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Khujand Things to Do

  • Panshanbe Market, Khujand

    Panshanbe Market

    The Panshanbe Bazaar is mostly a food market. The vendors were very friendly and let us sample some of their products. I was delighted to find saffron for just $1 per gram.

  • Historical Museum of Sogdania, Khujand

    Historical Museum of Sogdania

    This new museum covers the region’s history from the Stone Age to independence. There are ancient Sogdian artifacts, a series of beautiful mosaics depicting the life of Alexander the Great, and statues and paintings of historic figures. Everything is well displayed, and signs are in English as well as Tajik and Russian. It’s well worth a visit....

  • The biggest Lenin statue left in Central..., Khujand

    The biggest Lenin statue left in Central...

    This statue is probably Khojand's biggest "tourist" attraction. To understand how big it really is if you look closely you can see a person to the left of the statue


Khujand Hotels

  • Hotel Sugd

    Hotel Sugd

    My room was small, but OK. It did have good AC, a fridge, some English TV channels, and internet in...


Khujand Restaurants

  • No seating charge for this view, Khujand

    No seating charge for this view

    If the 40 degree days get you down in summer head to this teahouse and catch the strong breezes that blow from the SYr-Darya river. Everything

  • Lunch Tajik style, Khujand

    Lunch Tajik style

    The restaurant is situated on the bank of the Syr-Darya river. Because of that you get a nice breeze if you sit near the window. The waiter will calmly explain the menu with gestures and grabbing various ingredients to explain.To save him work we jstarted to ask him to choose. Beautiful shaslyk and soup

  • Khujand Hotels

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Khujand Transportation

  • Backpackin_Mac's Profile Photo

    Trolley Bus

    by Backpackin_Mac Written Jan 1, 2004

    A fun (but slow) way to travel around Khojand is to take a trolley bus. If you wish to catch a train out of Khojand you should take a trolley bus to the end of the line (Head south) which will cost 10 dirams (.1 of a somoni). The boy in the picture was helping his father during the school holidays. If you look at the picture closely you can see the boys father posing behind the steering wheel.

    A Khojand trolley bus

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Khujand Shopping

  • Watermelon anyone?, Khujand

    Watermelon anyone?

    Aprt from the colourful Tajiks the wash of green you will see everywhere very well could be a watermelon seller. During summer all they do is sell watermelons. They even bring out a bed and sleep beside their watermelons on the road. You can pick up a watermelon for 1 somoni.

  • Panchshanbe Market, Khujand

    Panchshanbe Market

    Head into the crowded Panchshanbe market (near the Tajikistan airlines office) and you will be dazzled by thed colours of the spices and the colours of the Tajik girls dresses. Watermelon, grapes, plums, spices, their are also cheap and tasty restaurants near there. Spend about 3 somoni on a big bag of grapes

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Khujand Local Customs

  • Bread for your soldier, Khujand

    Bread for your soldier

    Some of the round loaves of bread are elaborately decorated, using a special tool to stamp a variety of designs. It is traditional to buy one of these loaves before a soldier leaves for his mandatory service. He eats a small piece of it, and the rest is nailed to an inside wall of his family’s home. When he returns safely, he has to eat the rest of...

  • One eyebrow, Khujand

    One eyebrow

    One thing you might notice is that many women in Tajikistan have what looks like one eyebrow. It isn't exactly one eyebrow but she has drawn a connecting line with mascara. This makes them irresistab le to Tajik men. I asked a young and hip tajik man if he thought it made women more beautiful and he said that it did. Looks like the tradition isn't...

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Khujand Off The Beaten Path

  • Backpackin_Mac's Profile Photo

    Inside an apartment in the Khojand...

    by Backpackin_Mac Written Jan 1, 2004

    We were lucky to beforend a local man who invited us around to his house for lunch. In the picture you will see his beautiful wife. She studied english at University until she married her husband at the age of 21. Even though she had never spoken to foreigners before her English was excellent. It is a shame that the husbands backward way denies this intelligent woman the freedom to leave the house.

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