typical sidewalk in Rome
    Typical sidewalk in Rome
    by Jefie
  • Comfortable Shoes
    by brendareed
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    A nice vest and good shoes go a long way in Rome!

    by Jefie Written Nov 22, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: There are two things that you must remember to put in your suitcase when packing for Rome to make the most of your trip: comfortable shoes and proper attire to visit churches. These would included shorts and skirts that are of decent length, as well as something that covers your shoulders. Given how hot it was during our trip to Rome, I mostly wore sleeveless tops, but I always carried a vest in my daypack for when we were visitng churches. Sometimes I forgot to put it on, and while it was OK in some churches, in others I was quickly reminded to wear it either by a kind host or by the nasty stares I got from a parishioner. I also noticed that the ever-present scarf sellers tended to walk away the moment they saw me put a vest on, so that's another selling point right there.

    Miscellaneous: As for comfortable shoes, well, you can just forget about wearing those fancy Italian sandals! Rome's city centre is fairly compact and, in my opinion, it is best enjoyed when getting around on foot; however, its +2000 years of history do make for very uneven, damaged, and sometimes just plain dangerous cobbled streets and sidewalks. But leave it up to Italian women to find a way to walk on these wearing 4-inch stiletto heels!

    Typical sidewalk in Rome Sign you'll find at the entrance of every church

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  • brendareed's Profile Photo

    Wear good walking shoes!

    by brendareed Written Jun 1, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good, sturdy walking shoes are a must for this city! The cobblestone streets are uneven and can make for some difficult walking for even the best of walkers. Rome is very much a walking city so you want to be comfortable. Also, if you are touring the museums and churches, you will be on your feet quite a bit. So good solid sturdy shoes that you have broken in before your trip are a definite must pack item. I personally have a great pair of walking shoes that are also waterproof, so if it rains my feet don’t get wet either. Save those heels for other cities or that very special evening!

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  • tropicrd's Profile Photo

    Shoes to wear in Rome

    by tropicrd Written Jul 28, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring your most comfortable shoes (walking and dress) with you. You do a lot of walking in Rome and new shoes will most likely cripple you.

    Miscellaneous: I took my old faithful worn in leather ankle length boots with me to walk around Rome and other cities throughout europe--best thing I ever did and my feet thanked me--I took a pair of black leather dress pumps with a low heel for evenings--they went with everything.
    I never would pack new shoes to take on a holiday,remember if you are travelling long distances or do a lot of walking then your feet swell.
    Thin soles are a no-no but then again those gel pads you can get will cushion your feet and work well.
    True and tested shoes are the answer.
    Enjoy Rome--Dorrise

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  • AWW my poor feet!

    by cotinara Written Nov 27, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: My sister and I economized with the packing. We took a carry-on that was filled with 2 pairs of pants each and enough shirts to last 6 days. The trick is to roll all the clothes to fit properly. Bring an extra bag with you for extras or just buy one while there.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: My oh my! I decided to bring one pair of shoes, but these shoes are the ones I wear on a daily basis here, are broken in, and look good with everything. So I was in for a big and painful surprise when they didn't stand up to the uneven cobblestone roads and the vast amount of walking we did. Ended up with blisters so bad, that my ankle and leg were hurting and was limping the rest of the trip. BRING 2 PAIR OF SHOES WITH YOU TO INTERCHANGE, AND MAKE SURE ONE IS A FASHIONABLE PAIR OF SNEAKERS.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring the bare essentials. Because of the new travel guidelines you want to get the mini travel sizes. Some stuff you can definitely buy abroad other things are better if you just bring them with you, namely deodarant and eye solution for contacts. Get tiny toothpaste, a perfums, and then buy shampoo while there.

    Oh ya, because i was in so much pain I had to stop at a pharmacy and stock up on bandages, blisters doughnuts, and Dr. Scholl's products or 24 Euro worth of foot aid. Not cool.

    Photo Equipment: I just brought a USB cable that I loaded with my days worth of photos and deleted them off my digital camera. You can do this at any internet cafe (which there are aplenty) or in my case my friends laptop.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: We didn't bother with bringing umbrellas and needed them, unfortunately, while we were there. We got them for 5 E and they were really good ones.

    Miscellaneous: Bring the bare essentials, because it really is a drag bringing more than you need. Also worse case scenario you need to go shopping....wait, that can't be that bad;)

    bring good shoes (hah sis and I had same shoes)
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  • mickey69's Profile Photo

    Comfort your feet

    by mickey69 Written Oct 27, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: You need really comfortable shoes.It is a city that you should discover by walking.

    Photo Equipment: Do not forget to bring enough batteries for your camera.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: It is better to take a flask with you.There are lots of fountains everywhere so you can fiil it and don't have to spend much money for water.

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    by sunnysmile Written Jun 3, 2005

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: May light clothing very hot but a little cooler on an evening. comfortable shoes you walk your la lot. if you are a little vain then put another pair of hightheels in your bag to change into for posing

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  • kdee69's Profile Photo

    If you read only one thing, read THIS

    by kdee69 Updated Apr 11, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: I'd read all the blurb, I'd taken fellow VTers advice but NOTHING vould prepare for me for how much my feet ached each night. Invest in the best walking shoes you can find, forget trainers, your feet need support. I'd taken my trusty Doc Martens and I STILL got blisters. Also, invest in some cooling leg gel or foot cream for the end of the evening and if you're going out to eat, forget fancy shoes, you'll be desperate by then for some lovely old worn slippers!

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  • american_tourister's Profile Photo

    Be prepared to walk

    by american_tourister Updated Sep 23, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: A day pack is a necessity and you will also want a net bag for grocery shopping. Carren used one quite extensively. I was the pack mule though. I came back from the supermarket several time with my big backpack loaded down.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Comfy walking shoes. Cobblestones, steps, stairs, and cement. If you wear cruel shoes you will regret it.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Rome is ultra modern so you need nothing special. They have anything you will need.

    Photo Equipment: Buy your film at your local shop before you come. Even though film is plentiful it is expensive here because of all the tourists.

    Miscellaneous: A jacket with lots of pockets is a must. I carried maps, a compass, water, film, etc.

    Decisions, decisions
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  • tini58de's Profile Photo

    Good shoes and tupperware...

    by tini58de Written Mar 16, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good walking shoes!!!

    Photo Equipment: Dozens of films!!!

    Miscellaneous: If you want to use electrical equipment, make sure to bring an adapter with you!!!

    As stupid as it might sound: we had a lunch box with us, which was nice to carry along our sandwiches for our impromptu picnics... (or the salami and cheese to supplement the sweet breakfast at the B&B)!

    Rome impressions

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  • Frisbeeace's Profile Photo

    SHOES !!!!! Just do it !!

    by Frisbeeace Written May 16, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If you go to Rome you go to walk. Worse yet, you go to trek and climb. Leave your leather shoes and heels at home please. Just pack 2 pairs of your most confortable sneakers and that's all you need. It was painful to see girls in heels walking at the Roman Forum and all over the city with granite pavements. I only used my Nike Prestos during all the trip.


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  • volarevolare's Profile Photo

    A very Good Pair of Walking Shoes!

    by volarevolare Written May 3, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Anything's fine really! Up to you! Depends on how you like to travel.

    Me? I had my faithful hardcase suitcase! I love that suitcase -- it's purple and I've got stickers on it! :)

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Utmost necessity -- A very very good pair of walking shoes. I brought a pair of TEVA sandals, but these did not provide enough support. Also, a pair of flat shoes which provided NO SUPPORT! The horrible consequence?

    I couldn't walk when I got back! Really! I had injured my feet soooo bad that it was painful standing!
    Rome has cobbled streets, so it's vital to wear walking shoes with support!

    Other than that, light clothing is alright as summer gets really hot and all you need is a good windbreaker and a light sweatshirt for layering if it gets cold... quite unlikely though... but just in case!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: The usual recommendations -- plasters, lip balm and medication for a queasy stomach.

    Photo Equipment: Now, Rome is sooo beautiful you'd want to take lots of photos (so is the rest of Italy!), so -- bring your own film!
    It's really expensive buying film over there.

    Add 5 more rolls to what you initially planned to bring! :) That should be a good estimate! Really!

    Miscellaneous: Eat gelato, you can drink from the water fountains -- so bring your own bottle for free water refills, and drink lots of wine! :)

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  • squeak_tj97's Profile Photo

    Comfortable shoes a must!!!

    by squeak_tj97 Written Mar 6, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Sometimes I wonder about Italian women. While we were walking around the Roman Ruins, we saw several Italian's wearing high-heel boots. I know they were in pain as we had on comfortable walking shoes and our feet were killing us. We did tons of walking on uneven pavement. I don't understand how they do it.

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  • Kodi01's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by Kodi01 Updated Jan 29, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Tennis shoes are what I recommend for Rome. Although not as fashionable as I like to be, but to see the city, you need comfortable shoes.

    Photo Equipment: A camera to capture the wonderful sights, this is a pic of the Roman Empire and the countries captured before and after.

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  • GroovyDoc's Profile Photo

    Bring the Tennis Shoes

    by GroovyDoc Written Feb 25, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: I read that tennis shoes should be avoided b/c it singles you out as American, so I left mine at home. It was a huge mistake! My feet hurt so bad after 10 hours of walking every day! Plus, I totally looked like an American as I wore jeans, took forever to count my euros, and only knew a few choice Italian phrases. So, forget avoiding the image, and bring the tennis shoes!

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  • cheekymarieh's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by cheekymarieh Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Take some good solid walking shoes. You will need them when you decide that they way to see the city best is to use your feet.

    Fortunately for us, we had the next day and a half to recover as we travelled to Greece!

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