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  • Beautiful Cairns Esplanade to play Bocce.
    Beautiful Cairns Esplanade to play...
    by tropicrd
  • Looking south from northern end of the Esplanade
    Looking south from northern end of the...
    by tropicrd
  • Lake Morris
    Lake Morris
    by Anne12

Cairns Things to Do

  • Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

    Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef and home to an amazing diversity of animal life. There are a large number of tour operators that depart from Cairns depending on what you want to do. Cairns is the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the outer barrier reef from Cairns is only a comfortable 90 minute boat ride or a 30 minute...

  • Kuranda Village, Cairns

    Kuranda Village

    I was excited to visit Kuranda Village because I thought it was an old Aborigine village. I am not sure where I got that from, but when we arrived, I found Kuranda Village to be a tourist trap and a village of hippies. Granted, we did not do the Rainforest Experience, Dreamtime or Wildlife Experience, but walking around the village itself is a bit...

  • Kuranda Scenic Railway, Cairns

    Kuranda Scenic Railway

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    There are a 3 primary ways to get to Kuranda village - Skyrail, automobile and the Kuranda Scenic Railway. These are also the options for the return trip. We chose to take the Kuranda Scenic Railway on the way up. A shuttle picked us up from our hotel and took us to the Cairns Station for our 9:30am departure. The journey takes approximately 2...


Cairns Hotels

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Cairns Restaurants

  • Cairns Night Market, Cairns

    Cairns Night Market

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    This place is great. Huge variety of food, and also booze is served. The wine was served in nice glasses which was unexpected, and muchly appreciated. This place is great, sorry no photo's (I thought I had got some but no,) Go here end anjoy

  • Salt House, Cairns

    Salt House

    5 out of 5 stars

    The Salthouse is up there with my most favourite restaurant experiences so it get's a whopping big 5 on VT from me!!! It is located right on the Cairns Boat Marina. You cannot miss it. We attended The Salthouse on our last day of the Big Downunder VT meet 2014 and what a way to end another fantastic meet! If you like tappas like I do, the best...

  • Cairns Courthouse Hotel, Cairns

    Cairns Courthouse Hotel

    The Courthouse Hotel is right in the heart of Cairns and a great place to meet up with friends for a reasonably priced meal and grog. Located right in the Centre of Cairns you cannot miss it. We had the Big Downunder VT Meet and Greet here and Dorrise (tropicrd) couldn't have picked a better venue. The food is reasonably priced and it has inside...


Cairns Nightlife

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  • Pandamonium Live Bands, Cairns

    Pandamonium Live Bands

    The Cape York Hotel is a venue for live bands and is popular with the regulars and visitors alike.It gets a bit rowdy and loud but all good fun.The Pandamonium room is medium sized and has a real pub atmosphere.Some big local bands are playing on Friday 14th Oct.Doors open 7pm and there's a $10 entry fee.If you like really loud music then this is...

  • LOUNGE BAR, Cairns


    This a great Bar, it is on the waterfront at the Pier Complex.It's some where all ages can go and have a drink in great surrounds. It has lounge chairs with coffee tables, High tables with stools and an out door deck, all in a friendly decor.A lot of locals meet here for an after work drink.You can select drinks from the extensive wine list, to...

  • Tropical Resort Style Backpacker Bar, Cairns

    Tropical Resort Style Backpacker Bar

    If you are looking for a nice place to unwind with a drink and conversation, then your best bet is to head off to the back bar of the backpacker resort called Gilligan's located in downtown Cairns. It is one of the more relaxed portions of the place, where there is the music of the inside dance club that comes through when the door opens, but just...


Cairns Transportation

  • qconnect--new bus timetables, Cairns

    qconnect--new bus timetables

    qconnect is an initiative of QLD govt to meet the needs of Cairns.Sunbus has new timetables and route numbers which came into effect May 2011.Some of the routes have changed -- (please note:some streets are no longer in service.)Extra services are in operation after a survey regarding the demand for more public buses.For example: Inner Northern...

  • Driving distances from Cairns, Cairns

    Driving distances from Cairns

    Lots of people ask "how far is it to?"such and such a place so I decided to put up a few distances from Cairns to some popular tourist places. The driving speed on highways in QLD is 100klms an hour or 80klms an hour.In towns and city's it is 60klms an hour on main roads and 50klms an hour in residential areas and side streets.You will need to slow...

  • Cairns new Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns

    Cairns new Cruise Liner Terminal

    Cruise ships and liners have a new Terminal in Cairns Trinity Inlet,finishing touches are still being done but servicable at this stage.When it is completed it will be a show piece for Cairns.Passengers will disembark from a modern tropical terminal with tropical gardens and seats and is only a stroll into the CBD or the Cairns Esplanade via the...


Cairns Shopping

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  • Great place to visit and enjoy, Cairns

    Great place to visit and enjoy

    The Cairns night market is wide ranging. It encompases clothes, services, and other things.Good bargaining skills are required here as things are not all that cheap.There is also a great food court here

  • Cairns Market place, Cairns

    Cairns Market place

    The Rusty's market which operates Friday, Saturday and sunday, is great. It is close to a large backpacker hostel, and thee rang of produce and food here is incredible.Well worth visiting for handcrafts, food, and many other types of things.The food is really fresh and choice, and the hand crafts wonderful. Whatever you are looking for

  • Cairns Night Markets, Cairns

    Cairns Night Markets

    .....and more shopping!!Cairns Night Markets are open every night from 5pm onwards. We strolled through them looking for a cheap feed. I had to shut my eyes as I already spent beyond the budget ;o)No problem there.... Zig was leading the way...and I was not allowed to stop for a browse... Zig was on a food mission!! :o)Hive of activity though and a...


Cairns Local Customs

  • Alcohol free Cairns Esplanade, Cairns

    Alcohol free Cairns Esplanade

    If you are planning a picnic/bbq along the Cairns Esplanade please be aware that it is an alcohol free area.The city council has banned alcohol because the area is family orientated.If you are into cycling,walking or just strolling this is the place to be so alcohol is not conducive on the boardwalk or the Cairns Lagoon where lots of families with...

  • "Your shout mate", Cairns

    "Your shout mate"

    Be aware that it is 'normal' for Australians to get with a group of friends and 'shout' each other a drink. It is called 'a round' and when it is your turn you buy the drinks for whoever is in the group.Some people may invite you to join them in 'a round' and if you accept you are then expected to wait until it's your turn to 'shout a round'you...

  • Walking in Bama rainforests., Cairns

    Walking in Bama rainforests.

    A lot of walking tracks in the Barron Gorge National park have culteral and historic relevance to Djabugay,they are a local Aboriginal tribe,known as Bama.The people say they use the name Bama to describe all rainforest Aboriginal tribes.These tribes created most of these tracks that are used today to enable them to move from the coast to the...


Cairns Warnings and Dangers

  • City Crocodiles., Cairns

    City Crocodiles.

    This new pic of a crocodile track was taken at Clifton Beach north of Cairns in September 2014 so be aware that mating season has started in the Far North of QLD. If you are walking anywhere near a creek,waterways,or the saltwater lake at Centenary Lakes and anywhere along the beaches,rivers and mangroves--be very careful.These areas are crocodile...

  • Be Aware of Jellyfish season in North..., Cairns

    Be Aware of Jellyfish season in North...

    Queensland has the most venomous jellyfish in the world. The Box Jellyfish can kill in minutes. Be aware that jellyfish season is between the months of November and May.If stung, seek medical help straight away. Call 000 for an ambulance. More info along with netted beaches for stinger safe swimming are on the site below.

  • Driver Revivor, Cairns

    Driver Revivor

    Driving anywhere in Australia you will come across the road to nowhere! .... big long stretch of road with nothing on either side. This is when you can become very tired, especially when driving more than 6 hours on an open road with no stops.This is where Driver Revivor comes in. A great Federally funded idea whereby at various 'tired spots' on...


Cairns Tourist Traps

  • Don't get ripped off in cairns!, Cairns

    Don't get ripped off in cairns!

    I went there but after shopping about I found a new travel opposit the night markets on abbot street. They had everything that the others had but at much cheaper prices. Found out that they are a chain of shops all over the country and they get better rates than anyone. Her name was Erryn and the shop didn't have a sign but it was an old wicked...

  • Galleries have control of Indigenous..., Cairns

    Galleries have control of Indigenous...

    I personally know quite a lot of Indigenous painters who say they are poorly represented by most art Galleries in the Cairns area.Some of these artists say they are paid a sum (sub) in advance for their work because they often need to culterally go'walk-about' and by doing this the galleries then have control,the painters never receive the true...

  • Barrier Reef Trips..., Cairns

    Barrier Reef Trips...

    Everyone knows that Cairns is the place to go snorkelling/diving on the barrier reef from..well it's not...there is such an abundance of tour companies going out that the water is becoming murky, a lot of the coral is dying off and it's just not all that enjoyable.... Use an eco-friendly tour company if you do go from Cairns as the reef is getting...


Cairns What to Pack

  • Fishing list and tips for Families., Cairns

    Fishing list and tips for Families.

    You are much better hiring fishing gear when you arrive.A plastic bucket for fishing gear and a bag to hold drinks/food etc. Shorts,t/shirts,a sun cap/hat,swimming costume if area is safe for swimming.A plastic rain poncho and a light sweater.Rubber thongs/flipflops or water proof sneakers. Sun screen protection,drinking water and a small ist aid...

  • Day trip check list for hiking/walking, Cairns

    Day trip check list for hiking/walking

    light weight backpack. Sturdy walking shoes.Hat.Poncho.Sunglasses. Basic first Aid Kit.Insect repellentSunblock.Always carry at least two litres of drinking water. Camera and batteries. Sun block,Hat,water,pocket knife,area map,matches & lighter,torch,compass,tent and accessories. Flagging tape,Mobile/cell phone,area map,energy snacks.Always...

  • Mosquito Repellent or Suffer, Cairns

    Mosquito Repellent or Suffer

    Medium Bags Bathing suits/Cover-UpsSarongs/Sandals/FlipFlops/light Raingear/Running ShoesDress/Jeans / Scarf Sunscreen / Insect Repellent / Toothbrushes / Toothpaste / Shampoo Styling Product / Make-up / De-odorant / Shaving / Brush Camera / Batteries / etc. Hats Water Bottles


Cairns Off The Beaten Path

  • Port Douglas by aussirose, Cairns

    Port Douglas by aussirose

    Port Douglas is located 1 hour north of Cairns. What used to be a sleepy fishing village is now a huge tourist mecca. Port Douglas is great for shopping and dining. It also has a lovely long white sand beach. It is a nice place for base yourself if you like this touristy stuff however given the choice I would choose Cairns or even Palm Cove above...

  • Cape Tribulation North Queensland, Cairns

    Cape Tribulation North Queensland

    On my 2nd trip to Cairns I made it to Cape Tribulation. Before that I had only got as far as the Daintree Village. Cape Trib is not really that far from the Daintree so if you are going that way, it is well worth it to go the extra distance and see Cape Trib. It has absolutely stunning beaches! Also lush rainforests and lovely melodious sounds of...

  • Savannah Way, Cairns

    Savannah Way

    We visited Undara on a road trip from Cairns to Darwin across what is called the Savannah Way. If you are planning to do the same trip, then why not follow my story. Our first overnight stop was the famous Undara Lava Tubes and sleeping in a railway carriage. You can catch the train from Cairns to Undara or do a day or 2 day trip from Cairns. The...


Cairns Sports & Outdoors

  • Sport at Cazaly's,Cairns, Cairns

    Sport at Cazaly's,Cairns

    Cazaly's sport club at Westcourt,Cairns is home to Australian Rules Football League 'AFL' .It has just finished an upgrade to bring it up to national standards so the people of Cairns and beyond can now watch some of the top teams in the highest division and also for the fans who follow the local clubs.International cricket is played on this ground...

  • Pro Dive Cairns, Cairns

    Pro Dive Cairns

    You can't go to Australia without diving the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is a great starting off point, but you will be sadly disappointed by the reefs in Cairns if you only go on a day trip from the local port. The reef in that area is dying and getting bleached out.You'll be better off getting on a live aboard or taking a trip up to Port Douglass...

  • scuba diving the great barrier reef, Cairns

    scuba diving the great barrier reef

    Check out are so many different reef trips this may help you decide.You can choose from luxery to budget day trips.Or-- both offer dive and snorkel trips.The weather is usually ok in November but remember it is our wet season,so no guarantees.Hope this helps. Check this out with the...


Cairns Favorites

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  • Working holidays in Cairns, Cairns

    Working holidays in Cairns

    If you are looking for a working holiday in Cairns,then Happy Travels will be able to help you find a job.Lots to choose from.They also help with accomodation and tax..and cheap tours,meals and lots of free stuff.I have been informed by friends that they would recommend Happy Travels for those on a tight budget or those who wish to earn extra...

  • Work for your bed and supper., Cairns

    Work for your bed and supper.

    If you are considering a working holiday or just want some extra cash to spend--happy travels can help you find a job with accomodation and lots of extras like cheap tours,meals etc.They are easy to find and I have had backpacker friends who have had jobs with them and they recommend you give them a go.I have put a few pics up to give you an idea...

  • More unusual plants in Cairns, Cairns

    More unusual plants in Cairns

    A visit to Flecker Bontanical Gardens is a must see if you like plants,birds and beutiful tropical ambience. I love coming here to stroll around looking at the different plants and flowers throughout the year.


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