Bulgaria Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by bakalapoe
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by kharmencita
  • see the lattice behind me...a big hole!
    see the lattice behind me...a big hole!
    by kharmencita

Bulgaria Warnings and Dangers

  • dangerous, Sofia


    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    Upon leaving a nightclub near the city center at around 02:00 with my Bulgarian girlfriend a young man about 20 aproached us he said somthing in Bulgarian( I dont speak it) my girlfriend shouted at me to give him my wallet, at this point he waved a large kitchin knife in my face.NOTE unless you are trained in unarmed combat just give him your...

  • Stay AWAKE!, Sofia

    Stay AWAKE!

    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    As an employee of the Italian embassy told me on one of my first days in Sofia, when you walk in Sofia, you should always look downwards to avoid falling in one of the several holes that "decorate" the local sidewalks, but also upwards to avoid crashing against a street sign. She was right: several weeks later, I did crash against a street sign...

  • Beggars, Sofia


    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    It's still some poverty in Bulgaria, even though the economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Some beggars complain about the situation in the country, and use inventive methods to get money from tourists. "Bulgaria robbed and stole my identity. I need refugee status in another country".

  • everything in bulgarian, Sofia

    everything in bulgarian

    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    if something could drive me crazy is walking by sofia streets and i can widespread this comment to others eastern countries...why ..because its so hard to find which is that street or that square... besides its all in cyrilic, just cyrilic so its so hard the first and the second time you get there !! actually the first days are so hard to...

  • Concrete Jungles, Sofia

    Concrete Jungles

    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    When I first saw Sofiya, it felt a lot like 'deja vu' & I had to keep reminding myself I was not across the Black Sea in Ukraine, for so many things here are so similar, on first impression. Unfortunately, this includes the state of the roads, & having thought that Ukraine had the worst in Europe, now I reconsider after second impression, because...

  • Orientation in Sofia when driving, Sofia

    Orientation in Sofia when driving

    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    Yes, Sofia is a big city and has all the advantages and shortcomings of the large towns - it is busy and full of live, noisy and dynamic, crowded and so huge, maybe a little more dirty and still with lots of nice gardens and parks. But if I am to give you some useful advises I can tell you this: 1. Never take too much money with you when you go out...

  • Street people..., Bulgaria

    Street people...

    As a member of an EU member state, a lot of recent member states have received a lot of criticism for corruption, not least of which is Bulgaria, where it has been said that; "the only thing that is organised is the crime" (!)I've visited the country twice now, but have not encountered any signs of the crime wave that is supposed to exist there,...

  • English written, but not spoken..., Bulgaria

    English written, but not spoken...

    If I was to recommend to somebody considering travelling to Ukraine or Bulgaria for the first time, I would advise that in the beginning, they try Sofiya...In many ways, Bulgaria is the 'shallow end of the pool', & an easier experience than going in at the 'deep end', such as Ukraine...Bulgaria allows 1 to become acquainted with Cyrillic signage &...

  • Mugged, Attacked and left unconscious, Bulgaria

    Mugged, Attacked and left unconscious

    On Monday night, 21st May 2012 my friend was attacked, robbed and left unconscuius outside the ARDA hotel in Sunny beach.He was found by security staff, his legs and arms cut and in a seriously beaten up.The Rep for Balkan holidays has not shown and the police have been of little help.So take note - DO NOT CARRY YOUR CARDS or large amounts of...

  • Be Watchful. You Drive Your Own Issues, Bulgaria

    Be Watchful. You Drive Your Own Issues

    Be watchful. Have fun. Walk with a purpose but it is fine to wonder. Not certain that this is a place that I'd care to wonder around too late at night. I did a little. But, didn't seem like the locals really carried about seeing a "Caramel colored" guy taking a simple jaunt to a hotel or two.I didn't do the club thing. Someday. Note the graffiti...

  • Gipsies in Bulgaria, Bulgaria

    Gipsies in Bulgaria

    Oh yes, even tho we don't like to admit it ,gipsies are bulgarian cityzens too. they clean the streets , work in construction , are very talented with stealing,own bears, beg on the streets , live on our taxes....

  • Health (2), Bulgaria

    Health (2)

    Another urban legend is that there is a problem with dogs, a problem so big, that government cant control it anymore. These dogs are in possession of rabbis and they should be very aggressive. Well, you don’t have to take precautions against rabbis for this problem does not exist that excessively. There is no enormous overcrowded dog population in...

  • Changing money, Bulgaria

    Changing money

    There are many exchange offices that sell and buy currency not at the official price.My advice is to exchange money in banks or use ATM but if you don't have that chance ask.Get informed for the currency when you come here(1 EUR = 1.96 lv) and when changing make your own calculation and ask how much you'll get. It could sound stupid or something...

  • Rounding Up The Exchange Rate, Bulgaria

    Rounding Up The Exchange Rate

    Most Bulgarian hotels, certainly those that you can find online, quote their prices in Euros. The official exchange rate is 1.9558 leva to 1 Euro but many hotels, when it comes to paying the bill, round this up to 2 to 1.It doesn't sound a lot, but on a 150 Euro bill the difference amounts to 6.63 leva which is the price of a decent lunch at a...

  • Don't Drink Rakia as a Digestif!, Bulgaria

    Don't Drink Rakia as a Digestif!

    Rakia is a distilled spirit which can be found in many of the Slavic countries. Different variations are made from various fruits including plums, grapes, peaches, quince and sometimes apples. It's simpy a way of using up the harvest's overstock. In Bulgaria it is produced both industrially and domestically - it is perfectly legal to do your own...

  • If You're Driving In Bulgaria..., Bulgaria

    If You're Driving In Bulgaria...

    ....what looks like a Latin "Y" is the Bulgarian symbol for a learner driver. Think about how the experienced drivers drive and it'll make the learners even scarier: - Do they really learn to drive like that?When I stayed at the Lion Hotel in Sofia my room overlooked the crossroad at the Lion Bridge and I can personally attest that that's how they...

  • Oh dear..., Bulgaria

    Oh dear...

    Much as I enjoyed my trip to Bulgaria, I must mention one problem I ran into in every place I visited.The toilets are usually filthy! AND they charge for them. Even inside of museums and monasteries and so on. Always carry disposable toilet seat covers and your own toilet paper or tissues with!

  • driving licence scam, Bulgaria

    driving licence scam

    On a recent trip through Bulgaria ,We were pulled over by the police accussed of speeding the driver was taken into a roadside office and driving Licence taken off her the officer then demanded 200 euros for the return of driving licence no evidence of speeding offered and trust me on the road in question you wouldnt be speeding . On pleading lack...

  • GPS Navigation, Bulgaria

    GPS Navigation

    If you use GPS Navigation the map of Bulgaria might consist only of the major roads (i have McGuider, good for instance in Croatia, but usless in Bulgaria, where you need it most). Since the different online maps for Bulgaria are not reallygood it might be the sae for most GPS systems.

  • Street Money Changers, Bulgaria

    Street Money Changers

    It might seem a bit obvious but don't be fooled by the guys on the street offering to change your money at a better rate than the bank can. However someone somewhere must be foolish enough to do so otherwise the guys wouldn't be touting.How the scam works is quite simple: in 1999, after a period of rampant inflation, Bulgaria revalued its currency...

  • Bulgaria. danger roads, Bulgaria

    Bulgaria. danger roads

    I "made" last summer 2000km in Bulgaria driving my Honda.Many Conscienceless Drivers run and overtake careless, danger roads, deep holes, bad signals Limited velocity 40-60km, but nobody cares they run 100-120Km/hPositive: if something goes "wrong" You can explain-negotiate with local policemen2007 summer; unleaded 95 = 1 euro, tolls for one week,...

  • International Train Robbing of tourists, Bulgaria

    International Train Robbing of tourists

    As we were two girls travelling alone; Eastern Europe is still somewhat unsafe. We were catching the train from Sofia to Beograd (Belgrade) in Serbia, the train conductors were rather suspcious looking and had been drinking alot stumbling past our couchette carriage checking if we were still awake. We were lucky that we made friends with the...

  • Jelly fishes in water, Bulgaria

    Jelly fishes in water

    When swimming or diving in our seaside, be aware of jelly fishes! this year we had them a lot on our coast!

  • money madness, Bulgaria

    money madness

    please when in bulgaria use the banks of hotels for changing your monies. there are people on the streets offerning a really good exchage rate. but please please don't do it. you'll end up with pieces of paper instead of money. i saw it happen a few times while i've been on holiday. don't flash your cash. keep it safe. use the hotel safes if...

  • Address Registration, Bulgaria

    Address Registration

    You'll need an address registration with the local authorities if you are staying in Bulgaria for more than five days. If you are at the hotel, they will register you automatically. In case you are staying at a private house you will have to go to the local "passportna sluzhba" with your host and get it done. You might have to queue for a while,...

  • Life savers off duty after 5pm, Bulgaria

    Life savers off duty after 5pm

    In 2005 a 17 year old girl drowned at Suncev Breg (near Nesebar), after someone saw her struggling in the water and told a lifesaver to go and help her. His reply was 'I'm off duty'! (the time was 5:30pm). NEVER swim alone, and be cautious of the Bulgarian 'Life Savers'....i nearly got punched buy one because I hesitated to get out of the knee...

  • Danger: hate mail from Bulgarians, Bulgaria

    Danger: hate mail from Bulgarians

    I get a lot of rather amusing hate mail from Bulgarians who read the travel warnings I have posted here and choose to take offense. Please note that the warnings are not my own; they come from the web site of the U.S. Department of State. If you don't like what they say, I suggest that you do what you can to promote changes in the situations that...

  • travel advisory, part 3, Bulgaria

    travel advisory, part 3

    Copied from US DOS Consular Information Sheet September 6, 2006:"Taxi drivers often overcharge unwary travelers, particularly at Sofia Airport and the Central Train Station. We recommend travelers use reputable taxi companies with cars that have meters and clearly marked rates displayed on a sticker on the passenger side of the windshield....

  • travel advisory, part 2, Bulgaria

    travel advisory, part 2

    This is copied from the U.S. Deoartment Of State Consular Information Sheet for Bulgaria, published September 6, 2006:"Travelers should pay special attention to the drink prices at high-end bars and nightclubs. There have been instances of travelers being charged exorbitant prices, especially for champagne and hard alcohol. Bills have been as high...

  • travel advisory, part 1, Bulgaria

    travel advisory, part 1

    This is copied from the U.S. Deoartment Of State Consular Information Sheet for Bulgaria, published September 6, 2006:"A series of bombings and shootouts have occurred in public places in Sofia. It is believed these shootings are the result of turf wars among organized crime groups. These groups often travel in convoys of late-model SUVs and luxury...

  • ladies of the night., Bulgaria

    ladies of the night.

    unless you are out in the early hours you wouldn't even know they were there,but down by the beach in the early hours,be carefull of the prostitutes,i heard about a man who had his wallet stolen,they come at you in groups,and the plan is one gets your attention,while another tries to get your wallet,to put you at ease,they only seem to go for...

  • Roads and Pavements, Bulgaria

    Roads and Pavements

    The roads and pavements (sidewalks) are in poor condition and quite shocking. I almost twisted my ankle twice or even disappeared down a hole of some sort.. Keep an eye on where you walk..

  • Toilets, Bulgaria


    Toilets! The toilets here in Bugaria can be an adventure all in themselves, and anyone who may think toilets are uniform and bland hasn't been to a bathroom here!! Where it is a hole in the floor with a scary old babuska with a mop at the ready... Remember never look down if you wear glasses!

  • Money Exchange, Bulgaria

    Money Exchange

    Never change money from men on the street offering higher rates, they are professional thieves. You can go to an currency exchange location. There are many and not hard to find. But if you don't want to pay currency exchange fees, You can go to any ATM (at a bank, instead of a stand alone machine) take out your money (in bulgarian currency). Most...

  • Pick pockets, money exchange and if car..., Bulgaria

    Pick pockets, money exchange and if car...

    1) An own carIn June 2003 there was still a mad law. If your car is stolen you must pay import taxes from that. It can be up to 12 000 Euro. Such a law will probably be cancelled some day but at the moment do not visit Bulgaria with your own car.NOTE : (16.5.2006) Bulgaria is propably joining Europian Union in the year 2007. Therefor this mad law...

  • bad roads, Bulgaria

    bad roads

    unfortunately roads in bulgaria are not the best, esp. the second-class roads between smaller cities or even roads in the cities( see the photo of a road in varna); sometimes in order to protect your car and kidneys u have to drive with 20km/hand the thing that drives me crazy the most is the lack of roadsigns (someone makes business out of...

  • Hmm, Bulgaria


    Bulgaria joined NATO in 2004, some people were happy about it, some weren't. Bulgaria is supposed to join the EU in 2007 and some people are expecting rise in prices of almost everything (we are not so sure about the rise of salaries, though). So if you want to pay less visit Bulgaria before that.On the pic here you can see the official...

  • Don't park!!!, Bulgaria

    Don't park!!!

    I would love these guys to move the lazy buggers who park'n'ride outside my house every Saturday!! Don't park along the sea front on Sunny Beach, they don't like it! You won't get a ticket or a telling off, but they will make sure you have to pay to get your car back!This made our day....I suppose I could get away with putting under Transport Tips...

  • Cyrillic alphabet, Bulgaria

    Cyrillic alphabet

    Make sure you can at least read Cyrillic, for everything is written in this alphabet. Even if you don't speak bulgarian you can already read a map and destinations buses are taking you.

  • Drinking water, Bulgaria

    Drinking water

    Native people drink water from water tap...but tourists are highly recomended not to do that. You can buy big bottle of 10l of water for about 2 leva (1 euro). It is cheaper to buy these big bottles then smaller ones.

  • Urtica dioica, Bulgaria

    Urtica dioica

    While hiking in the mountains , watch out for Urtica dioicaThis herb stings ,avoid touching it or walking around with unprotected skin areas . On the other hand it tastes better than spinach when cooked and it is packed with iron that is good for the blood and vitamins C and K.My herbs book says it's good by rheumatism and other deseases.Around...

  • Speeding, Bulgaria


    Be warned the Police being very hot about speeding.However the traffic all moves fast. So just by keeping up you will be breaking the speed limits.I was pulled by the police for doing 99kph in a 50kph zone. One of the policemen spoke good english and told me off for speeding. He threatened a punishment, but was kind enough to let me off with a...

  • Leva instead of Euro,why?, Bulgaria

    Leva instead of Euro,why?

    There were two different circumstances when we needed it and didn't have it: first, after we've lost the good way and found out that we were going in the wrong way we've had to buy some gas and the man from gas station didn't wanted to sell it in Euro so we've had to go find another who accepted it but made a double price; second, when we stopped...

  • Change rates dropping... as the sunset..., Bulgaria

    Change rates dropping... as the sunset...

    After 6-7 pm you'll notice that the Lev sell rate will suddenly drop, as the change booths working after 8pm are hard to find.I walk by a booth in Sofia railway station (one of the worst places where to change €, $ and £) that showed 1.87.. and 30 seconds later it was mysteriously 1.80!!

  • Taxi Drivers "pumping" the meter, Bulgaria

    Taxi Drivers "pumping" the meter

    The "in"-famous pump to pump up the credit is not only near the pedals...So, beware of taxis that have some adhesive tape around the steering wheel... it's hiding a button on the back.And if you see the credit going up not by the usual 2-4 (slotinki) cents but suddenly by 20c... better change taxi!


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