Seoul Warnings and Dangers

  • The wrong way on a one way street?
    The wrong way on a one way street?
    by Ewingjr98
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Ewingjr98
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Ewingjr98

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Seoul

  • Other Stuff, Seoul

    1. Other Stuff

    I needed to use a public restroom in an underground metro station/shopping center. I go into the stall and there are no seat covers. Eh, I can live with that. I'll just put toilet paper down on the...

  • Health & Well-Being, Seoul

    2. Health & Well-Being

    When you wake up at 5.00am with a blocked runny nose and itchy throat you haven't had for years and wished you had brought along a nasal decongestant spray, that's a bad indicator of not just Seoul's...

  • Language Barrier, Seoul

    3. Language Barrier

    Due to the imperfect nature of translating Korean writing into romanized characters, you will find a lot of confusing variation in place names. For instance "G" and "K" seem to be used interchangably...

  • Shopping & Money, Seoul

    4. Shopping & Money

    Getting money can be a big problem sometimes. Many ATM's don't accept foreign cards, even a VISA card logo does not guarantee your VISA will be accepted. Many banks don't offer the service. Usually...

  • Protests, Seoul

    5. Protests

    Seoul has frequent protests throughout the city, usually at the US military bases, the US embassy, or the Korean ministry of defense. Occasionally these protests will get violent, such as when the...

  • Driving et al, Seoul

    6. Driving et al

    In addition to some of the various other rules you might see in Seoul or other areas, beware that buses are on a schedule and stop lights, signs and various traffic controllers do not apply to them....

  • Weather, Seoul

    7. Weather

    Bring an umbrella for any time of the year. Even in the summer it can provide you with shade. Alot of Koreans use them here. You can buy one here also. They are most useful. It's hot hot hot in the...

  • Xenophobia, Seoul

    8. Xenophobia

    On the surface, with all the technology that surrounds you in Korea you might be mistaken for believing that it is a fully developed country but you'd be terribly wrong. Don't forget that Korea has...

  • The Drive to the DMZ, Seoul

    9. The Drive to the DMZ

    The drive from Seoul to the DMZ is a heavily defended stretch of road and riverfront. As you get out of Seoul, you will begin to see fencing with barbed wire...

  • Beatings of Random Foreigners by Groups of Koreans, Seoul

    10. Beatings of Random Foreigners by Groups of Koreans

    Foreigners have increasingly become victims of flash mob attacks by gangs of young adult Korean males. While these attacks can happen and do happen in various...

  • Watch out for ratcakes!, Seoul

    11. Watch out for ratcakes!

    Seoul is a pretty dirty city. There are very few garbage cans along sidewalks, so people just litter. You will see piles of garbage in the street 3 or 4 or 5...



    1330 Korea Travel PhoneWhen you need English assistance or travel information, just dial 1330, and a bilingual operator will offer you detailed tourism...

  • Crazy taxi drivers, Seoul

    13. Crazy taxi drivers

    One of the first things every new person to Korea notices is that there are roughly 10 million cars in and around the general Seoul area. Many of the cars are...

  • Warm & humid weather in summer, Seoul

    14. Warm & humid weather in summer

    When you plan to visit Seoul during summertime (June to August), be prepared for warm and humid weather, plus some rainy days and gloomy sky. This is not a good...

  • Noise!, Seoul

    15. Noise!

    If you are looking to visit a peaceful city, keep looking, and go elsewhere.With roughly 20 million people in and around Seoul, there is constant noise and...

  • Mobile phone rental service, Seoul

    16. Mobile phone rental service

    A temporary mobile phone is a handy item for tourist. 032- 743 4011 or 032- 743 4042 (SK)032- 743 4018 or 032- 743 4078 (KTF)032- 743 4001 or 032- 743 4019...

  • The great Hotel ripoff-The Seoul Renaisance, Seoul

    17. The great Hotel ripoff-The Seoul Renaisance

    If you go to any of the name hotels, especially those in the Kangnam, Yoksam areas you will pay 2-3 times what you should. Worst among these is the Renaisance...

  • Cant Check In, Seoul

    18. Cant Check In

    Most "Hotels" or "Motels" wont let you check in till a certain time. So if you show up at 8 am youll be charged for the morning and the night. It usually goes...

  • Stalkers? well.., Seoul

    19. Stalkers? well..

    Someone has written about Korean GIRL (esp) stalkers for foreign WHITE guys (esp white, by the way, why does it has to be WHITE esp, even as a korean girl...

  • Being Pestered at Lotte World, Seoul

    20. Being Pestered at Lotte World

    At a day at Lotte World, the big indoor theme park in Seoul, our two children were pestered constantly during the day – for the first and only time in Korea – a...

  • Itaewon, Seoul

    21. Itaewon

    Although I was really curious to see I'taewon, where there are more foreigners than Koreans living (as the book says), at the end I was pretty upset as I found...

  • GIs not wanted! This means any American., Seoul

    22. GIs not wanted! This means any American.

    I am a big supporter of the US military. The men and women in uniform are providing a service which I really appreciate. that being said, there are always a few...

  • ask before eat, Seoul

    23. ask before eat

    For your safety, better asking what kind of food before order. maybe you can find worm, intestine, insect in your food.

  • Language barrier, Seoul

    24. Language barrier

    Most Koreans don't speak English and most of the signboards are in Korean, especially outside Seoul. Communication can be a problem, but the Koreans are now...


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