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New Zealand Warnings and Dangers

  • Departure Tax at the Airport, Christchurch

    Departure Tax at the Airport

    Christchurch Warnings and Dangers

    Departure Charge for International Flights You no longer need to pay a a separate departure charge at Christchurch Airport. NZ$12.50 will be applied to each international arrival and departure as part of the airfare costs. Refunds If you believe you have paid more than NZ$25 for your return trip, or NZ$12.50 each way, then you can request a...

  • at nite, Christchurch

    at nite

    Christchurch Warnings and Dangers

    although a visually stunning city, christchurch is quite dangerous at night. I lived there for four years, and got regularly hassled by groups of drunk young guys (15-20). the most dangerous areas at night are at the sydenham (pronounced sid-nam) end of colombo st (most cars parked there overnight get damaged, if not all), in and around the city...

  • Air pollution in winter, Christchurch

    Air pollution in winter

    Christchurch Warnings and Dangers

    Christchurch lies on a river plain and most of the time in winter it's not that windy, so the smog settles pretty quickly. Add to that all the fireplaces and woodburners in people's homes than you have a recipe for bad air. It's supposed to have been worse 10-20 years back, but I think it's still bad. So bad that when I went to Wellington on a...

  • Smokers, Christchurch


    Christchurch Warnings and Dangers

    You need to be 18 years or more to buy alcohol. So if you want to buy alcohol in supermarkets and liquor stores you will be asked for identification of age if you look under 25 years of age. For Example; Drivers Lic Passport Identity card

  • Rebuttal, New Zealand


    Some of these posts are hilarious.For starters, drink driving is not socially acceptable and is seriously frowned upon. If you got the impression that NZ tolerates drink driving you need to question the company you keep on your travels. Losers drive drunk, anyone in NZ will tell you the same and we have very harsh legal penalties for anyone found...

  • Warning to foreigners in NZ.., New Zealand

    Warning to foreigners in NZ..

    NZ is the most dangerous country in the world for foreign visitors...more than 1 500 dead in less than ten years since 2000 till 2008!!This is an incredibly high stat, and unfortuanately prove that NZ is easily the most dangerous place in the world for a foreigner.It seems actually that foreigners are deliberately targeted, specially for robbery...

  • Sheep!, New Zealand


    As you drive around NZ you will notice paddocks with thousands of sheep. They are fine when they are in their paddocks but when the farmer wants to change paddocks watch out! Sheep have right of way!

  • Don't drive on this road, New Zealand

    Don't drive on this road

    If you are driving standard car or any hire car please don't drive on Skippers Road. Your hire car insurance will not be honoured if you damage the car on this road. There is a sign at the entrance of the road stating this.The road into Skippers Canyon is a gravel road with many tight bends, steep inclines and often only one lane wide. The sides of...

  • The car eating Kea, New Zealand

    The car eating Kea

    The Kea is New Zealand's alpine parrot. He is a cheeky fellow. He is very inquisitive and can be quite destructive. Keas especially love cars - yes, they will eat the black rubber around the doors and windows. Be aware of the warning signs when parking your car in areas where they are known to visit. Also take notice of the signs asking you not to...

  • One lane bridges, New Zealand

    One lane bridges

    New Zealand has many narrow bridges which are only wide enough for one car. There are signs warning you they are ahead and also whether you have right of way or must give way. More often than not they have tight corners on either side so even if you have right of way you must slow down because you may not see another car coming.

  • another backpacker murder, New Zealand

    another backpacker murder

    this week it was a Czech girl aged 31She was always taking a risk hitching rides alone Be very careful in NZ, do not travel aloneThe Dutch Gov issued a travel warning and the German Government said one more serious incident to a GERMAN NATIONAL and they will do sameMurder and rape and assault is very common against tourists in NZ

  • The strange Give Way rule when turning..., New Zealand

    The strange Give Way rule when turning...

    ... is going to change at 5am on Sunday, 25 March 2012, and New Zealand will have the same turn left and right rules as the rest of the world.Meaning all traffic turning right has to give way to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turning left. This applies at cross roads, T-intersections and driveways where both vehicles are facing...

  • Camping on Side of Road, New Zealand

    Camping on Side of Road

    If you intend to camp on the side of the road ("Freedom Camping"), you will need to be aware whether or not this is allowed in the region concerned.Some regions require you to have an onboard toilet to Freedom Camp. Therefore small vans without and people planning to tent, should not Freedom Camp.The website has been set...

  • Fire Danger and Fires as Traffic Hazards, New Zealand

    Fire Danger and Fires as Traffic Hazards

    If you have once travelled in New Zealand and come back to your second trip you feel like home when you spot the first Fire Danger sign. They are huge signs in striking colours beside the road which indicate the actual fire danger in the area. A big needle points like a watch hand to the extent of the danger, if it is low, moderate, high, very high...

  • "Oh well, why not ?!" ..., New Zealand

    "Oh well, why not ?!" ...

    ... is what one might say when seeing a Pizza Hut across the street in Nelson.But before you know it, you have become a regular customer and the well-trained body you so intensively exercised for, becomes even jellier than ... anyway, you get the point.

  • Kea, New Zealand


    In many car parks around the South Isalnd, we see the kea, a New Zealnd mountain parrot. I didn't expect it to be so tame. Apparently keas are a real nuisance in New Zealand, as people feed them and they become too tame and mischievous, causing damage in camp grounds and car parks. Keas are thought to number about 3,000 in New Zealand, are a...

  • Late Winter/ Early Spring Warning!, New Zealand

    Late Winter/ Early Spring Warning!

    If you are in Rural areas between late July - late August beware of the new born lambs.They are so cute, you can hardly handle it. You'll find yourself rapping on some Taranaki or North Otago Farmer's door, saying "Please Mr. Farmer can I take a lamb back to Germany (or Israel, England, USA Botswana, or Nicaragua wherever)." And New Zealand farmers...

  • Sunburn, New Zealand


    It might sound trivial, but you have to be very careful to avoid sunburn in New Zealand. The sun burns more intense here, so use sunscreen with a protection factor of minimum 30, and apply it at least every four hours.

  • Sandflies, New Zealand


    In many areas of the South Island, sandflies (tiny mosquitos) can be a major nuisance. I am used to mosquitos, but 72 bites in four days were a bit much, and they are still itching. Insect repellent is recommended, but works rather unperfectly. As long as you are moving, they are not a big problem though. Try to cover as much of your body as...

  • Fight sandflies effectively, New Zealand

    Fight sandflies effectively

    Of course, sandflies are not a real danger - but as I want to recommend to buy insect repellents in New Zealand and how to fight sandflies effectively, I cannot add them to a packing list. It always makes more sense to buy insect sprays in the countries where they should be effective.. Sandflies surely are the most annoying nuisance to humans. They...

  • another tourist attack, New Zealand

    another tourist attack

    Tourist attacks 'tarnish' Northland's reputation Sorce NZ Hearald newspaaper Yet another attack on tourists holidaying in Northland has tarnished the reputation of the area and those who live there, an MP says.Three French tourists were attacked. Police said three male Maori, aged between 20 and 30 years, were responsible for the aggravated robbery...

  • danger on boats, New Zealand

    danger on boats

    hole in the rock, out on front of xplorenz ,boat skipper should have closed that area as it got so rough i was thrown in the air and have smashed my foot resulting in being so badly injured i may not walk again

  • Be careful of the Date!, New Zealand

    Be careful of the Date!

    In New Zealand the date is written day/month/year. This can be confusing for many people, especially those from North America, who do their dates month/day/year. It may seem of no consequence however may make a big difference when booking a hotel room - for example 6/7 in New Zealand (and most British colonies) is read as 6 July. An example is 9/11...

  • ACE Rental cars, near Auckland Airport, New Zealand

    ACE Rental cars, near Auckland Airport

    We had used this company in the past without problem (a few years ago) but found this time that the standard of their cars and their condition had really deteriorated. First when we arrived, while backing out the car my husband realized that the side mirror was broken and couldn't be adjusted....and secondly the steering wheel had been slashed, and...

  • Riding a bicycle (push-bike) in NZ, New Zealand

    Riding a bicycle (push-bike) in NZ

    My first advice is to avoid riding in the cities (especially Auckland and Christchurch) if you get easily scared on a bike. Cyclists are numerous in Auckland but unfortunately we have a bad reputation. I do believe some cyclists replicate their poor driving habits from car to bicycle. Kiwis have a strong car culture. From the 50 y.o. executive and...

  • assaults in July 09, New Zealand

    assaults in July 09

    this happened this week, I did not report the earlier one this week when an Irish man was robbed of everything once, and assaulted on 2 other occasionsplease stay away, NZ is a dangerous destinationexperience of NZ4:00AM Tuesday Jul 21, 2009By Rachel TiffenAnthony Cressend (front), Thony Collomb and Emily Holloway are trying to stay positive but...

  • Rental Car Rip Off, New Zealand

    Rental Car Rip Off

    The con goes like this. You look for a rental car on line. You ask about milage / insurance etc. They say the price includes all that so you book. When you turn up they tell you the insurance doesn't cover windscreen cover and the excess is over $3000NZ. They also claim most new zealanders don't have insurance and cracked windscreens are a common...

  • Black ice, New Zealand

    Black ice

    When I was in nz the guy who owned the hire place I got a car from warned me about 'black ice'. Apparently water freezes on the road and is indistiguishable to the naked eye. many people die every year by losing control on black ice, coming off the road and it's all over. So the best thing to do is just take it slow when driving. by doing this you...

  • The Left Hand Rule!, New Zealand

    The Left Hand Rule!

    The one thing both locals and visitors to NZ tend to have problems with, is our absurd road rule that says "All Left Turning Vehicles, Must Give Way To All Other Traffic". Isn't that the most idiotic road rule ever invented? Some bureaucrat in Wellington has been paid a very substantial sum of money to come up with that one. However, that is the...

  • Driving, New Zealand


    Take caution when driving in NZ. Unfortunately there are a number of preventable car accidents that occur in NZ, some from tourists. Watch your speed, watch turning at intersections, keep to the left!! A tourist couple was driving too fast and veered the other side of the road just a couple of miles from us and tragically killed to New Zealanders....

  • finally An official Dutch Govt, warning, New Zealand

    finally An official Dutch Govt, warning

    FinallY a Euro govt has issued a travel warning on NZ, After the De. Government stopped short of this a while back the Dutch have acted Dutch government warns tourists of NZ crime11:20AM Friday Jan 23, 2009Edward GayThe Dutch government is warning tourists to New Zealand to stay in established campgrounds. File photo / Dannevirke NewsThe Dutch...

  • and again today, New Zealand

    and again today

    NationalRSS Email PrintMotorists save Aussie tourist from attack12:34PM Monday Jan 19, 2009Passing motorists saved an Australian tourist after she was attacked on a busy Nelson road yesterday.The 24-year-old woman was walking on Haven Road at about 2.45pm when a man asked to walk with her.He then tried to drag her into bushes near the Auckland...

  • another Euro rape, New Zealand

    another Euro rape

    I will have to keep posting these as they happen BECAUSE it just keeps on getting worseI do not understand why the Eu does not issue a travel warning officially, I do know, that the German Government considreded this last yearhere is the latestjust this week, source NZ HeraldYou western Europeans beware More charges likely for 'tourist attack'...

  • Tongariro Crossing: be Prepared!, New Zealand

    Tongariro Crossing: be Prepared!

    This 17 k trek - beyond doubt is the best 1 day trek in the world - but be prepared for all weather conditions and fitness level. Despite the extra cost it is worth hiring any outdoor equipment needed. There are no guides on the mountain and if a accident happens you rely on strangers to help you.

  • assault in nz No 1 tourist spot, New Zealand

    assault in nz No 1 tourist spot

    read this in todayQueenstown 'most violent place in NZ'New 7:46AM Tuesday Sep 23, 2008Tourist mecca Queenstown is where people are most likely to be violently assaulted, according to new police statistics.Figures compiled by Queenstown police intelligence analyst Constable Sean Drader showed that people were almost twice as...

  • Ozone Hole, New Zealand

    Ozone Hole

    Okay, this may not sound too bad but in reality it is rather nasty. You'll no doubt be aware that it's the Ozone layer that stops us getting fried crispy by the sun. New Zealand is directly impacted by the hole that develops over Antarctica each year in winter and dispurses in early summer. New Zealanders are exposed to UV intensities in summer...

  • another backbacker missing NZ, New Zealand

    another backbacker missing NZ

    once again there is a young woman missing in NZI have often posted of the many muders of young packpackers in that country Please be careful I straongly advise young people esp woman to bypass this country that I grew up inhere is link and some of the article from source NZ Hearld newsMissing backpacker's brother arrives in NZ to join search8:45AM...

  • Airport Tax, New Zealand

    Airport Tax

    Be aware that you will have to pay $25 departure tax for all international flights. Most other countries make you pay this in advance so it's included on your ticket but not New Zealand.It's no biggy really but can come as a bit of a shock when you haven't paid your tax and get sent to the other side of the terminal to make payment.You can use...

  • Windy Wellington, New Zealand

    Windy Wellington

    If you are a skiddish flyer, have a few cocktails on/before the flight to/from Wellington. It is a notoriously windy city; and it can be quite hairy for take offs and landings. (Twice I have landed in winds of 100KPH or more.)

  • Never hitchhike, New Zealand

    Never hitchhike

    not such a nice subject to approach, but still a very real one, and should be made aware of.New Zealand use to be a place were a backpacker could simply stand on the side of the road, stick out their thumb and some freindly kiwi would pick them up. But times have changed, Kiwis are still freindly however there are also alot of not so freindly (like...

  • another backpacker murder, New Zealand

    another backpacker murder

    Last time I wrote of New Zealand as a violent place I know I lived all my life thereToday 16th Jan 08 there was yet another murder there, here is the extract from NZ herald, there have been up to 10 murders of late of young womanIn my opinion, this is a land to avoidThe young Scottish tourist murdered in Taupo yesterday has been named as Karen Aim...

  • Stick to the speed limit, New Zealand

    Stick to the speed limit

    If you go 1 km over the speed limit you will get a ticket. You are in the middle of some mountains out in the middle of know where and you get hit with flashing lights behind you. They are very nice infoming you that you are driving well (if and american - basically telling you you are driving on the proper side of the road) as well as infoming you...

  • Caving is not Rock Climbing, New Zealand

    Caving is not Rock Climbing

    As every now and then we read about and see rescues of cavers on TV, there is reason to give you the advice not to go caving on your own if you are not an experienced caver.The latest incident was yesterday when three tourists had to be rescued from Harwood's Hole on Takaka Hill (near the Abel Tasman National Park, on the South Island). This is a...

  • Crime (2): Better and worse Areas, New Zealand

    Crime (2): Better and worse Areas

    Of course, there are areas where more crimes occur than in others. Just lately I had a discussion with a North Island resident from Cambridge about this subject, and the reports are getting worse by the day. We heard from a French couple who had to flee from Paihia in the Bay of Islands because Maori thugs threatened them. Even we ourselves fled...

  • We DO have criminals in New Zealand, New Zealand

    We DO have criminals in New Zealand

    After having met so many nice, friendly and helpful people many tourists tend to think they are in paradise and get careless about their safety and belongings. But we do have criminals in New Zealand! Some are even specialised in burgling and assaulting tourists, like those mentioned in another warning about parking campervans on supermarket...


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