Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris

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  • Terminal 2F
    Terminal 2F
    by iaint
  • Charles De Gaulle Airport
    by walkerbyname
  • T2 F to D never far from help tourist desk
    T2 F to D never far from help tourist...
    by gwened

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    CdG - love or hate?

    by iaint Updated Feb 6, 2016

    This airport seems to polarise people. We either love it or hate it. I’m somewhere in the middle, but leaning towards “love”.

    It helps that I’ve used it so often, and know it pretty well as a result.

    Compared to Amsterdam, you have much less distance to walk to the gates but may have to switch between the sections of Terminal 2 - 2E to 2F on my last trip, for example. That’s an easy walk. Sometimes you’ll need a shuttle bus of course, but is that worse than walking the length of Schiphol? Not for me.

    It is less of a shopping centre than Heathrow, where the operators seem to forget the primary purpose of an airport. Amsterdam is too keen on the shopping experience too.

    You have a choice of Air France coach, the TGV or RER to get to/from the city. The RER is a bit rickety, slow and strike plagued but no worse than the London Underground Piccadilly line. The Heathrow Express is fast and comfortable, of course, but at a price. Same applies to the TGV at CdG.

    Schiphol wins hands down on transport links of course - fast, well priced and frequent train connections.

    Terminal 2F
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    CDG Terminal 2 wonderful time

    by gwened Updated Jan 23, 2016

    I have other tips on transportation in Paris and on the airports, but would like to write about Terminal 2 at CDG, over the years it has become my second home. First coming in as a tourist,then as a French visitor, then going in and out as a French resident on leisure and business trips; forgot to count the times passing by here.

    The best way to move between terminals 1,2,and 3 with Roissypole is by CDGVAL train free. See signs for it and separate tip here

    talking about a new satellite terminal from T2 known as S3 and then the S4, and with gates L and M. The terminal E2 together with terminal 2F (transfer in France) with a major correspondance platform. It has two departure areas, a zone of registration, and baggage delivery, ready to welcome 9 millions passanger per year. Giving competition to Heathrow at London.

    It has huge glass windows letting the sunlight shines thru and the passenger to have a wide and nice view of the tarmac. The bois in deco is all over, and the seats on the waiting areas are more confortables and the floor cover in a nice red carpet. A huge metallic cover on which the pylon of steel and the glass panels were mounted, the result is a roof 6 times lighter and could give access to 14 airplanes. It will serve as a departure area for the long distance flights on S3. It measure 750 meters long (2475 feet) and 80 meters wide( 264 feet).

    The satellite S3 has been named as the « la Galerie parisienne> located to the east of terminal 2E and 2F, dedicated to Air France-KLM and the partners of SkyTeam. The Galerie parisienne its a departure satellite, registration and exit of passengers who are not in correspondance it is done by the 2F for those of the space Schengen, for which it is linked by a rolling escalator and at T2E for the international flights it is link by a automatic metro named LISA ,for a traject in about 45 seconds!

    The satellint S4 is located between the satellite S3 and terminal 2G ,and allocated for the long distance flights of Air France and its SkyTeam partners. It could welcome seven Airbus A380 (only 6 at satellite S3),and could handle up to 7,8 millions passengers per year.

    The building is 756 meters long (2495 feet) with two wings of 350 and 290 meters each (1155 and 957 feet respectively), which makes them the longest building in France. The S4 is link to terminal 2E thanks to a continuation of 450 meters (1485 feet) of the metro LISA. It has a wonderful central area of 6 000 m2( about 64 560 sq ft), done after a Parisian plaza and dedicated to non tax stores and restaurants. It ,also, has a beautiful « espace musées » or museum space dedicated to discover the collection of the great museum of France to the travelers. It has three smoking salons with two in the exterior. Air France has done here the biggest business salon in its network with a capacity of 3 000 m2 (about 32 280 sq ft) with 620 seating capacity; just wonderful.

    In all its like never leaving Paris, with beautiful store of renown, great restaurants, and a museum area not to mention my best business salon with French goodies to boot, simply the best airport in the world.

    terminal 2F gates to France entrance Salon Air France T2E gates M T2E to gates M T2E K gates CDGVAL going there
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  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    Arriving CDG ~ Paris

    by kenHuocj Written Jan 12, 2016

    CDG ~ Charles de Gaulle Airport is 14 miles (23 kms) northeast of Paris ,
    my previous stops having been transits, arriving and departing with Air France to and from JNB ~ Johannesnburg with YUL ~ Dorval -Montreal and XDS -Ottawa via station the origin of the multi stop journey.

    This is a large airport so worhwhille being familiar with where you are going, keep an eye on the signs and there is three Terminals

    hre is a site to familiarise you with CDG, getting around between the terminals with the CDGVAL Shuttle and th MAP of CDG
    Terminal 2 is 3 major building with Roissypôle which is the RER link and shuttles to hotels etc

    Terminal 2 of CDG Birds eye view

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    CDG ,you know those letters...

    by gwened Updated Oct 17, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I need to write one because all the bad press these airports gets its unjustified. I use them every month for business, and pleasure a few times a year too. Orly is very small and nice. The issue is with Roissy CDG.
    First its the main airport that service Paris, and its call the Paris airport, but its not IN Paris. It is in Roissy-en France, dept 95 Val d'Oise. This is why the cost is much higher on the public transport 9,50€ nowdays on the RER B( it changes now twice a year so check the RATP site).

    the panels are well indicated and much in English, the folks there all speak English at different levels but undertood plus many other languages. Crowded yes, you are coming to Paris ,for what, you are not alone, almost 30 Million people use per year,the most visited city in the world coming to the most visited country in the World (latest I read 83 million people(2012) more than the entire population of France) so cant have it all nice and dandy with your crowds here.

    Does it needs improving yes It is coming with more restos, toilets,rest areas, wifi areas etc. Would it be enough,doubted never enough for Paris,the most beautiful city in the world and the airport is not so pretty.

    I go by there again twice this month, early next month again; its easy,in and out. Even connecting with the TGV train there was easy and I am not a train person. I leave you with a site in english that can help you a lot it has all needed information better explained than the official airport site of Paris. Hope it helps ,and enjoy Paris,France and the rest...

    and the airport site

    and the train site to get you into the city of Paris
    you hit departure is Roissy CDG and then your terminal, arrival is the address,postal code or metro/rer station you are going to.
    from station RER B terminal 3/Roissypôle and terminal 2
    from terminal 1 free bus navette and CDGVal until terminal 3 / Roissypôle.

    Roissybus leaves for Opéra de Paris
    Terminal 1, arrival levels gate or porte 8
    Terminal 2A and 2C, porte A9
    Terminal 2D, porte B11
    Terminal 2E and 2F, porte 5 galerie de liaison( connection hall)
    Terminal 3, arrival hall
    To go to CDG you go by Opéra Garnier at the angle of rue scribe and rue Auber, closer to the Place de l'Opéra (75009).

    Cars Air France buses leave from
    Line 2, à destination to place Charles-de-Gaulle Etoile
    leaves from
    Terminal 1, gate or porte 2, arrival hall
    Terminaux 2A and 2D porte6
    Terminal 2C, porte5
    Terminal 2E and 2F, porte 3, galerie de liaison(connection hall)
    To go back to CDG you take the LIne 2 at Place Charles-de-Gaulle-Étoile, corner with 1 avenue Carnot 75008.

    Line 4, destination Montparnasse
    leaves from
    Terminal 1, entrance 32, arrival hall
    Terminals 2A and 2C entrance c2
    Terminal 2D, entrance b1
    Terminals 2E and 2F, entrance 3, galerie de liaison(connection hall)
    To go back on LIne 4 to CDG you go at Montparnasse on the side of rue du commandant-Mouchotte, 75014.

    to transfer between CDG and Orly
    Leave from Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle from terminals 1 (gate 32), 2A and 2C (gate C2), 2B and 2D (gate B1), 2E and 2F ) gate E8 or F9) to Orly. Leave Orly-Sud (gate D) and Orly-Ouest (gate L) to Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle. schedules :every 20 minutes from 6h to 15h (14 h in direction CDG-Orly) then every 30 minutes until 22h30. times is about 1h30 mn about. Tariff now 21 € ; 35,50€ A/R, per person.
    Roissy Rail + Orlyval ;from Roissy, navette then RER B until Antony and finally Orlyval between Antony and Orly,time 6h to 22h15. Tariff now 19,50 €.

    you can take Bus n° 351 from pl. de la Nation, times :5h35-20h20. less expensive but longer duration cost is about 3 tickets or 6 € and about 1h40 traject. or bus no 350, from the gare de l’Est traject about 1h15. arrives at Roissypôle-gare RER.

    easyBus a new alternative, departs every 30 minutes from near Palais Royal, 2 place André Malraux, facing the Comédie Française (Metro Louvre/ Palais-Royal). Minibus for 16 passengers, ,traject is about 45-60 mn. running between 5h45 and 1h. tariff now at 2€ one way if reserve in advance you can pay less here

    some airlines confirmations KLM and Alitalia comes in and depart on T2F gates F21 to F36
    Air France do it at terminals 2C,2D,2E,and 2F
    Delta, Aeromexico;Korean Air and Aeroflot do it from terminal 2E
    Czech Airlines is from Terminal 2D
    as frequent blue

    Update ,starting October 1, the Terminal 2F will be entirely European airlines destinations.

    terminal 2E has two boarding areas on gates E21 to E47 and on gates E51 to E76 and Air France has lounges in both boarding areas.
    Navettes or buses arrive in Terminal 2A N3 from door C4 and bus N1 from door AO5 on the public zones. to arrive at 2B, take bus N3 at door D4 and bus N1 at BO6 door
    Arriving at 2C, bus N3 at gate C4 and bus N1 at gate CO5. arriving at 2D, take bus N1 at DO6,and bus N3 at gate D4/ arriving at 2E, take bus N2 at gate galerie de liason,galerie 4,and bus N1 at gate EO4. arriving at 2F, take bus N2 at gate galerie de liason, galerie 6, and bus N1 at gate FO8. arriving at 2G take bus N3 , to terminals 2A,2B,2C,2D,2E,2F,and bus N2 to train station.

    if arriving at gare TGV or SNCF, take bus N3 at door or porte D4 to terminal 2G or N1 to terminal 2A,2D, the others can be done on foot. The big P red is a customer service desk to help you at all times. Symbols with the two planes in opposite direction is the one for information on tranfers or correspondance flights. You ,also have self service bornes with electronic information on your transfer and alternatives if late.

    There is parking premium you can reserved in advance and then move by RER to Paris so not needed to drive in the city if that is a bother.

    maps showing parkings

    You have children areas at T2A,T2C, . T2E

    Taxis are Alpha taxi 01 45 85 85 85
    Taxi G7 01 47 39 47 39

    taxi stands
    Terminal 1 exit/sortie 20 at arrivals level
    Terminal2A and 2C exit/sortie 6
    Terminal 2D exit/sortie 7
    Terminal 2E and 2F exit/sortie 1
    Terminal 3 exit/sortie pf arrival hall
    count on about 50€ to Paris center but rates can differ, ask before getting in the car!

    health or pharmacy at CDG 01 74 25 12 12.
    you can leave your luggage with the private outfit who runs it Bagages du Monde at TErminal 2 telephone 01 34 38 58 90
    if you need to contact the airport from abroad dial +33 (0) 1 70 36 39 50
    Police at CDG +33 (0) 1 48 62 31 22

    and of course toilets, there is a New Zealand company that is managing the toilets for a fee that can be as much as 0,70cents Euro. By the SNCF train level in T2

    premium service like Concierge you can contact +33 (0) 1 48 16 11 12 or

    easy transfer between terminals with CDGVAL, an above ground train running between terminals 1 2 and 3 in addition to parking X,and above ground buses will take you to terminal G

    For cash ATM are located in 25 different places all over CDG, with full staff banks at Terminal 2D-2F and Gare TGV and store zones between terminals D and F, mondays to Saturdays from 8h45 to 17h
    post offices at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2A

    lugagge storage by Bagages du monde at Terminal 1, porte 14 departure level (8h - 14h)
    terminal 2 gare TGV-RER level/niveau 3 facing the hotel Sheraton (6h - 21h)
    Terminal 2A, gate/porte 3 departure level (8h - 20h)
    terminal 2F, porte 4 arrival level (7h – 19h)
    contact telephone +33 ( 0) 134385890

    Tourist information points are found at
    Terminal 1, arrival hall, porte 4 (7h – 20h30).
    terminal 2C, faciing porte or gate 12 (7h – 14h15).
    terminal 2D, porte 5 (8h – 22h30).
    terminal 2E, arrival hall , porte 8 (7h – 21h30).
    terminal 2F, arrival hall, porte 10 (7h – 21h30).

    maps of terminals
    Terminal 1
    Terminal 3
    Terminal G
    Terminal 2F
    Terminal 2E
    Terminal 2D
    Terminal 2C
    Terminal 2A
    map/plan TGV Sncf trains

    T2 connector to SNCF trains and RER to Paris when you need domestic connections T2 D gates area T2F out to roissypole hotel complex T2 F to D never far from help tourist desk
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  • easyBus is now the cheapest way to Paris from CDG

    by walkerbyname Written Jun 26, 2015

    We used the new easyBus (from the airline easyJet) bus service from Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris when we visited last week.

    The bus cost us less than 5 euros each and is a direct service into the centre of Paris. Their prices start from 2 euros when booked online at

    The buses leave every 30 minutes from Terminal 2 exit door number 5.

    Recommended to book online to get the cheapest price.

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    CDG Terminal 1 still there

    by gwened Written Mar 22, 2015

    Well those that have come to Paris France for older years can remember this was it, and CDG has grown over the years, this is Terminal 1 and finally some photos to talk about the one terminal I use now least but still do.

    cdgfacile or easycdg webpage and the official ADP site
    and map of Terminal 1

    Here you have the CDGVAL train connector with the rest of the airport now. Very simple terminal and some restos such as Brioche Dorée departure by CDGVAL, caffé Ritazza , Grand Comptoir,McDonalds, Hippopotamus steakhouse, and Starbucks in public areas and past security you have Bar 436 ,407,and 428, caffé Ritazza on satellites 1,2,and 6.Brioche Dorée in satellites 4 and 7, and Restaurant La Terrasse.

    For visitors you have passport control if coming or destination out of Schengen, and security passing required if coming from outside Schengen.

    This terminal is round in a circular motion,level CDGVAL you have registration zones 5 and 6 and boutiques and restaurants as well as train station CDGVAL. on departure level you have registration zones 1 to 4 and airline counters. At the departing point only passengers allowed. You pass by controls to get to your gates. at the Arrival level you have the car rentals, taxis and level Bleu, Rouge, Vert parking P1

    The train to Paris RER B as well as TGV train is taken to T2 with the CDGVAL train (see tip for it). OTher than given a bus to transport you from T1 to T2 by the airport the best method is the CDGVAL train.

    Feels nostalgic here ::)

    entrance Terminal 1 T1 going to gate to board from tarmac Terminal 1 T1 gate 27 waiting T1 boarding gates
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    CDGVAL train at CDG

    by gwened Written Mar 22, 2015

    Ok on the many questions on transferring at CDG the Paris airport in Val d'Oise dept 95 I will try to get an update now that can show some photos. I passed by this airport every month for upteens years and the question is how to transfer between terminals 1,2,and 3. Easy on the train CDGVAL

    This so call airport shuttle is a monorail type train linking the terminals and it is free. The more use Terminal 2 is link for public transportation for the bus N-1 that also does the run outside terminal 2 A,B,C,D,E,and F as well as the SNCF /TGV stop. The navette bus N-2 goes from T2 G to T2F connecting with the rest. The TGV and RER B and you have the Sheraton hotel here too. However, the CDGVAL is inside the terminal .

    The location is easy because it has in the panels the big words CDGVAL and you go for it. From Terminal 2 right between T2 A D and E F going 24 hours and 7/7 days for free;You first come to parking Px continues to Terminal 3 or Roissypôle where the hotels Hilton,Ibis,Novotel and Citizen M are as well as the RER B paris by train, the hotels navette buses, and the bus terminal that can take to many towns in the region which I have taken as well.

    You continue to Parking Pr (where the hotel Mercure and the CDG convention center are )and finally to Terminal 1 which I use this last time thru here. It works like every 4 minutes between 4h30 and 1h30 and between 1h30 and 4h30 every 20 minutes. Very easy to take and it has speaker announcement to tell you when to get off. It is close between 1h (1am) and 4h (4am).

    CDGfacile or easy CDG has a nice webpage to explain further.IF you need more detail let me know.

    T2 going to take CDGVAL directions to CDGVAL right getting into CDGVAL at T2 map of route of CDGVAL platform of CDGVAL at T2
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  • Gypsystravels's Profile Photo

    Flying into GDG with American Airlines

    by Gypsystravels Updated Mar 3, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Charles de Gualle Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in Europe and every major (and minor ones too) airline have flights to Paris via CDG. Although the airport can be a bit confusing, transportation into Paris city center is quite easy.

    I usually only fly American Airlines into CDG as I am an elite member and with two direct flights from NYC, it's easy and convenient for me.

    The flight is about a nice and comfortable 8 hours, with pleasant flight attendants.

    All of the American Airlines flights arrive/depart from Terminal 2A (Except flights to/from London which are in Terminal 2B).

    For information about which terminal your flight will arrive in, check out the website below.

    On our way to Paris Doing a bit of work
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    lounges at Paris airports

    by gwened Updated Jan 29, 2015

    you can contact the airline you are flying for the booking; or the airport directly Icare lounge in the sud terminal for about 30 euros per person
    here is more info in English

    AF has big comfortable lounges in all terminals, my usual one is at T2 E, F and K.

    these AF are the ones I use and they are superb.all sky team members can use. They are great
    of course you have to be a frequent flyer qualifying miles

    salon AF by T2E L gates AF salon T2E k gates from AF lounge at T2E AF salon T2E M CDG looking out from salon at T2E M gates CDG
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  • Charles deGaule Airport

    by alaningrambrodie Written Sep 10, 2012

    Lots of experience flying into CDG it can be a long taxi as huge airport.You are never sure if the planes going to a gate or you can be dropped off on the tarmac and the dreaded bus.Then they have the passport check which causes a tailback.Sorry if being negative but one hour is not enough 1 1/2 is more realistic especially if you have to catch the train shuttle as well delays there also.Dont expect much help from the ground crew as few speak english and you are more likely to be sent the wrong way.Plenty of maps on the web best do a bit of homework so you have an idea.The TGV station is however well signposted.Best of luck

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  • Malecka's Profile Photo

    Flying to CDG

    by Malecka Written Aug 20, 2012

    Needless to say, our trip supposed reaching Paris by air, and so we arrived at CDG airport. Definitely not one of my favourite airports – chaotic, not very well organized and rather tiring – but, it is what it is. We decided to go to Paris with RoissyBus. That seemed to be the smartest choice after the research we did. It was quite easy to do that. As soon as we exited from the gate, right across there was a RoissyBus stop, inside was a ticket machine and so we bought our tickets there. There are buses frequently so in about ten minutes we were on our way to Paris.
    Just as simple and easy was on our way back. We took the bus from the Opera stop – it’s well marked, there’s also a ticket-machine there, and you won’t miss it. Timetable is available online and prior to the travel date, it’s easy to plan going to the airport.

    Roissybus info found at:

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  • walterwu's Profile Photo


    by walterwu Updated Aug 2, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At Denfert-Rochereau, you get all the conveniences in one place.

    There is a Charles de Gaulle Airport train service, Orly Airport Bus Service, Metro Station and the Hop-On and Hop-Off Tourist Bus (L'Open) stop.

    For train service to/from Charles de Gaulle Airport, the service is full of commuters until it reaches Gare du Nord international rail station, which is in between Denfert-Rochereau and the Airport. Ticket to CDG cost about 8-9 Euro each. Give yourself more time to reached CDG Airport. The train I was on made an unscheduled stop at one of a station on the non-stop section of the route and that took at good 10-20 minutes waiting time before continuing the final leg into CDG Airport.

    As for the Orly Airport Bus, I didn't try it but I believe this is the starting point of the service. Hence should not have problem getting onto it.

    L'Open also calls at this location as the Catatombs is one of the tourist spot.

    Behind the station, there is the Mariott Hotel. I stayed at Hotel du Lion with a view of the Eiffel Tower and Tower Montparnasse. There is Monoprix market, cafes and eateries.

    On top of that, the famous Catatombs is just across the road from the metro station.

    By the way, this first picture was taken on 19th July at 9:00pm at night.

    Public Bus start start to Orly Airport Orly Airport Bus up close RER Train to CDG Airport (single deck ones) Metro Catatombs Entrance with long queue along the road
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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Paris Airport to Town and Back

    by cochinjew Written Jun 15, 2011

    Having taken the taxi twice this last month from cdg to Paris, it is between 62 to 70 euros one way.
    Many flights arrive at that time, it does matter whether you are flying AF or someother airline, since the terminals are different altogether and Skyteam flies out of 2E and F where as Star Alliance flies out of Terminal 1 which is altogether at a different place (cant walk from there to 2). if you are flying into 2 and flying out of 2 , that would help you save a little time as well.
    Train takes about one hour and hopefully there wont be a strike that day.
    so you have about three hours in Paris.
    If you are flying Air France you could use their arrival lounge, if you are a Premium member or for a fee at some other lounge so that you can have a shower and freshen up. There is not a whole lot to do at Paris Airport apart form munching or imbibing something (be prepared to pay 5 euros ie 6.5 dollars for a cup of tea!
    Taxi could take up to one hour to get to the centre of town, even though on sunday mornings especially around 9 am when you would be getting out, the traffic would be light going into town.
    for three hour visit to Paris, you would pay around 140 euros in taxi ie close to 200 dollars. a breakfast could be had for about ten dollars each.
    Good Luck.. another thing is to talk to a Taxi driver and organize to and fro for a fixed sum including some sightseeing in Paris.. drive around the major sites in the centre... you could do that for about 150 euros.
    I have a contact for a taxi who charges 62 euros to pick up and 60 euros to take you back, no extra charges regardless of the route and the traffic.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Airport Accomodation

    by cochinjew Written May 23, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Six hours is too short a period of time to get out of CDG and then look for a hotel nearby, there are cheap hotels for around 40 euros per day, no fractional rate.
    If you are member of Air France FF or any other airlines associated with AF, then you can use their arrival lounge free of charge. There are showers and comfortable seats and food depending upon the hour of the day: breakfast or lunch. it closes around 12 noon or 1 pm.
    Are you coming in on one airline and then leaving on another? then you might have to go out of the terminal. Depending upon the terminal you would be using, you can buy a day pass for around 50 usd

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  • Pieter11's Profile Photo

    Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

    by Pieter11 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The biggest airport of France, and one of the biggest in Europe, is Charles-de-Gaulle Airport north of Paris. In 2008 more then 60 million passengers crossed this airport, making it the 5th biggest airport in the world.

    CDG has three terminals, all handling both local and intercontinental flights. The terminals are all connected by the CDGVAL, a sort of metroline that makes a connection every few minutes.

    It's very easy to reach the Airport from the centre of Paris, using the RER line B. Station Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1 is the best one to take for Terminals 1 and 3, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 – TGV is the best one for Terminal 2. For a trip to the airport from the citycentre you'll need to calculate 45 minutes...

    There also is a TGV (highspeed-train) station on the airport making it very easy to reach a lot of French cities with a fast, direct connection. For other European destinations you'll need to change on one of the other TGV-station in Paris. For more info about this, check out my TGV-tip.

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