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Waterford Things to Do

  • Waterford Crystal Factory, Waterford

    Waterford Crystal Factory

    The Waterford crystal museum tour is extremely interesting. It is around an hour long but the tour guide will keep you involved and interested the entire time. You will go through a short introduction and then they will take you through an actually working factory. You will be able to watch as the employees are blowing the glass into there shape...

  • Historical Walking Tours, Waterford

    Historical Walking Tours

    Every city should have a character like him! Jack has been doing this tours for more around 25 years and if someone knows the city and its history – well, that's him. The tour lasts one hour and is entertaining as well as informative at the same time in a way which seems to be unique to many tour guides of the British Isles. As of 2015, the tour...

  • Tramore, Waterford


    Tramore Town is built beside the sea about 7 miles from Waterford City. It's well worth a visit, Winter or Summer, but I prefer it in the Winter when it's not so crowded and the beaches are welcoming for walkers and other beach pursuits. Sunday mornings are one of my favourite times to walk here and this morning was no exception. The sun was...


Waterford Hotels

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Waterford Restaurants

  • Bodega, Waterford


    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Bodega has been serving up wonderful food in Waterford for many years, but for some reason I never managed to eat there until October 2006. I was highly impressed and have returned many times since, bringing friends. You know from looking at the shopfront of the establishment that it's going to be that little bit different. Painted as it is in a...

  • Waterford Castle, Waterford

    Waterford Castle

    The restaurant at Waterford Castle is very exclusive indeed, in that it is a place you simply cannot just walk into. It is the main restaurant of this Island Castle hotel and the island itself is accessibly only by private ferry. As you board the ferry a man with a clipboard checks your name against his register to ensure that you're either a...

  • Emilianos, Waterford


    Emilianos is the brainchild of a local Irish/Italian girl, Lavina, and her husband Emiliano. They met several years ago when they were both working on one of the luxury cruise lines, fell in love, and came back to Waterford giving us this delightful eatery. The food is genuinely Italian. Waterford now hosts a number of Italian eateries, and they...


Waterford Nightlife

  • Jordan's American Bar, Waterford

    Jordan's American Bar

    This place calls itself „American Bar“, but has the charme of a good old Irish or English Pub. This is a place where you can sit down for a pint and chat to the regular guests. Atmosphere is relaxed, no loud music or loud telly to disturb you, which means that it attracts some older folk as part of the audience. Still, pub-lovers of all generations...

  • T & H Doolin's Pub, Waterford

    T & H Doolin's Pub

    Have you ever walked past a place every time you're in the City and didn't even think of going inside? Ever wonder what you were missing? Today I was in town shopping for my Vegas trip, and decided I badly needed a coffee. Shopping is thirsty work! I was heading for a "usual" spot, but discovered it was closed and so ended up in T & H's, where I...

  • One of many good nightclubs in Waterford, Waterford

    One of many good nightclubs in Waterford

    Good nightclub, this place is surely not a bad choice for a night out in Waterford. It's the common concept of club music and dancing on weekend evenings and some special nights while it's more a place to chill out and have a drink on the quieter days. Audience is more relaxed than at the clubs up Michael street. There is no real dresscode, but...


Waterford Transportation

  • Public transport, Waterford

    Public transport

    Waterford City is very well serviced by the National Bus Eaireann service which links the city with the other towns in the County and also with the rest of Ireland. The main Bus Terminal is situated on the Quay opposite Dooleys Hotel. The Bus Terminal is a newly built, modern, warm building with plenty of shelter while you are waiting for your...

  • Trains, Waterford


    Iarnrod Eireann runs about 4 trains per day between Dublin Heuston and Waterford (Plunkett). The journey takes less than 3 hours. Moreover the buses of Bus Eireann (see photo) serve Waterford from all major towns in Ireland. For a trip to Tramore or Dunmore East the local buses of Bus Eireann and Suirway offer regular services.

  • Airport, Waterford


    I have a small claim to fame here, but only by association. One of my sisters was the first Airline Station Manager at this airport. She met her husband at a party in the aeroclub there, too, so it holds a special fondness for me. I guess I have my own connection to the place as I was the Lawyer on the Compulsory Purchase of the land to improve...


Waterford Shopping

  • Shopping Centres, Waterford

    Shopping Centres

    It's got everythinggggg for the music lover - all genres - not the standard top 10 you find everywhere - traditional instruments - Massive selection of Irish traditional Music and a database of information on local music sessions make it your stopppppp Local music cds - Danu - Liam Clancy - Paddy O'Brien - Aine Ni Cheallaigh - Gerry Harrington so...

  • Waterford Crystal, Waterford

    Waterford Crystal

    After the tour (which was included in our bus tour so we didn't pay extra for it), we went to the in-house Waterford shop. Afterwards, they told us that they would free engraving if we bought something - which my grandson did. I also paid to have the item shipped home to his family. I felt that I didn't want to have the worry of it breaking during...

  • Alladins Cave of Music, Waterford

    Alladins Cave of Music

    It's got everythinggggg for the music lover - all genres - not the standard top 10 you find everywhere - traditional instruments - Massive selection of Irish traditional Music and a database of information on local music sessions make it your stopppppp Local music cds - Danu - Liam Clancy - Paddy O'Brien - Aine Ni Cheallaigh - Gerry Harrington so...


Waterford Local Customs

  • General Information, Waterford

    General Information

    Smirting is a combination of the words smoking + flirting, geddit? It started when people had to go out for a ciggie after the ban was enforced, and got chatting to fellow smokers outside on the street, eyes meeting across a cloud of blue nicotine... ;) So you may just meet a local hottie in this way!! REMEMBER - Since March 2004, you CANNOT smoke...

  • Gaelic Language, Waterford

    Gaelic Language

    Ireland has a strong gaelic culture. To promote the irish gaelic language, most roadsigns are bilingual: english and irish gaelic. The irish gaelic language is usually known just as irish. The photo shows a bilingual roadsign for Waterford (Port Lairge).

  • Reginald's Tower, Waterford

    Reginald's Tower

    Check out Reginald's Tower. The tower dates from the late twelfth century and is the most historic urban monument in Ireland. The heritage museum houses two collections; artefacts from the Viking and Medieval periods; and collections of decorated charters and civic regalia.


Waterford Warnings and Dangers

  • No Flash Photography, Waterford

    No Flash Photography

    The Waterford factory allowed photography everywhere, but flash was prohibited of the woodworking area, which was enclosed in glass. Of course if you use flash when there is glass or a mirror you will get a reflected flare on the glass. So it wouldn't be a good idea to use flash there anyhow.But I'm not sure that is the reason for the prohibition....

  • The roads can be very narrow..., Waterford

    The roads can be very narrow...

    The roads can be very narrow sometimes, with rocks, walls etc just beside of the road, and the roads almost never have any shoulders at all. We hit a rock in a left curve just outside Waterford...

  • Waterford Hotels

    35 Hotels in Waterford

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Waterford Tourist Traps

  • Waterford Crystal ~over-hyped, Waterford

    Waterford Crystal ~over-hyped

    Waterford is associated with crystal (ie. cut glass) and I have to admit, some of it is beautiful. But a visit to the site where it's made was quite disappointing. The tour around the plant to see how the glass is blown and cut was very quick as though they couldn't wait to get us in the shop, and wasn't even particularly interesting in any...

  • Glass and more glass!, Waterford

    Glass and more glass!

    I'm a big fan of Waterford crystal (and Bohemian crystal...) and visiting the Visitor's Center was really the only reason we went to Waterford. It was...interesting. I especially liked the engraving area and watching the process-such patience! But the tour guide didn't seem to be that enthused and the tour was actually quite short. My mom had an...

  • If you want to find out how..., Waterford

    If you want to find out how...

    If you want to find out how people have been living in Ireland in the past you should visit the Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford. You will find this place to the north not that far from Waterford.For more information, please have a look on my Wexford travelogue to the upper right corner of this page.


Waterford What to Pack

  • Books, Waterford


    The book * Round Ireland with a fridge * written by Tony Hawks is an useful companion for an Ireland trip. It tells the true story of a bet that Tony cannot hitch hike around the circumference of Ireland with a fridge within one calender month. On his trip Tony visits many irish places and their unique people. The book is easy to read and gets you...

  • Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a fridge, Waterford

    Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a fridge

    The book * Round Ireland with a fridge * written by Tony Hawks is an useful companion for an Ireland trip. It tells the true story of a bet that Tony cannot hitch hike around the circumference of Ireland with a fridge within one calender month. On his trip Tony visits many irish places and their unique people. The book is easy to read and gets...

  • Pete McCarthy - McCarthy´s Bar, Waterford

    Pete McCarthy - McCarthy´s Bar

    The book * Mc Carthy´s Bar * written by Pete McCarthy is a fine travel book for an Ireland trip. Pete McCarthy was born Irish but has spent most of his life in England. He therefore decides to do a tour from Cork to Donegal. On that trip he discovers that despite many changes since his childhood, the charm of the Irish people has still...


Waterford Off The Beaten Path

  • Dunmore East, Waterford

    Dunmore East

    The fishing port and seaside resort of Dunmore East only 9 miles south-east of Waterford is worth a visit by bus. The bay of the picturesque village is divided by various cliffs and coves. In the sheltered harbour plenty of fishing boats and yachts can be seen.

  • Ardmore, Waterford


    The town of Ardmore is nearer to Cork than Waterford, but it is in Co. Waterford. It is a lovely little town that is a popular seaside resort in the summer. It features a lovely ruins of St Declan's church and oratory. There's a beautiful 12th century round tower, and this wall of the 13th century church may have been part of an earlier church. The...

  • Kilkenny Castle, Waterford

    Kilkenny Castle

    Have a visit to the lovely inland town of Kilkenny. Here: The Kilkenny Castle. For more photos, please check out my Kilkenny travelogue to the upper right.


Waterford Sports & Outdoors

  • Kiteboarding, Waterford


    I didn't even know this sport existed until quite recently.Regularly on a Saturday or Sunday I will take a walk on the three mile long Tramore beach, and I was surprised to see all the kiteboarders out on the last windy, sunny day that the tide was out.Kiteboarding is a bit like skateboarding, but it is more an extreme sport by reason of the fact...

  • Maritime City, Waterford

    Maritime City

    Waterford is renowned for all things maritime, and in July 2005 it was fortunate to host the world famous International Tall Ships Race. I will post some pics here and elsewhere of this spectacular event, and the good news is that we're planning to host this event again in the near future.In addition to this Waterford City has its own marina right...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Waterford Favorites

  • Historic sites of Waterford, Waterford

    Historic sites of Waterford

    Explore the historic sites of Waterford. The cylindrical Reginald's Tower is Irelands most historic urban monument which is more than a thousand years old. The tower is located in the quay area of the city. Not far away are the impressive medieval city walls and the ruined French Church from 1240 (see photo).

  • Crystal Ball, Waterford

    Crystal Ball

    One of the things in the movie that they show you before you take the tour of the Waterford plant is the crystal ball that ushers in the New Year in Times Square. Having never been in Times Square at New Years - only having seen it on TV, I had never thought about what kind of ball would be dropped. I still don't know why Waterford in Ireland...

  • Extravagant Crystal, Waterford

    Extravagant Crystal

    It seems that whenever I am taking a trip with a grandchild, we always somehow end up at a glass factory. The grandson I took to the Med went with me to the Murano glass factory and bought his folks a present. The granddaughter I took to the Baltic went to Hadeland Glassworks in Norway. And for my grandson that I took to Ireland, this is one of the...


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