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Most Viewed Transportation in Seoul

  • Subway, Seoul

    1. Subway

    We know Seoul has extensive subway system, and its one of conveniently to used around. We find it easy to get around Seoul using the subway, because besides Korean, subway signs and train...

  • Buses, Seoul

    2. Buses

    Limousine buses, however, if you have a lot of luggage or are heading to southern parts of Seoul to Gangnam, the airport buses remain your best option. Limousine buses 15,000 won to/from city for one...

  • Taxies, Seoul

    3. Taxies

    I took normal taxi on my hotel (incheon) to Thai embassy (Seoul) and cost was 45000krw to embassy and 40000krw to back hotel (price included toll cost), taxi driver waited me when i was in embassy. I...

  • Trains, Seoul

    4. Trains

    Seoul Station is one of the Seoul's major railway station, it is a central hub for transportation throughout Korea, as well as Seoul the capital city of Republic of Korea. All of the Gyeongbu line...

  • Cars, Subways and Buses, Seoul

    5. Cars, Subways and Buses

    Even though we did not rent a car, it was hard to see or find a gasoline station in town. Eventually, I did spot one and this photo will help you spot what they might look like. This one also had a...

  • Tour Bus, Seoul

    6. Tour Bus

    although we prefer to ride private tour vans to go around, We did the big tour bus going to DMZ and Panmunjeon Tours as it was not included in our tour package and we just booked the tour via out...

  • By Air, Seoul

    7. By Air

    Most airports are purely and simply the entry and exit gate for travelers without fuss. However, more and more cities that spend extra money on hiring top architects to ensure that the simple...

  • Plane, Seoul

    8. Plane

    I booked my flight through Delta Airlines who partners with Korean Air. So, I'm not sure if I could have had a better price direct with Korean Air. Next time, I would check it out. I must say, I was...

  • Walking, Seoul

    9. Walking

    I have been repeating that Seoul is a very tourist friendly city. The reason is quite obvious. Although you may be a total stranger to this beautiful city, you can find directions quite easily. One of...

  • Other Stuff, Seoul

    10. Other Stuff

    Ferry to China I hope to help someone who is ready to board ferry to Tianjin 1) Is it still possible to do this trip now? yes, you can book a ticket in JINCHEON FERRY terminal in 2nd...

  • Street Names, Seoul

    11. Street Names

    It's hard to find a good street map of Seoul when you're not in Seoul at the moment. This interactive map is pretty good and printable. Has the metro lines and names some of the building and sights to...

  • Bicycling in Seoul, Seoul

    12. Bicycling in Seoul

    it is certainly possible to ride a bike in Seoul, but don't expect nice bike lanes or paths! The best place to ride is along the Han River in downtown where you...

  • Namsan Cable Car, Seoul

    13. Namsan Cable Car

    Namsan Cable Car is one of the most convenient ways to get to Namsan, though probably not as rewarding as just walking up the small mountain. The short cable...

  • Airport Express (AREX) Trains, Seoul

    14. Airport Express (AREX) Trains

    The newest line in Incheon is the Arex (Airport Express) line which runs from Seoul Station to the Incheon Airport, making transportation to and from the new...

  • Bus rest stops around South Korea, Seoul

    15. Bus rest stops around South Korea

    During the bus journey around South Korea, there are various rest stops along the expressways. These stops are generally very clean and consist of food outlets...

  • Best way to reach city from Incheon Airport, Seoul

    16. Best way to reach city from Incheon Airport

    AREX train will get you from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport where you can connect to metro and reach city. Compared to other transport options such as taxi or...

  • Seoul Citypass+, Seoul

    17. Seoul Citypass+

    If you plan to stay at least a few days in Seoul and travel by metro and bus, Seoul Citypass+ will be needed. With this card, you can travel and shop in Seoul...

  • WATERWAYS, Seoul


    Virtually cut off from the Asian mainland, South Korea is a seafaring nation, with one of the world's largest shipbuilding industries and an extensive system of...

  • BUS, Seoul

    19. BUS

    Regional servicesVirtually all towns in South Korea of any size whatsoever are served by regional bus service. Regional routes are classified as Gosok ("high...



    Seoul Station is the most important train station in Korea. The Gyeongbuseon Line, which connects Seoul to Busan and Gyeongju, begins from Seoul Station. Most...

  • Riding the subway, Seoul

    21. Riding the subway

    Wow - the subway system in Seoul is awesome. For one thing it is so immense, it is mind boggling - I got so confused and so turned around. But once my son...

  • Namsan Cable Car, Seoul

    22. Namsan Cable Car

    ---Namsan Cable Car was opened in 1962 and provides visitors with an easy as well as exciting way to reach Seoul's landmark: Seoul Tower. The ride starts at the...

  • Driving Around, Seoul

    23. Driving Around

    Seoul has a large network of roads and bridges and it can get complicated to drive around. A river intersects the city at around it's center and parallel along...

  • T-MONEY, Seoul

    24. T-MONEY

    While traveling in Seoul, you may have been intrigued by the beeping sounds as people touched a sensor with their wallets, bags or even mobile phone rings when...

  • Trains & KTX trains, Seoul

    25. Trains & KTX trains

    Passenger trains operated by the Korean National Railroad are fast, reliable and very inexpensive by international standars.Korea’s new high-speed train (called...

  • Seoul Hotels

    1510 Hotels in Seoul

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