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  • Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC
    Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Pho accompaniments at Pho 24, HCMC
    Pho accompaniments at Pho 24, HCMC
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC
    Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC
    by SWFC_Fan
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    Pho 24: Popular pho chain restaurant

    by SWFC_Fan Written Aug 4, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pho 24 is a large chain of Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) restaurants with several outlets in Ho Chi Minh City. We ate at the branch on Phan Chu Trinh opposite Ben Thanh Market during our visit to the city in May 2013.

    We visited Pho 24 towards the end of our stay, by which time we had already eaten pho in several restaurants throughout the city and knew what to expect.

    Pho 24 is a little more expensive than many of the simple eateries that we visited in the Pham Ngu Lao area of the city, but also more comfortable and modern. At least it would have been more comfortable had we not visited during a power cut! A back up generator was being used to power the kitchen, but there was no air-conditioning in the dining room so we (literally) sweated our way through our meals.

    As you'd expect, the menu consists largely of pho. There are versions containing chicken and various forms of beef (fillet, well-done flank, brisket, soft tendon, tripe, shank, well-done brisket and meatballs). I didn't see a vegetarian version listed on the menu, but presumably a meat-free noodle soup is also a possibility. As well as pho, there is a section of the menu devoted to "com tam" (broken rice) served with various forms of pork (pork chop, pork pie, shredded pork skin) and fried eggs. You can also get Vietnamese spring rolls.

    We both opted for:

    Pho Ga (Noodle Soup with Chicken Breast) - Price: 59,000 VND / £2.00

    Large bowls of tasty broth, thin noodles, spring onions and chicken breast. Compared to nearby "Pho 2000", we thought the chicken at Pho 24 was of a lower quality; there was more skin and fat and the meat was generally not as good. The pho came with an impressive plate of accompaniments; sliced onions, beansprouts, green and red chillies, various green leaves and a couple of sauces to add to the pho as desired. We enjoyed the pho here, but found it to be better (e.g. at Pho 2000) or cheaper (at several places on Bui Vien Street) elsewhere.

    To drink, I had a can of 333 Export beer (34,000 VND / £1.10), which was around three times the price of a beer in the Phan Ngu Lao area of the city. Emma had a mango smoothie (35,000 VND / £1.15).

    We were provided with wet towels which, given the hot temperatures and lack of air-con, we were more than happy to pay the 2,000 VND (£0.07) each for.

    Tasty bowls of pho and large portions. However, we found pho that was either better and/or cheaper in many other places in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC Pho 24 (Vietnam's largest pho chain) Pho 24, Phan Chu Trinh, HCMC Pho accompaniments at Pho 24, HCMC

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    Pho 24: Vietnamese Food

    by elhombre30 Updated Feb 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pho 24 is one of the most famous and recommended restaurant that serves authentic local food. They have several branches all over Saigon.

    During Tet Season: (For future reference)
    Pho 24 In Nguyen Thiep Street was open last January 24, 2012 onwards. (Yes its true that most of the restaurants and shops are closed during the entire week of TET season but some would have normal operation)

    Favorite Dish: I forgot all the names of the food. Its hard to pronounce!
    But what is interesting is their local dessert. They serve it in a small cup, some like a sticky

    Beef Noodles @ Pho 24 Pho 24

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    Pho 24: Just pho

    by schurman23 Written Sep 3, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Pho-All which is a soup bowl with noodles, chicken, beef, and pork is good. They will give you a separate plate with different sorts of vegetables and add-ons to your soup. The restaurant is big and clean. What I like the most is it has free wifi access, which I used extensively while navigating the Ben Than District Area where the restaurant is located.

    Favorite Dish: Pho - all

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  • iclee's Profile Photo

    Pho 24: Quick pho stop

    by iclee Updated Apr 4, 2011

    This is a popular chain serving the regular pho variety like beef pho with flank and tripe. I usually ask locals about their fave choice of local restos and quite a handful suggested Pho24. It is easy to spot, just look for the green logo stating Pho24. From the various outlets I spotted, it seems their set up and decor is not standard for all outlets. I can say the same thing for their cleanliness level. Their pricing is the same for all branches though.

    A bowl of beef flank with tripe is VND38,000 (U$1 = VNDong 17,700). Rice veggie roll is V18,000. The roll is eaten by wrapping them in lettuce leaves with rice noodles and dipped in the sweet/sour sauce.

    Try their fresh watermelon shake.

    This is not the type of restaurant where you hang out after eating so we scrammed and went to a coffee shop after dinner.

    Favorite Dish: Veggie roll and soursop shake. Fresh!!!!

    Am not a big fan of beef so I might try the seafood next time.

    Pho24 beef noodle Veggie spring roll at Pho24
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  • Delicious Vietnamese Noodles

    by thescene Updated Nov 10, 2010

    The national dish of Vietnam is the rice noodle soup dish called Pho. The city is dotted with many restaurants that serve this dish. The best place to buy such is the Pho 24 restaurant. Many famous people have eaten the dish in this HCMC landmark.

    Favorite Dish: Chicken Pho

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  • f8stop's Profile Photo

    Pho 24: Yummy Noodles!

    by f8stop Written Nov 29, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are many Pho 24 branches scattered all over the city of Ho Chi Minh. The branch we dined in was the one beside Ben Tanh Market (the left side of Ben Tanh if you're facing the market) near the area where the night market is regularly set up.

    Favorite Dish: All of us enjoyed Pho 24's steamy, tasty noodles! i had chicken noodles and my friends had beef. They were all yummy! (and very affordable too!!)

    flashing satisfied smiles.... before the customers started arriving... chicken noodles. try it!! :)

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  • Audia's Profile Photo

    Pho 24: Great!

    by Audia Updated Mar 23, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) is my long time favourite. My first experience of having Pho is back into the early 1990s when the first Vietnamese Pho Restaurant - Pho Hoa - opened its franchised restaurant in Jakarta. The slices of beef flank, sirloin cuts, brisket, and sometimes with meatballs, are somehow just perfectly matched with the clear soup, fresh bean sprouts and thin white noodle.

    The popularity of Pho in Jakarta made the Vietnamese food is widely accepted. After Pho Hoa, the Pho 24 came, and recently was Pho 2000.

    Even if I have to eat Pho every day, I think I won't get bored... ^^

    Favorite Dish: 1. Beef noodle soup with well-done flank, fat brisket, soft tendon and tripe (Dong 38,000)
    2. Chicken noodle soup with baby eggs (Dong 40,000)
    3. Vietnamese Ice Tea (Dong 4,000)
    4. Caramel Pudding (Dong 10,000)
    5. Pho 24 Sugar Cane drink (Dong 10,000)

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    PHO 24 Restaurant!: Pho Noodles Quick and Fast!

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 1, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the quintessential Vietnamese dishes, pho (noodle soup), contains all the kinds of ingredients a health-conscious person requires – fresh, natural, well-balanced and delicious. Even though the restaurant's style is consistent with traditional Vietnamese pho shops, everything at Pho 24 appears luxurious and delicate. The colourful ceramic patterns on the bowls match the complex dish they contain, and the smell instantly makes you hungry.

    Pho 24 boasts 24 ingredients and choice beef, which has simmered for 24 hours to enhance its full and rich flavour. The 24 spices of Pho 24 include water, meat, marrowbone, salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, onions, shallots, spring onions, cinnamon, anise, ginger, cloves, coriander, radishes, lemons, chilli, saw tooth coriander, coriander, sweet basil, bean sprouts, chilli sauce and black soya sauce.

    Pho 24 boasts 24 ingredients and choice beef, which has simmered for 24 hours to enhance its full and rich flavour. You can visit at anytime, because Pho 24 never closes.

    Favorite Dish: The restaurant offers nine kinds of beef pho: regular beef noodle soup, and then the soup with muscle, with well-done brisket, with well-done flank, with fat brisket, with tripe, with soft tendon, with well-done flank and fat brisket, and with well-done flank and tripe. Two special versions are PHỞ BÒ TÁI. NẠM, GẦU, GÂN, SÁCH, CHÍNH (beef noodle soup with well-done flank, fat brisket, soft tendon and tri) at VND35,000 or PHỞ GÀ TRỨNG NON (chicken noodle soup with baby eggs) at VND34,000)., Pho Ga (Chicken) is at 26,000 VND and the extra large bowls start at 39,000 VND.

    Drinks like softdrinks start at 10,000 VND, Cafe Sua Dua at 15,000 VND, Iced tea at 15,000 VND.

    Many Pho 24 Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh! Inside Pho 24 Tourist Just Love Pho Noodles with beef! Typically Packed with people here! It has Branches in Indonesia and Philippines!
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  • sweetie_inc's Profile Photo

    PHO 24: Vietnamese Cuisine...

    by sweetie_inc Updated Mar 30, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant is just directly opposite of my hotel.. Very convenient...

    Clean and air-conditioned.. Price is reasonable...

    Pho is a vietnamese noodle soup where you can add lemon grass, onions, sprouts, beef.. Here, they serve wide variety of Pho and you can have different parts of the cow and different method of cooking... Since I love beef, I simply love this dish too!!

    Pho 24 restaurant

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  • yukisanto's Profile Photo

    PHO24: For a taste of Vietnamese food in upmarket place

    by yukisanto Written Mar 10, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pho24 is a chain of restaurants specialising in Vietnamese Pho noodles. Pho is basically rice noodles. There's English on the menu, which was really convenient. The restaurant opens 24hrs. The one we went to was along the row of shops opposite Ben Than Market. There's actually another one near our Amara hotel in Dist 3, but we never went there.

    Clean, air-con environment, like the sort of cafe you can chill out at. I had rice noodles with beef fillet, which cost me 24,000D.

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  • perseushermes's Profile Photo

    PHO 24: Upmarket Pho

    by perseushermes Updated May 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Pho here is the "upmarket" Pho. Esp since it is located on Dong Koi Street, the "upmarket" street. We chose one of the cheapest pho, which was 28,000 Vmd, and the amount of beef was pretty generous. But then with the water, towels and extras, it cost us 133,000 Vmd.

    Its a tad bit expensive but the environment is nice (with the Aircondition)

    Favorite Dish: The beff noddle of course

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  • ahorny's Profile Photo

    Pho 24: They're everywhere

    by ahorny Written Apr 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pho is the dominant Vietnamese food. It is a noodle soup with veggies and meat and a soup base that's so tasty. Pho 24 is the dominant restaurant serving this local dish. They're everywhere. Make sure you try them out. Their juices are also terrific.

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  • icequeen_n_snow's Profile Photo

    Don't miss the taste of vietnamese noodle

    by icequeen_n_snow Written Aug 1, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The real taste of Pho 24 . If you like Pho Vietnam . You should come here and enjoy yourself . The taste of Noodle from the north Vietnam . Pho 24 is the thing you shouldn't miss in Saigon
    Address of the restaurant :
    + Pondok Indah Plaza 1
    JI Taman Duta I Blok UA No.35
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Tel: 6221. 750 5909 Fax: 6221. 750 7161
    + 92 Le Loi St., Hue City
    Tel: 84.54.831306 Fax: 84.54.826949
    + 41 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang City
    Tel: 84-511. 584 035
    + 26 Ba Trieu St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi Tel: 84.4. 9361888 Fax: 84.8.8299735
    + 100 Nguyen Luong Bang St., Dist. 7, HCMC
    Tel: 84.8.8886941 Fax: 84.8.8299735
    + Diamond Plaza, 3F/l, 34 Le Duan St., Dist. 1, HCMC
    Tel: 84.8.8221018 Fax: 84.8.8299735
    + 134 Le Thanh Ton St., Dist.1, HCMC Tel : 84-8.8246395 Fax: 84-8.8299735
    + 67 Hai Ba Trung St., Dist.1, HCMC
    Tel : 84-8.8223485 - Fax: 84-8.8299735
    + 89 Mac Thi Buoi St., Dist.1, HCMC
    Tel : 84-8.8258325 - Fax: 84-8.8299735
    + 5 Nguyen Thiep St., Dist.1, HCMC
    Tel : 84-8.8226278 - Fax: 84.88299735

    Favorite Dish: Pho Bo ( Noodle with beef )

    the reastaurant at 67 Hai Ba Trung

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    Pho 24: A restaurant chain selling pho

    by chatterley Written Jun 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This outlet was just oppsite the Lemograss restaurant. I had my first taste of pho in Vietnam, in this little eatery. The pho bo was ok, the soup slightly too salty for my liking.

    The price was reasonable, just 24000VND per bowl.

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  • Pho 24: Don't Miss PHO, the Unofficial National Disk !

    by ndha Written Jun 13, 2005

    There are quite many Pho 24 restaurants in the center. The Pho there are at good quality and the environment is also nice, quite calm and safe. These restaurants are not so expensive as "real" ones but not so "local" w.r.t to environment and price. You will see many foreigners there.

    You can have a big bowl of Pho with about 2USD. A must try !

    Favorite Dish: Pho Tai Nam Gan

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