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  • Nissi Beach Hotel
    by greekcypriot
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  • Dining out in Cyprus is fun!
    Dining out in Cyprus is fun!
    by greekcypriot

Ayia Napa Things to Do

  • Beaches, Ayia Napa


    Golden sands and clear waters! The Landa beach is also called ‘Golden beach’. Located between Nissi beach and Macronissos beach.* It gets crowded during the high season, but it is not that crowded like Nissi beach.

  • Waterworld Waterpark, Ayia Napa

    Waterworld Waterpark

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This resort town, with its great beaches, has a bit of a Spring Break atmosphere (the parties start in the late afternoon and go all night). If dancing in a bikini is not your thing, though, no worries—you can explore a Medieval Monastery or enjoy cruises on the lovely blue water. Families will want to visit Water World, the biggest theme...

  • Cruises and Boat Trips, Ayia Napa

    Cruises and Boat Trips

    Though it is mainly a show for kids but I couldn't resist the pirate ship, always admired it. The ship is a theme for Black Pearl (from pirates of the caribbean Movie) and the crew are dressed like the pirates in the movie. They sail with sounds effects and do a little show for the kids followed by a stop for swimming, then another show then...


Ayia Napa Hotels

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Ayia Napa Restaurants

  • An excellent meat meze, Ayia Napa

    An excellent meat meze

    This restaurant was established in 1989 by two brothers, Theo and Peter. They know the secrets of the Cypriot cuisine and know how to receive very well their clients. By the way, it was here I learned about the origin of meze.If you have no idea what means meze, just think about small portions of several traditional dishes. Basically, the main...

  • Nutritional Information -Dining in..., Ayia Napa

    Nutritional Information -Dining in...

    In Cyprus almost all menus are in English or in Greek and English, so you don’t have to be concerned about not knowing what you order.Although some restaurants do offer some recipes that are different, primarily food is very similar to western dishes so you should have no fears of the “travelers’ tummy”.Like everywhere you travel, there are often...

  • Great Italian Food, Ayia Napa

    Great Italian Food

    This resturant has very friendly staff, good service and very tasty Itallian food. We ate here several times during our stay in Ayia Napa and where always very satisfied. I've travelled extensivly in Italy during the last few years and the food in De Medici and the dishes served are defintly authentic tasting, with a menu (as is common in Italian...


Ayia Napa Nightlife

  • Party Time, Ayia Napa

    Party Time

    Whilst Ayia Napa has cleaned up its act from the hedonism of the ‘noughties’ there is still a good time to be had.The centre, tranquil during the heat of the day, comes alive around 11pm and later still the streets are heaving with partygoers.There’s bars and clubs to suit all tastes and with internationally renowned DJs playing the clubs in the...

  • Best Place For Party, Ayia Napa

    Best Place For Party

    Brand new bar opening for summer 2011 and beyond. Brand new eqipments, well trained and experienced staff to make you feel welcome, great party atmosphere to make you have a good time and 2 massive bars to serve you with coctails of your choice

  • Dance Tradition is popular in Cyprus, Ayia Napa

    Dance Tradition is popular in Cyprus

    Cyprus also has rich musical and dance traditions quite distinctive from those of Greece. Instruments that typically accompany folk dances are the violin and laouto, a lute with four double strings played with the quill of an eagle or vulture. Many Cyprus dances are performed face-to-face and as a suite. Both men and women are very nimble-footed...


Ayia Napa Transportation

  • Cheapest Option from Larnaca -Ayia Napa, Ayia Napa

    Cheapest Option from Larnaca -Ayia Napa

    You can get to Ayia Napa easily from Larnaca using the OSEA Buses however because the bus makes several stops the duration of the ride is approximately 120 minutes, which is ok if you are not in rush. It is the cheapest ride and an opportunity to pass through several small villages and see a bit of the Larnaca/Famagusta –non occupied district if...

  • In General, Bus Service throughout..., Ayia Napa

    In General, Bus Service throughout...

    Bus Routes all over Cyprus Lefkosia: www.osel.com.cy Lemesos: www.limassolbuses.com Pafos: www.pafosbuses.com Larnaka: www.zinonasbuses.com Ayia Napa -Paralimni: www.oseabuses.com Intercity Routes: www.intercity-buses.com

  • TAXI, Ayia Napa


    There´s no problem to get a taxi in Ayia Napa. They are everywhere. We stayed at a hotel about 3km outside Ayia Napa and the fare was 8 Euro, no hussling and no meters, just ask the driver before you get in the taxi to be sure.If you want a great taxi driver you can call Maria, her cell phone number is 00357 99405524. You can hire her for a whole...


Ayia Napa Shopping

  • SUPERMARKET, Ayia Napa


    You can find supermarkets in every corner in Ayia Napa, there you can find everything from food and drinks to souvenirs, clothes, beach things, toys ect ect.

  • Purchase cleverly, Ayia Napa

    Purchase cleverly

    I don't want to give names of shops here. Leather goods are sold everywhere on the island.What To Buy: If you come to Cyprus you will surely buy anything that has to do with leather.This can be a leather suitcase, (even if it is not leather, the quality is good and much cheaper than anywhere else). Trendy bags, and trendy clothes from the many...

  • What to Purchase, Ayia Napa

    What to Purchase

    Cypriot wine - the iconic local variety known as Commandaria is strong, sweet and somewhat akin to Porto wine Lacework of an intricate nature - from the village of Lefkara. Zivania - is a strong spirit based alcoholic drink Leather goods such as shoes and handbags Jewellery


Ayia Napa Local Customs

  • Plug-Adaptors & Electricity in Cyprus, Ayia Napa

    Plug-Adaptors & Electricity in Cyprus

    Electricity in Cyprus has 220 Volt, but the plug might be different from the one that you use in your homecountry and so it will be the best to take an adaptor-plug with you, because even the big hotels obviously dont have a single plug in the rooms for the ordinary plugs of Europe.Charging your batteries etc. will only be possible when you have...

  • strange trafic-signs, Ayia Napa

    strange trafic-signs

    It took me a few seconds before I understood this strange combination of trafic-signs, that would never be placed next to each other in another part of Europe according to my experience. The red ring around the white centre will normally mean that ALL vehicles, including the bicycles are forbidden in that side-road,but in Cyprus I saw more of such...

  • What locals do, Ayia Napa

    What locals do

    Cypriots from other towns of Cyprus when they usually go to Ayia Napa: they share an appartment between 4-6 of them, hire scooters take their FOUKOU, to light the fire in so they can make SOUVLA or SOUVLAKIA. During the day they go to konnos bay or sunrise beach. At night they go to clubs that usually only Cypriots visit like Guru or -2 or bikini...


Ayia Napa Warnings and Dangers

  • Avoid Political Discussions, Ayia Napa

    Avoid Political Discussions

    It is best to avoid discussion of the various merits of the Greek-Turkish divide and events beginning in 1963 in some quarters. Any sully of Archbishop Makarios will be looked down upon. Discussions on the political situation should be prohibited.

  • Stay Safe, Ayia Napa

    Stay Safe

    Cyprus is a remarkably safe country, with very little violent crime. Cars and houses frequently go unlocked. That said however, it is wise to be careful when accepting drinks from strangers, especially in Ayia Napa or Protaras, since there have been numerous occasions of muggings. Note also that the numerous Cypriot "cabarets" are not what their...

  • Take Precautions in case of a heatwave!, Ayia Napa

    Take Precautions in case of a heatwave!

    The island, lying in the east of the Mediterranean, is a hugely popular destination and attracts thousands of tourists coming throughout the world each year.Cyprus is in the grip of a heatwave with temperatures in places reaching a searing 43 degrees Celsius. Visitors are advised to take precautions against the extreme heat by drinking plenty of...


Ayia Napa Tourist Traps

  • Nicosia - view from high-up, Ayia Napa

    Nicosia - view from high-up

    Go to the top floor of Debenhams' store on the Greek side - it leads to the viewing tower which is well worth a look.From there you can see across the green line to the Turkish side - with a great view of the huge "Turkish" Cypriot flag drawn on the far mountainside, and the mosque etc.Remember to take your passport if you wish to cross the "green...

  • Tipping in Cyprus, Ayia Napa

    Tipping in Cyprus

    Hotels and restaurants normally include a service charge of around 10%-15% in the bill. If a service charge is not included, tipping of 10%-15% is expected. Taxi services expect a 10% tip, however it depends on you and how satisfied you are to offer a tip.

  • It can be too Noisy, Ayia Napa

    It can be too Noisy

    Agia Napa is voted as the #1 beach among other 25 European beaches this year (2011).It will surely be quite noisy because many people will want to visit.Those who don’t enjoy noise and bright lights are advised to stay clear of the central monastery square area which is where most of the popular nightclubs are found.The main clubbing season is...


Ayia Napa What to Pack

  • Avoid burned lips - bring chapstick with..., Ayia Napa

    Avoid burned lips - bring chapstick with...

    The sun in Cyprus is burning hot and if you're not careful you'll get burned very bad. Some places are more painful and unpractical, such as your lips and scalp. Make sure you bring (or buy) lip balm/chapstick with SPF/UVA/UVB-protection to avoid swollen, sore, patchy, dried, painful lips.

  • Expensive alcohol: stock up on the..., Ayia Napa

    Expensive alcohol: stock up on the...

    If you're going to Ayia Napa, you're most likely going because you want fun and sun and lots of partying. A little advice on the way; buy alcohol at the tax-free before you leave. Cyprus is very expensive, the local super markets in Ayia Napa know that the young people will buy alcohol at any price and therefore the prices are crazy (e.g. £2 for...

  • Don't Forget The Suncream, Ayia Napa

    Don't Forget The Suncream

    In summer, light clothing is all that you will need. Comfortable, flat footwear is best as the roads and pavements tend to be a little uneven. An underwater disposable camera is a good idea if you decide to go scuba diving. You can get some magnificent photos in the crystal clear waters around the coastline. If arriving in summer make sure you...


Ayia Napa Off The Beaten Path

  • the well with an animal-head, Ayia Napa

    the well with an animal-head

    This great well is inside the monastery of Ayia Napa and water is running out of it all day long. That animal-head might be a sheep maybe, it is not easy to see that clearly.The monastery was built around the natural springs that were found in this place and you will see the water running through a small channel through many parts of the monastery....

  • a wonderfull chandelier in the..., Ayia Napa

    a wonderfull chandelier in the...

    Dont miss to take a closer look at this wonderfull chandelier in the monastery-church ! There are so many great details in the fine work, see some of the best parts of it when you enlarge my extra photos as well ! This chandelier was obviously built first for candles and was electrified finally for the modern times.

  • the beach of Saint Thekla was great, Ayia Napa

    the beach of Saint Thekla was great

    There is a great sandy beach next to the chapel of Holy Thekla,in a distance of about 4km west of Agia Napa. There at the beach you will find a large carpark and a few restaurants and other facilities, this beach was the best that I could see from the road, the other great beaches - if there are any - might be next to the large hotels along the...


Ayia Napa Sports & Outdoors

  • Free Accompanied Walks, Ayia Napa

    Free Accompanied Walks

    Walks Accompanied by a guide (Participation Free)Every Monday (November – March) Tours to Agia Napa in English and German.Every Friday (November – March) Tours to Agia Napa in Swedish and English)To book you have to contact the Tourist Information Office.Tel: 23721796.Starting point: Tourist Information Office, Agia Napa.

  • Beach Activities in Agia Napa, Ayia Napa

    Beach Activities in Agia Napa

    Agia Napa’s sandy extensive silvery sandy beaches are washed with warm waters providing a myriad of opportunities for water sports.Water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, pedal boats, motor boats, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling are very popular in this beautiful Caribbean like resort!The Cyprus Tourism Organisation supervises the...

  • MLdivers, Ayia Napa


    I recently went to ayia napa in cyprus with some friends and we decided to give scuba diving a try. We went with a company called ML Divers. They were all english and when talking us through what was invloved they clearly knew exactly what they were talking about. I was very apprehensive at first but the instructors were excellent. They were very...


Ayia Napa Favorites

  • Internet Access in the area, Ayia Napa

    Internet Access in the area

    cr update this tipYears back tourists used to pay much to have internet connection.Lately, most hotels provide free Wi Fi internet connection even in rooms....it always depends of course on the hotel. It is provided totally Free in all common areas however.

  • Eat Traditional Cuisine, Ayia Napa

    Eat Traditional Cuisine

    What is the Traditional Cypriot Diet?The traditional Cypriot diet is a healthy one and it is based on vegetables, salad, wholemeal bread, fruit, olives and olive oil, cheeses and small quantities of meat.

  • General Information on Cyprus, Ayia Napa

    General Information on Cyprus

    Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 1st May 2004 with Euro being the official currency since 1st January 2008.Visas: No visas are required for entry into Cyprus by nationals of most European countries. Nationals of other countries should contact the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus, or if none, the nearest British...


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