Bangkok Warnings and Dangers

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  • Good attempt at English!
    Good attempt at English!
    by PeterVancouver
  • Bangkok Traffic
    Bangkok Traffic
    by antistar
  • Colorful crooks
    Colorful crooks
    by NYTim

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Bangkok

  • Taxis, Bangkok

    1. Taxis

    I have written a full account of a taxi driver who tried to scam us in Bangkok. We took photos of various stuff on the way (meter, maps etc) and when he took us to the police station to try and make...

  • Tuk-tuks, Bangkok

    2. Tuk-tuks

    We got scammed twice and we were a big group of 5. The tuk tuk drivers work together to scam you and take you to these "pit stops" where they can get free gas vouchers or work together to scam...

  • Water, Bangkok

    3. Water

    I buy new shower heads every year or so, they become clogged with nasty brown gunk from this drinkable tap water. Also the floor of the bathroom requires really heavy cleaning to remove the brown,...

  • Patpong - Bars, Bangkok

    4. Patpong - Bars

    I haven't been yet but have stumbled upon this information. The Patong District is like the red light district filled with bars, girls, men who look like girls, nudity, sex offerings, etc. You get the...

  • Jewelery & Gem Scams, Bangkok

    5. Jewelery & Gem Scams

    I went there on my cruise to phuket, I wanted to buy something 100% natural and non-treated stones. I asked the salesperson whether my ruby ring is natural and non-treated, he confirmed very...

  • Theft, Bangkok

    6. Theft

    Keep your bag in front of your at all times. My iphone was snapped up from the side even at popular night market like rot foi. There were tons of people around and still, pickpocketers are lurking...

  • Drugs & Spiked Drinks, Bangkok

    7. Drugs & Spiked Drinks

    This is not so much a review as a warning to single travellers & others. A review of the hotel would be that the rooms were refurbished sometime in the early 80’s & nothing has been updated since &...

  • Clothes, Bangkok

    8. Clothes

    Although Thais are very tolerant especially to foreign tourists, it is best to show respect in dress code when visiting temples. This dress code is strictly enforced at the Grand Palace. But do not...

  • Grand Palace Scams, Bangkok

    9. Grand Palace Scams

    Outside the Grand Palace they warn you "do not trust wily strangers." They underline the warning, so you can guess it's pretty important. The problem, which we didn't encounter as we shunned all...

  • Streetfood, Bangkok

    10. Streetfood

    While many people rave about the street food in Thailand, I was a bit turned off by it. It looks great and I did try it several times with no problem. However, a few things to keep in mind. As you can...

  • Traffic, Bangkok

    11. Traffic

    There's no chance to program a local trip by car without two or three hours of tolerance. The traffic is always jammed, and the pollution very high. We took a taxi for a five kilometers ride to a...

  • Road Safety, Bangkok

    12. Road Safety

    There are aspects of Thailand that are unsafe, but you see that International recommendations and safety rules slowly are spreading over the country. International signs are altered to fit in the...

  • Pollution, Bangkok

    13. Pollution

    Avoid Bangkok until the authorities sort out the air quality controls for the city. I'm currently holed up in the Baiyoke Sky Hotel on the 43 rd floor looking out at the city, I can see a THICK bank...

  • Beggars, Bangkok

    14. Beggars

    Its entirely up to you if you want to give your money to these people. Who knows the real reason or their circumstances of why they are there. I did give a small amount of shrap that I didnt want to...

  • Fake Tickets, Bangkok

    15. Fake Tickets

    Unfortunately there are touts preying on tourists in Bangkok. They could be well dressed, friendly and speak fluent English. One of the scams is to sell you fake admission tickest or tickets at...

  • Closed Attraction Scam, Bangkok

    16. Closed Attraction Scam

    My family and I are visiting Bangkok for the past 3 days and are informed that almost all the tourist attractions are supposed to be closed and most of the taxis are trying to decive the...

  • Local Customs, Bangkok

    17. Local Customs

    The Thai love kids, although maybe a bit too much for my son. Every so often my son, who is blonde and three years old, would suddenly stop while we were walking along. He'd turn and say, with some...

  • Driving, Bangkok

    18. Driving

    Taxi Formula 1 drivers under construction My Photos First Photo: Taxi in Bangkok Second Photo: Main street in Bangkok Third Photo: Main street in Bangkok Fourth Photo: Street in Bangkok by...

  • Animals, Bangkok

    19. Animals

    You learn about Lumphini Park and decide to visit and take a stroll and enjoy the shade, natural beauty and fresh air. Nothing to worry about, right? Well, although you really shouldn't worried about...

  • Airport Taxis, Bangkok

    20. Airport Taxis

    I benefitted alot from this website and would like to contribute my latest surprise. Came back from bangkok yesterday. Upon arrival with my hubby, we headed for public taxi stand as many advised. We...

  • Health, Bangkok

    21. Health

    Be aware of the heat and the humidity in the country before you go as it can be extremely hot out there. It was very very hot when I visited last month and had to use a lot of sun block to protect my...

  • Skytrain, Bangkok

    22. Skytrain

    Bangkok is world renowned for its terrible traffic problems, so getting around on the roads is a bit of a nightmare. Yes, Bangkok has a metro but it only consist of one line (at the moment) and, yes,...

  • Khao Shan Road, Bangkok

    23. Khao Shan Road

    Saongkran Festival can be witnessed at its best at Khaosan Road, startong from 12th April till 15th but can cuase great damage to your eyes so Be careful and wear Googles or Sun Glasses while out...

  • Elephants, Bangkok

    24. Elephants

    If you're driving around Thailand, you might come across an exciting sight: elephants being used for transport on the open road. Rules appear to to be much the same as for passing horses - as wide and...

  • Excess Baggage, Bangkok

    25. Excess Baggage

    Just be cautious of your luggage weight and what you carry in your hand luggage as the customs at the Bangkok airport is quite strict. They will just throw away whatever that is not allowed to carry...

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Comments (2)

  • djkimk's Profile Photo
    Sep 12, 2015 at 9:15 AM

    Thailand is a safe country. At least I think so. But if you are naive of nature, maybe make sure to have someone with you that knows Thaland. For important phonenumbers and stuff, look at this article:

  • Aug 10, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    I will never put my foot in Thailand ever again, that country is land of scam not as samone said land of smile full stop. I was in Bangkok tuk tuk took me for ride to Jewellery shops givinng me advice like its special day today buy gold jewellery only one in year oportunity lucky me i felt somthing is wrong also took me to restorants and there they ripped me off paid big money 2 waiters come to table sorunded me and i have to pay bill. Also got scamed in Phuket limusine took from Phuket airport driver talking like he has to go to office to stamp ticket and took as for ride said come to office have drink, we wnet inn they scamed as with some expensive trips to phi pi island . Never again Thailand for me shame that such beautifull country full of scams and dishonest people. Please aviod this country at all cost i experienced myself all.
    Zack Melbourne