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    by keeweechic Updated Aug 8, 2006

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    Service charges are included on all restaurant bills at a cost of between 10 and 15 percent. Extra tips are accepted of course if you have received above good service. s fair to add a little more if the meal and service has been exceptional. Taxi drivers expect tips of about 10 percent of the fare. Hairdressers will expect about 10% also. Porters, doormen and room service can be offered a small gratuity.

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    Service compris

    by CALSF Written Aug 1, 2004

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    Tipping can be a bit tricky in Paris for tourists. That's because there is nothing called "tipping" in Paris. It is called "service". And service is included usually in your hotel rate and in your restaurant prices.

    In regards to restaurants, if the service is included the menu will have clearly written on it "Service compris" meaning that service is included and it's usually 15% of the tab. But local custom is that if you are very satisfied with your waiter's service then you may leave a few spare change in addition.

    The tricky part is when a patron asks the waiter if the tip is included in the total and the waiter will say "no". That's because it's true, there is no tip so he will say "no". Then upon hearing that the patron will leave a tip of 15%.
    Recall that the service of 15% is included already in the total so the service plus additional tip will have come up to 30%!

    So don't ask if the "tip" is included-ask instead if "service" is included. If yes, then no need to leave anything unless you are very happy and satisified with your server; in that case leave some loose change or so in addition.

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    Service compris

    by Dabs Written Jan 3, 2004

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    If you see "Service compris" on the menu, it means that the tip is included. From what I've read, it is customary to also round out the bill with some small change if you are satisfied with the service.

    I didn't notice this until the 2nd restaurant, no wonder the waiter in the 1st restaurant shook my hand so warmly when I left him a generous tip :-)

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    15% Service Compris

    by Carmela71 Updated Dec 16, 2003

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    Check in your ticket if the 15% Service Compris is written there, that means that you do not have to leave a tip.

    But if you found that service was great, is up to you!

    At the beginning we were a little surprised as we had a total and the VAT (IVA) after it, so we did not know if it was already included, and the answer is YES is it was included.....

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    "Service compris"

    by OrlandoBR Written Mar 3, 2003

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    One good French idea is to include the tip on the price of your food. Personally, I don't like to have to add an extra 15% to whatever I must pay, so it's always comforting to read "PRIX NETS - SERVICE COMPRIS......15%" on the bills.

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  • Tipping in restaurants:In...

    by JennyLuker Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Tipping in restaurants:
    In Parisian restaurants the service charge is ALWAYS included. You do not need to leave a % of the bill in addition.
    HOWEVER - it is polite to leave 1 - 2 Euros discretely on the table as a thank you.

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    by BenFromParis Written Aug 24, 2002

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    I know, for lot of travellers who come in France and especially for those who come from north america it's hard for you to leave a restaurant withou a tip on the table but in my country and in Paris you'll never have to let a tip. French law obliges every kind of taxes and tips to be included in the final price on the bill (restaurants, cafés, etc...). So, if you want you can but it's really rare for us.

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  • Dont go by the dumb American...

    by Allycat Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Dont go by the dumb American principle of 15% tip regardless. This is moral cowardice. Make a statement in your tipping! Tip like you mean it. If you get lousy service, leave nothing. If the service was good, but the food indifferent, leave at least 20 francs (sorry, 3.0492 Euros); it probably wasnt the waiters fault, he did his best. If service was good, the waiter pleasant, and the food great, show your appreciation; 50-100 francs. Dont
    overtip, however; its considered vulgar.

    Learn some French. The French are terrified of losing their cultural identity under the Anglo-Saxon 'steamroller', and object to visitors insisting on ignoring their superb language.
    Speak a few words of French at the outset; dont worry if your pronounciation isnt great, the effort will be appreciated.

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    TIPPING - Usually in...

    by Chris_Dahlia Written Aug 24, 2002

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    TIPPING - Usually in restaurants and cafes, the bill includes tips. If not, then you need to pay 15 - 18% for tips. For taxi, it is usually 15%.

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