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  • Things to Do
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Balchik Things to Do

  • Queen's Maria of Romania Castle, Balchik

    Queen's Maria of Romania Castle

    If you are a romantic person, you can walk along the alleys of the beautiful gardens or along the seaside. Many flowers in hundreds of colours, cactuses, big trees, artificial rivers, pools and waterfalls... in a word a wonderful place to visit!

  • Queen Mary's Palace, Balchik

    Queen Mary's Palace

    The most important place to visit in Balchik is the Palace of the former Romanian Queen Mary - wife of King Ferdinand of Romania (reign 1914-1927).The palace was built between 1926-1937 when Balchik was inside Romanian territory (now it's only 65 kilometers below the Bulgarian-Romanian border).The palace is not a big palace but is very nice, the...

  • "Dvoreca" (The Palace), Balchik

    "Dvoreca" (The Palace)

    It 's referred as the Palace but actually is the former summer residence of Queen Maria of Romania. So u won't see luxurious palace! But the treasure is in the beautiful gardens. The villa is designed by the italian architects and builders Augustino and Amerigo. The gardens are "speciality" of the swiss florist Jules Jany.Balchik is a small town...

  • Why not to bother with the Botanical..., Balchik

    Why not to bother with the Botanical...

    Visiting the Botanical Gardens... forget it if you are disabled. We were greeted by a surly guard at the gate who basically looked at our european disabled pass and told us to 'get lost'. the woman taking money was equally unhelpful and told to us to park over a mile away and walk down the hill. When I told her my wife had trouble walking more that...

  • Architectural Diversity, Balchik

    Architectural Diversity

    Whilst Balchik is definitely trying to position itself as a tourist attraction it is still very much a working town and as such has quite a diverse range of buildings. This makes the town itself worth a wander as you never know what'll be round the next corner.

  • Queen Marie's Palace and Gardens, Balchik

    Queen Marie's Palace and Gardens

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit these on this trip but they certainly look well worth devoting a couple of hours to on my next excursion.Whilst Balchik was under Romanian rule, 1913 to 1940, the Romanian Queen, Marie of Edinburgh, was so impressed with the town that she had her summer palace constructed on the seafront. The main building...

  • Balchick Gardens, Balchik

    Balchick Gardens

    The Balchick Palace Garden is a truly Botanical Garden, established in 1955, it's huge (65,000 sqm), with 2000 species of plants and the second largest (after Monaco's) cactus species zone (1,000 sqm). The rose gardens are fantastic, as well as the rest of the areas with flowers.

  • the botanical gardens and Queen Maria's..., Balchik

    the botanical gardens and Queen Maria's...

    The Queenn Maria's Palace is a nice place. There are some other buildings worth visiting in the complex too. The Palace itself is very nice but if you are looking for something special you can be desappointed. There are some rooms with a few pieces of furniture. But remember it was only the summer residence of the Romanian Queen. The palace was...

  • The palace complex and the botanical..., Balchik

    The palace complex and the botanical...

    The picturesque park is arranged in 1924-1936 on the project of the French garden designer Jules Janine. It comprises more than 200 tree species, numerous flowers, boasting of a unique collection of cactus plants (more than 250 species). There are more than 3000 rare and exotic species of plants in the botanic garden. It is part of the teaching...

  • The old palace, Balchik

    The old palace

    The old palace - built in 1924-1931 by the request of the Romanian queen Maria. The authors of the construction design are Italian architects.The main component buildings (10 villas and a chapel) freely combine elements of various architectural styles. The Palace Complex consists of the central palace with a high tower, numerous buildings in a...

  • The amazing botanical garden@Dvoreca, Balchik

    The amazing botanical [email protected]

    My favourite is the botanical garden. It's associated withe the Biology department at the Sofia University. So it's not only beautiful garden but also very professional and valuable! It has more than 200 tree species, some of which are real paleontological treasure. Ginko biloba is a real living fossil for example. It is the oldest living tree...

  • Botanical garden in Balchik, Balchik

    Botanical garden in Balchik

    Entrance is 5 leva for one person and you can spend there as much time as you want. Don´t forget to see the cacti part and also the small minaret.

  • Gardens at Baltchik, Balchik

    Gardens at Baltchik

    Visit these gardens at Baltchik, 10 lev to get in to both the gardens and the castle of the ex-Queen Marie of Romania, called the "Quiet Nest ". Surrounded by its whitewashed cottages that overlook the sea.

  • MOSQUE, Balchik


    Don't have any data about this mosque, neither about muslim population in Balchik, but it sure looks abandoned.

  • ORTODOX CHURCH ..., Balchik


    ...within botanical gardens complex. There are also some buildings in Bulgarian national revival period style.


Balchik Hotels

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  • Bisser


    I recommend this hotel but don't forget ask for Double Superior rooms. All of them are renovated in...

  • The Valeo Hotel

    The Valeo Hotel

    I stayed there in 2007 and it was a nice stay. The hotel is simple but efficient. It is not on the...

  • Paris Hotel

    Paris Hotel

    12, Sborno miasto, St.1, Balchik, 579, Bulgaria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Balchik Restaurants

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Selena: Lunch Straight Off The Boat!

    by johngayton Updated Jan 11, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I passed this little place on a chill, but sunny, January early lunchtime on my wander along the seafront it seemed to be the only place doing any real business. More importantly one of the local policemen was having his lunch there. That was therefore a double reason to bookmark it as a candidate for my own lunch.

    Heading back an hour or so later Selana was still doing quite a reasonable trade, considering that there was virtually no-one else around. As I arrived a couple of local fishermen were selling their catch from a makeshift stall and a couple of bagfulls were sold direct to the restaurant's chef.

    This is a smart, modernly-upscale, looking place on the ground floor of its eponymous hotel. The menu, in Bulgarian and English, is more snacky than formal and, as to be expected, with a definite slant towards seafood. Despite the decor the menu prices were very reasonable, cheaper than similar places in Varna and certainly cheaper than I remembered from my last visit to nearby Golden Sands.

    My young waiter was cheery and friendly, although we did manage to tie each other in knots when I tried to order in Bulgarian and he attempted to take my order in English - the problem being that there was no draught beer which I thought he was saying there was "No Beer" - as you can imagine that caused me immeasurable consternation! However we soon sorted that out and a bottle of Kamenitza was duly forthcoming.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for the Safrid - deep-fried scadfish - which were mouth-meltingly fresh and perfectly cooked in the lightest of coatings. Instead of the normal plastic bottle of faux-lemon juice this came accompanied by a tangy chilli and ginger dressing which lifted the fish from good to the haughty realm of "Delish". The cheesy chips equally good and the beer cold and cheap.

    For less than 10 leva for a spot-on light lunch overlooking the harbour this was pretty much perfect!

    Lunch Frontage Local Fishermen (from where I was sitting).
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Balchik Transportation

  • The Minibus Service From Varna, Balchik

    The Minibus Service From Varna

    Balchik is about 40 km north of Varna from which there are regular minibus services, roughly every two hours, with a journey time of about 45 minutes. The local bus station is in the town centre from which it is a short downhill walk to the seafront.This is a pleasant journey as the road follows the hilltop along the coast passing the resorts of...

  • Boat trip, Balchik

    Boat trip

    you may a rent a boat - it costs 50 lv/hour = 25 euro/hour for the whole boator you may get on to the 'ships', for example to the 'Ship of the Pirates', I think the price was 10-15lv

  • trip to Varna/Nessebar with a boat, Balchik

    trip to Varna/Nessebar with a boat

    There is regular boat route: saturdays from Varna to Balchic and back to Varnaand tuesdays to Nessebar, the return is by a bus


Balchik Local Customs

  • All Hi-Tech Stuff!, Balchik

    All Hi-Tech Stuff!

    This little fishing boat, moored away from from the others with its own little slipway and winch, caught my eye. I presume it belongs to one of the local restaurants and should I ever happen to be in Balchik when its landing its catch then that's where I'll be for dinner.It's an attractive boat, good berth, but what I was most impressed with...

  • Wrapping Up The Palm Trees For Winter!, Balchik

    Wrapping Up The Palm Trees For Winter!

    Summers in Bulgaria can be blisteringly hot whilst winters can be almost Arctic - the highest recorded summer temperature being 45.2 degrees centigrade (1916 in Sadavo) and the lowest -38.3 (Tran 1947). The Black Sea coast doesn't suffer these sort of extremes but is certainly warm enough in summer to allow palm trees to flourish. In the winter it...

  • Bulgarian Folk Music, Balchik

    Bulgarian Folk Music

    There are live performances every day at about 4pm. You may enjoy listening to the Bulgarian folk music and watching Bulgarian folk dances. It is free of charge. And you do not need to be a guest at the casle. Just walk to the castle and see it from the beach.


Balchik Off The Beaten Path

  • #2 Heading South, Balchik

    #2 Heading South

    Heading south from where the town's main street meets the harbour the first mile, or so, is where all the development is. Continuing past this there is a road which follows the shore as far as Albena (I think). This was constructed at the same time as the EU-funded Coastal Protection Dike and whilst it is used by motor vehicles these seem to be...

  • #1 - Heading North, Balchik

    #1 - Heading North

    There's no coastal path as such as you head out of the town to the north but there's a sort of side road which skirts the sea with places where you can get off-road for great panoramic views of the town and the bay. There's also some interesting flora and fauna to be observed and you can watch the cormorants, as well as the locals, fishing if...



    Few kilometers north from Balchik, there are really beautifull beaches under cliffs. The beaches are clean and peacefull - oppsite to Varna beach. You can easily find a romantic bay just for yourself.To get there take the Balchik-Kavarna road, after few kilometers turn right into one of numerous macadam roads.


Balchik Favorites

  • Swimming in the Sea, Balchik

    Swimming in the Sea

    Balchik is very much a working port and so swimming is only advised in the designated areas between the breakwaters. Despite the rocky shoreline the main part of the bay is relatively sheltered and free from underwater hazards. During the season the recommended swimming areas are watched over by lifeguards.

  • Balchik Tourist Information Office, Balchik

    Balchik Tourist Information Office

    There's quite a usefully-located tourist office down by the seafront on Ribarski Square, at the start of the main ul Primorska. On my visit the place was shut (it seems it's only open May to September) but there is a detailed local map outside if you just need to get your bearings. There's also a public telephone and quite often a taxi or two on...

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