Vienna Tourist Traps

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  • Euronet ATM Lugnercity
    Euronet ATM Lugnercity
    by lotharscheer
  • Euronet ATM
    by lotharscheer
  • UK phone booth
    UK phone booth
    by croisbeauty

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Vienna

  • Euronet ATM, Vienna

    1. Euronet ATM

    Euronet ATM is charging an extra € 1,95 per transaction on all their ATM machines in Austria. They are mostly at supermarkets and in shopping centers, also in the airport (but there are also other...

  • Holiday accommodation trap over charge, Vienna

    2. Holiday accommodation trap over charge

    Watch out if you rent holiday apartment/room in Wien because they could over charge foreigners and this happened to me. First I was in Wien last summer and I...

  • Nothing to see, Vienna

    3. Nothing to see

    Mozarthaus in the center of the old town, literally doesn't have anything to see ... None of the people I spoke to at the house could tell me if the music...

  • Phone booth, Vienna

    4. Phone booth

    Do you still remember such a phone booths which, not so long ago, used to stand on every corner in the cities? I recall with nostalgia of those times when we...

  • Avoid Exchanging Money at Bureau De Change Stalls, Vienna

    5. Avoid Exchanging Money at Bureau De Change Stalls

    Many Other countries in the world don't charge Commision Rates in the Money exhange transaction but here in Europe and even in Vienna, most Bureau De Change...

  • Watch where you walk!..., Vienna

    6. Watch where you walk!...

    Watch where you walk! Austrians have lots of dogs and if you don't want to clean your shoes all the time.. walk carefully. Bring dogs inside restaurants is also...

  • Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House), Vienna

    7. Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House)

    After many years in Vienna, I decided to see the Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly house), which is part of the Palmenhaus (Palm house or greenhouse) within the...



    A lot of cities have discount cards which I quite often buy after researching if they are worth while.For me, the Vienna card WAS NOT.Yes, you do get transport...

  • Free walking tours, Vienna

    9. Free walking tours

    I read a lot in last year about free walking tour trough some European cities such as Belgrade, Prague or Sofia. There is very good promotions on social...

  • Brick wall is not brick! :), Vienna

    10. Brick wall is not brick! :)

    When we walked around Vienna, in the centre (1-st district) we saw big brick cube and it was not only one cube, but a few of them. From first sight it seems...

  • The CAT - fast train to/from the airport, Vienna

    11. The CAT - fast train to/from the airport

    Not worth the triple price compared to the regular S7 train. When at the airport, the walls and signs literally scream with their ads beckoning you to take it...

  • Horse carriage in the cold!, Vienna

    12. Horse carriage in the cold!

    I don't know how it is in the warmer months but during the winter the horses seem to suffer. I felt sorry for them but we could really do anything, I guess when...

  • Fiakker, Vienna

    13. Fiakker

    It is some kind of a lovely tourist-trap: The Fiaker - it is a horse-drawn carriage like it used to be the only "taxi-service" of the times of imperial Vienna...

  • Bottled Water @ Hotels, Vienna

    14. Bottled Water @ Hotels

    I found that the Tap water in Vienna is perfectly find and there is absolutely no issue when you drink it. Vienna is a developed country and one does not have...

  • Mozart Balls (Not what you think), Vienna

    15. Mozart Balls (Not what you think)

    The Mozartkugel (English: Mozart ball), originally known as the “Mozartbonbon”, was created by the Salzburg confectioner, Paul Fürst in 1890 and named after the...

  • Don't Do the Opera House Guided Tour!, Vienna

    16. Don't Do the Opera House Guided Tour!

    I went on a guided tour around the Opera House with a group of friends. The tour cost is Euro 6.50 per person for about half an hour, and I don't think it was...

  • Expensive Beverages in City Centre, Vienna

    17. Expensive Beverages in City Centre

    When summer comes to Vienna, it comes suddenly and with such heating force. One day, it is nice and cool, and then the next, it is hot and sunny. When it gets...

  • Opera tickets sellers, Vienna

    18. Opera tickets sellers

    Vienna is the city where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived. And of course you will notice it. Especially in the summertime there are street sellers dressed in...

  • Tourist guides in Royal dresses around palaces, Vienna

    19. Tourist guides in Royal dresses around palaces

    I came across this in more than one tourist location in Vienna and hence, I was forced to conclude this as a tourist trap. To me it was simple. These men dress...

  • Garden Not Completely Free, Vienna

    20. Garden Not Completely Free

    This is just a word of caution regarding the Schonbrun Garden. Although the main garden is free, the smaller but more spectacular Princes Garden, has an entry...

  • TAXIS to and from the AIRPORT !!!, Vienna

    21. TAXIS to and from the AIRPORT !!!

    Viennas airport is situated in Schwechat, 18kms from Viennas city center and lies in the federal state of Lower Austria.Flagging down a taxi in Vienna for a...

  • Prater, Vienna

    22. Prater

    Even though it was restored, a visit to Prater is just a trip to lose as much money as you can. They charge adults between 3.50 - 8 Euros / ride in this...

  • Ticket sellers on the street, Vienna

    23. Ticket sellers on the street

    You will see many men dressed in Mozart-like costumes trying to sell you tickets to a classical music concert. While the product they sell isn't at all bad,...

  • Coffee houses turned tourist traps, Vienna

    24. Coffee houses turned tourist traps

    Vienna is famous for its coffee houses and they are indeed something special. Now, with that comes the exploitation of tourists, unfortunately. Luckily, most of...

  • Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly Greenhouse), Vienna

    25. Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly Greenhouse)

    In a beautiful greenhouse in the Burggarten, part of the Hofburg complex, is the Schmetterlinghaus, advertised as "Vienna's Historical Butterfly Greenhouse"....

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